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Strategy for Restructuring and Corporate Turnaround

In navigating the intricate landscape of business restructuring and turnaround. Our experts offer a comprehensive functional knowledge and strategic approach aimed at uplifting the business. Our methods begin with a meticulous assessment of the company’s current financial standing, identifying areas of inefficiency to understand the root causes of challenges and functional knowledge of all aspects. Our experts have expertise in restructuring and tailoring strategies to address the financial challenges. Our experts implement effective restructuring plans, focus on optimizing operations, manage debts, and ensure compliance with regulations. Our experts focus on long-term financial resilience throughout the process. Our turnaround strategy assesses the negative financial aspects and encompasses organizational restructuring, stakeholder engagements and a vision for growth in capital markets. Our commitment is to empower businesses with tailored solutions to address immediate challenges while setting the foundation for sustained growth in the dynamic business landscape and delivering robust financial solutions.

IBC compliance is a crucial aspect of Turnaround and Restructuring for Successful Business

At times of financial challenges, adhering to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 emerges as an important strategy for businesses to seek resilience and recovery. The IBC compliance provides a structured framework to address financial distress and also ensures a fair resolution process. The business can gain access to a legal mechanism designed to streamline the insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings and offer a systematic approach to debt resolution and restructuring. The IBC establishes a clear and time-bound process by minimizing uncertainty and promoting a more predictable environment for resolution to foster confidence among investors and creditors with creditor advisory for attracting capital and helping the company recover from financial distress. It allows businesses to retain control during the resolution process, offering them the opportunity to restructure and revive their operations. Our experts from restructuring advisory and turnaround consulting provide a structured and reasonable framework that not only safeguards the interest of shareholders but also a structure for the revival of businesses and ensures a systematic and fair resolution of financial and business restructuring.

Guide on Merger and Acquisition from Turnaround Services and Restructuring Advisory

Our experts with deep knowledge of Mergers and Acquisitions extend seamlessly from our core competencies in restructuring Advisory and Turnaround Consulting. Our restructuring officer, with an in-depth understanding of restructuring dynamics and turnaround strategies for corporate finance, guides businesses through every phase of the merger and acquisition process. We perform a thorough assessment of the financial health and operational management and ensure a complete approach to the merger and acquisition strategy. Throughout the M&A journey, our main focus is on preserving and enhancing shareholders' values. We navigate legal complexities, facilitate the due diligence process and advise on financial restructuring. We assist in post-merger integration, helping businesses navigate the challenges of combining operations, culture, and systems. Our goal is to maximize interactions, minimize disruptions, and accelerate the realization of value from M&A transactions. Our main aim is to focus on long-term success, whether related to mergers for growth, acquisitions for markets or restructuring to overcome financial challenges.

Enterslice’s Advisory Services of Restructuring and Turnaround for Business Transformation

We offer comprehensive services by restructuring advisors in the realm of restructuring advisory and turnaround consulting to operational and financial aspects and empower businesses facing financial challenges and requiring corporate restructuring services. Our experts extend the various aspects of corporate to enable a business and address the intricate dynamics of corporate revitalization. Here are some of our key services

Assessment of Financial Problems

Our experts provide turnaround consulting services by conducting a meticulous financial assessment, identifying inefficiency, diagnosing the root causes of financial challenges, and preparing strategic planning to overcome the solution with proper analysis of the company's financial aspects.

Personalized Restructuring Plan

Our experts have expertise in IBC regulations, prepare a restructuring plan and provide corporate restructuring services to align with the business objectives. Our main focus is on optimizing operations, managing debt, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Legal Advisory

Our experts ensure that the business remains in strict adherence to corporate regulations and navigates the complexities of corporate laws by providing comprehensive guidance and support throughout the compliance journey.

Debt Advisory and Capital Advisory

Our experts provide independent advice across the spectrum of debt and capital to achieve financing outcomes. Our experts offer a financial restructuring to help businesses in financial distress and guide them toward growth. We specialize in debt restructuring and negotiating with creditors to achieve favourable terms for the business.

Customized Turnaround Strategies

Every business is unique, so our experts provide customized turnaround strategies to address immediate challenges while laying the foundation to sustain growth. Our experts analyze the negative impact on the financial aspects and encompass organizational restructuring, shareholder engagements and a vision for growth.

Corporate Restructuring for Financial Services

Our experts design corporate restructuring services in insolvency, merger and acquisition, amalgamation, etc., and guide businesses through transformative changes. We offer tailored services, including financial restructuring, operational streamlining and legal compliances that align with your specific business goals.

