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Perks of Registering Your Company in South Africa


Business Setup South Africa

Enjoy 15% & 30% government incentives.

Business Setup South Africa

Developed a reliable banking system. s

Business Setup South Africa

Robust Regulatory framework.

Business Setup South Africa

Get Tax Advantage

Business Setup South Africa

Tap into a rapidly expanding market.

Business Setup South Africa

Prime position on the global maps.

Business Setup South Africa

Access special economic zones.

Business Setup South Africa

South Africa, the second-largest economy.

Discover the Eligible Business Structure in South Africa

Are you still unsure about the best structure? Discover the ideal business structure for registering your company in South Africa:

Business Setup South Africa

Public Limited Company

National and foreign businesses have the option to register a public limited company. This allows for easy share trading and requires at least 3 directors and 1 shareholder.

Business Setup South Africa

Public Company Limited by Shares

National and foreign businesses have the option to register a public limited company. This allows for easy share trading and requires at least 3 directors and 1 shareholder.

Business Setup South Africa

Private Limited Company

If you are looking to register Small and Medium-sized businesses, a private company limited is a perfect fit. It requires up to 50 shareholders.

Business Setup South Africa

Personal Liability Company

It is ideal for professionals; this structure holds directors personally liable for the company’s debts where share transfer is restricted.

Business Setup South Africa

Non-Profit Company

If you want to serve public benefits, register your company as a non-profit organization. This requires at least 3 incorporators and directors with no profit obligations.

Business Setup South Africa

Profit Company

Establish your for-profit company with a focus on profit generation, catering to common setups to maintain financial growth for the shareholders.

Business Setup South Africa

State-Owned Company

Explore the formation of a government-controlled company to regulate under the Public Finance Management Act and to operate and finance business activities.

Business Setup South Africa

External Company

Set up a branch of your foreign company in South Africa. This requires lodging annual returns and complying with local regulations.

Business Setup South Africa


Establish a trust to legally transfer, hold, or manage property for the benefit of beneficiaries, with a trustee overseeing the assets.

Business Setup South Africa


Form a partnership with 2 or more partners. In South Africa, you will have multiple options for partnership registration, so choose the one that best suits your goals and objectives.

Uncovering the Tax Landscape in South Africa

Let’s uncover a tax landscape in South Africa:

Corporate Income Tax

Value Added Tax

Skills Development Levy

Pay as You Earn

Franchise Tax

Turnover Tax

Personal Income Tax

Excise Duties and Levies

Dividends Tax

Securities Transfer Tax

Capital Gain Tax

Withholding Tax

Discover What We Offer

Join Enterslice, the forefront of business consultancy, for a comprehensive set of services designed to meet your needs. From seamless company registration to expert guidance on taxation, financial strategies, compliance with regulation, and legal advisory, we pave the way for your every success.

Discover our specialized South Africa Entry strategy and embark on your global journey with confidence!



Master the Gateway: Your South Africa Entry Strategy

Dive into our South Africa Entry Strategy:

Business Setup South Africa

Assisting in Selecting the Ideal Business

We provide guidance in selecting the appropriate business structure, considering factors such as legal compliance, taxation and operational flexibility. Additionally, we assist in exploring partnerships with local entities or creating joint ventures by providing expertise.

Business Setup South Africa

Taxation and Financial Compliance Services

We understand South Africa’s tax system and obligation for businesses, including corporate income tax, value-added tax, and payroll taxes, and we can help your business register for tax purposes with the South Africa Revenue Services (SARS) to obtain a Tax Identification Number.

Business Setup South Africa

Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property

We safeguard your intellectual property rights by registering trademarks, patents and copyrights with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). Implement measures to prevent infringement and unauthorized use of your intellectual property assets.

Business Setup South Africa

Build Local Presence and Networking

We establish a local presence by assisting in appointing or selecting physical offices, representative offices, or partnerships to facilitate business operations and build relationships with stakeholders. We also network with industry associations and government agencies to gain insights and opportunities for growth.

Business Setup South Africa

Legal Advisory Services

We help you understand South Africa’s company registration laws and regulations, including the Companies Act of 2008. We also determine the most suitable legal structure for your business in South Africa.

Business Setup South Africa

Intellectual Property Advisory Services

Our IP Experts assist in IP Compliance. We assist in getting IP registration by filling out applications for registration and compiling relevant Documents. Our team of IP experts also advice on IP compliance and IP Protection. We also assist in enforcing IP rights against any infringement.

Know the Requirements to Launch a Business in South Africa!

Here are the basic requirements to follow for company registration in South Africa:

At least one shareholder.

Minimum of one director

Foreign residents can be directors with a business visa.

Business Visa required ZAR 5 million.

Visa processing takes 3 to 4 weeks.

No minimum capital requirement.

Local registered office address is mandatory.

Open a bank account physically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a foreign entrepreneur can register a company in India.

Yes, a business visa is required.

At least one shareholder are required to register a company in South Africa.

There is no minimum capital required for company registration in South Africa.

Yes, Enterslice will help you to obtain a business visa.

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Business Setup South Africa

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