White Collar Crime and Investigation

The Indian government's "Make in India" initiative has made the country a favorable destination for foreign investment, although it has also brought challenges like increased fraud and corruption. Enterslice provides expert advisory services to ensure compliance and navigate these challenges in the Indi..

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White Collar Crime Investigation & Advisory Services

White-collar crime is the unethical business practices done by people of high eminence in an organization who, when involved in a business, aim at gaining extraordinary financial gain by unfair and unethical measures. It is very easy to respond to cases of white-collar crime by asking why the people so successful in their business need so much more in life that they are fine even in committing a criminal offence; on the other hand, understanding the complex financial schemes is not everyone’s cup of tea they are difficult to understand, and sometimes the offenders of these crimes are unknown of the fact that they are committing an offence. Financial scams have a huge impact on the country's economic stability, which makes the population question not just the organization but also the laws in place.

Reasons for the Growth of White-Collar Crime-

The legal framework of cyber law includes the legal components of all interactions occurring online. Cyberlaw, for example, encompasses e-contracts that are completed by opening a website, various economic transactions, punitive penalties for cybercrimes, etc.

The general perception of people about white collar crimes is that they are committed to fulfilling certain greed or due to competition, but in reality, there are multiple reasons for the commission of white collar crimes such as –


The battle to succeed is making people aim for goals that are sometimes impossible to achieve; the concept of winning and being on top of everything has made forgery, bribery, and fraud part of everyday business transactions. People who generally commit white-collar crimes are smaller in number but much higher in the hierarchy, resulting in losses that are very heavy to bear.


Technology has made the population in general very literate, but its misuse led to the generation of ideas that sometimes are deteriorating in nature but doable because of the technology in hand; hence, the assessment of repercussions of the same becomes very difficult.


Crimes like bribery and forgery have become so common that it has become part of the daily transaction; people are part of any business to expedite their work, giving bribery in the normal course of business, making it very difficult for them to understand that they are committing an offence.

Work Environment-

In India, the general working hours for people are higher than in any other country, but the remuneration is inversely proportional to the hours of work a person puts in; hence, people easily get lured by temptations that might not be heavily offensive.

Access to Information-

Data like personal information, bank account details, investments, etc., are easily available in the public domain because of smartphones, laptops, etc., making the breach of data very easy; this easy access to information is unfolding the unseen dynamics of crimes a person is capable of committing.


Luxuries and social status lure people; it is a puzzle within which a person keeps rotating, and the exit gate of this puzzle seems impossible to find. This greed of having more makes crimes like bribery and fraud routine.

Types of White Collar Crime-

Bank Fraud-

The fraudulent or, if said in today's dialect, the spam calls and messages luring us to buy a home by availing super discounted home loans or investing in a policy that can double your money in no time is an everyday thing. Even the Reserve Bank of India had to advertise through every form of media that these crimes were at their peak. The law enforcement system regarding the investigation and prosecution of fraudsters is very weak due to the high population, overburdening courts, and digital illiteracy, making these scams a daily life affair.


It is the most common form of white-collar crime, and it is impossible to find even a single person who hasn’t bribed an official to get his/her work done because nobody is ready to face the discouragement arising out of something that is perfectly done but rejected and discouraged because bribe wasn’t exchanged.


The emergence of the Information Technology Act of 2000 made at least the area of cybercrimes slightly manageable because of the enforcement authorities' awareness mechanism to discourage the criminals and make the population more vigilant.

Money Laundering-

When a person tries to mask their money's identity, they commit money laundering. A person who is committing money laundering never reveals the original ownership of the money or the source from which the money is obtained. The job of money launderers is so fine that tracing their source and channels is impossible even for the investigation agencies; this is one of the most committed white-collar crimes.

Tax Evasion

This is the most common type of white-collar crime because it involves the disclosure of income with the help of supporting Documents and technology, and forgery has such a nexus in the Indian market that making false and forged Documents or showing income less than the actual is very easy and doable in the current scenario. However, if caught, the enforcement of tax evasion attracts heavy liability in the form of fines and imprisonment under the Income Tax Act.


This white-collar crime includes counterfeiting cheques or securities to defraud an individual; this could be done using false signatures, creating false Documents, or imitation of the individual, which is deceiving in nature.

