Business Set Up in Oman

Planning to set up a business in Oman? Oman has a high degree of economic freedom. It is an ideal place for foreign investors to start a business. The business setup process is quick and simple.

Benefits of Doing Business in Oman


Strategic Location

Pro-Business Environment

Tax Incentives

Availability of Workforce

Natural Resources

Friendly relations with other countries

World-class infrastructure

Free Trade Agreements

No Requirement of Resident Shareholder

Foreign Direct Investment

Different Types of Business Structures in Oman


General Partnership

In this form of entity, there are two or more partners who have unlimited liability. There is no minimum capital required for forming a general partnership.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

This form of company has between two to fifty individuals. The liability of this form of entity is limited to a particular amount. If this company requires some form of consent, then such consent from the regulatory body must be secured. The following minimum capital is required for forming this type of entity:

Joint Venture

Joint Venture is considered an agreement between two or more people to form a company for a particular project or purpose. There is no minimum capital required for a joint venture company in Oman. An applicant going for company registration in Oman can utilize the above structure if it is for a specific period or a particular project.

Joint Stock Companies

Such companies are formed with a minimum amount of capital. Joint Stock Companies are allowed to offer shares to the public. There must be a minimum of three shareholders to form this form of entity. The following minimum capital is required for a Joint Stock company:

Holding Company

The holding company would have some form of significant control over the subsidiaries and its sister concerns. More than 51% ownership over the subsidiary companies would be present. A holding company can either be a joint stock company or a Limited liability company (LLC). The minimum capital requirement of a holding company will be OMR 2 million.

Representative Office

Like a branch office, a representative office is a mere extension of the foreign parent company. The representative office cannot carry out any profit-making activities. Only activities which promote the foreign parent company and marketing can be carried out by the representative office.

Branch Office

A branch office is a mere extension of the foreign parent company. Such offices can carry out profit-making activities..

Different Types of Taxes in Oman


Corporate Tax

Value-Added Tax

Petroleum Income Tax

Customs Duty

Municipal Tax

Tourism Tax

Excise Duty

Withholding Tax

About our Services

Enterslice is one of the leading management consultancy firms which offers end-to-end business set-up, financial, regulatory, taxation, legal, and advisory services to early-stage businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and large corporate houses across the globe.

Our Oman Entry Strategy services involve the following services:

About the Oman Entry Strategy

Our Oman Entry Strategy is classified into the following:

Business Set-up Services

Business Structures available in Oman are in the form of General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Joint ventures, Joint Stock Companies, Holding Companies, Branch offices, and Representative Offices. Our business set-up services include advisory related to the type of business structure you should opt for to set up business in Germany. Our team will assist you in the business registration process, in opening a bank account for the business, and in post-registration compliance.

Consultancy on Managing the Business

Our consultants formulate a strategic plan for establishing and operating the business depending on your business needs. We formulate a budget and develop cash flows for your business. We also review internal control processes and conduct business reviews. We provide advisory on issues related to the management of the business

Legal Advisory Services

Our legal experts provide legal advice on business operations, finances, IP protection, etc. We also draft legal Documents for your business and review and compile the required Paper works. We also ensure that all legal and regulatory compliance are duly complied with.

Accounting and Audit Advisory Services

Our experts provide bookkeeping services, assuring the proper maintenance of different accounting records. This involves keeping thorough and organized financial records, such as cash books, general ledgers, fixed asset registers, and accounts receivable and payable sub-ledgers. In addition to this, we also provide financial reporting, accounting guidance, and bookkeeping services. They aid in the production of accurate financial accounts, ensure conformity to accounting standards, and offer qualified advice on difficult accounting matters. The accounts and financial statements are prepared to reflect the true and fair view of the company’s operations. On behalf of our clients, we ensure that the accounting and audit requirements are fulfilled.

Tax Advisory Services

Our tax experts will assist you in effectively managing your tax obligations and identifying opportunities to lower tax expenses. We ensure that the tax return is timely filed. We provide advisory on direct as well as indirect taxes. As the globe becomes increasingly linked, businesses regularly engage in cross-border transactions with intricate tax ramifications. Our clients obtain thorough advice on international tax compliance, double taxation agreements, transfer pricing, and international tax planning by using our worldwide tax consultancy services. Our knowledge aids companies in overcoming the difficulties associated with international taxes and strengthening their worldwide tax position.

Intellectual Property Advisory Services

Our IP Experts assist in IP Compliance. We assist in getting IP registration by filling out applications for registration and compiling relevant Documents. Our team of IP experts also advice on IP compliance and IP Protection. We also assist in enforcing IP rights against any infringement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to set up a business in Oman is about 3570 Omani rials.

For setting up an LLC in Oman, the minimum capital required is ONR 20,000 viz, approximately USD 52,000.

For foreigners to start a business in Oman, commercial registration from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is required.

There is a huge demand for oil and gas industry in Oman so it is one of the most profitable businesses in Oman.

Yes, you can start your own business in Oman. However, if you are a foreigner then you will require commercial registration from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Yes, foreigners in Oman can buy and own any property in Oman.

Yes, Oman is a good country to start business as it has business-friendly environment and there is no restrictions on capital and profit repatriation.

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