Why Enter the Mighty Indian Market?

5th Largest Economy in the world

Open Regulatory Environment

Availability of Skilled Workforce

Government based incentives

Fastest Growing Economy in the world

World most significant growing start-up culture

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Why should entrepreneurs consider Investing in India?

The reasons for Foreigners to start investing in India can be elucidated by the table below:

No dividend tax

Easy Repatriation of Funds

2nd Largest Manufacturing hub

Endless growth opportunities in India

Most extensive consumer Base in the world

100% FDI allowed in almost all sectors

Endless growth opportunities in India

Entry to the mighty Asian Market

World’s Infrastructure to support every business

FDI Roadmap in India

India has recently emerged as a significant FDI worldwide hub. India was one of the top three international destinations for FDI, and nearly 80% of the global respondents planned to make investments there. Additionally, India has recently lowered company taxes dramatically and streamlined its labour rules. The nation has also loosened its FDI limitations, which have gone from 0.42 to 0.21 over the past 16 years.

In terms of both short- and long-term possibilities, India has continued to be a desirable market for foreign investment. One of India's FDI sectors with the most promise is low-skill manufacturing. India has also improved its government's effectiveness. Its improvements in public sector efficiency are mostly attributable to reasonably stable state finances (despite difficulties brought on by COVID) and a positive attitude among Indian business stakeholders toward the funding and subsidies provided by the government to private companies. By 2025, India might be able to draw in FDI worth US$120–160 billion annually thanks to all of these factors.

About Us

Enterslice is a market-leading management consultancy firm that offers end-to-end business setup, taxation, financial planning, regulatory, legal and advisory services to entrepreneurs, young start-ups and large corporate houses across the globe.

Our India Entry Strategy service involves the following services;

About India Entry Strategy

Our Services can be broadly classified into these three heads

Business Support Services

Our business support services involve subjects such as market research and advisory that will help the business in making decisions whilst opening their business in India.To successfully enter a new market, launch a new product, or increase the existing market share, thorough market research is required. Market research can assist in learning about the market's size, growth prospects, demand, etc. Market research can also aid in creating functional client categories based on factors such as income level, location, behavioural patterns, and demography.

Similarly, market research and allied services can shed light on consumer psychology and help determine how the target market perceives a product or brand. Market research can assist in revealing consumer demands and wants during the launch of a new product and help pinpoint the missing feature of the existing offering. This can significantly aid product managers and marketers in adjusting their product and service offerings.

Business Consultancy Services

Our business consultancy services include creating a Market Entry Strategy and Performance Improvement Services. In today's customer-centric and globalised business setups, it is essential that businesses should expand without any restraints into the international market. Market entry consultancy refers to an expert consultant's services to established companies or new businesses that foreigners and domestic entrepreneurs initiate. The main aim behind seeking expert help is to recognise and develop key points of the market to determine the channels through which their business can excel in the alien market conditions.

Different industries require different levels of insights for entering a new market, such as manufacturing, agriculture, IT etc., enquiring different inputs; hence industry-specific insights must be provided to the business owners for an effective market entry strategy.

Legal Consultancy Service

Our Legal consultancy service involves services like registering their Subsidiary Company for expanding their business in the country. We will guide the businesses to plan their investment journey in the country whilst giving them reasonable advisory about Real Estate and other booming sectors of the country. India combines innovation, money, talent, and all the resources to support your firm's success. We at Enterslice provide comprehensive advising services to companies and owners wanting to establish themselves in the Indian market. We offer specialised services to help you establish a foothold in the robust Indian market. Our professionals, including qualified accountants, attorneys, and advocates, will review your profile and recommend the best market and investing strategy.

In addition to providing investment advice, our skilled advisors can assist with long-term planning and after-investment care to ensure the success of your investment in India. The following services are provided as part of our multi-centric investment in the India vertical.

Creating and sustaining a robust supply chain for business operations Market entry studies Land acquisition and incentive programmes; Partnerships with the greatest business minds Showcasing infrastructure projects for investment

FAQ Section

Bookkeeping and Accounting Outsourcing services include transferring the overall management of your finance, accounting, and bookkeeping requirements to a third-party professional firm. The firm can assist you with all the different kinds of financial activities of your business in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.

A business can outsource its bookkeeping and accounting, payroll management, accounts payable and receivable management, financial analysis and reporting, data reconciliations, tax return compliance, regulatory compliance, auditing, financial statement preparation, financial forecasting and much more.

The financial success of a business depends upon numerous factors. Enterslice can guide you to achieve a healthy financial system through its customised financial solutions for your new business. Through our VCFO services, we can provide you with complete assistance to design your strategic plan, compile financial data and implement expertise to achieve financial success.

A financial statement is the combination of key financial aspects of a business. It contains the cash flow statement, income statement or profit and loss statement, and the balance sheet. When combined, the three of them form a business's financial status.

Choosing Finance and Accounting Outsourcing is a strategic decision for a business. When a company is too small to hire a full team of in-house experts, it can go for outsourcing. Also, when entrepreneurs do not have the financial skills or do not wish to execute these functions independently, they can outsource their Finance and Accounting activities.

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