What Is a BVI Company ?

A corporation formed in the BVI by one or more individuals or entities is known as a BVI company. Offshore businesses registered in the British Virgin Islands are referred to as BVI firms. In the middle of the 1980s, the BVI entered the offshore banking industry. The islands have grown to be such a sought-after location for foreign businesses that many refer to these businesses as simply "BVIs". The BVI Business Companies Act of 2004 eliminated the distinction in the islands between local and offshore companies. The US Dollar is the national currency and English is the official language. The infrastructure for businesses and professionals is vital, and the government is actively promoting the growth of the offshore finance industry.

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BVI Offshore Company

The BVI have earned a solid reputation among offshore jurisdictions due to their consistent and expert modernisation of corporate legislation. With Enterslice's assistance, you can register a proper offshore company.

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With the help of Enterslice, you can register and run a company with a well-structured business plan to achieve your business objectives. This will impact the ease of doing business in BVI and operational maintenance.

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BVI companies have a legal system based on English Common Law, which is well-known to many companies and investors, and they are frequently utilised in international trade. Register your business and embrace the business journey.

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Our attentive support team has years of experience forming businesses and is available to assist you at every stage of the procedure. We will designate a qualified account manager to facilitate efficient communication that your business has selected.

Types Of Companies In BVI

There are numerous business entities in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

1.Companies limited by shares

This is a common form of company that allows you to issue shares. To register a company limited by shares, you must specify in your company’s memorandum of association the type of business entity, the maximum number of shares, the classes of shares, and the precise specification of its rights, limitations, and requirements.

2. Companies limited by guarantee (with or without authorisation to issue shares)

Non-profit groups widely use this business form and have no requirements. According to the laws, a minimum of one firm member must be a guaranteed member to establish a company limited by guarantee. It is further divided into a company limited by guarantee authorised to issue shares and a company limited by guarantee not authorised to issue shares.

3. Unlimited Company (with or without authorisation to issue shares)

When an unlimited company is incorporated, its management or members will be held personally accountable for the debts and liabilities of the business, in sharp contrast to a limited company. To be considered an unlimited company, there must always be at least one complete member. It is further classified into unlimited companies authorised to issue shares and unlimited companies not authorised to issue shares.

4. Segregated Portfolio Company

A segregated portfolio business, a subset of company substitutes, owns separate portfolios. The assets and liabilities of each portfolio can be distinguished from the company’s overall assets and liabilities. People who choose to use this business structure typically do so to hold assets or run multiple firms.

5. Restricted purpose Company

Only transactions and limited-purpose activities can be registered under a restricted-purpose company. These restricted uses include off-balance sheet financing and addressing concerns related to insolvency remotely. A corporation limited by shares may also establish a restricted-purpose company.

Procedure to Set up a BVI Company

The following is the process for registering a corporation in the BVI:

Establish the Name and Structure of the Company

The beneficial owner should collaborate with our team of consultants to choose the best company structure and supply the required Documents before registering the business with the BVI Companies Registry. Copies of the directors' and beneficial owners' passports will be needed by the authorities.

Cash flow
Cash flow

Continue with the Company's Registration

The relevant Documents will be ready to sign by all parties when Enterslice Consultants receives the Documentwork. The British Virgin Islands company registration will subsequently be submitted to the BVI Company registry by our experts. If you need any help or more information before registering with the BVI corporation, get in touch with us.

Apply for a licence and open a corporate bank account

Depending on the nature of the firm, the consultant can help open a corporate bank account and file any licence applications after the company is incorporated.

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Economic Substance Requirements for Companies Registered in The British Virgin Islands

To comply with international norms for tax transparency and prevent tax fraud, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) have imposed economic substance criteria for specific business entities, such as companies and limited partnerships. According to these standards, businesses engaged in specific pertinent activities such as holding company operations, intellectual property, banking, insurance, and shipping must exhibit sufficient economic substance in the BVI. This entails maintaining a physical presence in the BVI, carrying out essential revenue-generating operations there, and employing a sufficient number of skilled people there. Penalties and fines may be incurred for not complying with these rules. An Economic Substance Division has also been established by the BVI government to oversee and enforce adherence to these regulations.


Enterslice Assists you with Eligibility Requirements for BVI Company Registration

The applicant must meet the prerequisite eligibility requirements outlined in the BVI Corporate Law before applying for company registration. The following points outline the requirements for company incorporation in the British Virgin Islands:

1. Name of the Company


  • The company applying can create a name for itself in any language.
  • However, the name that is selected has to have Roman characters.
  • The last part of a company name might contain any suffix.


