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NCLT Appellate Tribunal Services

Our experts from NCLT Appellate Tribunal Service help companies resolve disputes and help them grow their business through the power of experts from NCLT Appellate Tribunal Service.

Our Approach

Most NCLT and Appellate Tribunal services are set up only with advisory work. They don't help create clarity in your cases or give you the required guidance, so your company continues to move in different directions, and your disputes remain nullified.

Our experts from NCLT Appellate Tribunal Service help you clarify your rights and remedies through our experts in the area of NCLT and Appellate Tribunal Services.

Who do our experts from the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service help?

Our experts from NCLT appellate Tribunal Service provide advisory and consultancy services to both businesses and individuals in India, including:

  • India and international corporations
  • Business owners and company shareholders
  • Private equity and venture capital providers
  • Those looking for private equity investments
  • Business Person
  • Public market brokers and sponsors
  • Professional services organisations, banks and other financial services businesses.

Why choose Enterslice NCLT and Appellate Tribunal Services?

Red Herring have ranked our experts from the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service as one of the best advisory and consultancy firms in Asia. Our team has advised on more than 300 NCLT-related matters over the last year.

Your experts from the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service will assist you

  • To make sure you successfully attain all your objectives, it is important to deal with the issues in a timely, efficient and commercially effective manner
  • Stay up to date on the progress of your case and report it in a clear, jargonless way
  • Provide the right advice and transparent pricing of our work so that you can keep an eye on your budget
  • To build a trusting relationship with you and your team so that our experts at the NCLT appeals tribunal service can be trusted as your go-to counsel.

Regulation, Compliance and Advisory

More than 40000 start-ups and MSMEs Assisted

99.9% Satisfaction Guarantee


Operating in 100+ Countries, serving 22000 Zip codes around the world, managing over 30,000 laws and more than 2,200 authority notifications, orders, and advisories, all accessible conveniently through a single login. Our NCLT appellate Tribunal Service experts have global customer and employee experience and practitioners to ensure success.


To provide the best comprehensive NCLT and appellate tribunal services that are Packaged or tailored programs based on your business requirements

Outcome driven-

25+ years of best practices under availing advisory, regulatory and consultancy services with an advanced approach


Comprehensive packages made to produce maximum value on services in relation to NCLT appellate Tribunal Service

Proven success Rate

As a market leader, Enterslice specializes in providing representation, regulatory and related services of NCLT and Appellate Tribunal. We have a worldwide network of independent law firms, chartered accountant firms, CPA firms, and management consulting organizations, with exclusive alliances in over 100 countries and have served more than 1ooooo satisfied

Tap into the knowledge of Enterslice in NCLT and Appellate Tribunal and achieve more uptime, better performance, faster case resolution, and proactive issue avoidance as well as prevention.

Our NCLT Appellate Tribunal Services   

We may be able to help you from the beginning all the way through execution and sustainment.

Appeal and representation before NCLT Appellate Tribunal services

Commercial disputes: our commercial disputes lawyers from NCLT appellate Tribunal Service. They are experienced in a broad range of cases relating to public and consumer law, offering fast, effective advice at an appropriate cost. If our experts from NCLT Appellate Tribunal Service think you have a strong case, we'll take it as far as necessary. We've previously taken cases all the way to the Supreme Court, NCLT and the NCLAT, so we are not daunted by any challenge.

We can help in cases including:

  • Judicial review
  • Public law procurement challenges
  • Procedural fairness and human rights issues
  • Data protection and freedom of information
  • Tribunal, statutory appeals and inquires
  • Competition law

Why choose Enterslice?

As one of the largest networks of independent law firms, chartered accountant firms, CPA firms, and management consulting organizations, we provide a wide range of services. Our the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service experts adopt a partnership approach catered for high-quality advice that protects your business interests.

