Enterprise list of Services

Company Registration

  • DIN and DSC for the Directors of the Company
  • Drafting of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Registration fees and Stamp Duty applicable on the company
  • Company Incorporation Certificate
  • Company PAN and TAN
  • Certificate for Name Approval
  • GST process after company registration
  • PF Registration
  • ESI Registration
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Public Limited Company Registration

  • Process of Public Limited Company Registration
  • Three Digital Signature Certificates along with three Director Identification Numbers
  • Name finding and reservation process for your company.
  • Drafting MOA and AOA.
  • Obtaining the Corporate Identification Number for your Public Company.
  • Obtaining PAN & TAN.
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Limited Liability Partnership Registration

  • Procedure for Limited Liability Partnership Registration.
  • Incorporation of LLP
  • Digital Signature Certificate of two Partners.
  • DPIN for 2 Partners.
  • Name Reservation for LLP registration.
  • Drafting of LLP Agreement.
  • LLP Identification Number.
  • PAN & TAN.
  • Bank Account Opening template.
  • Free Call by Consultant for on-going compliance for your LLP.
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One Person Company Registration

  • Process of One Person Company Registration (OPC Registration)
  • Liaising with the Registrar of Companies and Ministry of Corporate Affairs
  • DSC and DIN
  • Name approval for your one person company
  • Drafting – Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association for OPC
  • Certificate of Incorporation for OPC
  • PAN and TAN assistance for your One Person Company
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Partnership Firm Registration

  • Procedure for Registration of partnership firm.
  • Liaising with relevant regulatory authorities for partnership firm registration process.
  • Partnership Agreement and Deed Drafting Services.
  • Obtaining Deed Number for the Partnership.
  • Obtaining the PAN number of the partnership.
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Sole Proprietorship Registration

  • Step by Step process of how to register a sole proprietor.
  • Analysing the sole proprietorship firm advantages.
  • Applying the requisite authority for registration.
  • Business model for online sole proprietorship registration.
  • GST and MSME under sole proprietorship registration.
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Indian Subsidiary Registration

  • Incorporation of Indian Subsidiary
  • Registration of Indian Subsidiary
  • Drafting Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association
  • Foreign Direct Investment Advisory Services (FDI Advisory)
  • GST Registration Services
  • Liaising with Regulatory Authorities for Compliance
  • Taxation Services
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Nidhi Company Registration

  • Business Plan and Structure for the Nidhi Company
  • Compliance under RBI and NBFC
  • Compliance under the Companies Act, 2013
  • Assistance with the procedure to establish a Nidhi Company
  • Easy Access to Public Financing
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Shop & Establishment Registration

  • Procedure for Shop and Establishment Registration
  • State Wise Assistance for Shop and Establishment License
  • Liaising with the Government Department for Registration Process
  • End-to- end follow up
  • Filing the application with the respective authority
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Producer Company Registration

  • Procedure in Incorporating a Producer Company.
  • Government Processing Registration and fees.
  • Digital Signature Certificate and Director Identification Number for the Producer Company.
  • Name Reservation Process for the Company.
  • End to End Services.
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NGO Registration

  • NGO Deed/ Registration Instrument Drafting
  • NGO Registration
  • NGO Registration Number
  • PAN & TAN
  • Bank Account Opening template
  • Free Call by CA about the Compliance requirement
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Section 8 Company Registration

  • DSC & DIN
  • Company Name Reservation
  • MoA & AoA
  • Central Govt. License
  • NGO Identification No 
  • All India Validity 
  • ROC Fees as per NCT of Delhi. 
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12A and 80G Registration

  • Application drafting for Section 12A license
  • Application drafting for 80 G exemption certificate
  • Approval from Income tax commissioner
  • End to end follow-up with tax authorities
  • All india Service over 500+ CA/CS/CMA
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FCRA Registration

