PMLA Lawyers

If you're stuck with money laundering and related cases and need lawyers who specialize in PMLA cases, then you are at the right place! Enterslice is a top-notch consultancy firm which provides lawyers with expertise in PMLA matters. We provide tailor-made services for all your needs, from legal advisory to legal..

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PMLA Lawyers

PMLA Lawyers are legal professionals specializing in cases related to the Prevention of Money Laundering Act in India. PMLA lawyers are experts in Indian financial and criminal laws with a deep understanding of the PMLA, its regulations and related legal provisions. PMLA lawyers provide legal representation to clients being investigated for money laundering or charged under the PMLA. They play an essential role in defending the rights and interests of the clients. They work to build a strong defence for their clients, aiming to secure the best possible outcome for them. Further, PMLA lawyers protect the client's financial interest and work to recover any assets that have been unjustly seized. PMLA lawyers handle appeals and seek to have convictions overturned or sentences reduced on legal grounds. By availing of the PMLA Lawyer services from Enterslice, you can be assured that individuals and organizations involved in money laundering cases will receive proper representation throughout the legal process.

Need for PMLA Lawyers

  1. Specialized Knowledge

    PMLA is a complex and specialized area of law. It deals with money laundering, financial crimes and asset forfeiture. Therefore, PMLA lawyers are required as they have in-depth knowledge of this law, its regulations and relevant legal precedents. This enables them to provide effective legal representation to clients involved in such cases.

  2. Legal Expertise

    Money laundering cases involve complicated legal issues and technicalities related to financial transactions, banking and economic offences. PMLA lawyers are well-equipped to navigate through these complexities and provide their clients with the best legal advice and defence strategies.

  3. Protection of Rights

    PMLA lawyers work to prevent power abuse or constitutional rights violation during investigations and court proceedings. They ensure that the rights of their clients are protected throughout the legal process.

  4. Defence Against Allegations

    Serious consequences arise for individuals or entities accused of money laundering or related offences. Such consequences include imprisonment and asset forfeiture. PMLA lawyers play a critical role in building a strong defence, challenging evidence and working to secure favourable outcomes for their clients.

  5. Asset Protection

    PMLA lawyers work to protect their client's financial interests in cases where assets are frozen or subject to forfeiture. They challenge the legality of asset seizures and work to recover assets that have been unjustly seized.

  6. Compliance and Due Diligence

    To avoid unintentional violations and legal issues related to anti-money laundering regulations, PMLA lawyers assist businesses, financial institutions and individuals in implementing and maintaining robust AML compliance programs.

  7. Negotiations and Settlements

    PMLA lawyers negotiate with the prosecution to reach settlements or plea bargains that may result in reduced charges or penalties. It is generally a more favourable option for clients than going to trial.

  8. Appeals and Post-Conviction Proceedings

    If a client is convicted under the PMLA, PMLA lawyers can handle the appeals process and seek to have convictions overturned or sentences reduced on legal grounds.

  9. Advocacy for Fair Legal Process

    PMLA lawyers advocate for a fair and just legal process. They ensure that their client is treated with fairness and that the law is applied correctly.

Challenges for not hiring a PMLA lawyer

Challenges that arise if you do not engage a PMLA Lawyer are as follows:

  1. Lack of Expertise

    PMLA cases involve complicated legal and financial matters. Not engaging a PMLA lawyer would create difficulty in understanding the complexities of the law, raising further difficulty in mounting a robust defence or navigating the legal process effectively.

  2. Legal Mistakes

    Handling PMLA cases without proper legal representation can lead to mistakes that can be expensive. Such mistakes include mishandling evidence, failing to file necessary Documents, or misunderstanding key legal provisions. Such mistakes can have severe consequences.

  3. Risk of Unfair Treatment

    Without engaging a lawyer, an individual may be at risk of being treated unfairly during investigations or legal proceedings. PMLA lawyers play a crucial role in protecting their client’s rights and ensuring that law enforcement agencies act without the bounds of the law.

  4. Inadequate Defence

    Money laundering cases may lead to penalties such as imprisonment and asset forfeiture. Without a PMLA lawyer, individuals may receive subpar legal defence, increasing the likelihood of unfavourable outcomes in court.

