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Legal Process Outsourcing Solutions

 Enterslice provides various services to law firms or companies, such as Document review, legal research, drafting of legal Documents, preparing contracts, negotiation, conveyancing, registration of trademarks, patents or copyrights, design or trade secrets, and litigation-related tasks. Our team consists of experienced members of advocates, marketing, legal, and conveyancing services as an outsource partner, and it's a cost and time-effective service by our experienced teams. Enterslice provides a team of expert legal professionals to provide legal outsourcing services by delivering the best legal services that are time-consuming and provide legal help to law firms or companies. Enterslice will also provide you with potential legal concerns and the help you may need in legal areas by outsourcing hassle-free legal, due diligence services.

Brief about LPO

The process of legal outsourcing work from a law firm or company to another law firm or company situated in India or abroad is known as legal process outsourcing. It encompasses a variety of legal works and services like research, drafting, Document review or vetting, management and administration, etc. The services are provided to minimize the burden of the law firms or organizations by providing them with reasonable prices and increasing their efficiency. The bunch of experts helps the law firms or companies at a flexible time. The LPO service is provided to release the burden and help them fulfil their work on a timely basis to maintain growth and reduce risk.

Transforming Legal Services through Integration and Agility

Agile Methodologies

Applying agile methodologies to legal project management, enabling teams to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and deliver better. The in-house legal teams and law firms can benefit by applying the agile principles to legal operations to foster adaptability, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Originating from the software development world, agile has been informing and reshaping the legal industry.

Client Portals

The legal process outsourcing service providers use the client portals to secure Document sharing or maintain client confidentiality. However, there are many levels of workability and vastly differing needs among offices. Client portals are web apps that can be accessed via a secure entry point, and the purpose of these portals is to let users access content or private information that is associated with them.

Legal Project Management

Legal project management involves planning, executing, and monitoring legal projects from start to finish. It requires a combination of technical skills, law firm project management expertise, and a deep understanding of the legal entity. It is a method that law firms or LPOs use to run projects for their clients with greater productivity by academic, vocational, and professional discipline.

Enterslice Services of LPO

Legal Documents Review

The legal Document review is performed by the legal professionals working under legal outsourcing services at a reasonable cost. The Document review is to determine whether the Documents attached for the particular case are relevant to it or not. The LPO helps in thoroughly reviewing, scrutinizing or analyzing the relevancy of those Documents with the help of experienced legal professionals.

Legal Research

The service of legal research saves law firms or companies time and money; outsourced services provide legal research on laws addressing issues presented by the client to track the relevant laws or points related to the cases. Our specialized team provide a broad range of legal research services.  

Drafting of Legal Documents

The experienced teams will assist in managing all of the legal drafting and Paper works work. Legal drafting consists of the drafting of petitions, written statements, notices, contracts or agreements, policies, etc. According to the company's or law firm's needs, our legal professionals handle all the legal drafting or Paper works work.

Litigation Work

The litigation work involves reviewing court records like complaints, petitions, appeal case names, and hearing dates, so the litigation support involves petitions for plaint submission and managing appearances on behalf of their clients. The LPO provides all types of legal work a law firm deals in abstracting the relevant information, presenting the cases in the court, etc.

Benefits of LPO

Cost Effective

The cost-effectiveness is one of the most substantial benefits. LPO provides an opportunity for law firms or companies to access expertise teams at a minimal cost. This can reduce long-term expenses incurred by hiring permanent staff, such as setting up additional office space so the LPO takes care of all these works to reduce the burden of the companies or law firms.


As compared to full-time professionals recruited by law firms or companies, the LPO firms will be used as per their specific needs or requirements. The combination of external and in-house personnel allows outsourcing companies to provide their services to their clients anytime they require them, and this will allow a business to grow easily.


The Outsourcing of legal tasks helps to streamline the process, improve efficiency, and reduce time; all this is beneficial for companies that require a high volume of legal work, so the LPO helps them to get their task done effectively.


The experienced professionals in LPO provide productive work because they know their work, and they do their work diligently. The experienced professionals complete the task in a fixed time.


