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Highlight of Forensic Audit and Investigation Services

The Forensic Audit and Investigation Services provide a shield against financial fraud and irregularities within business. Our approach is to provide critical services with accuracy, strategic depth, and the use of advanced forensic techniques to examine financial records and identify irregularities to investigate the intricacies of transactions and analyze financial performance. Our experts provide forensic audit and investigation services for performing a thorough examination of financial data and potential fraud, misconduct and issues related to compliance in businesses. Forensic audit and investigation services are provided by our experienced team of professionals who know about navigating the complexities of financial matters by detecting fraudulent activities and ensuring adherence to regulatory norms to avoid legal proceedings or penalties. Our Forensic Audit and Investigation services offer a complete and strategic shield to empower businesses to navigate the complexities of financial integrity with confidence and flexibility. However, our forensic audit and investigation services are drafted to address the specific needs of the businesses to sustain growth.

Functions of Forensic Audit and Investigation

The forensic audit and investigation services are provided to fulfil the following function of forensic audit and investigation

Planning and Investigation

Our experts provide forensic audit and investigation services to plan the strategy and investigate the financial irregularities to meet the business goals seamlessly. Our experts identify financial fraud or financial irregularities to maintain the smooth functioning of the business.

Collecting Evidence

Our experts prepare the summary of the evidence of fraud by identifying the fraudulent activities and revealing the details of the financial fraud and financial irregularities from financial information faced by the business to prevent financial fraud schemes in future.


Forensic audits are conducted to understand fraud and prepare a written report with details of the fraud in the business by identifying the financial fraud to take immediate action against the fraudulent financial activities in the businesses.

Necessity of Forensic Audit and Investigation

The necessity of forensic audit and investigation services is provided to businesses in various cases. Some of the key cases are given below

Corruption or Fraud

Our experts help identify the fraudulent activities used by the people of the business for their gain and provide inaccurate information. Forensic audit and investigation to achieve objectives by identifying and preventing fraudulent activities. Our forensic audit and investigation services help identify and prevent fraudulent activities within businesses by scrutinizing financial records and transactions to mitigate the risk of fraud.

Misuse of Assets

Misusing the assets is the prevalent form of fraud performed by businesses, and submitting falsified invoices or misuse of the assets will require forensic audit and investigation services to overcome the misutilization of the businesses' assets. The Forensic audit and investigation protect the assets by detecting the misuse, misappropriation or irregularities that threaten the business's financial activity.

Financial Statement Fraud

Our experts assist in identifying financial statement fraud. Our goal is to identify fraudulent activities to improve the liability of the business and ensure the smooth functioning of the financial activities in the market. The forensic audit and investigation service enhances the financial transparency in the business and provides a detailed examination of financial data.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is an important aspect of business operation, so our forensic audit and investigation services ensure that businesses adhere to various laws and regulations to avoid legal penalties and damages.

Enhance Corporate Governance

Forensic Audit and investigation services contribute to strengthening corporate governance by promoting moral conduct and ensuring the financial processes and control are in place and effective in the businesses.

Maintaining Goodwill

Financial scams and irregularities will damage a business's goodwill in the market, so our forensic audit and investigation are organized in such a way as to prevent measures and safeguard the image of the business in the market to maintain the trust of the customers or investors.

Breakdown of Forensic Audit and Investigation Services

The breakdown of forensic audit and investigation services includes a comprehensive examination of financial record transactions and processes to uncover financial irregularities, prevent fraud and ensure compliance.

Fraud Detection

Our experts provide forensic audit and investigation services for the identification of fraudulent financial activities. We also assist in the examination of financial statements, invoices and other records to detect irregularities. Our analysis of patterns and trends uncovers potential fraudulent behaviour to prevent fraud and maintain the growth of the business in the market.

Analysis of Financial Statement by Auditor

Our experts perform a forensic audit process and an analysis of financial statements to assess accuracy and compliance and identify the inconsistencies or misrepresentations in reporting the financial statement. 