  5. Asset Forfeiture

    Individuals facing money laundering allegations can have their assets frozen or subject to forfeiture. A PMLA lawyer can help protect these assets, whereas not having one could result in the loss of valuable properties and funds.

  6. Complex Legal Procedures

    PMLA cases involve intricate legal procedures and requirements. A lack of legal representation can lead to confusion and delays in court, potentially resulting in negative consequences for the accused.

  7. Missed Opportunities for Negotiation

    PMLA lawyers are skilled negotiators who can work to secure favourable settlements or plea bargains. Without a lawyer, individuals may miss opportunities to resolve their cases on more favourable terms.

  8. Post-Conviction Appeals

    In conviction cases, proper legal representation is required for appeals and remedies. PMLA lawyers are experienced in handling appeals and seeking legal remedies for their clients.

  9. Lack of Compliance Guidance

    Businesses and financial institutions must comply with anti-money laundering regulations. Without a PMLA lawyer’s guidance, they may inadvertently violate AML laws, leading to legal repercussions, fines and damages to their reputation.

  10. Financial and Personal Stress

    It can be very stressful and emotionally draining to deal with money laundering cases without legal representation. It can also affect one’s financial well-being due to potential fines and asset forfeiture.

About Our Services

  1. PMLA Compliance and Due Diligence

    Enterslice helps businesses and financial institutions to establish and maintain effective anti-money laundering and PMLA compliance programs. It includes developing policies and due diligence processes to prevent money laundering. This also helps prevent violations and legal issues related to AML regulations. We provide industry-leading compliance and due diligence services to help you achieve your legal goals. Our team works closely to develop tailored compliance programs that meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risks. Whether you need assistance with anti-money laundering measures, risk assessments, or internal control processes, we have the expertise to ensure your organization remains compliant.

  2. Legal Advice

    Enterslice provides legal advice and guidance on PMLA matters. They can help clients understand the legal framework, their obligations and potential risks. Enterslice has specialists in Indian financial and criminal law who deeply understand PMLA, its regulations and related legal provisions. We offer legal advice and guidance to clients to help them understand the implications of the law, their rights and potential risks associated with money laundering cases.

  3. Legal Representation

    Enterslice provides legal representation to clients against whom an investigation for money laundering is going on, or they have been charged under the PMLA. Our primary role is to defend the rights and interests of our clients. We conduct extensive research to stay updated with PMLA-related laws, regulations and legal precedents, which is vital for building a strong defence. We provide top-notch legal representation in all aspects of financial and economic crime. With extensive experience in representing clients, we deal with fraud, money laundering, embezzlement and other complex financial crimes. We have highly skilled attorneys who will navigate the criminal justice system and work to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Therefore, Trust our PMLA lawyers to fight for you.

  4. Advisory Services

    We provide expert advice and guidance on navigating complex legal processes. Our advisory services cover a wide range of legal matters, such as anti-corruption, anti-bribery, sanctions and export controls. Further, we provide strategic guidance to make informed decisions and manage risks effectively. At Enterslice, we are committed to helping you achieve your legal goals.

  5. Case Assessment

    We thoroughly assess your case to provide tailored legal solutions to meet your unique needs. Our legal experts analyze the facts, gather evidence and evaluate your case's legal strengths and weaknesses. We provide a rigorous case assessment process to identify the potential risks and opportunities. We develop a strategic approach to maximize the chances of success.

  6. Documentation

    We assist in the Paper works of various Documents such as:

  7. Contracts

    Contract drafting plays a vital role in the legal and business landscape. Our team of expert lawyers draft tailored contracts to suit your business needs. We prepare legally sound and comprehensive contracts. Our tailormade contracts accurately demonstrate the intention of the parties, comply with relevant laws and protect the interest of all parties.

  8. Compliance Forms

    Compliance forms are Documents used to report information, certify adherence to laws and regulations and demonstrate compliance with various statutory and industry-specific rules. We ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. We assist in preparing and completing compliance forms. Such forms include tax forms, regulatory filings and industry-specific forms. We also review compliance forms to ensure they are correctly filed and contain accurate information.

  9. Agreements

    We assist in the preparation of various legal agreements and Documents, especially those relating to financial transactions, anti-money laundering measures or compliance with PMLA regulations. We provide expert legal assistance in formulating various agreements such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), Investment agreements, Customer Due Diligence Agreements, Know Your Customer (KYC) Agreements, etc. This is essential to ensure that the agreements are legally sound.