Connecting us with will cost you nothing for initial advice. If we advise you to pursue a legal claim, our NCLT appellate Tribunal Service experts will review all the options available for funding your legal claim with you. Our experts from NCLT and appellate tribunal service shall always advise you on the best options available for you and your business.

Banking and finance-related litigation

Our members of the team are experts in the following:

  • AML
  • Complex possession
  • Professional Negligence
  • Enforcement of security
  • Financial Instruments
  • Fraud
  • Compliance
  • Consumer claims and allegations of miss-selling
  • Mortgage Litigation
  • Unsecured debt recovery, including CCI advice
  • Lender Liability crimes

Our lawyers have an excellent commercial understanding of the banking and property sectors, allowing them to work closely with other specialised teams on matters like bankruptcy, foreclosure, unsecured debt recovery or criminal proceedings to provide financial institutions with a clear and cost-effective solution.

We've recognised that there will be no two cases identical, so we shall advise on the expected costs of implementation, the financial strength of opponents, the desire to preserve the value of a brand and its potential for success.

Contract disputes

Our experts are working with businesses of all sizes within each industry sector. We're representing directors, senior managers and high-net-worth individuals as well. There are a variety of intertwined areas of law involved in contractual disputes. We have a wide range of expertise in disputes involving all types of contractual agreements. We are one of India's leading fully-owned law firms.

  • Key supply chain contracts
  • IT and technology contracts
  • Key facility or service operating contracts
  • Distribution, franchise, and licensing agreements
  • Sales of goods or service agreements
  • Employment contracts

How can Enterslice help?

A robust agreement for your business, which reduces the risk of another conflict and manages its outcome if there is a dispute, may be drawn up by our experienced corporate contract lawyers.

We will review and test your existing contracts and advise on preparing for the risks involved with each. If needed, we can redraft your contract and add extra protection against disputes.

We'll evaluate strategic options and advise you on your best course of action from both a business and civil perspective if any dispute confronts you. If possible, we will look into other dispute resolution options but are always willing to stand up against your side of the case if need be. And we are ready to respond in an emergency, thanks to our dynamic and fast approach.

Why prefer us?

When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you are in the best hands.

We will start with knowing your business from the ground up and pair you with our lawyers who have real experience in your market and your industry. Your expert advice for today's problems and insight into tomorrow's risks and opportunities will be available to you.

Wherever you need it, our global network of contacts is prepared to help with any dispute that has an International dimension. We're working on your behalf with some of the best attorneys in over 200 jurisdictions, able to guide you through a dispute from India.

We know that there's a difference in risk management between the two situations. And if we can, we don't mind sharing the risk of litigation with you. We're prepared to accommodate the manner in which our clients fund their legal proceedings so that we can offer them the support they need.

Funding your case-

In addition, our fees are subject to a yearly review, which may lead to an increase in charges. This complexity is going to determine the seniority of those who are dealing with your case. When you tell us, we'll talk to you about it. Every case is different, and your actual costs of recovering a dispute may exceed.

We'll continue to discuss all available funding options when finding the best way of dealing with your case. The merits of your case will be assessed in a preliminary manner, which we will agree with you beforehand based on the volume of Documents and legal issues involved in your case.

Factors responsible for complicating the case and increasing your legal fees:

  • The volume of Documents related to the case
  • The number of parties involved in the case
  • The required timescale for progressing the case
  • More witness
  • Complex legal issues
  • Number of applications required during the course of your case

Compliance and Responsibilities services:

Registration of companies

Our experts can answer the question of the legitimacy of companies before NCLT under the new Companies Act 2013. NCLT is empowered to take a number of steps in order to cancel the registration of any company, so that it can be dissolved. Our lawyers can work both ways. If you want to render the liability or charge of members unlimited, our lawyers through NCLAT can serve your purpose with ease. In that way, we can help you determine where the company registration certificate has been acquired in a wrongful manner or by unauthorised means pursuant to Article 7(7) of the 2013 Companies Act and provide for deregistration within specific situations.

