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Overview of Debt Collection Legal Consultation

In businesses, creditors are always concerned about their delinquent clients who never pay on time, and as a result, the debt keeps accumulating. Now, if you are confused about the many options available for debt recovery, then YOU MUST SEEK A LEGAL CONSULTATION from Enterslice. Our experienced and proficient team of legal consultants can help you resolve your dilemma and recover your debt. We provide legal consultancy services to both individuals and business entities at a cost-effective rate. Our 1000+ client base has been a testimony to our success in debt collection services. Debt collection is a cumbersome procedure that involves many stakeholders, such as a debt collection agency, legal consultants, lawyers, etc. Having a knowledgeable debt collection attorney who provides debt collection legal consultation by your side is a sine qua non because handling court proceedings and the legal disputes in these cases is not a cakewalk. We have successful collaborations with 50+ law firms in India and a team of experienced attorneys with a proven track record of helping clients recover their debts. The attorneys at Enterslice give each other customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. Perseverance and due diligence are the keys to ensuring a successful debt collection through legal consultation. Creditors must use ethical and legal practices to recover their debt, while debtors must responsibly address their debt obligations without any malice or dishonest intention of defrauding the creditor.

Debt Collection Legal Consultation with Enterslice


We have a national footprint, with our offices present in major metro cities of India.

Hassle-free process

We help you with effective debt collection legal consultation through legal and regulatory processes.

Analytical Tools

We use AI tools and technology to provide our clients with an effective experience.

Debt Collection Legal Consultation: A Collaborative Approach for Debt Collection Agency and Creditors

Debt Analysis

Talk to us regarding your queries related to debt collection agency and debt recovery. We will provide you with all the possible debt collection legal consultation to address your query.

Eligibility Check

We evaluate your debt and determine your eligibility for a debt recovery service tailored to your needs and best suited for your business growth.


If you are satisfied with our suggested debt recovery package, you can enrol in our debt recovery program and pay the required fees.

Litigation Support

As our clients start the debt recovery procedure, we offer them ongoing litigation support. We have also established channels for customers to contact the debtors with questions or grievances and then promptly resolve them.

Enterslice’s Debt Collection Legal Consultation for Creditors

Our consultants for Debt Collection Legal Consultation at Enterslice work diligently to provide you with an excellent service package for your debt collection and debt recovery

Debt Collection Legal Consultation

Our debt recovery service will provide debt collection legal consultation at every stage, from initiating legal proceedings against the debtor to making final decisions on the issues. We will provide end-to-end support in attending hearings and preparation of drafts.

Insolvency Services

As a professional debt recovery service provider, we are well-positioned to file claims against bankrupt debtors worldwide on your behalf. We will provide legal consultation for insolvency matters.

Pre Litigation Support

Our debt collection agency and debt mediators can help you negotiate a debt settlement agreement in your favor.


Our robust panel of lawyers shall help you manage entire arbitration proceedings from the date of delinquency till you get the arbitral award in your favour by giving you appropriate debt collection legal consultations.

Enforcement of Securities

We shall help you initiate an application before the relevant legal forum for the enforcement of securities under SARFAESI.

Sending Notices

Throughout the delinquency, we shall help you by sending default notices to the debtor and tracking those notices.

Research and Analysis

Our Lawyers conduct extensive legal research of legal cases and build strong strategies in favour of their clients.

Courtroom Representation

Our Legal team will give representations before the court and other legal forums on your behalf if any such situation arises.

Client Counselling

Our robust panel of lawyers provides debt collection legal consultation to our clients so that they can make informed choices.

Garnishment Orders

Our debt collection attorney can help a creditor obtain a court order for garnishment.

Debt Recovery Arbitration

Our experienced panel of lawyers shall provide you with the best possible debt collection legal consultation for your debt recovery in case of arbitration matters.

Collaboration with Debt Recovery Agency

Engaging the services of a debt recovery agency can help you navigate through the complex procedure of debt collection and debt recovery. Our debt collection attorneys could streamline the procedure for you thereby increasing the chances of a successful debt collection and debt recovery.

Our Debt Collection Legal Consultation Strategies

Credit Reporting Strategies

A lawsuit to collect the debt may be brought about by unpaid debts. A person who owes money can be sued for the whole amount of the debt plus interest, penalties, and legal fees. Guiding credit reporting, recovery planning, and strategies for reducing potential defaults and controlling credit risk are some of the essential services in our package.

Proper Case Assessment & Due Diligence

We assess the whole case history, the viability of the debt recovery case, and the relevant legal remedies available for the particular case. Also, we evaluate both the merits of the case and the debtor's financial status. We carry out legal research and due diligence to understand the debtor’s resources, obligations, and financial situation to inform the debt recovery plan. Our assistance will help you to keep proper records and necessary papers to file the case in the DRT and the relevant court if such a situation arises.

