Privacy Policy


  1. General
  • This is an electronic necessary paper as per the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, 2000 and the rules of electronic record are applicable to this necessary paper as per the amended provisions of the same act.
  • The domain name ("Website") is owned and operated by Enterslice Inc. (“Company”), registered under the laws of the United States, and having its registered office at Enterslice Inc, KPMG Building, 355 S. Grand Ave. Suite 2450 Los Angeles CA 90071, United States. This Privacy Policy applies to all current or former employees, users, or anyone contacting us through email.
  • The user entering the website for any purpose is deemed to have read and understood the website's terms and conditions, rules, and regulations. Furthermore, while entering the website, the user agrees that the privacy policy or terms and conditions mentioned on the website do not require any signature. The person entering the website is deemed to have agreed to the company's terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  • The user is deemed to have consented to use, share, or disclose any information as required in the privacy policy.
  • The user consents for any changes to be made in the privacy policy by the company at any time, and the change may be applicable with immediate effect. It is the duty of the user to regularly check the privacy policy and terms of the company. The company is not obligated to inform the user about any changes. If the user keeps on using the website after the change in company policy, then he is deemed to have read and agreed to the terms and privacy policy. If the user applies to the privacy policy, then he or she will be granted the exclusive right to use the website.
  • You can use the website in any country at your own risk, and the company will not be held liable as per the local laws of any country.
  1. Collection of Information – Personal or Other
  • The users, while using the website or submitting any information, agree that the company can collect their data on a regular basis. Any kind of information that the user submits on the website or through offline mode in the form of a necessary paper will be collected by the company, and the user is deemed to have knowledge of the same. Moreover, the information collected can be of any type of personal information, location, behaviour, or any sort of indirect information.
  • The users taking services from our website or using the website for personal reasons are aware that the system automatically takes and collects several information with the help of an IP address, such as browsing history, user behaviour, software used, mobile data, etc. which the company uses for internal research. Moreover, if you visit our office for the purpose of inquiry or any other reason, your information will be collected and saved by the company. You deemed to have agreed to it while providing your information.
  • Any kind of information provided by the user or any information that is automatically collected by the company's system is organised in a separate folder made explicitly for collecting information, and the user agrees to it while providing the information.
  • The user is aware that the company can use the reviews or feedback provided by the user on any platform on their website to help other customers. Even the data entered by the user during any online survey, inquiry, competition, etc., will be collected by the company, and the user agrees to it.
  • The company has full authority to add or remove anything from its website without informing the user. The company can even publish the reviews and feedback given by the user about the company on its official website, and the users are deemed to have consented to it.
  • While using our services, the users share their personal information such as name, information, and IP address with us. By using our services, the user consents that the company's third-party service providers, business partners, and agents can collect and access their personal information.
  • We use your information for the betterment of the platform and to provide a smooth experience to our clients, and to understand your needs and requirements. Also, we aim to provide you with updates that are relevant to you by the use of your personal information and try to understand your behaviour.
  1. Third-Party Activities
  • While using our website, you may sometimes come across certain third-party links that are not related to our website. Therefore, we do not have any control over the collection of data or information by any third-party apps or websites redirected through our website, and our company shall not be held liable for the same.
  • The company reserve all the rights to authenticate or verify your personal details for the correct delivery of the services.
  • Moreover, we are not liable for the leak of any data due to third-party activities or any unforeseen event beyond our control.
  • The user is aware of and agrees to data storage and collection through cookies. It is a small part of certain web pages that uses cookies. They save browsing information to remember the personal details of a person when logged in later. Also, a person may decline some cookies if their browsing site allows for the same.
  1. Sharing of Information
  • In case of any legal requirement, the company has the right to share your personal information with other entities, businesses, or affiliates in order to prevent any illegal acts, protect national safety, and safeguard the personal safety of the user or other people, and the user agrees to it.
  • The user is aware that we may share their personal details with people, including but not limited to our contractors, third-party service providers, or agents who are required to manage or use your information to provide a better user experience.
  • The user, while using our website, is aware and agrees that their personal information may be shared with any other business entity if the company plans to merge, amalgamate, or intends to work with any organisation on a contractual basis.
  1. Consent of the user

If the user uses the website or provides information to the company through offline or online mode, agrees to use and collect their information as and when required by the company and share their personal information as per section 4 of the policy.

  1. Retention of Information
  • The information that the user shares will stay with us for as long as we require that data till a reasonable time.
  • In case you want the retention of your personal information, or you do not want the company to use your personal information, you can write to us at …………………
  1. Modification to the Privacy Policy

You have the right to ask for access to, correction of, or deletion of your personal data, as well as the right to limit or object to its processing and the right to data transfer, subject to the restrictions outlined in the relevant legislation.

Please specify which right you would like to exercise in your request, along with any changes you would like to make to your Personal Data, whether you want it deleted from our database or any other restrictions you would like to impose on how we may use it. We will make an effort to fulfil your request as soon as it is practically possible.

  1. Connect with us

In case of any issues or queries related to the privacy policy, or if you want to access your rights, you can contact us directly from the contact section of our website and keep have full details of your queries.