  • High-level Application Drafting.
  • Due diligence about the operations of the NGO.
  • In-depth analysis past 3 years Balance sheet of the NGO.
  • FCRA Application to the ministry of home affairs.
  • End to end follow-ups
  • Easy & Fast FCRA Registration
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Society Registration

  • Draft Memorandum of Society.
  • Documents Submission with Registrar Of Society.
  • End to end coordination with the registrar.
  • Submission of additional documents (if required).
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Trust Registration

  • Advice on the trust registration procedure.
  • Advice on securing 12A and 80G registration under the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Compliance with the registration of trusts.
  • Assistance in drafting the trust deed.
  • Advice on the different forms of trust that can be formed.
  • Post compliance for the trust registration process.
  • Advice on several tax benefits on forming the trust.
  • Any other advice on forming a trust.
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ESI Registration

  • Process of ESIC registration.
  • Applicability criteria for ESIC registration.
  • Employer and Employee Registration under this process.
  • End-to-End Documentation.
  • Consultancy Based Services related to ESI.
  • Any changes on notifications provided by government on registration.
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EPF Registration

  • Process of Registering with Employee Provident Fund (EPF).
  • Liaising with regulatory authorities such as the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO).
  • Filing Employee Details with the respective authority.
  • Securing the EPF registration number.
  • Legal Advice and Consultant Services.
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IEC Registration

  • Process of applying for the Import Export Code Certification.
  • Liaising with the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) for IEC certification.
  • Securing the DGFT IEC certification.
  • Application for Online IEC.
  • Filing Documents for Registration.
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FSSAI Registration

  • Procedure for FSSAI Registration.
  • Understanding types of FSSAi license.
  • Eligibility Criteria for Fssai Registration procedure.
  • Product Categorisation.
  • Legal Documentation for FSSAI.
  • New License and Renewal Process.
  • Liaising with FSSAI Authority on application.
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RERA Registration

  • Document Evaluation
  • Procedure for application to the Real Estate Regulation Authority
  • Compliance Package with the Real Estate Regulation Act
  • Certificate for RERA
  • Liaising with the Government Department for RERA registration
  • Advisory Services Related to RERA
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Trade License

  • Advice on the Procedure of Securing a Trade License.
  • Approval from the regulatory authority on securing the license.
  • Advisory work related to trade license.
  • Liaising with the relevant regulatory authorities for securing a trade license.
  • Document support concerning securing the license.
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MSME Registration

  • MSME registration process procedure.
  • Assistance for MSME registration process.
  • Liaising with the regulatory authority for MSME registration.
  • Documentation Support.
  • Consultancy Services.
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RCMC Registration

  • Procedure for RCMC registration Process.
  • End to End Consultation Services.
  • Liaising with the respective government departments for RCMC registration.
  • Documentation Support.
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NSIC Registration

  • Procedure for NSIC registration.
  • Consultancy Services for Registration.
  • Single Point Registration for NSIC.
  • Follow up with the Department on Application for NSIC registration.
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FSSAI License Renewal

  • Procedure for FSSAI License Renewal
  • Liaising with the concerned regulatory authority for FSSAI License Renewal
  • Documentation for FSSAI License
  • End-to-End Support
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Music License For Restaurant

  • Procedure for Music License for Restaurant Registration
  • Liaising with the PPF and the IPRS for Music License Registration
  • Documentation Support
  • End-to-end consultancy Services
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Trademark Registration

  • Consultation from experts
  • Trademark Application filing
  • Name Search and approval
  • Trademark class research
  • Filling of application before Registrar
  • Track Application Status
  • Acknowledge and future renewal assistance for you
  • Trade Mark Objection and Trade Mark Opposition
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Patent Registration

  • Search Patentability of an innovation
  • Drafting of a Patent Registration Application
  • Filing of a Patent Registration Application
  • Government Fee is inclusive
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Patent search

  • Patent Search grants ownership of 20 years.
  • Patent Application drafting.
  • Analysis of Existing inventions.
  • Government fees.
  • Follow-up with the controller of the patent.
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Copyright Registration

