What are Corporate Law and Governance Services ?

Corporate Law and governance are essential and crucial to governing a company. Corporate Law & management can be better defined as a system of rules, practices, and process which is being directed and controlled within the company. Corporate Law or Company Law creates a bond between the companies, operation & business governance. Many organizations understand how corporate Law and governance are important for the smooth functioning of any company. Organizations widely agree that the objective of corporate Law and governance is to safeguard the interests of investors, stakeholders, management, and suppliers who are directly or indirectly connected with the organization. We encountered daily challenges while running an organization and easing the suitable changes required under the administrative burden to manage risk and mitigate it to the extent that can be made possible only through corporate Law & proper governance. There is a need to comply with the statutory obligations and standard norms; otherwise, your organization's success rate will decline faster in the current scenario.

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We offer efficient and cost-effective corporate and governance services for businesses that look forward to expert guidance and due assistance.

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Valuable Outcome

Enterslice has a specialized team of experts who are confident and can help your organization heighten its values to get a high-quality backup. Connect with our expert at Enterslice to get a tensed-free solution without going anywhere.

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Enterslice is equipped with a specialized team that can behold and uplift your organization's success rate from falling the obligatory norms. The specific requirement is to meet the organization's weak points and offer them better ideas and efforts to boost their success.

Our Compulsory Corporate Health Checkup Service

Financial modeling Services

Corporate Status Check

Enterslice will navigate your organization in its corporate status check, obligatory review, and comparison. Help check the records for consistency and check the compliance with existing laws for your organization.

Financial modeling Services

Eliminate Anomalies

Enterslice will make regular efforts to remove anomalies during the corporate status check and rules review and provide the remedial supports identified during the status review & obligatory review process.

Financial modeling Services

Compliance Planning

Enterslice will craft a compliance draft and conduct a remedial check for transactional work, such as M&A and corporate reorganizations. Our team will analyze your business to develop tailored compliance strategies.

Financial modeling Services

Due diligence

Our experts will examine your business data to provide insights for enhancing performance. We'll conduct due diligence and generate reports from the data in company records with the registrar.

Advantages of Corporate & Governance Services

Good governance services can easily increase any company's success rate. It is very important for any establishment to have good corporate governance. Any top existing entities need to be guided properly so as to compete with their rival companies just because of their proper following of governance in the company.

1.Comply With the Law

Any business or entity established in any place must comply with the existing rules and regulations of the country. If the said organization properly follows the rules and complies with them accordingly, then it can run smoother without any hassle-free legal consequences, etc.

2. Effectively Decrease In Fine & Penalty

Corporate governance is widely implemented these days within companies, and it has been focused on effectively decreasing the possibility of fines and penalties, which are usually incurred upon the organization on account of due diligence or lack of compliance with the necessary rules and regulations. Nowadays, any organization focused on corporate governance can easily save its monetary balances and can easily apply them to the other works of the organization to achieve success to a great extent.

3. Better Management in Lesser Conflict and Frauds

Since there is a good place and suitable environment in the company due to proper corporate governance, the interest and the rights of the investors, creditors, stakeholders, shareholders, etc., are safe, and the day-to-day activities are carried out more efficiently, which results in achieving the target more easily beyond the expected time. Additionally, if the interest of the person associated directly or indirectly with the organization is saved, consequently, there will be no place for any conflict and fraud. Etc.

Our Corporate Law and Governance Planning for Businesses


At Enterslice, we help develop and create a framework that helps you understand your responsibility and allows you to assess the effectiveness of your business governance processes. Our industry professional will work with you and formulate an objective assessment after reviewing your business policy, procedure, etc. Our professionals also benchmark your business governance processes so that you can measure improvements accordingly.

Cash flow
Cash flow

Close the Gaps

Our Industry professionals have in-depth knowledge and understanding of corporate Law and governance. Our experts will work with you and help to develop customized solutions to close unnecessary business gaps and enable you to implement the best practice governance in your business operations. We will develop a suitable action plan as per your specific needs.

Enable Change

Our industry professional will help your business to improve its processes, using our specialized methods and techniques to minimize the risks and maximize business profits and enhance your capability to select and opt for appropriate tools and methods like-wise business risk management systems, control frameworks, self-assessment of controls technology, etc. Our professional will help and support change management within your business through our management technique and will offer proper training to your employees.

Cash flow

Our Role in Performing Compliance Corporate Matters

We understand that if a company does not have proper compliance on its corporate matters, then the burden of administrative tasks, including other tasks, gets hampered, and consequently, it becomes a hurdle in business operations. We have a team of industry professionals who have in-depth knowledge and understanding to perform compliance on corporate matters. Enterslice experts will compete with the compliance of matters like-wise for the board meetings and general meetings, including the pre and post-project process with the notices and resolutions for such meetings. Enterslice will arrange for the annual records, such as the annual reports, balance sheet, loss account sheet, expenditure sheet, statements records of directors, compliance with the certificates and other vital statements etc. Our specialized Enterslice team will take charge of maintaining your organization's central records, legal books, registers, etc. We will help you to make informed business decisions, and most probably, you will be free to keep your attention and focus on core business operations. Our diligent approach to managing your compliance matters is crucial to enhance your business growth and keep you at the forefront in the ever-evolving compliance space.