Insider Trading-

Being part of an organization means a person can have information related to it, sometimes even their trade secrets or non-public information. Transaction of this non-public information with a competitor or some person outside the place of business makes a person an offender of insider trading, committing a white-collar crime.


India is a developing country with the largest population, it is sometimes impossible for people to be able to afford everything and if they get something even slightly like the good they need at a lower cost, it is a tendency to buy that, this is the reason why India is one of the biggest hubs for counterfeit goods where the identity theft of bigger brands is done by making unreal portray like real even recognized brands are nowadays involved in white collar crimes like counterfeiting the goods so at to earn easy money.


When a person forces another person to pay money, property or services, they commit the offence of extortion. It is counted as a white-collar crime because a person could do it in a position to gain assets in return for providing services.

Hawala Trading-

Hawala is an alternative transfer channel outside of conventional banking systems. Transactions between the hawala agents are based on confidence, as no promissory note is exchanged for the identity of money. Innumerable hawala dealers are involved in this network of transfer. It promotes money flow between poor countries where the formal banking system is expensive. This white-collar crime is impossible without the interference of people high in the hierarchy who, for their benefit, become part of corruptive practices.

Ponzi Scheme

It is a fraudulent investment scam that promises high return rates to the investors on their investments with very little risk. It promises to produce returns for early investors. It is like a pyramid scheme where the only focus is on attracting a flow of money, which, when it falls out, the entire scheme falls out. For the sake of early benefits, big investors and entrepreneurs become part of these Ponzi schemes and commit white-collar crimes.

Organizational Challenges Leading To White-Collared Offences-

  1. Misconduct Due To Supply Chain Pressure

    Post-pandemic, most businesses noticed a steep decrease in their business, resulting in enhanced expectations and constant pressure to keep the supply chain running. This led businesses to use corruptive measures to supply their products to nations where they can make maximum profit but through illegal and unethical means, ultimately committing white-collar crime.

  2. Accountability Toward Environmental And Human Rights Issues

    The terminology of ECOCIDE is gaining popularity, and environmental and human rights groups are targeting organizations that are responsible for causing harm to the environment, ultimately harming human existence. People high in the hierarchy focus more on profit-making and conducting unfair trade practices. The increase in effectiveness and usage of strict liability doctrine encourages whistleblowers to disclose a company's misconduct, resulting in regulatory actions and civil or criminal litigations.

  3. Use Of Intermediaries

    Conducting a business is not a one-way process; it involves the interference of many intermediaries helping an organization in its day-to-day transactions. If an intermediary is corrupt, disguised, and involved in schemes harmful to the general structure of the business, its detection and control becomes difficult if a company lacks anti-corruptive measures.

  4. Corporate Structure And Compliance

    The day a human resource joins an organization, the policies related to bribery, misconduct, and corruption should be explained to them in detail, but most corporations don’t even have effective policies describing white-collar crimes, their liability, and their consequences.

  5. Cross-Border Transactions And Geopolitics

    With rising foreign direct trades from India to across the world, many multinational companies are stepping in to explore Indian businesses, increasing cross-border transfer of Documents and financial transactions increasingly ending up as pawns and corruption. These situations require delicate navigation. These organisations often ignore the procedure and enforcement mechanism, resultingg in conflicts.

  6. Unprotected And Unsanctioned Communication Channels For Business Purposes

    Data privacy risk is at its peak, yet most organizations in India don't prioritize encrypting their systems to curb any future threat. This lack of awareness at times leads to major threats because there's a significant rise in the establishment of multinational companies involving active data transfer, which ultimately could lead to a breach, which could result in forgery and counterfeiting, which will be difficult to prove because of a lack of enforcement mechanism.

How Enterslice White Collar Crime Investigation & Advisory Services Will Help You In Curbing These Challenges