What we do;

Our Experts act for the registration and deregistration of companies and their directors.

We have extensive experience in:

  • Administration
  • Administration receiverships
  • Company voluntary arrangements
  • Company liquidation advice
  • Law of Property Act Receiverships
  • Advising business in dealing with compliance and regulatory affairs

Our team has the ability to provide practical advice in complex areas of registration and deregistration of the company due to extensive expertise in this area.

Enterslice lawyers have a national presence in India, covering and managing over 30,000 laws and more than 2,200 authority notifications, orders, and advisories.

Transfer of shares

Our team member's experts from the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service are also experts in enabling NCLT to hear grievances of rejection of companies in transferring shares under section 58/59 of the Act, which remains at the outset under the purview of the company law Board.

Our lawyers experts from the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service will make sure that the solution available for the rejection of transmission or transfer was first only limited to the shares and debentures of the company, but as of now, it has been raised under the Companies Act 2013 and now covers all the securities which any company issues.

You can completely rely on our experts from the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service for any problem related to the transfer of shares or any other related instrument of your company.

You can work with experts from the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service on a single issue, or we can provide complete insight into all your transfer and transmission-related problems.

It's important to address the transmission of shares as quickly as possible and, ideally, head them off in advance. We'll help you anticipate all your problems and give you a pragmatic plan to resolve them in line with your business's goals and interests.

Who can we help?

We are experienced with all business sectors and all major regulators. Our lawyers experts from the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service work in key locations in and around India and can help wherever you or your business is based.

As part of one of Asia's largest advisory, regulatory and consultancy services provided in the legal field, we have the capacity to assist all types and sizes of businesses by providing them with resources and flexibility, such as:

Fund managers and investment funds

  • Other investment vehicles, such as family offices
  • Owner-managed businesses
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Education sector bodies
  • Charities
  • Housing sector businesses

Why choose our compliance and regulatory lawyers?

When you're running your business, the last thing you need is to be disrupted by stressful and damaging regulatory investigations. Thanks to our decades of experience, we'll be able to help you identify potential risks early and put in place policies to mitigate them.

You will be provided with a complete program expert from the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service with concrete timelines and transparent costs, so you always know exactly where you stand. Our experts from NCLT appellate Tribunal Service work hard to make everything as easy as possible so you and your team have more time to drive your business in all directions.

We are not just a team of experts but also advocates who defend regulatory and compliance matters in court. We have vast experience in challenging case theories and before NCLT and NCLAT.

This added experience gives us an advantage over real insights into regulators' strategies and decision-making processes, the insights that your business can benefit from whatever regulatory and compliance aid is needed.

Advisory and consultancy services:

What advisory and consultancy services do we offer?

  • Audit and Assurance
  • Consulting strategy
  • Risk advisory
  • Financial advisory
  • Tax alerts
  • Sustainability and Climate

Freezing Assets of a company

Our team members from the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service are also experts in enabling NCLT to hear grievances of asset-freezing companies.

Our lawyer's experts from the NCLT appellate Tribunal Service will make sure that the solution available for the frozen assets of your company for use at a later stage when your company comes under investigation; we will assist you during your investigations or review with our team of lawyers from NCLT's Appeal Tribunal Service. It may also be necessary to conduct such an investigation at NCLT's request.

You can work with us on a single issue, or we can provide complete insight into all your transfer and transmission-related problems.

Asset freezing must be tackled as soon as possible and preferably prevented in advance. We will assist you in anticipating all your problems, giving you a realistic plan on how to deal with them according to business objectives and interests.

Restructuring of company services:

What Restructuring services do we offer?

  • Business turnaround
  • Restructuring
  • Insolvency
  • Company Voluntary Arrangements
  • Receivership
  • Liquidation
  • Commercial Recoveries

Who do we serve?


In addition, we're on the legal committees of most big retail banks as well as independent asset-based lenders. The management of the volume receivership is something we have specific expertise in.