Expertise in handling cases

Debt Collection Attorneys at Enterslice have a wealth of experience handling debt recovery cases and offering affordable debt collection legal consultation services. We use technology to give our clients a practical choice for recouping debts due to their companies. Contact our team immediately if you want assistance with bad debt recovery or legal counsel. Our dispute resolution attorneys can help at every stage of the debt collection legal consultation process, including drafting or responding to letters of demand, defending or initiating debt collection cases in court, managing the statutory demand process, and enforcing judgments and legal action. In certain cases, when the talks are not working out, we might help mediate a settlement to avoid going to or approaching court.

Debt Collection Attorney for Debt Collection Legal Consultation

Debt Collection is the process whereby the creditors obtain their outstanding dues from the debtors. This process can be done by the creditors themselves, or by a debt collection agency hired on behalf of the creditors. A debt collection attorney specializes in debt collection legal consultation. They can work for debtors or creditors. In case they are employed by creditors, they will collect unpaid debts from the delinquent debtors. However, if they are hired by the debtors then they may negotiate with the creditors to come to a settlement agreement and resolve the debt dispute amicably. In both ways, a debt collection attorney protects the interest of their clients.

If debt collection leads to financial disputes then a debt collection attorney will provide debt collection legal consultation on whether to pursue litigation or do credit counseling. If you are being harassed by a debt collector's agency as a debtor or need some help for your debt recovery, you must consult our proficient team of debt collection lawyers. Our experienced team of lawyers will make you aware of your rights and obligations. We shall also give you the best debt collection legal consultation advice suited to your specific situation.

Benefits of Debt Collection Legal Consultation Services

Our Debt Collection Legal Consultation Service is the most preferred choice in India for debt recovery services for several reasons

  • Team with years of expertise

    Our team of solicitors and debt collection experts has decades of combined experience in debt recovery and a thorough awareness of the Indian legal and regulatory environment.

  • Client-centric approach

    We approach debt recovery from a client-centric perspective, offering clients individualized solutions that cater to their unique needs and objectives.

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    Debt recovery can be challenging, particularly when dealing with unwilling debtors or unfamiliar legal frameworks. Our debt recovery services are made to be economical, ensuring that clients receive the most bang for their buck.

  • Proven track record

    We have a reputation for effective and faster debt recovery on behalf of clients in a variety of businesses. Our prior records in debt collection will show you how efficient our services are.

  • Maximum Recovery

    Having expert assistance on your side can raise the chances of a successful debt recovery and full recovery of the amount owed by the debtor.

  • Error-free Service

    Our debt collection legal consultation services will assist you in avoiding frequent mistakes and traps in the debt collection procedure, lowering the possibility of case dismissal or unfavourable verdicts.

Some tips for Debt Collection Agency and Creditors

Have regular communication and follow-up with your debtors regarding the unpaid debt and ask them for the time that they need to pay back the debt. Show some compassion towards your clients as they might be facing some hindrances and financial difficulties in their lives. Therefore, be mindful of this fact and be open to accepting some settlement solutions.

You must ensure that all the correspondence, and necessary papers related to your efforts for debt collection must be well preserved and necessary papered. Note down all the phone calls, e-mails, and agreements made in this regard. Last but not least, be persistent in your debt collection efforts, as this process is very time-consuming.

Our Reliable Debt Collection Legal Consultation Services

Online Process

Our team of proficient lawyers shall provide you with sound debt collection legal consultation tailored to your specific needs. The entire procedure is online or via telephone conversation and is hassle-free.

Video Conferences

We provide debt collection legal consultation for our busy clients through video conferencing while maintaining confidentiality.

Cost Effective

You can change your lawyers without any extra fees and get excellent guidance.

Our Debt Collection Legal Consultation Process

Delinquent Accounts Analysis

Our team helps the creditor in analyzing all the unpaid and recoverable debts. We analyze the total recoverable dues and then simplify them with our debt monitoring system. Debt Collector experts of Enterslice shall help you find an amicable solution for your unsettled debt by providing tailored debt collection legal consultation solutions for you. Our consumer-friendly approach is what makes us different from others

Access to Expert Resources

Debt Collection and Debt Recovery require specialized skills and knowledge. Some businesses lack in-house debt recovery departments. For these companies, engaging debt collection agency and debt recovery services is of paramount importance. We at Enterslice are well-versed in the latest debt recovery laws and regulations along with the best practices. We also possess the necessary tools, and technology to locate debtors and assess their financial condition. By leveraging our expertise, businesses can increase their chances of debt recovery.