  • Consultation from Copyright Experts
  • Preparation of Copyright Application
  • Documentation
  • Filing of Copyright Registration Application
  • Follow-up with the Department
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International Trademark Registration

  • Trademark class search Report
  • TM Application filing
  • Follow-up with WIPO
  • TM Approval
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Trademark Objection

  • Trademark registration
  • Strong objection Notice reply
  • Affidavits with respect to trademark objection
  • Trademark objection expert advice for next steps
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Trademark Opposition

  • Trademark opposition reply
  • Filing Counter statements
  • Affidavits for evidence produced
  • Trademark opposition expert advice
  • We file reply of a notice issued for opposition
  • We prepare the reply against the opposition raised during trademark registration
  • Trademark registration application
  • We carry Trademark search
  • All services related to trademark
  • Legal advisory and legal documentation and formats on a need basis.
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Trademark Rectification

  • Trademark registration
  • Trademark rectification deed
  • Affidavits for trademark rectification
  • Legal analysis of your trademark and advice to avoid trademark rectification
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Design Registration

  • Filing the Application
  • Providing Report of Examination
  • Controller Response
  • Design Publishing
  • Design Registration
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ESI Return

  • ESI Return
  • File Your ESI Return before due date.
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PF Return

  • PF Return
  • File Your PF return before due date.
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Income Tax Notice

  • Do not be panic if you have received Income Tax Notice
  • Case will be handled by the Rank holder CA
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Income Tax Audit

  • Process management
  • Reviewing the tax authority notice or inquiry
  • Explain the Notice
  • Researching issues involved
  • Assist in assembling documents and records for the tax audit
  • Review the tax audit findings
  • Explain the appeal process
  • Provide Other Options if Available and Needed
  • Tax planning
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TDS Return Filing

  • File your TDS Returns before the due date
  • Easy Process to File your TDS Return
  • Quick TDS Return Filing by Expert
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GST Registration

  • Procedure for GST Registration
  • Documentation Advice for GST Registration
  • Online Formal GST Registration Procedure
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • Liaising with the GST council on the GST registration
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GST Return Filing

  • Monthly tax calculation
  • ITC Reconciliation
  • Output Tax Reconciliation
  • Company data on cloud
  • GST return filing (Monthly/Quarterly/Annually)
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Income Tax Return Filing

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    Professional Tax in Karnataka

    • Verification of your data
    • Full assistance by the professional
    • Processing of Application
    • TIN will be issued within 15 days
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    Professional Tax in Maharashtra

    • Data Verification
    • Full assistance by the professional
    • Processing of Application
    • TIN will be issued within 15 days
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    Tax Preparation Services

    • GST calculations and returns
    • Individual, Partnership and Corporation Tax Preparation
    • Business, Individual and GST/HST filings
    • Computation and filing of income tax and value-added tax
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    Annual Compliance of LLP

    • Annual Compliances For LLP
    • Hassle free Annual Compliance.
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    Annual Compliance For Private Limited

    • Type of compliances required for private limited company
    • Procedure for compliance
    • Liaising with regulatory authorities
    • End to End Support
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    Annual Compliance of Public Limited

    • Annual Compliance for a Public Limited Company
    • Liaising with the Regulatory Authorities for Annual Compliance
    • End to End documentation
    • Compliance Package
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    XBRL Filings

    • XBRL Validation Tool Support
    • XBRL Procedure for Filing
    • Documentation Support Related to XBRL Filing
    • End-to-End Support
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    Revival of Struck Off Companies

    • Procedure for Revival of Struck Off Companies
    • Documentation Required for Revival of Struck Off Companies
    • Liaising with the ROC for revival of struck off companies
    • End-to-end Support
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    Nidhi Company Annual Compliance

    • NDH 1
    • NDH 3
    • Maintenance of Books of Accounts
    • Maintain Statutory Registers
    • Convene Statutory Meetings
    • Preparation of Financial Statements
    • Income Tax Returns
    • (AOC-4 )
    • MGT-7 -ROC Annual Returns
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    Section 8 Annual Compliance

