Legal Process Outsourcing

Enterslice provides access to specialised teams for administrative, marketing, legal, and conveyancing services as your outsourcing partner. Each Enterslice team works as an extension of your in-house team to develop high-quality solutions for your business. So, enlist the help of Team Enterslice in various ways to boost your company's value.

Package inclusions:
  • Procedure for Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Documentation Management and Assistance
  • Drafting Legal Document
  • Paralegal Services
  • Litigation Management Services
Legal Process Outsourcing

Overview of Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal process outsourcing (LPO) is a practice in which a company or entity hires an outside legal organisation to provide all of its legal and related services. Businesses in more than 20 countries have preferred Enterslice to manage their legal vertical for over ten years.

A unit offshore handles the legal process outsourcing, which involves reasonably priced services, including contract drafting, legal research, document review, property conveyance checks, and any other work that does not require an attorney's physical presence or contact. Outsourcing these services primarily aims to lighten the workload of foreign solicitors and increase their efficiency. 

Due to the recommendations of third-party vendors to build legal process outsourcing businesses in order to lower legal costs in the UK, USA, Canada, etc., legal process outsourcing became well-known in India in the early 2000s. Due to the abundance of qualified paralegals and advocates, the LPO industry has seen great expansion in India, which has attracted many investors.

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services

Agency work and services requiring a physical presence, such as court appearances and face-to-face talks, are included in the LPO services. The most frequently provided services include agency work, document evaluation, legal research and writing, pleading and brief drafting, and patent services.

The work you might be required to complete while working for an LPO would include high-end legal research, producing briefs, memorandum, commercial contracts, and litigation support tasks, including work involving evidence and initial document evaluation.

LPO is gaining popularity among corporations because it offers solutions to issues involving people, processes, and technology. Effective collaboration with a legal process outsourcing (LPO) provider is frequently the solution for raising internal capabilities and flexibility while reducing costs.

Legal Process Outsourcing Advantages

The following are some benefits of legal process outsourcing:

  • Effective in terms of cost- As there is a sizable difference in labour costs between India and other international countries, obtaining Legal Process Outsourcing services from India can be rather cost-effective for other nations. That makes it possible for businesses to hire skilled employees at reasonable rates.
  • Use of Modern Technology- Using cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence, LPOs streamline their processes and reduce the likelihood of mistakes. They become more effective and productive as a result. Modern technology and research tools safeguard their clients' private records and expedite the vetting process, improving the correctness of the legal work.
  • Trained Personnel - Legal practitioners with experience managing legal tasks are trained and available in India. Overseas businesses have long favoured India as a location to outsource tasks ranging from managing the accounting functions of overseas client corporations to working with various BPO setups. It reduces the expense of the process while streamlining it for these organisations.
  • Flexibility - The LPOs offer 24x7 services to their customers, which helps to solve the problem of time zones across nations, provides flexibility in the legal procedure, and cuts down on delivery time. Managing overseas clients has always been a challenge in terms of flexibility. For legal support around the world, Enterslice has a team of professionals.
  • Provides Exposure to Lawyers/ Law Students - Indian lawyers can learn about how foreign law firms operate and develop skills using the best industry tools by working with LPOs in India, which deal with a variety of foreign laws and regulations. That expands work options for law students, which is crucial for the advancement of legal education globally. Numerous students from all around the country have been drawn to this alternate career path to the conventional litigation structure.
  • Provide control to the Parent Entity - The LPO Services help the parent organisation, or the foreign firm, to establish the scope, duration, and budget of the outsourced legal work, which gives them more control over the projects. Outsourcing Better operational and administrative control over the legal and operating procedure is also provided by legal operations.
  • Focus on Core Operation- Since the majority of the job is outsourced to LPOs, they assist the company in concentrating better on their main activities. A company's focus is shifted to the main aspects of its operations when the organisation's legal functions are outsourced. Businesses all over the world have found that outsourcing the whole department responsible for handling their legal operations allows them to cut costs and gain valuable time.
  • Time zone variations - Time zone discrepancies are associated with the outsourced work because the two companies at opposing ends of an LPO contract are often located in two separate regions of the world. The businesses' separate time zones allow one to continue operating around the clock, even when it might be challenging for the other to do so due to the time.
  • Challenges and keeps in-house solicitors on staff - Most legal work that would otherwise be deemed burdensome and tiresome by the relevant firm is outsourced. Despite the availability of outsourcing, frequently enlisting in-house lawyers in such duties runs the risk of overloading them and eventually losing them since they may start to find the work to be very draining. On the other hand, constantly exposing employees to novel tasks may professionally challenge them and promote their development, which may be advantageous to the company.

Pricing Model in an LPO

The following lists the pricing strategies utilised by LPOs.

  • Fixed Rate Projects - A project is priced using a fixed rate in this pricing or cost approach. However, depending on the state of the market at the time, some flexibility in such prices might be allowed.
  • Projects with Variable Pricing - In this type of pricing model, the project's cost is based on the state of the market.
  • Pay per Unit Projects - As the name implies, each component or piece of a specific legal outsourcing project is priced according to a predetermined rate. Since the final cost would entirely depend on the quantity of work completed, the whole cost cannot be predicted.
  • Cost and Profit Initiatives - The company outsourcing its legal work is expected to pay additional fees under the cost-plus profit pricing model, which are determined as a fixed percentage or portion of the entire project outsourced. Therefore, in markets where technology and goals experience quick changes and developments, such a pricing strategy is not very sustainable.
  • Sharing of profit and risk - In such a price structure, the company outsourcing its legal work, the buyer, and the company providing the services collaborate as partners. As a result, they participate equally in earnings, risks, and losses and share them equally.