  10. Legal Research

    Our team gathers, analyses and presents legal information and analysis to support legal cases, decisions and other legal activities. Our team of experts will provide accurate and up-to-date legal research to support your legal claims. We identify and analyze relevant court cases, decisions and judgments and interpret statutes and legislative codes at the federal, state or local level. We often create legal memoranda, briefs, opinions and other written Documents to support legal arguments, negotiations and litigation.

  11. Defence Services

    Enterslice offers legal representation to individuals or entities facing PMLA investigations or charges. They work in building defence, challenging evidence and representing clients in courts. We work to build a h3 defence for our clients, challenge evidence and argue cases in courts. We aim to secure the best possible outcome for our clients, which may include acquittal or reduced penalties.

  12. Asset Protection and Recovery

    Enterslice assists its clients in protecting assets that have been frozen or are subject to forfeiture due to PMLA allegations. Enterslice also helps clients recover assets that have been unjustly seized. We also help protect our client's financial interests and work to recover any assets that have been unjustly seized.

  13. Compliance Audits

    Enterslice conducts compliance audits to assess a client’s adherence to AML and PMLA regulations, identifying areas that require improvement. In compliance audit, we conduct a systematic and independent review of an organization's or individual’s adherence to specific laws, regulations, policies and industry standards. The object behind compliance audit is to assess whether the entity being audited is following the established rules and regulations governing its activities.

  14. Settlements and Negotiations

    Enterslice negotiates with the prosecution to reach settlements or plea bargains that are more favourable to clients than going to trial. Settlements and negotiations typically aim to achieve mutually agreeable outcomes for both the accused as well as the prosecution.

  15. Appeals and Post-Conviction Services

    Enterslice handles the appeals process and works to have convictions overturned or sentences reduced on legal grounds. It involves legal processes and actions that can be pursued by individuals or entities who have been convicted under the PMLA and wish to challenge the conviction or seek remedies.

  16. Training and Awareness

    Enterslice offers training and awareness programs to educate businesses and employees on PMLA regulations and best practices. Training and awareness in PMLA cases are important to ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, preventing money laundering and promoting a culture of financial integrity.

  17. Advocacy for Fair Legal Process

    Enterslice advocates for a fair and just legal process, ensuring that our clients are treated fairly and that law enforcement agencies act within the four corners of the law. A fair and legal trial is essential to ensure that justice is served, the rights of the accused are protected, and the legal process is transparent and impartial.

Legal Representation

There are various types of crimes for which we provide legal representation:

  1. Financial Crimes

    • Money Laundering

      Legal representation in money laundering cases is necessary for individuals and entities facing allegations or charges pertaining to money laundering because these cases have serious legal and financial implications. Money laundering is a complex financial crime which involves the concealment of the origins of illegally obtained funds. Thus, engaging a lawyer familiar with PMLA laws and regulations specific to your jurisdiction becomes crucial. Experienced money laundering attorneys will work with clients to formulate a strong defence strategy. A well-developed defence strategy involves challenging evidence, exploring legal defences, and protecting the accused's rights.

    • Tax Evasion

      Legal representation in tax evasion is essential for individuals or entities facing allegations or charges relating to tax evasion. Tax evasion is a serious offence that can result in criminal charges, civil penalties, fines and even imprisonment. Experience in defending clients against allegations of tax fraud, evasion and other related offences is crucial.


    • Insider Trading

      Legal representation in insider trading cases is vital for individuals and entities facing allegations or charges related to insider trading, as these cases have serious legal, financial and reputational consequences. Therefore, seeking legal representation from someone with a proven track record of handling insider trading cases is vital.


  2. Economic Crimes

    • Stock Market Fraud

      Legal representation in cases relating to stock market fraud is essential for individuals or entities facing allegations or charges related to fraudulent activities in the stock market. Stock Market fraud involves various types of deceptive practices and manipulation in the trading of securities, which can result in criminal and civil liability.

    • Corporate Fraud

      Legal representation in corporate fraud cases is vital for individuals, businesses or entities facing allegations or charges related to fraudulent activities within a corporate setting. Corporate funds can encompass a wide range of deceptive practices such as financial fraud, embezzlement, securities fraud and other unlawful activities within a corporate structure. Thus, we should work with experienced corporate fraud attorneys or white-collar crime lawyers who specialize in corporate fraud cases.