The LPOs use high-end technology and AI tools to streamline their work and eliminate the chances of errors, which will add to their efficiency and productivity in the task. It provides cutting-edge technology for the secure storage of critical Documents.

Focus on Operations

In outsourcing the time-consuming legal tasks, law firms or companies can focus more on core operations to maintain growth. A company or law firm's focus will shift to the main aspects of the operation when the legal functions are outsourced from the LPO.

Regulating the Ethical and Legal Implications of LPO

Client Confidentiality

When the LPO introduces the information, it cannot be only confidential to one lawyer but to the various lawyers to whom the work is outsourced. LPO firms have a relationship with the adverse parties, which may lead to exposure of the information that the client shared and jeopardize the best interest of the clients. The privileged communication and confidentiality of information are integral to a lawyer-client relationship, and the LPO cultivate trust, which is the foundation of their relationship. The growth of LPO as a model reflects the increasing corporatization of the legal profession with building the confidence of a client.  

Conflict of Interest

The principle behind avoiding conflicts of interest is to ensure a lawyer's loyalty and independent judgment concerning each client. The LPO serves numerous clients, which sometimes rival one client, so the LPO avoids sharing any client information or data with the other party. This implies that a lawyer cannot represent a client when one client is averse to another, or there is a significant risk that the lawyer's responsibilities will materially limit the representation of one client to another.


An LPO must provide a lawyer with a duty of representation for their clients. The LPO supervises the lawyers in their work and sees to it that lawyers will not practice law in violation of the regulations of the legal professions. The LPO provides proper supervision to the person to whom the work is delegated, and the lawyer must work for their client because the supervisors are accountable for their task. The legal work is outsourced, and the client and lawyer share a fiduciary relationship in the course of action, so ethical issues may be faced while working.

Difference between LPO and Offshoring

The legal process of Outsourcing states the usage of professionals to take on certain tasks like Document review, scanning, and non-substantive court appearances; on the other hand, offshoring is the process of employing cheap overseas labour to complete tasks remotely and transferring the activities or ownership of a complete business process to a different country from different countries where the company receiving the services is located.

Offshoring specifically involves the relocation of certain legal processes or functions to another country, typically one with lower labour costs. It is a subset of legal Outsourcing in which the external service provider is located in a different country. Offshoring often includes sending tasks like legal research, Document review or administrative legal works to offshore service providers.  Legal Outsourcing is a broader concept that encompasses the delegation of legal work to external providers, which can be either domestic or offshore. Offshoring, on the other hand, is a specific type of legal Outsourcing where the external service provider is situated in a different country, typically chosen for cost advantage. Both approaches aim to improve legal operations, but their focus and the location of the service provider differ.

Checklist of LPO

Company Background

It is to check the history of the legal outsourcing company experience, services provided, its history, financial stability, etc.

Quality or Certification

The firms need to check out the certification of the LPO firms, programs, metrics and guarantees in place. Companies or law firms need to check the verification of the LPOs in the market and the quality of services they have provided in the past.


It is to check the number of skills employed, training, retention programs, and hiring practices. The proficiency and educational background of the employee matter in the choice of the LPO service because skilled or trained employees or service providers help companies or law firms more diligently.

Infrastructure and Security

The utility backups, security in securing data measures, computability and connectivity disaster recovery methods are to be checked. The most important thing to look at is the data protection or client confidentiality of information.


The firms need to check the hourly rates. Fee pricing, alternative pricing structure, additional cost charges, etc., are used to move further with the LPO Services because the LPO's main advantage is cost-effectiveness.

Digital Technology

The firm needs to have an idea about the technology the LPO is using to rely on the work allocated to the LPO because access to technology reduces the burden and the chance of human error in the work.

Transforming Legal Services for a Fast-moving Digital Future

The mission is to improve the performance of law firms and leading corporations; it combines management consultancy, legal expertise, and powerful technology platforms to drive innovation, excellence, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the legal marketplace to provide good results for clients. LPOs work with law firms or companies to assess their legal system and work processes to provide the latest digital solutions to improve the speed and quality of service delivery and allocation of tasks. These transformation legal services changed the legal sector to get benefits from digital transformation in various ways, such as the cultural change in digital transformation in the legal industry has been making its way towards widespread technology adoption, and it changes the way legal operations are executed.