Insolvency practitioners and restructuring professionals

With regard to the appointment of insolvency administrators, the sale of assets, the resolution of disputes and the fulfilment of their obligations, we provide legal assistance to practitioners.

Business and other stakeholders

Our expert services are available to all kinds of businesses, from owner-owned firms up to large corporations. In the case of a financially distressed company, we can also assist shareholders, pension schemes and other creditors.


If your company is having difficulty, we can help you identify the necessary legal requirements and regulations. Where you are being sued or forced to give up business after the failure of your company, our team may also handle it on your behalf.

Why choose our restructuring services?

We're working for companies that have trouble with finances. It is also possible for us to help you identify and manage risk so as to avoid a situation that could lead to difficulties in finances. We're aware that you may be concerned about the way in which your lawyer fees are being charged because of economic pressure. In such cases, we offer a range of alternative funding arrangements, which include fees as part of the agreement.

Regulatory services

Regulatory Investigations: Regulatory investigations can have a very adverse effect on individuals and enterprises, which may lead to costly sanctions, reputational damage or criminal prosecution. You may be represented, advised and defended by our regulatory Law practitioners during the course of an investigation, which can help to reduce the impact on you and your organisation.

At least one regulator, and often several, is required for most professionals and businesses in India. Legal aid from a law firm which understands the laws in place and knows what your specific regulatory authorities are doing is essential.

You will be provided with the assurance that you are prepared to answer any regulatory inquiries and have met all your obligations. With the right support, you can reduce the risk of investigations happening and mitigate the disruption they cause if they do.

If the investigation proceeds, we can provide guidance on how best to cooperate with the regulatory authorities so as to ensure your security and that of your business. We will assist you in preparing for questioning and provide explanations as to what information a regulator can or cannot require. In communicating and meeting with the regulatory authorities, we can help you persuade them not to take action.

You can count on us to build a strong defence if the regulator takes action against you. In addition, we have experience of representing and defending clients facing criminal charges following a regulatory investigation. You can count on us to do everything in your best interests, whether we lead you into an active investigation or prevent one from happening at all.

What happens during a regulatory investigation from NCLT?

The NCLT shall have the authority to investigate and gather evidence against individuals and companies. It could mean forcing you or your firm to provide relevant information or taking part in an interview. The NCLT will then decide to proceed with the case against you. Depending on the severity of those charges, you'll probably face one or more penalties if they do. Following an investigation, the Commission may lay down both civil as well as penal sanctions, such as:

  • Fines
  • Suspending or prohibiting you from a regulated activity
  • Restricting your ability to undertake a regulated activity
  • Imposing orders on you to compensate affected clients or customers

Who do we help?

With a broad range of regulatory issues relating to NCLT courts and appeals tribunals, we are assisting and representing an enormous variety of individuals, organisations, businesses and companies.

I am at risk of investigation- what should I do?

If you and your firm are facing an investigation by the Commission of NCLT or NCLAT, it is essential to consult a qualified specialist lawyer. Each regulatory body is different, and you need lawyers with experience in representing clients against the right regulator.

This should happen as soon as you are able and prior to any contact with the regulator. Before making any decision, we will provide an overview of the scope of the investigation, regulatory authority power and potential outcomes for you and your business. You will be advised on how to cooperate with the regulator to ensure the best possible protection of your position by our experts in regulatory law. We can assist you in the course of an investigation or prosecution, gathering evidence and preparing your defence.

You're not alone on this journey.

A dedicated team

Enterslice offers a domestic and international team composed of best-in-class lawyers and company secretaries to cater to your needs and demands through our expertise in NCLT and appellate tribunal services.

Experience and knowledge

Our experts bring NCLT and appellate tribunal services bring to your table a valuable experience of more than 20 years of practising with our valuable customers.

Enterslice draws on our decades of experience in NCLT and appellate Tribunal services and in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of all the requirements.