Restructuring Made Easy: The Aspects of Restructuring Advisory and Turnaround Consulting in Businesses

Our experts embark on a journey of corporate restructuring that can be complex and challenging, but our experts make it an easy journey for businesses. Our approach to restructuring advisory and turnaround consulting simplifies the process and offers businesses a guide to navigate through financial challenges and emerge stronger. Financial restructuring is not only a method for restructuring but also a strategic initiative to revitalize the business. We conduct a thorough assessment of the business, identify inefficiency, and understand the root cause of challenges by crafting a restructuring plan and focusing on the entire process of restructuring. We also prioritize transparent communication so that restructuring becomes a manageable, strategic journey and empowers businesses to embrace the revitalized future for new businesses.

How will Enterslice help from Restructuring Advisory and Turnaround Consulting in Businesses?

Enterslice helps in diverse areas for the growth of the business by providing restructuring advisory and Turnaround consulting services with a consulting background.

Surviving in Crisis by Restructuring Practices

Our experts make critical business decisions in challenging times and provide practical business solutions for financial crises and interim management. We assist in making operational improvements, managing liquidity, and providing financial advice to the financial service industry.

Streamlining the Process of Bankruptcy

Our experts focus on all aspects of when the business is going through bankruptcy, defending and helping to navigate the process. Our experts with expertise in IBC regulations will help in the effective bankruptcy process.

Optimizing the Potential Outcomes

Our experts have a decade of experience working to provide debtors and creditors with relevant advice across a wide range of industries. Our experts have a broad spectrum of adversarial situations to guide businesses to face challenges.

Improving Liquidity and Operations

We provide support for liquidity management and operational improvements. We provide strategic alternatives and review them to negotiate financing agreements and implement strategies for improving liquidity.

Maintain Unique Financing

Our experts provide successful outcomes for new financing, mergers and acquisitions and manage the entire process to face the financial challenges.

Stronger Future

Our experts ensure the strong emergence of the company and prepare for new growth by reorganizing the debt and assets with a solid plan to move forward.

Contingency Planning by Our Restructuring Advisory and Turnaround Consulting

Our Restructuring Advisory and Turnaround Consulting services include robust contingency planning to strengthen business against unforeseen challenges. Our approach anticipates potential risks and develops strategic responses, ensuring resilience in times of uncertainty. The overview of the services on contingency planning services is described below

Assessment of Risk

Our experts conduct a thorough risk assessment and identify the potential challenges that are impacting the business during the restructuring and turnaround process.

Financial Contingency

Our experts develop financial contingency strategies to address the potential cash flow disruption and changes in market conditions.

Operational Planning

Our experts work on enchanting operational planning to identify the key operational dependencies and develop strategies to function properly at the time of disruption.


Contingency planning in the ongoing process will help the experts monitor the business environment, assess new risks and make adjustments to contingency plans.

Business Turnaround vs. Restructuring: The Differences

Business turnaround and restructuring advisory are two distinct approaches aimed at revitalizing a struggling business, each with its unique focus and methodologies. It involves a comprehensive assessment of operational inefficiencies, market position, and strategic direction. The turnaround consulting services provide strategies to prioritize quick, decisive actions to address challenges. The objective is to quickly reverse declining performance and maintain sustainable growth. The restructuring advisory is a financial and organizational strategy that focuses on optimizing the company's structure to respond to financial distress or changes in market conditions. Restructuring Advisory Services aims to address the financial issues and create a more sustainable financial foundation for the business. Our expert's main aim is to reshape the business's financial obligations and liabilities. Our turnaround consulting services help to revive the overall performance and profitability through the improvement in operations and by concentrating on the financial and organizational aspects to ensure a more stable foundation.

Process of Restructuring by Our Corporate Restructuring Services

Enterslice’s corporate restructuring services employ a strategic and procedural process to guide businesses through the complexities of organizational revitalization. The brief about the key steps is given below


Our corporate restructuring services begin with a thorough examination of the business, including financial health, operational efficiency, market positioning, and overall structure. This helps in identifying the areas of concern and opportunities for improvement.

Identifying Challenges

Our experts identify and prioritize the challenges faced by the business, which include financial distress, operational inefficiencies or changes in market conditions.

Streamlining Operational

Our expert focuses on optimizing the operational aspects of the business, improving processes and aligning resources with strategic objectives to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs.

Financial Restructuring

Our experts work in the financial aspects and negotiation with creditors, negotiating in debt terms and exploring financing options. Our expert's main aim is to create a sustainable financial structure to support the business in the long term.

Regulatory Adherence

Our experts ensure that all the restructuring activities comply with legal requirements and regulations as given in the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, Companies Act, 2013, the Securities Exchange Board of India, and other relevant laws.