Resource Optimisation

The Debt Collection and Debt Recovery process is often time-consuming and resource-intensive. Therefore, businesses must outsource their debt recovery operation to specialized agencies to save their valuable time and resources. This would allow businesses to focus on their core operations and enhance their productivity, which would lead to growth and profitability.

Have sleepless nights due to debt accumulation? Request a call, and we will help you analyze and prioritize your debts and help you in your debt recovery through debt collection legal consultation.

Disputes between Debt Collection Agency and Debtors

Legal Disputes

Disputes between Debt Collection Agency and debtors are quite common. Many reasons give rise to these legal and financial disputes. For instance, the borrower may consistently refuse to pay back outstanding dues to the creditor. The hiring company may sue the debt collection agency for not recovering its outstanding dues from the debtor.

Unethical Debt Collection Tactics

Unethical and illegal debt collection tactics such as fraud, deception, and mental harassment can also be one of the causes of legal disputes between the debtor and the debt collection agency. There can be some cases of unauthorized legal practice whereby the debt collection agency attempts to give legal consultancy outside the scope of its collection practices and is found guilty.

Vicarious Relationship

The debt collection agency and the business that hired that agency have a vicarious relationship whereby they have a principal-agent relationship and in the event of any violation of laws, the debtor may sue both the creditor and the debt collection agency.

Challenges for Debt Collection Legal Consultation

Lack of current information on debtors

The lack of availability of accurate information about the debtor creates a hurdle in successful debt recovery and makes it impossible for debt collection agents to reach out to the debtors and recover the debt.

Data Discrepancy

The information most sought-after by the debt collection agency is employment details and place of employment of the debtor. However, this information is not accessible and available in the public domain.

Time Consuming

Due to too much information available in the public domain, it becomes time-consuming for debt collection agency to sort the information and find the most relevant one.


In case, the defaulters abscond the country, challenges related to the international legal framework, extradition treaty, and foreign court orders arise.

Ready to take the next step with us? Book a 1:1 call with us to discuss your issues.

Debt Collection Legal Consultation

Fill the Form

Please fill out the form on our website regarding your queries related to the debt collection agency. Specify, if you are a debtor or a creditor.

Schedule an Appointment

You can schedule an online appointment with our debt collection legal consultants, who shall provide you with a tailor-made solution to your queries. Choose the time slot at your convenience.

Make Payment

You can make the payment through any of the following modes- Gpay, credit card, or debit card.

Our Lawyer will call you

After the successful completion of your payment, our lawyer will reach out to you as per the prescribed time period to provide you with the debt collection legal consultation.

Debt Collection Legal Consultation Strategy

Our strategy will explain how we'll deal with your debt collection problems. Our tactics are based on years of expertise and will be customized to meet your unique needs. Our proficient lawyers shall help you draft legal notices and send them to the opposite party to address your disputes, breaches of contract, or any other legal issue. We have the expertise and the experience to ensure that your legal notices are properly drafted and enforceable.

  • Concise Drafting
  • Customized Legal Notices
  • Quick Filing
  • Prompt Response
  • Support from our Legal Representatives
  • Correspondence with full factual descriptions
  • Calls for discussion and reminders on the phone

Debt Collection Legal Consultation Services

As our clients start the debt collection procedure, we offer them ongoing litigation support. We establish channels for customers to contact the debtors with questions or grievances and then promptly resolve them. We regularly assess the clients' progress, provide them with updates, and motivate them. We construct a strong client relationship by putting our commitment to your development and increasing the likelihood of good outcomes.

Procedure of Debt Collection by Debt Collection Agency

Assessing all the debts

Our team provides end-to-end assistance to your company to calculate all your debts and give comprehensive details on the total receivable amount.

Negotiating with the Parties

We will then negotiate with debtors on behalf of the company and determine the facts that lead to the problem. We will aim to bring an unequivocal agreement with the debtor to avoid any future conflicts.

Preserving Client Relationship

We will recover the company's entire amount while maintaining mutual relations between the debtor and the business entity by eliminating any future rifts.

Debt Collection Legal Consultation through ADR

The procedure for debt collection can be done in three ways. Firstly, if negotiations are unsuccessful, parties may choose to engage in mediation, whereby a skilled mediator facilitates conversations. In the field of debt collection, mediation is the essential strategy. They provide a method of conflict resolution that is cooperative, effective, and economical while maintaining relationships and cutting costs.

Secondly, if mediation fails to provide a resolution, arbitration may be the next course of action, producing a legally binding judgment. As a last resort, parties may file a lawsuit in court if arbitration is unsuccessful or not selected. Creditors and debtors can cooperate to discover solutions that are advantageous to both sides by taking into account these alternative dispute resolution techniques, which will ultimately result in a more amicable resolution of debt-related disputes.