    • Maintenance of Books of Accounts
    • Maintenance of Statutory Registers
    • Convene Statutory Meetings
    • Preparation of Financial Statements
    • Income Tax Returns
    • Financial Statement Returns Filing (AOC-4)
    • Annual Return Filing (MGT-7 -ROC Annual Returns)
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    FSSAI Annual Return

    • Filing of FSSAI Form D-1
    • Filing of Form D-2
    • Free FSSAI consultation from experts
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    Business Plan

    • End-to-End Assistance for Market Research
    • All-Inclusive Assistance to Design Roadmap and Timelines
    • Customized Word Business Plan/ Investor Presentation
    • Financial Analysis for your Business Plan
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    Business Plan Review

    • Compelling Executive Summary
    • Strong Business Model
    • Well Conducted Research
    • Well Strategized Marketing plan to achieve Revenue targets
    • Business plan review by a certified venture capital consultant
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    Investor Pitch Deck

    • Expert Guidance in preparation of slides
    • Guidance on presentation w.r.t private and venture capital investors
    • Organizing your business ideas from investors point of view
    • Training for presentation of slides
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    Business Valuation Consulting

    • Tax Valuation
    • M&A Advisory
    • Fraud and Forensic Investigations
    • Purchase Price Allocations
    • Regulatory Services
    • Disputes in Shareholder Agreement
    • Value Measurement
    • Financial Reporting
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    Investment Management

    • Advice on investment management services.
    • Investment management advisory services.
    • Procedure on Starting an Investment Management Advisory company.
    • Regulatory compliance for starting an investment management firm.
    • Private Portfolio Management and Commercial Portfolio Management Services.
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    Change In Directors

    • Procedure for Change in Directors
    • Assistance in compliance with board resolution for change of directors
    • Provision of Valid DIN
    • Procedure for removal of directors from a company
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    Change in Registered Office

    • Procedure for Change of registered office
    • Change of registered office within the same city
    • Documentation for change of registered office
    • Liaising with the respective regulatory authority for change of registered office
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    Company Share Transfer

    • Procedure for Transferring Shares in the Company
    • Documents Required for Transfer of Shares
    • Types of Shares which can be transferred
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    Increase in Authorized Share Capital

    • Procedure for Increase in Authorised Share Capital
    • Documents required for increase in authorised share capital
    • End-to-End Consultation
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    Winding Up of a Company

    • Procedure for Winding Private Limited Company
    • Advice on Winding up of a Company
    • Liaising with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and National Company Law Tribunal
    • End-to-End Follow up
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    Removal of Directors Disqualification

    • Drafting of Writ Petition
    • Filing of application with the High Court
    • Appearances by Advocates and pleadings for the same
    • Filing order of High Court and pending compliance documents with Respective ROC
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    Change in Capital Structure

    • Assessment of Debt Equity and Assets
    • Checking Investment Dynamics
    • Optimization of Capital Structure
    • Capital Structure in M & A
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    Change in Object Clause

    • Audited Balance Sheet
    • Audited Profit & loss account
    • Audited Financial Statement
    • Company ITR filing
    • ROC forms (Annual Filing)
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    Private Limited To Public Limited

    • Procedure to Convert a Private Limited to a Public Limited Company
    • Digital Signature Certificate and DIN for directors
    • Liaising with the concerned regulatory authority for the conversion process
    • PAN and TAN
    • End-to-End Documentation Support
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    Partnership To LLP

    • Procedure for conversion of partnership into LLP
    • End-to-End documentation
    • Liaising with the regulatory authorities for this process
    • No Objection Certificate from requisite IT authorities
    • Filing documents with the requisite authorities
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    Proprietorship To Private Limited

    • Procedure for Conversion of Proprietorship into Company
    • End-to-End Documentation for Conversion of Proprietorship into Company
    • Liaising with the regulatory authorities (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) for the process of conversion
    • Digital Signature Certificate an Director Identification Number for the Directors
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    OPC to Private Limited Company