We help to Comply with the Periodic Changes and Events

  1. Enterslice will consider your constitutional changes and prepare a draft in doing changes, including the change in the organization name, business nature operation, place of business, consistency and inconsistencies in the share capital of business, etc.
  2. Enterslice will manage the changes in the management, such as the removal, appointment, and resignation of any core member in the establishment.
  3. Enterslice will hold and draft the minutes of meetings of directors, including the guests or extraordinary investors/shareholders connected out from business activities.
  4. Enterslice will prepare and make notes on the allotment, transmission, transfer, and consolidation of shares and issue certificates on the shares, their dematerialization and forfeiture, etc.
  5. Help in filing the forms and returns under the registrar of the companies.
  6. Provide full support and advisory services for the proper implementation of social corporate responsibility complying with the Companies Act 2013.

Enhancing Your Corporate Governance and Compliance.

We know the importance of corporate governance and compliance in a company structure. It attributes a wide field, including both legal and non-legal subjects. Enterslice believes corporate governance will be more effective as the board and management of a company get more accountable to stakeholders. Our experts have extensive knowledge of both national and internal corporate Law to enhance your corporate governance and compliance most effectively. We will work with you to help prevent scams that take place due to greed and unethical practices within the business and save the company in the long run. We will ensure that your business confines a good corporate governance structure, which includes ethical conduct, accountability, and transparency. We will streamline your business process, which will help you gain the trust of stakeholders and lower the possibility of legal consequences and reputational damages. Our efforts will definitely promote an environment of transparency and consciousness that supports the healthy and organic growth of your business in the long run.


Creating Policies for Better Governance and Compliance.

At Enterslice, our experts help companies develop effective policies and respective procedures for good corporate governance and compliance. We ensure that there are ethical practices on the board of a company and decisions made to safeguard the interests of all parties. We will ensure that each and every independent director must present a decision taken in the meeting after taking care of stakeholders. We will work with you closely and ensure that secured and detailed information is available to make a decision, which should be transparent and clear. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and serve different sectors in corporate Law and governance to ensure their compliance and obligatory responsibilities are aligned and executed as per the latest statute to keep your company free from future government actions.

Our Approach to Enhance Your Corporate Law & Governance


Ethical Practice

We at Enterslice believe that ethical practice is the one and the only way to streamline your corporate governance. Our professionals offer proper guidance and assistance to a wide range of businesses, ensuring that ethical practice is in existence and helping them stay compliant with corporate Law as per standard norms and regulations.



Our experts are deeply rooted in updated corporate laws and compliance norms and help businesses with expert advice on such complex rules by ensuring that businesses are protected or prevented from the future course of any government action.


Innovative Solutions

Our experts provide innovative solutions to complex problems using our industry experience and skills and ensure our clients' businesses stay within corporate Law and good governance. We also ensure that all regulations related to SEBI, RBI, and other regulatory bodies are properly adhered to by our client business.

Let’s Connect with our best Legal Experts

If you have any questions or problems in recovery, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with immediate help.


Our Corporate Law and Governance Support for Clients

Global Network

We serve our clients from different countries, and our experts work closely across borders. We offer our client businesses a proper strategic perspective to help the business meet their local responsibility and dive deep into the ever-evolving regulatory global market. We are globally present and determined to help you.

Business Integration

We have industry specialists who offer a wide range of services like developing strategies, finance, human capital, audit, tax, technology integration, and support businesses to tackle complex problems. Our cross-border and internal business support facilitates companies with end-to-end solutions.

Business Technology Integration

At Enterslice, we deploy advanced innovative technology to provide business solutions for our clients. Our experts are equipped with several technologies and possess a strong track record of offering technology solutions for both startups and established companies. We combine our experience with innovative tools to deliver customized solutions to your business to streamline your corporate governance, administration, and compliance.

Our Governance Services to Boost Your Performance

Review and Advisory

We feel that good governance enhances the performance of any business. Our professionals at Enterslice will assess and advise on the most effective and efficient structure and framework for your board. We will work closely and keep our focus on company culture to develop a robust governance framework to support your company's future goals and objectives. We will reduce your board risk in an ever-evolving landscape.

Governance Documentation

For effective governance, it is important to have Paper works of governance structure and practices to safeguard the interest of the company, its employees and stakeholders. Our experts will outline and prepare a precise and clear governance Document that deceits your company's corporate governance in the best form. Navigate your governance Paper works that fits your business under experts in corporate Law and governance.

Board Support

The Board secretary is in the middle of a board person who supports the board in its duties and responsibilities. To ensure the effective functioning of the board and its committees, we need to be aware of the appointment of such board secretaries in the company. Our professional Chartered Board Secretaries will provide end-to-end support to manage your board meeting, along with good governance advice.

Board Evaluation

Our experts will work closely with you to help you develop your board evaluation process, provide innovative tools and techniques to meet your business best practices and help evaluate your board's effectiveness to enhance the efficiency of your board operations.

