Why to Start Business in British Virgin Islands

Business set-up in British Virgin Islands (BVI) is made effortless and quick with the help of experienced and qualified professionals at Enterslice. We at Enterslice are a team of professionals providing services which helps businesses to have a global presence.

Benefits of Entering British Virgin Islands market

The top benefits of entering the BVI market are as follows:

Business friendly environment

Corporate flexibility

Tax haven legislation


Simple registration process

Minimal Capital requirement

Low Cost Incorporation

Zero tax policy for Corporate

No requirement for tax compliance

No accounting or auditing requirement

Fluency in transaction

Favourable cryptocurrency laws

Business Structures in British Virgin Islands

The major types of business structures that are majorly adopted by businesses for carrying out their business in BVI is as follows:

Business Companies

Companies in BVI are formed under the BVI Business Companies Act of 2004. As per the Business Companies Act, there are five types of companies which may be formed:

A company limited by shares;

A company limited by guarantee and authorized to issue shares

A company limited by guarantee and not authorized to issue shares

An unlimited company authorized to issue shares

An unlimited company not authorized to issue shares

Virgin Islands Special Trusts (VISTA)

Trusts created under the Virgin Islands Trust Act of 2003 is known as a VISTA in short. It is used to hold shares in a BVI Business Company. VISTAs are generally used by people having family-owned business and those people must be willing to run the company independently and benefit from the trust’s estate planning ability and trust assets that have been invested in high-risk investments.

Limited Partnerships

To establish a limited partnership a registered agent is engaged to set up limited partnerships in Virgin Islands. The registered agent is responsible to take you through every step of partnership formation.

About our Services

Enterslice is one of the leading management consultancy firm which offers end-to-end business set-up, financial, regulatory, taxation, legal and advisory services to early-stage start-ups, entrepreneurs and large corporate houses across the globe.

Our BVI Entry Strategy services involve the following services:

About British Virgin Island Entry Strategy

Our BVI Entry Strategy is further classified into the following:

Business Set-up Services

Our business set-up services provide advisory related to the type of business structure a business should opt for while setting up business in BVI. There are various business structures in BVI such as BVI Business Company, VISTA and limited partnerships. Our team provides advisory on the type of business structure that is best suited for a business depending upon the business needs followed by opening a bank account for the company in BVI, post registration compliances.

Consultancy on Managing the Business

Our consultancy services relate to managing business in BVI. It includes advisory relating to registration of a business. Consultancy services relating to maintenance of corporate records and filing requirements. It helps maintain proper track record of company’s previous financial transactions and also ensures that the filing requirements are fulfilled timely.

Legal Advisory Services

Our legal experts advice on legal issues and concerns pertaining to contract disputes, corporate decisions, corporate growth and other practices. Our legal team also assists in preparing and reviewing legal Paper works related to the business establishment and operation.

Intellectual Property Advisory Services

Our legal experts provide legal advice on protection of Intellectual Property and formulate strategy for obtaining Trademark Registration in BVI by filing trademark registration application. They also advice on various IP related issues compliance.

Fintech and Cryptocurrency Advisory Services

BVI is a lucrative destination for dealing in virtual digital assets, cryptocurrencies and Fintech transactions. BVI has its own set of regulatory framework encouraging BVI companies to develop and use innovative Fintech within the framework of its regulatory environment. Our team advises on how to manage Fintech and cryptocurrencies in BVIs.

Taxation Advisory Services

Our tax experts provide advisory on tax payments in the nations where Business Company established in BVI conducts business. In BVI, there is no capital gains tax, corporate tax, wealth tax, income tax or any other fiscal regulation. So establishing a Business company in BVI as an intermediate holding company will lead to tax neutral levels in corporate holding structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

The official currency of BVI is U.S. Dollar.

Registered agent is a person which serves as a link between the Registry of Corporate Affairs in BVI, the BVI International Tax Authority and the company. Business formation as a trust permits the businesses to pay less income taxes and inheritance taxes.

For understanding the process of setting up a company in BVI click here or reach out to experts at Enterslice. Our expert in legal domain can brief you on the process of company registration in BVI.

BVI has modified its laws and introduced new and innovative business structures such as VISTA trusts and private trust companies. These trust are gaining popularity as they are coupled with rules refining limitation applicable on non-charitable purpose regulations and trusts against remoteness of vesting.

In BVI, Trademarks registration is done under the Trademarks Act, 2013 read with the Trade Marks Rules, 2015.

Fintech and cryptocurrencies in BVI is regulated by the BVI’s Virtual Asset Service Providers Act of 2022 which is effective from February 2023.

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