How will Business Restructuring Advisory and Turnaround Consulting Support help in Liquidity and Operations?

Restructuring Advisory and Turnaround Consulting services can contribute to improving both liquidity and operations for businesses facing financial challenges. Here is the detailed breakdown of the services in liquidity and operations.

Financial Assessment

Our experts help in financial assessment and analysis of the company’s present financial health, cash flow, and liquidation position to identify the areas of concern and inform a strategy to facet future challenges.

Cash Flow Management

Our advisors focus on optimizing cash flow by implementing strategies such as improving collections, renegotiating payment terms with supplies and capital efficiency.

Debt Restructuring

Debt restructuring advisory and turnaround consulting help in negotiating with creditors to restructure existing debt obligations, including extending repayments, negotiating, etc.

Assets Rationalization

Our experts evaluate the company’s asset portfolio and recommend divestitures of non-core assets to allow the business to focus on core operations and generate immediate liquidity.

Benefits of Choosing our Corporate Restructuring Advisory and Turnaround Consulting

Choosing Enterslice for Corporate Restructuring Advisory and Turnaround Consulting offers a range of benefits that can significantly impact the success and resilience of the business.


Our experts bring a diverse team with expertise in finance laws, operations and strategic management teams to ensure a well-versed approach to address various aspects of corporate restructuring and turnaround consulting support by turnaround professionals and restructuring professionals for a successful business for incorporating financial and operational strategies.

Tailored Solution

Our experts meet the unique needs and challenges in the business to develop a customized solution to key financial issues that align with the specific goals, market dynamics and organizational structure.

Strategic Vision

Our experts adopt a strategic mindset to focus on long-term challenges and help the business to achieve long-term success. We provide a sustainable solution to contribute to enduring resilience and growth.

Legal Compliance

Our experts ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations by providing expert guidance on legal intricacies, including IBC, company law, SEBI and other relevant laws for the restructuring process.

Operational Efficiency

Our experts focus on improving operational efficiency by identifying the challenges, streamlining processes, and optimizing resource allocation to contribute to cost savings and enhance business performance.

Navigate Diverse Areas of Requirement of Corporate Restructuring

Our experts assist in the diverse areas of corporate restructuring requirements with our corporate restructuring services.

Financial Distress

Our experts conduct detailed financial analyses to understand the root causes and develop a tailored strategy for debt restructuring, cost-cutting measures and financial optimization to maintain the financial health of the business.

Debt Restructuring

Our experts specialize in negotiating and restructuring debt terms, developing feasible repayment plans, negotiating favourable interest rates, and easing the financial burden on the business.

Merger and Acquisitions

While performing mergers and acquisitions, the business needs to focus on the financial aspects to avoid financial insolvency, so our experts perform thorough research about the merging company by giving turnaround consulting to minimize the financial challenges.


Divestiture is the process of transforming ownership of a company's non-core to another person with the sale of one or more of the business units; all these are performed by our experts to maintain a smooth transaction by providing corporate restructuring advisory and turnaround consulting services.

Strategic Partnership

Our experts provide strategic cooperation to work together while maintaining their own identities to generate commercial interactions and business transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turnaround Consulting services provide pre-insolvency and informal actions required by businesses to perform. Restructuring advisory provides a range of formal insolvency processes aimed at helping businesses in financial distress.

A company turnaround consultant helps to analyze accurate business loss, bad debt structures, and other factors that will put the business into a cash crisis.

Our experts help assess the situations, determine options, and determine the optimal solution for the businesses.

The steps for the process of turnaround management

  • Analyzing the business's present situation.
  • Taking emergency actions.
  • Performing business restructuring
  • Optimize the challenges to prepare a strategic solution to return to normal.</ul

The duration of a corporate restructuring process can vary depending on the complexity of the situation, the size of the business and the challenges, so the period differs as per the requirements.

Corporate restructuring enhances business resilience by addressing financial challenges and optimizing operations by involving strategic initiatives, including debt restructuring, cost optimization and streamlining operations.

Corporate restructuring can empower businesses facing technological advancements by embracing digital strategies and introducing innovative ideas to ensure competitiveness in the evolving digital landscape.

Corporate restructuring can positively impact shareholders' value by improving financial health and fostering investors' confidence because of commitment to long-term sustainable growth.

Corporate restructuring is also associated with financial distress, and it can also benefit health companies by proactive restructuring and optimizing operations as per the market conditions for business development.

Innovation is key in corporate restructuring, and it involves adopting new technologies and redefining the company's business model by introducing a creative solution.

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