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Elevate E-Commerce Success by E-Commerce Audit Services

With Enterslice's extensive e-commerce audit services, businesses may increase their online business success. We make sure that the e-commerce platform is operating at peak efficiency in the cutthroat online environment, which is crucial to increasing sales and profitability in the market. Our customized e-commerce audit services thoroughly examine every side of the online store, revealing unrealized possibilities and pinpointing areas in need of development. Our professionals do a detailed investigation to deliver practical ideas that produce noticeable benefits, including everything from user experience and website operation to SEO optimization and security. The businesses will increase client satisfaction, seize new business opportunities, and maintain an advantage over competitors by utilizing our e-commerce audit services. With Enterslice as a reliable partner, e-commerce businesses can boost their businesses in the online market.

Digital Marketing Audit by E-Commerce Audit Services

Our e-commerce audit services include a comprehensive digital marketing audit to ensure an approach to optimize the online presence. Our digital marketing audits investigate every aspect of digital marketing strategy and encompass methods such as search engines, email marketing and content strategy. Our experts assess the efficiency of the present digital marketing efforts and identify the areas for improvements to enhance online usage and increase conversion rate. Our e-commerce audit services will provide a valuable understanding of the performance of digital marketing efforts, empower businesses to make informed decisions and achieve measurable results in the competitive digital market.

Enterslice’s Services breakdown of E-Commerce Audit Services

Our e-commerce audit services offer a broad breakdown to ensure the ideal performance to achieve success in online growth. Our thorough process covers every aspect of e-commerce platforms and provides detailed insights and guides improvement. Below is the breakdown of our e-commerce audit services:

Examination of Websites

Our team evaluates the usability, navigation, and general user experience of a website. We also help in finding any bugs or technological problems that can prevent users from interacting or reduce conversion rates.

Review in SEO Optimization

Our e-commerce audit services provide a comprehensive evaluation of the backlink profile, on-page SEO, and keyword research for your website. We also provide suggestions for enhancing the e-commerce website traffic and search engine visibility.

Optimization of Conversion Rate

Our e-commerce audit services provide conversion rate optimization, which includes assessing the efficacy of calls to action, checkout procedures, and conversion funnels. Our experts determine the obstacles to conversion and devise plans to maximize conversion rates and boost revenue.


Our e-commerce audit services perform performance measurements and website loading speed evaluation. Our experts determine what influences a website's speed and offer suggestions for performance optimization to improve user experience and search engine optimization. We also assist in the comparison of websites with the main rivals in your sector. Our expertise is about the tactics, advantages, and disadvantages of competitors to help you make decisions and develop your e-commerce strategy.

Action Plan

Our e-commerce audit services assist in developing a thorough action plan that outlines the most important things to do to boost the performance of your e-commerce platform and spur growth, along with customized recommendations and actionable insights based on the audit's findings.

Scope of E-Commerce Audit Services

The scope of our e-commerce audit services covers a thorough examination of every important aspect of e-commerce businesses to ensure optimal performance and success.

Functioning of E-commerce website

Our experts evaluate the website, usage and overall user experience. We identify the technical issues or glitches that will hinder user interaction or conversion rate.

SEO Examination

Our experts perform analysis of on or off-page SEO Factors, including keyword examination, meta tags and backlink profiles. All this is performed to provide recommendations for improvement in search engines and driving organic traffic to e-commerce websites.

Compliance with Security and Privacy

The experts evaluate the website security measures, payment gateways and data protection. We recommend the strengthening of security measures and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

Analysis of Competitors

Our e-commerce audit services assist in the comparative analysis of the e-commerce website against key competitions in the market to provide insights into the strategies of the competitors, strengths and weaknesses to sustain growth in the competitive market.

Digital Marketing Audit

Our experts perform audits in digital marketing channels, including SEO, social media, email marketing and content strategy. We assist in the examination and optimization of digital marketing efforts to focus on the targeted audience.

Various Types of E-Commerce audits conducted by Enterslice

There are various types of e-commerce audits. Below are some of the types given such as

Website Audit

The website audit selection must be based on the e-commerce business needs. The e-commerce business is depending on traditional technology or paying for more functionality than you require is a common issue for startups. Our experts provide recommendations by considering the size, structure, and model of e-commerce businesses. Our experts also assist in locating a cost-effective one-stop shop that handles everything from content marketing to branding and design.

SEO Audit

If the website is buried deep in Google, no one will ever see it, so our e-commerce website review services help the proper individuals find online offers to improve ranking. The SEO audits make sure that messages and products stand out on the Internet, and a team of experts evaluates essential components such as link quality, content arrangement, advertising strategies, and site construction. Resolving the aforementioned problems raises the ranking and improves the authority of the e-commerce website.

Content Audit

The content audit serves as the framework for an e-commerce website and can be found in the form of blog entries, press releases, and product details descriptions. The Content audits evaluate internal links, overall copy and visual quality, and keyword effectiveness. We evaluate the right audience and effective brand values and include all relevant information.

Graphic Audits

The graphic audit can make or ruin e-commerce companies. The e-commerce businesses will simplify the user experience on their website for customers by using Enterslice's E-commerce audit services. We draw attention to details the businesses are unaware of. Our teams of experts refine functionality to make purchases easier by putting themselves in the user's shoes and gathering feedback.