Checking of Compliance

Our experts evaluate financial processes and transactions to ensure compliance with industry regulations and legal requirements. Our experts perform an external assessment of internal controls to prevent and detect non-compliance.

Digital Forensic Audit

Our experts investigate electronic data to uncover digital evidence that can be used and related to financial irregularities. Our experts analyze digital transactions, emails and electronic communication to identify financial fraud.

Risk Assessment

Our experts assess the overall financial risk in the business to provide strategies to mitigate identified risks and enhance risk management for maintaining the growth of the business in the market.

Due Diligence Investigation

Our experts conduct a thorough due diligence investigation before a merger and acquisition or partnership to identify potential risks and uncover the hidden liabilities or financial irregularities of the businesses.

Audit Procedures in Forensic Audit and Investigation Services

The procedure of Forensic Audit and Investigation service involves a systematic approach to uncovering financial irregularities, fraud or breach of compliance.


Our experts engage with businesses to understand their concerns and objectives to identify fraud or a company's financial irregularities, and our experts outline the scope, objectives and terms of the forensic audit and investigation before moving further with the forensic audit and investigation.


Our experts plan their investigation, which includes the scope of work, timeline and resources. Our experts perform the identification and assessment of risks to analyze the fraud.

Collection of Data

Our experts gather relevant information, financial documents, records, and financial transaction statements for analysis and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the collected data, which will be maintained by our experts with the secure handling of forensic audit procedures.


Our experts prepare a forensic audit and investigation report by outlining the findings of the investigation analysis and conclusion. We collect document evidence and present the findings clearly to the business for fraud prevention and assess financial risk or fraud. 


Our experts provide actions or corrective remedy measures to address the identified weaknesses or problems. We help businesses to implement preventive controls and strengthen internal processes to sustain growth.


Our forensic audit investigation services are provided to ensure the implementation of remedies and monitor ongoing compliance. We also provide assistance to address future challenges or frauds to maintain the financial health of the business.

Legal Framework to deal in Corporate Fraud Investigation

In dealing with Corporate Fraud Investigation, a healthy legal framework serves as the cornerstone for ensuring thorough proceedings in corporate fraud investigations. Central to this framework are various laws, regulations, and legal judgements to provide the basis for conducting forensic audits and investigations to gather evidence and take legal action against corporate fraud. The Companies Act of 2013, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the United States, the UK Bribery Act, and the Companies Act in various jurisdictions are the statutes to deal with financial fraud or scams in companies. In India, the legal framework to combat corporate fraud and white-collar crimes involves various laws and regulatory bodies, so below are some brief about the elements of the regulatory framework

Companies Act of 2013

A law that controls the operations and administration of businesses in India is the Companies Act of 2013. It contains provisions about financial reporting, corporate governance, and auditing standards to stop and conduct corporate fraud investigations to identify corporate fraud.

Prevention of Money Laundering of 2002

The PMLA is introduced to stop the funding of terrorism and money laundering. Financial institutions and other middlemen must maintain documentation and forensic audit reports of any questionable transactions. Additionally, it gives law enforcement the right to seize criminal proceeds against corporate fraud by conducting corporate fraud investigations. 

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

The Indian securities markets are governed by SEBI. SEBI is introduced to prosecute insider trading and securities fraud. Also, SEBI publishes rules and recommendations to support ethical and open business operations to conduct corporate fraud investigations.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

The RBI, which oversees banks and other financial institutions, is India's central banking body. To stop financial fraud and money laundering, compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations is important to be considered.

Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO)

The Ministry of General Affairs is a specialized body in charge of looking into major cases of white-collar crime and corporate fraud. It can detain and bring charges against anyone who engages in fraudulent activity.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

The Central Bureau of Investigation is the top investigative body in India, with the ability to handle cases involving economic crimes, corruption, and white-collar crimes that have a significant influence on the nation.

Enforcement Department (ED)

The Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) and the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) regulations are enforced by the Enforcement Department (ED). It looks at financial anomalies that have an impact on other countries.