LPO Services Offered by Enterslice

Legal Process Outsourcing services offered by Enterslice are: 

  • Contract Management: Contract management is a process that involves numerous steps and procedures along a contract's journey from drafting to execution. The steps that basically makeup contract lifecycle management are as follows:
  • Beginning of a request
  • Contract drafting 
  • Negotiation with the opposite party
  • Obtaining the other party's approval
  • Both parties sign contracts.
  • The parties' execution of the contract
  • Renewal in the event of both parties’ legal performance

Contracts are examined and verified as part of this procedure. Checking for errors in a contract is referred to as a contract review. The contract contains errors in the language, grammar, and spelling. The practice of examining a contract’s legality is known as contract vetting. Simply put, vetting concentrates on ensuring the contract complies with the law, whereas review concentrates on grammatical errors. Lawyers must possess a thorough understanding of the law and a command of the language in order to assess and evaluate contracts.

  • Litigation Support: Even though international law firms are not permitted to practise in India, litigation support involves reviewing court records like complaints and petition appeals and extracting pertinent data as requested by the client, such as the docket number, case name, and hearing date. Foreign firms may send over case files to be reviewed for any disagreement or difficulty even though local laws or laws of the land may prevent them from practising or litigating in a certain jurisdiction.

Litigation support involves overseeing client ADR processes, writing petitions, and managing appearances. We at Enterslice have a team of experienced solicitors that will handle every aspect of the case, from filing it to determining an appropriate or beneficial resolution.

  • Conveyance Work: Property-based law companies from all over the world outsource their conveyance work to India. The firm would contact the offshore LPO to carry out necessary tasks such as title research, document inspection, and scanning. Because of this, conveyance companies all over the world outsource this task so they may concentrate on all the crucial aspects of running their companies. We are a reputable consulting company that offers conveyancing services all around the world.
  • Review and Research: Legal offshore firms would also perform services like research and review. The offshore firm may do legal research on behalf of the domestic law firm. Research in the following areas is part of our research and review services: 
  1. Research on corporate law
  2. Intellectual property and related services
  3. Services for Researching Legislative History
  4. Research and reporting on case law
  5. Research into legislative history
  6. Service for New Client Research
  7. Search for Patents
  8. Support for Litigation Discovery
  9. Legal Support with Quantitative and Qualitative Data
  • Legal Documentation support: The knowledgeable staff at Enterslice will provide complete assistance in managing all of your business's drafting and documentation requirements. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, managing all the drafting and documentation support must be difficult. According to your company's needs, our professionals will handle all of the drafting and documentation requirements.
  • Paralegal Assistance: Paralegal services manage all of the company's legal databases and documentation. Paralegals or legal administrative assistants are crucial to the success of your company. Businesses all across the world have outsourced paralegal services, looking at it professionally. We offer qualified and experienced paralegal professionals to give the best legal solutions.
  • Services in Intellectual Property: Global demand for IP services is on the rise. This term describes businesses' intellectual assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and industrial design rights. Our professionals offer comprehensive assistance for registering your trademark overseas, whether it involves a literary or musical reference. The services covered by IP include the following:
  1. Registration of trademarks
  2. Patent Registrations 
  3. Copyright Registrations
  4. Registration of Designs
  5. Registering Trade Secrets
  • Legal Research and Drafting: The legal procedure includes drafting documents, which may be time-consuming for businesses. By outsourcing this function to an expert LPO supplier, businesses can benefit from quicker turnaround times and increased accuracy with minimum effort.

Legal research does not necessitate excessive vigilance or surveillance. Legal research is one of the most frequently outsourced legal activities since it takes more time than other legal activities. Your firm may need to devote a significant amount of time and resources to legal research, drafting, and analysis. 

Why Enterslice?

You can be confident that your legal process outsourcing projects will be completed successfully with our team of knowledgeable legal professionals, cutting-edge technology infrastructure, and affordable solutions. Enterslice is dedicated to offering the best possible customer service while maintaining total client privacy.

Enterslice Track Record: A strong background of happy customers and a track record of providing great services ensure that investing in Enterslice can pay off your business well.

Enterslice Infrastructure: Enterslice is resourceful and has a solid infrastructure with new equipment and technology, an expert team, and suitable cybersecurity facilities. Strong infrastructure will make you confident enough to trust Enterslice with your data and time.

Enterslice Pricing Policy: Enterslice pricing policy includes the extra margin you need to boost your company's revenues. 

Our Reputation and Performance: Consumer Links has a proven track record of successfully completing legal process outsourcing projects. With continuous excellent comments from our clients, we have completed a variety of projects of various sizes, setting ourselves apart from other outsourcing companies.

Collaboration and Communication: According to Consumer Links, collaboration and communication are crucial elements of any successful legal outsourcing project. We work closely with our clients to guarantee that all expectations are satisfied and the expected results are obtained. Throughout the whole project, our team is on hand to assist with any queries or requests for help.

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