  1. We understand that the race to be perfect is at its peak, and constant business pressure at times leads to foul behavioural instincts of bribery, financial sanctions, forgery, money laundering, and misappropriation. We will help you by providing your human resources risk-based training and guidance on policies and procedures; we will formulate methods for you to sail through budgetary constraints and will provide support and resources for effective compliance.
  2. We will provide support to you in formulating structured internal investigation-related regulations, and our team of civil and criminal counsels will assist you in forming a proportionate whistleblowing response so that any future misconduct can be curbed and identified.
  3. We understand the hunger to make your business rise, especially if you are a startup, but we discourage the tendency to give internal controls in the hands of third parties and intermediaries because they might end 7up using your funding to make their corrupt payments. We will help you form policies and procedures around the commercial terms so that your organization is diligent. We have an experienced team of data analytics who, for you, will keep a check on the effective working of the compliance programs by every member directly and indirectly involved with the organization.
  4. A Ramon Magsaysay award to a whistleblower officer acknowledges a whistleblower's loud and clear role in promoting a transparent and ethical work environment. We understand that the complex nature of businesses makes it difficult for you to respond to the arising issues on time and in an effective manner, resulting in a situation going out of hand. We will design an effective whistleblower program for you to rectify issues promptly, maintaining the company's positive image.
  5. Our legal team will maintain an open dialogue for your commercial, legal, and enforcement-related conflicting requirements. We will negotiate for you in matters concerning national security and geopolitics.
  6. Our risk assessment team will form employment policies and agreements for your organization. We ensure you a regular compliance training and communication program to inform employees of the proper use of technology and awareness programs on discouraging personal devices for business purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

White-collar crime is a series of criminal acts committed by government and business professionals. White-collar criminals commit crimes using internet browsers, reputation, and accounting software.

Industries involved in services include technology, finance, construction, automotive, healthcare, consumer products, real estate, life sciences, hospitality, theatre and entertainment, manufacturing, and professional services.

Investigation of white-collar crimes such as embezzlement, misappropriation, whistle-blower allegations, money laundering, bribery and corruption, cybersecurity fraud, etc.

A non-disclosure agreement is a contractual clause in each of our services, including services for the investigation of white-collar crimes; no organisation details are made available in the public domain without the other party's consent.

The time period of detecting and investigating a white-collar crime depends on a case-to-case basis.

Yes, all our legal counsels and investigators are licensed and trained to safeguard the commission of any white-collar crime.

The methods of investigation applied to white-collar crimes are Documentary evidence, Document control, search and seizure, and data analysis.

Yes, we investigate in compliance with the existing rules and regulations and our methodology is Documenting the proof at each step, so if necessary could be used during future court proceedings.

Our charges for the services involving white-collar crimes depend on a case-to-case basis.

A white-collar crime is investigated by deducing the technique needed for the specific white-collar crime; after that, the parties involved are examined separately, records are checked, and other necessary searches and seizures are done.

Yes, be it in India or any other nation, the dynamics of white-collar crimes are similar, where the expert will remain the same, but the expertise keeps on changing from case to case basis.

Our expertise is in providing Legal advisory and assistance to all sorts of crimes, including white-collar crimes.

In the investigation procedure of a white-collar crime, the digital evidence is first identified, then collected, acquired, and preserved.

Advice is more like a suggestion to do or not to do an act, but the investigation is a detailed procedure followed once an offence is committed so as to detect the culprit.

Our white-collar investigation and advisory services always require the assistance of the internal compliance teams. It is a two-way process, and our objective is more to make the internal compliance team of an organization so equipped that they can manage and detect any future white-collar crime at its nascent stage.

Enterslice has its own analysis and planning team, the function of which is to keep a check on existing legal issues like white-collar crimes.

Enterslice is a global service provider, and our white-collar crime investigation and advisory services are all across the globe, including India, the USA, Singapore, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Panama, Bermuda, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, and jersey islands, Anguilla, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Belize, and Cambodia etc.

Whenever a person needs to bribe an authority or use other corruptive measures so as to get their work done, it is when a person is a victim of white-collar crime.

Yes, we conduct regular training and awareness sessions for our stakeholders so as to make their workforce aware of the concept of white-collar crime, how to detect it, and measures to be taken to avoid white-collar crime in the organization.

Yes, damage assessment and further damage prevention are possible in case of early white-collar crime detection.

Our white-collar crime investigation and advisory consultants review the data, identify the errors, and ultimately resolve the issue arising out of the commission of a white-collar crime.

Enterslice has a separate team of experienced and expert legal professionals with years of experience resolving white-collar crimes globally.

In order to minimize the chances of occurrence of white-collar crime, an organization needs to segregate the duties into different channels in the organization, conduct regular financial audits, and strictly adhere to compliance procedures.

Certain white-collar crimes like small bribery cases and meagre misappropriation at times don't involve criminal imprisonment. Still, white-collar crimes such as money laundering, corruption, and criminal misappropriation of assets attract heavy liability.


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