The Competition Commission of India (CCI)

To stop anti-competitive behaviour, such as price fixing and the misuse of a dominating market position, CCI enforces competition laws and regulations.

Protecting whistleblowers

Whistleblower protection is covered by the Corporations Act of 2013, which enables people to come out with reports of wrongdoing without worrying about facing consequences.

 Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT)

When it comes to instances involving violations of the securities market, the SAT is an appellate tribunal that considers appeals against orders made by SEBI and other authorities.

Contract performance and commercial Disputes

India's legal system allows for the civil litigation of business disputes and the enforcement of contracts. It is significant to remember that India's legal system for corporate fraud and white-collar crime is always changing, with new laws and adjustments made to meet new issues.

Benefits of Conducting Corporate Fraud Investigation

Corporate fraud investigation will provide numerous benefits to shareholders, stakeholders, investors, employees, etc. So, below are some of the key benefits of forensic Investigation

Protection of Assets and Resources

Corporate fraud investigation helps identify and address instances of fraud and safeguard the businesses' assets, resources, and intellectual property, which is required to maintain financial integrity.

Enhance Corporate Governance

The corporate fraud investigation contributes to strengthening corporate governance practices by promoting accountability and transparency and identifying weaknesses in internal controls to implement improvements in future frauds.

Financial Transparency

The corporate fraud investigation promotes financial transparency and accuracy to ensure the integrity of financial reporting and maintain accurate financial records, which will increase the credibility of the business in the market.

Mitigation of Risk

Corporate fraud investigation helps businesses identify and mitigate the risks related to fraudulent activities and internal control weaknesses and minimize financial losses.

Improving Internal Controls by Internal Audit

The corporate fraud investigation leads to the identification of weaknesses in internal controls and processes, and our experts address the differences to strengthen the business's internal controls.


The corporate fraud investigations services by our experts help businesses in detecting financial losses and legal expenses related to fraudulent activities.

Reduce the Economic Impact of Corporate Fraud Investigation

The economic impact on the business can be rectified by performing corporate fraud investigation, so the highlight of the economic impact in the businesses are

Loss of Investor’s Confidence

Corporate fraud in the company will erode investors' confidence both nationally and internationally and reduce investment in the companies or financial market, so our corporate fraud investigations are provided through forensic audits and investigations to gain the investor's confidence.

Instability in the Market

Our experts provide corporate fraud investigation services to maintain market stability because an increase in market instability affects stock prices and causes financial irregularities.

Downturn in Economic

The large scale corporate fraud can contribute to the economic downturn, so our experts assist in reducing corporate fraud by forecasting it from analysis.

Impact on Bank and Financial Institutions

The fraudulent activities will result in financial loss suffered by banks and financial institutions, which leads to instability in the banking sector, so a thorough forensic audit and investigation is required to identify the financial fraud.

Reduce Tax Revenue

Tax evasion will result in reduced tax revenue for the government and impact the ability to fund services and infrastructure development.

Frequently Asked Questions

A forensic audit is an examination and evaluation of a business's financial records performed to mitigate the risk of various types of fraud in the business.

There are two types of Forensic audits: financial audits and financial due diligence audits.

The main purpose of a forensic audit is an examination of the financial transactions of the business for specific purposes, such as concerns of fraud.

The businesses, stakeholders, investors, etc., need to conduct forensic audits and investigate to identify the fraud.

The corporate fraud investigation is performed for the company or the organization to help detect the corporate fraud that arises in the businesses.

The purpose of a forensic auditor is to collect and analyze the financial data of the company or organization.

The benefits of forensic audit and investigation are to detect fraud, ensure compliance and protect the goodwill or reputation of the businesses.

Asset misappropriation is raising false invoices, misappropriation of cash, making payments to non-existing employees or suppliers, and misuse of assets.

The registered auditor, who holds the certification of completion of CA, can perform a forensic audit.

Yes, the evidence collected from the forensic audit is used in court.

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