CRO Audits

The CRO Audit is required to be performed to make the conversation interesting and examined during the CRO audit, which not only tightens up the sales part but also identifies and removes obstacles or challenges in buying and provides long-term results. One could argue that the CRO audits need to be your primary focus. If customers are unable to purchase your products, there is no use in producing mind-blowing content, SEO-optimized websites, or excellent images.

Step-by-step breakdown of Conducting E-commerce Audit Services

The detailed breakdown of steps for conducting E-Commerce Audit Services is given below

Initial Consultation

Our experts understand the goals of e-commerce businesses, objectives, and requirements for e-commerce website review by gathering information about the e-commerce website, target audience, competitors, and industry standards.

Collection of Data

Our experts provide e-commerce audit services and collect required data for e-commerce website review to check performance, traffic, etc. We also use a combination of tools to assess the current status of the website.

Audit for Website Functionality

Our experts evaluate website usage and overall functionality to ensure a seamless experience. Our experts identify the technical issues, errors, and bugs that will impact the performance of the website.

Examination of User Experiences

Our experts assess the design of the website, layout, and content to determine the effect on customers and analyze factors such as the structure of sites, page load times, and mobile responsiveness to optimize the user experience.

Analysis on SEO

Our experts conduct a comprehensive e-commerce website review of on and off-page SEO factors and assess the website’s search engine visibility, ranking and traffic measures to sustain the visibility of the website for customers.

Security and Performance Assessment

Our experts review website security measures to identify potential security risks such as malware viruses, data breaches and unauthorized access to protect the website from getting harmed.

Benefits of Our E-Commerce Website Review

Benefits of Our E-Commerce Website Review

Improving User Experience

Our e-commerce website review services help identify the challenges and ensure visibility to enjoy a seamless website experience.

Increase Conversion Rate

Our experts analyze the conversion rate and the funnels, the process and the effectiveness of call-to-action, and help optimize the website to increase the number of customers.

Enhance SEO Performance

Our e-commerce website review includes an in-depth analysis of the website’s SEO factors and helps to improve the search engine's visibility to attract more customers and boost the ranking of the website or result page.

Improve Security Measures

Our experts assess the e-commerce website by e-commerce website review service, access the website security's protocols, and enhance security to protect the website from cyber threats and ensure the safety of the customer's details. Our e-commerce website review services also include the evaluation of the website to maintain performance and provide a smooth customer experience to maintain customer retention.

Checklist for E-Commerce Audit Services

Here is the checklist for the e-commerce audit services for e-commerce businesses

  • Ensuring the functioning of the website.
  • Analysis of the User Experience.
  • Evaluating the mobile responsiveness and compatibility.
  • Analyzing the SEO by examinations of the elements of page and keyword usages.
  • Review off-page SEP factors, including the backlink profile and domain.
  • Examining the conversion rate and description of products.
  • Maintain the security analysis.
  • Checking for data encryption.
  • Reviewing payment and gateways.
  • Verification of compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Optimization of the performance of the e-commerce website.
  • Evaluate competitor's websites for strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ensuring compliance with industry regulations or e-commerce businesses, privacy policies, etc.
  • Assess recovery plans and website backups.

Deliverable After the Completion of the E-Commerce Website Review

After the completion of the e-commerce website review, the e-commerce businesses will receive a set of deliverables customized to provide actionable insights and recommendations for optimizing the e-commerce business performances to drive business growth. Our experts compile audit findings and insights and recommend a comprehensive report to address the identified issues for the e-commerce website performance improvements for potential growth. The primary deliverable is a detailed audit report that encompasses findings, analysis and strategic planning across various identified key areas such as website functionality, user experience, SEO, security and performance. Our report consists of a clear overview of the present state of the e-commerce business, and we highlight the strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. We include the customized action plan prepared to meet the specific goals and objectives to implement changes effectively. The e-commerce audit report will also include the data, analysis of competitors, understandings and resources to support the e-commerce business growth and assist the e-commerce businesses in making informed decisions to achieve sustainable growth in the competitive e-commerce businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

An e-commerce audit is about analyzing or evaluating the e-commerce website or business by identifying the areas for improvement to sustain growth in the online competitive market.

The four Cs in e-commerce are Convenience, choice, customization and communication.

The e-commerce website review is required to make the website attractive and improve the bugs in it to retain customers or attract sales.

The SEO audit is mandatory to perform to improve the eye-catching content for customers to attract them.

Yes, e-commerce holds high risk in the competitive market.

The security risks include the misuse of personal data, theft, and phishing attacks to protect the e-commerce businesses and customers' details.

The e-commerce website review is conducted to ensure that the e-commerce website works properly and maintains visibility in the market to attract customers.

The biggest problems with e-commerce are various, but the most important is cyber and data security while dealing with e-commerce and technical issues that cause disruptions and damage to e-commerce businesses.

The basic e-commerce strategy is to set plans and activities that businesses use to sell products online, which includes reaching the right people, converting them into customers and retaining them for a longer period.

An SEO Audit is a valuable way to identify the problem or areas of weakness on the e-commerce website. This will help provide a detailed analysis of the requirements for improvements to improve performance.

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