    • Ponzi Schemes

      Legal representation in Ponzi Scheme cases is important for individuals, businesses or entities facing allegations or charges related to operating or participating in Ponzi schemes. Ponzi schemes are fraudulent investment schemes where returns are paid to earlier investors with funds from newer investors, and they often lead to significant legal and financial consequences.

  3. Civil Litigation

    • Commercial Litigation

      Legal representation in commercial litigation is essential for businesses and individuals involved in disputes related to commercial transactions, contracts, and other business-related matters. Commercial litigation includes a wide range of legal issues which may arise in the business world, such as breach of contract, Partnership disputes, intellectual property disputes, and more.

    • Civil Asset Forfeiture

      Legal representation in civil asset forfeiture cases is crucial when individuals or entities face the potential seizure and forfeiture of their assets by government authorities. Civil asset forfeiture is a legal process that allows law enforcement agencies to seize property, including cash, vehicles, real estate and other assets that they believe were involved in criminal activity.

    • Bankruptcy Litigation

      Bankruptcy litigation can encompass a wide range of issues, including disputes over the dischargeability of debts, preferences, fraudulent conveyances and challenges to bankruptcy plans. Legal representation in bankruptcy litigation is crucial for individuals, businesses or entities involved in legal disputes related to bankruptcy proceedings.

Consultation Services

  1. Legal Consultation

    Legal consultation provides an opportunity for individuals, businesses or organizations to seek advice and guidance from qualified legal professionals. Legal consultants at Enterslice provide advice on various legal issues, helping clients understand the legal implications of actions, potential risks and strategies to address their concerns. Our professional team provides personalized legal advice for all your legal needs.

  2. Financial Consultation

    Financial advisors, planners, accountants, and other professionals offer a financial consultation service. Our seasoned professionals provide expert financial advice to help you make sound financial decisions. Our financial consultation services provide individuals, businesses and organizations with expert guidance and advice on financial matters, helping you make informed decisions, manage your finances effectively and achieve financial goals.

  3. Business Consultation

    Business consultants or consulting firms provide business consultation services. We provide top-notch business consulting services to help your business thrive. We offer guidance and expertise to individuals, startups, small and large businesses and organizations to help them make informed decisions, address challenges, and improve their operations.

Strategic Guidance

  1. Regulatory Requirements

    We assess specific regulatory requirements that apply to your business, taking into account industry-specific regulations, local and international laws, and emerging compliance standards. We provide strategic guidance to ensure that you stay compliant with regulatory requirements. We identify potential compliance risks and challenges, such as legal, financial, operational and reputational risks associated with non-compliance.

  2. Business Development

    Business Development involves a systematic approach to identifying growth opportunities. We provide strategic guidance to help you develop your business and achieve your goals. Business Development services are important for businesses and organizations looking to expand, enter new markets or innovate in an increasingly competitive environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

PMLA stands for Prevention of Money Laundering Act.

The Enforcement Directorate is responsible for investigating PMLA cases.

The PMLA empowers the relevant authorities to attach and confiscate assets of equivalent value in India or abroad, where the asset constituting the proceeds of crime is taken and held abroad and cannot be forfeited.

PMLA falls under the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

PMLA handles criminal cases.

As per section 4 of the PMLA, money laundering is a criminal offence.

The minimum punishment for PMLA violations is three years.

Yes, the penalty for not maintaining PMLA records can range from INR 10,000 to INR 1,00,000.

The appeal is filed before the PMLA Appellate Tribunal in New Delhi.

No, money laundering cases are non-bailable offences in India.

The three main categories of money laundering offences are:

• Concealing

• Arranging

• Specialized expertise

• Acquisition, use and possession

As per section 12 of the PMLA, 2002, every reporting entity must maintain a record of all transactions, including information furnished to FIU-IND, to enables it to reconstruct individual transactions. The Reporting Entities are also required to maintain Documents evidencing the identity of the clients and beneficial owners, as well as account files and business correspondence relating to its clients.

Under section 13 of the PMLA, the reporting entity can be punished for not complying with the obligation to maintain records.

PMLA attachment is done for a period not exceeding 180 days from the date of order.

The threshold limit for PMLA is INR 10 lakh and above.

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