    • 1 DIN
    • Preparation of Documents
    • 1 DSC
    • ROC Registration fees for conversion
    • Drafting of MOA & AOA
    • Filling of forms with RoC
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    Conversion of LLP into a Private Limited Company

    • Approval of Name
    • Securing DSC and DIN
    • Filing of Form URC – 1
    • MOA & AOA
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    Memorandum of Understanding

    • Preparing a Memorandum of Understanding
    • Contents of MOU
    • Providing terms and conditions related to the MOU
    view details

    Franchise Agreement

    • Contents of Franchise Agreement
    • End-to-End Support
    • Drafting the Franchise Agreement
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    Joint Venture Agreement

    • Drafting Joint Venture Agreements
    • Documentation Required for Joint Venture Agreements
    • Basic Terms in a JV agreement
    • Revision of the JV agreement
    view details

    Founders Agreement

    • Drafting a Founders Agreement
    • Documents Required for Founders Agreement
    • Discussion on Co Founders Agreement
    • Business Template Format
    view details

    Share Purchase Agreement

    • Drafting Share Purchase Agreement
    • Terms of a Share Purchase Agreement
    • End-to-End documentation for a Share purchase agreement
    view details

    Shareholders Agreement

    • Drafting a Shareholders’ Agreement
    • End-to-End Consultation for the Shareholders Agreement
    • Compliance with the relevant law related to shareholders agreement
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    Master Service Agreement

    • Drafting the Master Service Agreement
    • End to End Documentation
    • Successive Alteration of the Same
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    Service Level Agreement

    • Drafting the Service Level Agreement
    • End-to-End Support for the Service Level Agreement
    • Types of Service Level Agreements
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    Vendor Agreement Drafting

    • Drafting the Basic Vendor Agreement
    • Essential Elements of the Vendor Agreement
    • End-to-End Assistance
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    Term Sheet

    • Drafting a Term Sheet
    • Investor Term Sheet
    • Requirements of a Term Sheet
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    Employment Contract

    • Discussion on Requirements of the Employment Contract
    • Drafting the Employment Contract
    • Advise on Employment Contract
    • Advise on termination clauses
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    Consulting Agreement

    • Drafting the Consulting Agreement
    • End-to-End Support for Consulting Agreement
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    Legal Notice

    • Procedure for Drafting Legal Notice
    • Documentation For Legal Notice
    • Law Support for Legal Notice
    view details

    Gift Deed

    • Gift Deed Registration Process for the Business
    • Consultancy Services
    view details

    Rental Agreement

    • Drafting a Rent Agreement
    • Understanding Different forms of rent agreements
    • Altering the rent agreement
    • Liaising with government authorities for respective stamp duty and government compliance
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    Sales Deed

    • Drafting a Sale Deed
    • End-to-End Documentation for Sales Deed
    • Liaising with regulatory authorities for sales deed requirements
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    • Procedure for drafting a legal will
    • Agreement drafting process
    • Alterations after reviewing
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    Non Disclosure Agreement

    • Drafting a Non Disclosure Agreement
    • End-to-End Support
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    Amazon Seller Registration

    • Consultation regarding Amazon seller registration
    • Registration with the Amazon E-commerce website
    • GST Registration guidance
    view details

    Flipkart Seller Registration

    • Consultation regarding Flipkart seller registration
    • Registration with the Flipkart E-commerce website
    • GST Registration guidance
    view details

    Paytm Seller Registration

    • Consultation regarding Paytm seller registration
    • Registration with the Paytm E-commerce website
    • GST Registration guidance
    view details

    Shopclues Seller Registration

    • Consultation regarding Shopclues seller registration
    • Registration with the Shopclues E-commerce website
    • GST Registration guidance
    view details

    Snapdeal Seller Registration

    • Consultation regarding Snapdeal seller registration
    • Registration with the Snapdeal E-commerce website
    • GST Registration guidance
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