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About Income Tax Consultancy

Tax laws, rules, and regulations relentlessly change, thereby making it challenging for people to keep up with them. Hiring an Income Tax Consultant, who has the expertise and knowledge in this field can help you navigate through the complex laws, ensuring timely compliance.

Availing our Income Tax Consultant Services can help you make tax-saving decisions throughout the year and ensure the timely discharge of your tax liabilities. We provide customized solutions to your individual fiscal problems so that you don’t have to worry about them.

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Income Tax Consultancy Package: Enterslice

Income Tax Consultancy

Corporate tax laws in India have evolved significantly due to globalization and changing business dynamics. Whether you're a domestic or foreign company operating in India, understanding and complying with tax regulations is crucial. At Enterslice, our seasoned attorneys and consultants possess in-depth knowledge of tax provisions, including the latest amendments in the Finance Act of 2019. We assist in effective tax compliance by calculating corporate tax based on your company's net income, considering factors like depreciation, cost of goods sold, selling expenses, and administrative costs.

Representation and Compliance

We actively represent clients in responding to various income tax notices issued by tax authorities. Our team is well-versed in making appearances before Tax Authorities, Income Tax Appellate Tribunals, High Courts, and the Supreme Court to ensure that your interests are protected.

Tax Due-Diligence

Whether you're starting a business or planning an acquisition, due diligence is critical. Our tax due-diligence services delve deep into examining undisclosed tax liabilities and other tax-related matters. We identify unused tax losses, available incentives, carried forward tax credits, and more. This information empowers you to make informed decisions about merger and acquisition structures and post-M&A tax planning.

Personal Taxation Services (Resident or Non-Resident)

We provide comprehensive advisory services for both residents and non-residents. Our expertise covers various income sources, including salary income, agricultural income, rental income, capital gains from stocks and mutual funds, employee stock options (ESOPs), and more. For non-resident Indians (NRIs), we address the complexities of double taxation issues and navigate Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) to ensure you don't pay tax on the same income twice.

International Taxation

Multinational corporations operating in India face rigorous transfer pricing and Paper works requirements. Our experts are well-versed in handling international taxation matters, including litigation, customs, and services valuation. We also specialize in Advance Pricing Arrangements with Indian pricing authorities.

Expatriate Taxation

Expatriates in India have unique taxation obligations, including income tax liability and tax withholding by employers. Our team assists expatriates in determining tax liability based on residential status, relevant provisions, and income nexus with India. We also navigate tax implications related to employee stock option schemes.

Taxation Issues in Partnership/LLP Firms

We provide taxation advisory services for partnership and LLP firms, addressing issues related to the sale of capital assets, tax deductions in capital gains, remunerations, and asset transfers between partners and the partnership firm.

Trust Taxation Issues

Setting up trusts or NGOs requires a deep understanding of income tax provisions related to charitable institutions and trusts. At EnterSlice, we offer comprehensive solutions to address your queries and issues related to trust taxation.

Tax Planning

We at Enterslice will help you plan your tax-saving decisions throughout the year and help you optimize your investments and liabilities to reduce your overall tax liabilities.

Prevention against Adverse Consequences

Any mistake or even an inadvertent error on your behalf may attract adverse consequences and pecuniary penalties. Having our Income Tax Consultants by your side will reduce the possibility of these errors and mistakes, which otherwise may end up costing you a lot.

Benefits of Income Tax Consultancy



Our expert Income Tax Consultants bring a high level of expertise and knowledge to the table for our esteemed clients.

Efficient Tax Returns

We, at Enterslice can help you through the ever-so-tedious and comprehensive regulations and procedures with high accuracy.

Minimization of errors

Our expert advice can thwart you from making any inadvertent errors that may attract any adverse pecuniary consequences for your business.

Strategic Advice

Our Income Tax Consultants can further aid you in making strategic decisions throughout the year so that you can reduce your tax liabilities and thereby save money by availing deductions and tax credits.

Hassle-free Tax Filing

Professional assistance from our experts can make the entire tax filing process hassle-free and ever-so convenient for your business.


Enterslice’s internal audit service offers a cost-effective alternative to training and credentialing your internal staff across multiple locations. Save on expenses while benefiting from our expertise.

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Income Tax Consultancy Services are meant to help people and businesses in paying their taxes. Income Tax Consultants are people who hold relevant expertise and vast experience in taxation laws, regulations, and compliance and thus can help clients with your valuable advice on strategic matters concerning income tax.

The purpose of tax consultancy is to advise clients on matters pertaining to tax, audit and other fiscal issues and help them to abide by the relevant rules and regulations.

Hiring Income Tax Consultancy Services allows you to enjoy various benefits such as:
  • High Accuracy Levels
  • Cost Saving
  • Prevention from adverse consequences
  • Risk-free Services
  • Assistance in Documentation
  • Hassle-Free Assistance
  • Deadline Compliance

While both have their own advantages, tax software is preferred for the convenience and easy access it offers, whereas hiring a tax consultant is beneficial for the strategic advice they can offer and help the client in making informed decisions.

Tax law and financial counselling are two areas of expertise for tax consultants. They offer their clients advice on a variety of financial issues, such as trust, estate, and retirement taxes, as well as income tax filings.

To work as a tax consultant, you must possess a Bachelor of Commerce (B.com) degree. You can become a successful tax consultant by earning a master's degree, such as an M.com. The bulk of the methods to become a registered tax consultant require specialised training and credentials.

A tax consultant handles tax-related issues, aids in tax planning, and provides legal tax advice. On the other hand, an accountant's responsibilities extend further, including maintaining a company's annual accounts, filing income tax filings, analysing business performance reports, and conducting tax audits.

While tax software is popular because of how simple and convenient it is, hiring a tax consultant may be advantageous because you may get guidance on tax planning and make decisions that are well-informed.

A tax consultant's or advisors main responsibility is to assist individuals and organisations in filing their taxes. They have knowledge of tax law, tax observance, and tax strategy. A tax consultant may help with both long- and short-term tax optimisation for both individuals and business owners.

Importance & Benefits of Tax Consultant
  • Be aware of your tax deductions
  • Reduces time
  • Hassle-free and Secure Process
  • Tax Advice
  • Cost-Effective
  • Professional Experience
  • Efficient Tax Filing
  • Tax laws and regulations knowledge

A tax consultant helps firms maximise their tax savings and reduce liabilities in addition to ensuring compliance with the most recent tax regulations. They are skilled at spotting potential dangers and opportunities and offer crucial advice for making wise financial decisions.

If there is intricacy involved, filing returns through a private portal with professional assistance may cost individuals between Rs 4,500 and Rs 7,000. Depending on how complicated the application is and whether there are significant foreign assets, it may increase to Rs 10,000.


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