2. Directors


  • The applicant company must retain at least one director.
  • A corporate body or an individual may serve as the director.
  • The individual or the corporate organisation may possess any nationality.
  • The BVI corporate statutes do not stipulate that a resident director is required.
  • The applicant may appoint any number of directors.
  • The candidate may also employ consultancies to become a nominee director of the company.


3. Shareholders


  • The application corporation is required to have at least one shareholder.
  • A shareholder and a company director may be the same individual.
  • A corporate entity or an individual can be designated as a shareholder.
  • There is no limit on the number of shareholders under BVI corporate legislation.


4. Company Secretary


  • Each applicant for company registration needs to designate a Company Secretary for themselves.
  • A corporate entity or an individual can be designated as a Company Secretary.
  • It is also possible for a firm's director or shareholder to serve as the company secretary.
  • Consulting services can also be hired as the company secretary for any newly incorporated offshore business.


5. Paid-up Capital Requirement


  • A minimum paid-up capital requirement of one share of par value in any currency, international or domestic, is required.
  • The BVI Confederacy's Standard Authorised Shares consist of half a lac of shares of a minimum value of one US dollar each.


6. Official Address


  • The BVA government does not limit estate hire or acquisition to establish head offices and branches. 
  • The Company can avail a registered address for operating its commercial operations in the British Virgin Islands.


7. Documentation Needed


  • Certified copies of passports and evidence of the residential addresses of the prospective company's directors and shareholders must be kept on file by the applicant.
  • If the designated Shareholder is a corporate body, the applicant must keep records of the parent firm.
  • A qualified attorney, certified public accountant, or bank must certify these copies.


Enterslice’s Help in Accessing the BVI Company Registry

The official FSC website provides online access to the British Virgin Islands Company Registry. Using the company name or registration number, you may look for information about firms registered in the BVI. There are situations where access to certain information may cost money. In addition, you can get information about BVI companies by contacting the FSC directly. It is significant to remember that confidentiality requirements may prevent part of the data in the BVI Company Registry from being made publicly available. Enterslice makes it simple for you to obtain and correctly compile legal information.


BVI Offshore Companies

An offshore corporation is a legitimately recognised business formed to operate outside its nation of ultimate ownership and registration jurisdiction. In modern times, an offshore company is a private corporation that enjoys several benefits such as tax exemption, suitability for almost any type of international business, adaptable organisational structure, lack of burdensome accounting and reporting requirements, and a degree of confidentiality with relatively little information accessible to the public. Enterslice assists you with running your BVI business company in the actual management.

Our Four Stages of Company Registration


Get Our Assistance

To register as a company in the British Virgin Islands, first contact Enterslice. Our team of professionals will provide appropriate assistance throughout the registration procedure. We remove all your confusion and register your business by complying with the legal procedures with our international legal consultants.


Documentation and Processing

To maintain transparency, we disclose all relevant information, including paperwork, prerequisites, and realistic estimates of expenses, before initiating the process. Our group guarantees simple Paper works. We gather the required Documents and distribute the relevant draughts to ensure timely filing and delivery. We expeditiously prepare and file your application as soon as we obtain the required paperwork and data. You are notified of developments regarding your application.


Successful Registration

We fulfil what we commit. After the matter is resolved, we will give you access to all pertinent papers, both digitally and physically, and promise to reimburse you if something goes wrong. Successful registration will be done and you can start the business in BVI as soon as possible.

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Our dedicated team is available all the time to assist you. Please get in touch with us if you need help with the British Virgin Island Company Registration. Let us help you achieve your goals.


British Virgin Islands Tax Haven Benefits

Simple Procedure

Offshore nations with politically and economically stable economies provide low to no tax obligations to people and foreign investors. The nation’s tax laws are simple, making it a tax haven in and of itself. Undoubtedly, the BVI has also been designated as a tax haven because it does not impose taxes on offshore accounts or establish tax treaties.

Territorial Tax System

The BVI has effectively established what is known as a Territorial Tax System that provides numerous advantages to its businesses by adopting straightforward taxation regulations. This has amazed a lot of investors and businesses, leading them to decide to establish a company in these nations to avoid paying taxes. Enterslice helps you to incorporate a business in this tax haven nation with some benefits.

Attractive Tax Regime

This tax environment has also enticed many investors to register companies in the British Virgin Islands and establish foreign-invested enterprises in their home countries to take advantage of the tax benefits. Enterslice scrutinise all the elements before assisting in registering a company.

Benefits of Company Registration in the British Virgin Islands


The tax regulations of the British Virgin Islands are a significant factor in the registration of businesses there. Corporate taxes, such as inheritance, revenue, or withholding, are not imposed on BVI businesses.