How does LPO help companies or firms gain a relative advantage?

The LPO services obtained by law firms or the companies from LPO firms have transcended the stringent processes and transformed into a more efficient and competent online process due to new technologies. The LPO has matured and transformed itself from being a pure labour investment play. It is now a combination of best practices, process efficiency and quality control, which uses technology at its core. LPO firms can help companies or law firms improve their productivity and efficiency by providing specialized expertise and resources that can help streamline the processes and improve workflow, which leads to fostering turnaround times, reduced errors, and improved quality of work.

How do you select a legal outsourcing service provider?

Access Risk and Confidentiality

Law firms or companies need to assess the chances of risk they can suffer from which legal outsourcing service provider and do thorough research to minimize the risks and do research about the technologies each LPO service provider is using to maintain the confidentiality of client and data protection from their services. In providing the services, the service provider leverages data analytics to gain insights into legal processes, cost management, and risk assessment, allowing for informed decision-making. These insights help law firms and legal departments make informed decisions, identify patterns, and mitigate risks. 

Budgets and Cost

The law firms or companies need to make a budget or cost plan to get their work done at a stipulated cost to maintain the profit because the primary benefit of LPO is the significant reduction in costs, and by outsourcing non-core tasks to specialized service providers, law firms or companies can minimize their overhead expenses. The LPO provides a close look at key competitors as well as pricing analysis to assist potential entrants in the industry, and it also discusses a comprehensive analysis of the business situations, which our experts will help with limited costs or budgets.

Compliance and Jurisdiction

Compliance outsourcing is an efficient solution for companies or law firms to meet complex regulatory requirements without sacrificing resources they could use to grow and innovate. The jurisdiction of the service provider is to be considered because the land of law used by the law firm or companies has to be kept in mind while providing the service.  Our team conducts compliance work for planning, reviewing Documents, testing controls, analyzing problems and their solutions and recommending corrective actions. Enterslice consists of professionals who come with deep expertise in legal services and help you maintain critical Documents or legal works on time.

Modes of pricing used by LPO

Pay per Unit

The pricing models involve a pre-decided rate for each part or section of a legal outsourcing task project. The total price will be decided as per the amount of work done by the legal outsourcing team.

Fixed Price

In such a pricing or cost model, a project is priced at a fixed rate. However, some flexibility in such prices may be permitted based on the prevailing situation of the market.

Variable Prices

Under the variable pricing model, the legal process of outsourcing projects depends on the prevailing market conditions.

Profit and Risk Sharing

In such a pricing model, the buyer or the firm that is outsourcing its legal work and the firm rendering its services work as a partner, and they share profits, risks, and losses equally and contribute the same accordingly.

Intellectual Property Law Services by LPO


Patent Outsourcing includes technical research, proofreading, drafting patent applications and patent amendments and various other services. This requires research and a professional lawyer to apply to the registrations.


This work includes copyright searches, preparation of Documents for registration, copyright monitoring and a mechanism of study and analysis for infringements of copyright cases.


This requires trademark searches, preparation of trademark applications and trademark monitoring services such as trademark registration, trademark renewals, data verification etc.

Legal Research

The service of legal research provides comprehensive needs in an effective solution that saves the cost and time of the law firms or companies; the outsource services provide legal research on laws addressing issues presented by the client to track the relevant laws.

Trends in LPO

Some of the key trends in LPO are the increased use of technology and automation, the growth of online dispute resolution for faster and more cost-effective settlement of disputes, and the emergence of new markets and service providers. The use of predictive analytics and AI tools is expected to rise more in the future as these technologies help streamline legal processes and improve efficiency. As the growth of technology is likely to become more popular, businesses are looking to outsource their legal work to outside providers at a minimal cost, and it will minimize the expense of employing full-time employees who need skills or training. Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning-powered technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning algorithms are revolutionizing LPO.

Contract Management or Negotiation by LPO

It is a process of various steps along with the drafting or execution of contracts. