Business Set up in Liberia

Business set-up in Liberia is made effortless and quick with the help of experienced and qualified professionals at Enterslice. We at Enterslice are a team of professionals providing services that help businesses to have a global presence. Reach out to us to avail of our services.

Benefits of Doing Business in Liberia


No corporate taxes.

No tax liability for non-resident Liberian companies within Liberia if the income is earned through foreign sources or if it is not remitted to Liberia.

Non-disclosure of beneficial owner’s information.

One director is required to incorporate a company.

Director can be a natural or legal person.

One shareholder is required to commence a business.

No requirement to file an annual return.

No need to submit accounts.

No exchange controls in Liberia.

Incorporated company has the same power as that of a natural person.

Types of Business Structures in Liberia


Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is a person owning an unincorporated business. However, in the case of incorporated businesses, if the entrepreneur is the sole member of the domestic limited liability company, then he will not be treated as a sole proprietor if he chooses to treat the LLC as a corporation.


A partnership is an agreement between two or more people to do trade or business. In a partnership, each person contributes money, labor, skill or property and shares the profits ad losses of the business.


In forming a corporation, prospective shareholders exchange money, property, or both, for the capital stock of the cooperation. A corporation usually takes the same deductions as a sole proprietorship for figuring out its taxable income.

S Corporations

These are those structures that choose to pass corporate income, losses, deductions, and credits through to their shareholders for the purpose of federal tax. Shareholders of these corporations report the flow-through of income and losses on their personal ITR and are assessed tax at their individual income tax rates.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

This is a business structure established under the state statute. Each state may have different regulations.

Different Types of Taxes in Liberia


Corporate Income Tax

Income Tax

Goods and Services Tax

Withholding Tax

Property Tax

Employee Social Security

Employer Social Security

Stamp Duty

Excise Tax

About our Services

Enterslice is a market-leading management consultancy firm that offers end-to-end business set-up services, taxation, financial planning, regulatory, legal, and advisory services to entrepreneurs, young start-ups, and large corporate houses across the globe.

Our Liberia Entry Strategy Service involves the following services:

About Liberia Entry Strategy

Our Liberia Strategy is classified into the following:

Business Set-Up Services

Our experts assist in choosing the most suitable corporate structure from sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, s corporation and Limited Liability Company for your business. Apart from this, we also assist in business registration, opening a bank account for the company in Liberia, and post-registration compliance.

Consultancy on Managing the Business

Our consultants formulate a strategic plan for establishing and operating the business depending on your business needs. We formulate a budget and develop cash flows for your business. We also review internal control processes and conduct business reviews. We provide advisory for issues related to the management of the business.

Legal Advisory Services

Our legal experts provide legal advice on business operations, finances, IP protection, etc. We also draft legal Documents for your business and compile the required Paper works. We also ensure that all legal and regulatory compliance are duly complied with.

Accounting and Audit Advisory Services

Liberia has a well-established, accounting and auditing system. Its financial reporting requirements are regulated by the Financial Reporting Act and Liberian Associations Law. We assist in the preparation of financial statements as per the International Financial Reporting Standard or GAAP. We ensure that the financial statements are audited by a licensed registered auditor or audit firm. We also assist in filing the consolidated financial statements.

Tax Advisory Services

We assist in computing and filing various tax returns on the online e-filing platform. We ensure that all the tax compliance requirements are fulfilled within the time frame. We assist in Country-by-country reporting and in fulfilling the reporting obligations. Our team ensures that the annual tax returns are prepared as per the legislation and produced before the authority as and when required.

Intellectual Property Advisory Services

Our IP Experts assist in IP Compliance. We assist in getting IP registration by filling out applications for registration and compiling relevant Documents. Our team of IP experts also advice on IP compliance and IP Protection. We also assist in enforcing IP rights against any infringement.


Liberia is an attractive destination to do business as it has huge natural resources, and the cost of labor is low. The Liberian economy is largely based on natural resources, foreign aid, and FDI. Further, the relatively low levels of foreign investment enable companies to become dominant players in the market.

Yes, a foreigner can do business in Liberia. By registering a company in Liberia, you can avail the benefits arising from the destination.

The reason why you should prefer Enterslice for setting up your business in Liberia is that Enterslice pays attention to details, and professionals at Enterslice have a strong understanding of concepts. They have immense knowledge and are experts in their field.

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