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Anti-Money Laundering Compliance for Good Governance

Our experts at Enterslice help to implement an efficient AML measure with good governance to lower money laundering activities. We help conduct independent AML audits, AML program evaluations, and gap analyses. We will review the effectiveness of the AML program and offer assistance with AML risk assessments. And are more likely to implement customer due diligence processes and develop, design and offer extensive training sessions for your employees and management. We help the board of directors and senior management easily access and understand the AML risk and help them adequately comply for effective governance.


We help in Anti-Corruption Compliance.

We assess your compliance risk to mitigate the gap in your business governance and offer practical recommendations to improve your business policies and procedures to address your compliance risks. Our experts will provide proper assistance to implement an anti-corruption compliance program in your business operations and conduct training sessions to guide your employees and management for effective governance.

Our Commitments to Best Governance Services


Quality Service

We offer customized solutions based on your company's specific needs and requirements. Our qualitative service will enhance your financial needs in a more efficient and effective manner. We will make your business stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving governance landscape.


Customer Happiness

Our expert at Enterslice will offer you valuable guidance and professional advice to meet your requirements. We have in-depth experience in delivering corporate Law and governance services for various industries' needs and concerns accordingly.


Pace of Mind

We offer cost-effective and efficient governance Support. Being your advisory partner, you can rest assured that their complex business hurdles in administration and governance will be taken care of by us, and you can be free from mind to keep focus on your core business operations.

Our Compliance Training for Your Employees

We believe that knowledge and understanding are the tools to ensure efficient audits and other-oriented measures. It is necessary for employees in any organization to change themselves as per the new requirements to deal with the new challenges. We, therefore, help your employees and provide them with internal training, which helps them progress and strengthen your compliance function in the most efficient and effective way. Our experts will offer customized training programs to train your employees so that they can easily comply or prepare for new projects and existing projects.


Frequently Ask Questions

Corporate Law or Company Law creates a bond between the companies, operation & business governance. It provides a platform for interaction among its stakeholders, corporation, investors, creditors and employees. Basically, governance is comprised of the principle of rules, practices, and processes to safeguard the interests of investors, stakeholders, management, suppliers, etc., who are directly or indirectly connected with the organization.

Governance is very important and plays a crucial role in the governing of a company. Governance can be better defined as a system of rules, practices, and processes that are being directed and controlled within the company. The governance's main objective is to protect the interest of the stakeholders and give them confidence that the company is running well and that their capital/interest is in safe hands.

A Set of rules and regulations for governing the companies, operation & business in order to protect the interest of the person directly or indirectly associated.

Corporate governance can be defined as a system of rules, practices, and processes that are being directed and controlled within the establishment. Corporate governance's importance is to protect the interest of the stakeholders and give them confidence that the company is running well and that their capital/interest is in safe hands. Basically, governance is a safeguard of the interest of the individual or the person directly or indirectly connected with the company, which can be management, stakeholders, government, investors, employees, creditors & suppliers, etc.

When considering the qualifications for a virtual CFO, it is important to look for individuals with a strong background in finance and accounting. This may include a degree or certification in finance, accounting, or a related field. Additionally, experience in financial management, strategic planning, and a thorough understanding of industry-specific regulations can be valuable qualifications for a virtual CFO.

Accountability, transparency, fairness and responsibility towards the interest of stakeholders, customers, investors & directors, etc., are the four pillars of governance. The whole of corporate Law and governance dealt with the same.

Accountability, transparency, fairness, social responsibility and independence among the stakeholders, investors, directors and investors including creditors are the main 5 elements of corporate governance.

Socialized people quality, focus, dedication, and informative structure.

Corporate Lawyers have to ensure the compliance of the company related to the operation & its business and to comply with the rules and regulations under specified corporate Law by preparing the drafts, reviewing partnership engagements, and negotiating in accordance with the deals of the company.

A corporate lawyer under corporate finance deals with the financial stages of the company, handles disputes relating to finance, and manages them accordingly by giving advice to its management.

Boosting the company's success rate requires a corporate lawyer who will subsequently guide the establishment in its internal and external affairs by making or preparing drafts, giving beneficial advice and complying with the rules and regulations as per the specified companies' Laws.

LLB is the main law course that can be done after the 12th standard, including the B.A. LL.B, and after graduation, you are eligible for the LL.B, while Corporate Law is a specialization offered within the 3-year LLB program or post-graduation.

Yes, Corporate Law is a specialization offered within the 3 year LLB program or post-graduation.

Yes, an LL.B graduate can become a corporate lawyer; firstly, you have to attain the LLB program and then specialize in corporate Law by doing a Master's degree.

Yes, it is mandatory to pursue an LL.B to be a corporate Lawyer because, during the program, you will be taught corporate Law and, if interested, can get a Master's in doing specialized Corporate Law.

BBA LLB (Bachelor of Business Administration/Bachelor of Legislative Law) will be the best for corporate Law. PG Diploma in Corporate Law and Business would be more beneficial and good for corporate Law, which can be done after completing the LL.B Program.


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