Smart and Tailored Approach:

By bringing a well-established, standardized approach in catering to your commercial litigation and dispute resolution, we also tend to address clients' customized demands by adapting to key processes and state-of-the-art technologies.

Our Goal is Simple

In our work, we assist clients in all areas of the national court and appeal tribunal services with a view to providing them with their rights and remedies. Regardless of the problem, you can rely on a consistent, complete, and customer-focused approach when choosing Enterslice. It's the Enterslice way.

With NCLT and appellate Tribunal services, you can also expect the following:

  • Personalised guidance in correlation to your needs
  • Full access to Enterslice professionals and experts
  • One-on-one strategy sessions with our lawyers and Company Secretary experts
  • Hassle-free customer support across email, messaging, social and phone
  • Extra customized add-ons are available, including compliance and auditing in NCLT and appellate tribunal services

Our Commitment

Quality service – At Enterslice, we are committed to providing our clients with top-notch services in NCLT and appellate Tribunal matters, ensuring their consulting, advisory and regulatory needs are met with precision and accuracy. Our team of dedicated professionals goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

Client satisfaction – It’s our priority to make you happy. We're trying to understand your needs, deal with your issues and give you custom solutions so that we can exceed your expectations. Your trust is important, and we are doing all that we can to ensure your full satisfaction.

Continuous improvement –Our services shall be continually improved and strengthened in order to remain at the forefront of technological developments. With a view to providing you with innovative solutions that will ensure success, our team is committed to being up-to-date on the most recent industry trends and best practices.

Ready to Go?

If you're looking for a complete resolution of disputes and availing of your precious rights and remedies that can help you protect and prevent your company, we should chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

NCLT Appellate Tribunal is a judiciary body that hears appeals against decisions made by NCLT in matters related to law and corporate disputes

In order to file an appeal, a petition is submitted before the concerned authority with the required Documents.

This process may include certain legal formalities, and it is better to seek professional assistance.

The main area of law that is covered by NCLT Appellate Tribunals is corporate disputes, which shall include insolvency, company law, mergers, and other related disputes of company law.

The main difference between NCLT and its Appellate Tribunal is the jurisdiction authority to review and decide on the appeals filed against NCLT's decisions.

The key functions of the NCLT Appellate Tribunal are to review NCLT's decisions to ensure legal consistency and to provide a forum for parties that are dissatisfied with NCLT's rulings.

The time taken by the NCLT Appellate Tribunal to resolve an appeal is usually based on the complexity of the case and the workload of the Tribunal. It is always advisable to consult legal professionals for customized information.

Yes, it is possible to self-represent before the Tribunal, but it is recommended to consult with professionals for a better understanding of the complex legal procedure and to increase the chances of a successful appeal.

Errors in laws, procedural irregularities, or disputes regarding the interpretation of legal provisions are some of the grounds for filing an appeal with the NCLT Appellate Tribunal.

Yes, there are prescribed fees for filing appeals, and the amount may vary based on the nature and value of the dispute. It is always advisable to consult the official fee schedule for correct information.

Yes, the general proceedings of the NCLT Appellate Tribunal are open to the public, but certain matters of confidential nature may be conducted in-camera.

In order to ensure consistency in the decisions, legal precedents are used, although every case has its own metrics and is evaluated on the basis of its facts.

To track the status of an appeal with the NCLT Appellate Tribunal, there is the official NCLAT website that provides updates on case status. Alternatively, you can contact the tribunal registry for information.

The NCLT Appellate Tribunal comprises judicial and technical members with expertise in the areas of corporate law, finance, and other related fields.

Yes, in certain circumstances, decisions of the NCLT Appellate Tribunal can be challenged before the higher courts, although legal advice is recommended to understand the specific options available.

The official website of the NCLT and its Appellate Tribunal provides detailed information about procedures, rules and forms. Additionally, for better guidance, it is advised to consult legal professionals.

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