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Welcome to Enterslice. We are a LegalTech platform catering to all your business needs. We are currently working with over 500,000+ independent professionals like CPA, CS, CFA or Top-Rated Lawyers, Audit professionals, Ex-CFO, Ex-CEO, etc. We appreciate your efforts while ordering the services from our website (, and thank you for the same. Furthermore, in order to have a standard approach for our clients, we have a detailed refund policy mentioned below –

  1. Refund on the request of the client –
  • Service level agreement is the first agreement between the client and the independent professional, and all further procedures and working will be based on that agreement. Therefore, once this agreement is signed between the two parties, no change can be made to the services, and in case of any mistake in the agreement, it will be a matter between the professional and the client. Therefore, no refund for such a mistake can be claimed from Enterslice.
  • After the confirmation of your order, we will assign a suitable professional as per your requirement from our network. Once we assign the order to any of our network of professionals (CPA, CS, CFA, Lawyer, etc.), no refund can be claimed.
  • After assigning the professional, his team or the team of Enterslice may contact you for further process, and in case you do not answer the call/email/Whatsapp for seven straight days. Your order will be cancelled automatically, and no refund will be initiated.
  • The refund can be initiated under any circumstances only after the professional's approval. If he does not approve the refund for any reason, it is a matter between the client and the professional. Therefore, Enterslice will not be entitled for the same.
  • You undertake that before placing the order on our website you have due knowledge of all the "applicable government fees, government compliance requirements, Documents required, and any other Document or requirement that may be used to secure such license or registration or certification, or government approvals/ clearance". Furthermore, you must furnish all the necessary licenses, Documents, etc., along with all the required Documents to the professional. You are supposed to submit all such Documents to Enterslice ( within the time span of 15 days. Once the mentioned time passes, the order will be deemed complete from our end, and you have to pay the balance amount even if you do not submit the Documents on time.
  • The services will be provided by the professional under the laws of the country, as mentioned in the service agreement. E.g., if you require services as per the US laws, then we will assign your requirement to a professional registered in the US, and no changes can be made to such requirement once we assign a professional for you; therefore, you can claim no refund for the same.
  • It is important to understand that 'time is money' and every consultation over call will be charged separately.
  1. Refund in case the service is not delivered from our network of professionals
  • In case the assigned professional cannot deliver the service due to any unforeseen event or lack of expertise in a particular field. Then, Enterslice having a huge network of professionals will transfer your request to another professional.
  • Enterslice and the professional are separate people, and we do not have any connections with the government authorities. Therefore, any delay from the side of government authorities regarding Paper works, etc., will not count as a delay from the end of the professional, and you cannot claim any refund for such delays.
  • A situation might arise where the government authorities may reject the client's application. Still, no refund will be granted for the same, as Enterslice has no role to play in such a situation. Moreover, if the client wishes to re-apply, then he will have to pay 70% fees to the professional, and the procedure will start all over again.
  • You must know that the government authorities may impose any penalty or fees on you for any reason. In such cases, you will have to bear all such penalties. Enterslice and the professional will not be entitled to pay any such amount.
  • You understand that Enterslice is a platform where professional consultants provide services to clients in their individual capacities. Therefore, before purchasing any services from our website, you must undertake that you are a client and not an agent or middleman. After taking your order, if we get to know that you are an agent or middleman, then we will cancel your order on an immediate basis, and no refund shall be granted for such an activity.
  • After sending the Documents required for delivery orders through email or WhatsApp, we do not grant refunds under any circumstances.

Refund Procedure

  • We transfer the refund only to the account from which we have received the payment. The amount will not be refunded to the account of any other party.
  • Upon receiving approval from the appropriate consultant, the refund process is initiated, and refunds are typically issued within a timeframe of 30 to 60 days.

Escalation Procedure

  • In case of any incident or complaint, you must first write an email to your assigned professional and cc it to We usually take a week’s time to resolve your concern.
  • If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided by level 1, then you can make another appeal and write to our nodal officer at Your issue will be resolved in 7 working days. You must keep in mind that the level 2 decision is final.

Important terms

  1. You must post the service inquiry on our website (
  2. Make the payment in the specified bank account of Enterslice Pvt Ltd through your desired payment gateway. We must have received the payment.
  3. We will search for the best fit for your desired services from our network of professionals.
  4. A professional consultant will be assigned to you as per your service requirement, and the package selected by you within 1 hour after confirmation of the payment.
  5. It is assumed that you are well aware of the requirements and Documents that will be required to complete your service request.
  6. You must undertake to provide all the necessary Documents as and when required by the government agencies or the professional consultant for completing your service request.
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