Legal Compliances via Debt Collection Legal Consultation

Debt Collection Agency services have become an indispensable asset for businesses irrespective of their sizes. Debt Collection processes require a strict adherence to the various legal and regulatory aspects. Non-compliance with such regulations can lead to legal disputes, damage to the goodwill and reputation of the company, and, in some cases, legal penalties and damages.

At Enterslice, we shall ensure legal compliance by staying up to date with the current rules and regulations, with the evolving legal structures, and also adhering to the debt collection regulations.

Our Successful Journey in Debt Collection Legal Consultation

One of the most important reasons to hire Enterslice for your debt collection legal consultation in debt collection services is our proven track record of success. We specialize in assessing your debt, providing you with debt collection legal consultation, and recovering your unpaid debt with our level of expertise. Our debt recovery services excel in negotiating with the debtors. That’s why we have a higher success rate in recovering unpaid debts when compared with our competitors. We have an alliance with popular law firms in India and a high success rate in conducting debt recovery proceedings.

List of Do’s and Don’ts

  • Determine the outstanding amount due
  • Establishing prior communication with the opposite party
  • Maintain Professional and Courteous Communication
  • Keeping accurate records of correspondence
  • Send a Legal Notice to the debtor

Why choose our Debt Collection Legal Consultation Services?

Get rid of your stress from debts by using our Debt collection Legal Consultation Service

  • Action on your problem related to debt recovery within 24 hours
  • Commercial debt recovery and debt collection legal consultation
  • Customized service based on the size and needs of your business
  • Single contact point interface
  • Maintaining and preserving the relationship with your client
  • Partnership with 50+ law firms
  • 1000+ debt collection matters handled
  • 98% of Clients Satisfied
  • 10000+ client conversations
  • 100+ Queries resolved by our team of experts


Some of the best practices for effective debt collection include transparent communication, being compassionate and understanding towards the needs of others, and amicable settlement of the legal debt dispute.

No, debt collection agency must resort to ethical and legal practices to recover the debts of their client. They must follow RBI guidelines in this regard to prevent undue harassment of the debtors.

Yes, debtors have a legal obligation to repay their debts fully. However, in the case of a debt settlement between the creditor and the debtor, the debtor pays the partial amount as agreed upon in the settlement.

Yes, a debtor can dispute the validity of a debt and request debt verification from the creditor.

Yes, there are time limits for debt recovery based on the nature of the debt.

Yes, in some cases, creditors can seek legal remedies in the form of confiscation of the assets of the debtor to recover the outstanding debt.

It is a court order directing the third party to take control of the assets of the debtor to settle an unpaid debt.

No, a debt collection agency must be hired on a case-to-case basis. First, you should exhaust your in-house efforts before hiring any agency.

Yes, legal action can be taken against customers for small outstanding debts however, it should be the last resort.

If your debts increase, then you can consider hiring a debt collection agency or outsourcing debt collection efforts.

No, the debt collection agency must strictly adhere to the regulations regarding communication hours.

No, sharing debt-related information with a third party is prohibited as it will violate the right to privacy of the debtor which is enshrined under Article 21 of the Indian constitution.

It's not advisable to do so because the debt collection agency may employ other methods to track you down.

You can settle the debt through out-of-court methods like Alternative Dispute Resolution using debt mediation, negotiation, etc.

A debt collection attorney shall guide you through the complex debt recovery laws on your journey to successful debt recovery.

Debt collection agency are for all kinds of businesses be they small, medium, or large.

Although it's possible to handle debt collection independently, it is advisable to seek professional debt collection agency services and legal consultation for expertise and increase your chances of a successful debt recovery.

Debt collection agency employ legal specialists who are up to date with the latest debt collection rules and regulations and strictly adhere to the same.

The limitation for the debt recovery is three years from the day the money was lent to the debtor.

A debt collection agency can reach out to your friends, relatives, or even neighbours of the borrower when the borrower is not reachable.

A debt management plan is an arrangement between the borrower and the lender that outlines the terms and conditions of an outstanding debt.

Effective debt collection strategies include proactive communication, clear payment conditions, and flexible payment alternatives, prioritizing past-due accounts, and using automation for prompt reminders. It is imperative to follow all applicable ethical and legal rules.

If you don't pay a debt collector or collection agency, you'll probably experience an increase in phone calls, letters, and even social media engagement to collect the debt. Your credit score will suffer if you don't pay a debt that is in collections. The debt collection firm may file a lawsuit against you if you fail to make payments.

Debt Mediation doesn’t work in every case as it requires compromise on the part of both parties.

You can start by sending a legal notice for recovery of money, filing a small claims lawsuit, going for ADR methods, filing a civil suit for recovery of money, or hiring debt collection agency services.

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