Asset protection

BVI businesses provide first-rate advantages for asset protection. The assets of BVI corporations and their owners are shielded from creditors and legal action by the jurisdiction's robust legal system.


BVI provide a high level of secrecy and privacy. Strict data protection regulations in the BVI guarantee corporate data privacy. It is desirable to companies who value their privacy.

Ease of incorporation

Setting up a business in the BVI is reasonably simple and quick. Online incorporation is available for BVI corporations, and residency in the territory is unnecessary for the companies.

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Perks of Enterslice Assistance in Registering BVI Company

Quick registration procedure

Companies can register with the BVI quickly and easily and we facilitate the creation of a new company or investment vehicle more rapidly.

Tax advantages

Businesses based in the BVI are exempt from all corporate taxes, including withholding, inheritance, and revenue taxes. Reach out to Enterslice to get the benefits.


There is no public register of shareholders in the BVI, and corporations are not obligated to reveal the names. We maintain complete privacy in our registration procedure.

Adaptability and Simplicity

The BVI provides a straightforward structure that may be tailored to a company's unique requirements. Whatever your requirement is, Enterslice is there to help you.

Enterslice Timeline for Company Registration in BVI in BVI

Within a week, Enterslice will register the BVI firm. Our consultants will check the company registry for the availability of your selected company name after obtaining the director’s and shareholder’s due diligence Paper works. You will not need to travel as our staff will finish the BVI business establishment. You can expect to receive information about your newly registered entity, such as the company number and certificate of incorporation, after successfully completing the BVI company registration process.

Opening a Bank Account as Part of Registration in BVI

Following the company’s successful registration in the British Virgin Islands, Enterslice will open a corporate bank account with a respected international bank within four weeks. As such, if you hire our expert consultation, you should be able to begin working with the BVI business in around five weeks.


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Maintaining consistency is essential for a productive working relationship. We've ensured that our teams communicate frequently and utilise the same procedures, resources, and technical data. It implies you'll receive the same wonderful experience.

Enterslice Support for BVI Company Registration

By helping you, our incorporation specialists offer complete business incorporation services in the British Virgin Islands. We ensure the British Virgin Islands company incorporation services needs are met on schedule. Our experts are familiar with the nuances of British Virgin Islands company incorporation processes. As a result, we have sped up the procedure to assist you in affordably incorporating your business. Therefore, get in touch with our incorporation specialists to fulfil your ambition of forming your own company in the British Virgin Islands.


Frequently Ask Questions

In the British Virgin Islands, it is possible to register a company (BVI). The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a well-liked offshore location for company incorporation because of its robust legal system, tax-neutral status, and solid reputation.

In the British Virgin Islands, an IBC’s name must conclude with one of the suffixes limited, corporation, incorporated, or one of their applicable abbreviation. Any name that implies the patronage of the Royal Family or the government of the British Virgin Islands is prohibited, as is any name that is the same as or identical to an already-existing business is restricted.

The British Virgin Islands company registration process takes a maximum of one week to finish.

One shareholder, one director, and the BVI registered office address are required.

Annual filing of financial tax returns and account statements is not required, nor is there a need to file a statutory audit.

In the British Virgin Islands, a business needs to have an agent and an officially registered office.

Since the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a tax-neutral jurisdiction, individuals and corporations are not subject to taxes on income, capital gains, or withholding taxes. BVI businesses don't need to file income tax returns or pay income taxes.

The many categories of BVI incorporations include

  1. Companies limited by shares 
  2. Companies limited by guarantee (with or without authorisation to issue shares)
  3. Unlimited Company (with or without authorisation to issue shares)
  4. Segregated Portfolio Company

Depending on the kind of business and the services needed, registering a corporation in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) can have different costs. However, the total cost of registering a business, including agency fees and government costs, would typically be between 1,500 and 2,000 US dollars.

There are several methods for determining whether a business is British Virgin Islands (BVI) registered. Among them are Consulting with a professional counsellor, Contacting the Registrar of Companies, and Conducting an Online Search.

Annual returns are not required to be filed for the majority of BVI businesses. Instead, in order to keep their company’s good status, they must pay an annual charge.

The Business Companies Act of 2004 governs company registration in the British Virgin Islands.

The term "economic substance" concerning business companies suggests that these entities should be sufficiently present in the jurisdiction in which they are tax residents and engage in economic activity.

Companies are registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) for a variety of reasons, including tax efficiency, economic substance requirements, international recognition, confidentiality, flexibility, and asset protection.

The Business Companies Act of 2004 governs company registration in the British Virgin Islands.

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