How to Set-up Business in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands, apart from being a tax haven, is a booming economy. If you're planning to set up business in the Cayman Islands, then you're at the right place! Our team at Enterslice provides end-to-end support services for setting up business in the Cayman Islands.

What are the Benefits of setting up a business in the Cayman Islands?

Dynamic and Responsive offshore business environment

Well- regulated economy

Tax-neutral jurisdiction

Convenient location

No Entry Barrier

Easy Incorporation

Political Stability

No Minimum Capital Requirement

Asset Protection

Tax Benefits

Confidentiality and Privacy

Business Structures in the Cayman Islands

Limited Liability Company

A limited liability company is a company having a separate legal identity and the liability of the members of the company is limited only to the extent of their contribution in the Company. A limited liability company is a suitable option for those businesses that carry out activities offshore.

Foundation Company

A foundation company is also a separate legal entity. It is formed with a lawful object but may or may not be beneficial for others. It is incorporated under the Foundation Companies Law and Companies Law.

Resident Company

A Resident Company conducts its business in the Cayman Islands. It has to maintain a register at its registered office which contains details of the past and present members of the company and which shall be open for public inspection. A registered company must report to the Registrar annually, giving the names and addresses of members, directors and the amount of paid-up capital.

Non-resident Company

A resident company is granted the non-residential status only if it applies to the Minister of Finance through the Registrar of Companies stating that the company has no intention of conducting business within the Cayman Islands. The Company deals in shares of exempted companies, foreign companies and partnerships, or any other business in the Cayman Islands as may be necessary for the furtherance of foreign business.

Not-for-Profit Association

As the name suggests, not-for-profit associations are formed for education, religion and charity purposes. The governor of the Cayman Islands approves such associations. Such associations need not publish their name or constituent members to the registrar.

Overseas Company

An Overseas Company or a foreign company is a company outside the Cayman Islands. To operate as a foreign company in the Cayman Islands, registration as per Part IX of the Companies Law is mandatory to allow overseas companies to hold land or conduct business in the territory of Cayman Islands or act as a general partner of an Exempted Limited Partnership.

Special Economic Zone Company

A special economic zone company is authorized to conduct business in the special economic zone as per the law in force in the Cayman Islands. As per the Companies Law, an existing company can re-register itself as a special economic zone business. The MOA of the company should state the intention of the company to carry out business in the special economic zone.

Unlimited company

In an Unlimited company, the liability of its shareholders is unlimited. The shareholders are jointly and severally liable to meet the deficiency in assets of the Company to meet the outstanding debts at the time of winding up of the company.

Exempted Company

An exempted company is suitable for those businesses which carry out the proposed activities of a company primarily outside the Cayman Islands. An exempted company can be of further two types:

Exempted Limited Duration Company: This type of company operates for a specified duration as specified in the MOA of the company. It is subject to a condition that the duration of the company should not exceed 30 years and must have at least 2 members.

Segregated Portfolio Company: A Segregated Portfolio Company allows segregation of the assets and liabilities of individual portfolios from the overall Company’s general assets and from other portfolios. However, each portfolio is not considered as a separate legal entity.

About our Services

Enterslice is one of the leading management consultancy firms which offers end-to-end business set-up, financial, regulatory, taxation, legal and advisory services to early-stage start-ups, entrepreneurs and large corporate houses across the globe.

Our Cayman Islands Entry Strategy services involve the following services

About Cayman Islands Entry Strategy

Our Cayman Islands Entry Strategy is further classified into the following:

Business Set-Up Services

Our business set-up services provide advisory related to the type of business structure a business should opt for while setting up a business on Cayman Island. There are various business structures in Cayman Island such as Limited Liability Company, Foundation Company, Resident Company, Non-resident Company, Exempted Company, Overseas Company, Specialized Economic Zone Company, Unlimited Company and Not-for-profit associations. Our team provides advice on the most suitable business structure for your business. We also assist in the registration of the business structure, opening a bank account for the company, post-registration compliance, etc.

Consultancy on Managing the Business

Our consultancy services are related to managing business in the Cayman Islands. It includes advisory relating to operating the business. Consultancy services relating to the maintenance of books of accounts, invoices, etc. It helps maintain a proper track record of the company's previous financial transactions and also ensures that the filing requirements are fulfilled timely.

Legal Advisory Services

Our legal experts advise on legal issues and concerns about contract disputes, corporate decisions, corporate growth and other practices. Our legal team also assists in preparing and reviewing legal Paper works related to the business establishment and operation.

IP Advisory Services

Our IP experts provide legal advice on the protection of Intellectual Property and formulate strategies for obtaining Registration in the Cayman Islands by applying for registration. Our team also advises on various IP-related issues and compliance.

Tax Advisory and Compliance Service

Our tax experts provide services related to compliance with international tax treaties and reporting standards. Our team ensures that the annual reports are prepared as per the legislation and produced before the authority as and well required.

Accounting and Auditing Services

Our team ensures that the financial statements are prepared timely and are audited by the CIMA where required. Our team also ensures that the financial statements are prepared under the International Financial Reporting Standards or as per the Generally Accepted Accounting Principle of any low-tax jurisdiction like the U.S., Japan, Switzerland, etc. We also ensure that the audit is conducted by the Cayman Islands Institute of Professional Accounts.

Cryptocurrency and Virtual Assets Services

Cayman Island acknowledges the importance of attracting fintech and digital assets businesses to ensure growth. Our team of experts guides you to maintain the highest standard of financial probity and transparency while ensuring that specific considerations accompanying digital assets have been followed. Our team also advises on VASP Regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cayman Islands is considered a tax haven as it does not have corporate tax. No corporate tax makes it a haven for multinational corporations as Cayman Island shields their income from taxation. Further, it is tax neutral for residents as it does not impose any tax on residents.

Yes, it is safe to invest in Cryptocurrency in the Cayman Islands as it is a global financial center and is the world's most innovative and business-friendly location. Cayman Island acknowledges the need to attract fintech and digital assets. In this regard, it has set up international standards set up by the Financial Action Task Force which regulates and supervises the virtual asset services business. These standards were incorporated in the VASP Act of 2020.

Cayman Island is known for its business-friendly environment and tax-neutral status. Establishing a company in the Cayman Islands is an easy process. The process of incorporating a company is as follows: i. Choose the type of business structure for your business. ii. Choose a unique name for your company. iii.Appointment of a registered office and a resident agent. iv. Prepare the Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association of the company v. File the incorporation necessary papers vi. Pay the requisite fee vii.Obtain necessary business permits and licenses viii.Open a bank account ix. Commence your business. For a detailed process contact our experts or click here.

The maximum level of confidentiality and anonymity is maintained. necessary papers such as the register of shareholders, etc relating to the conduct of the business are not required to be compulsorily registered with Cayman Islands Government and can be kept in any corner of the world. This ensures the security and confidentiality of details of business owners in the Cayman Islands..

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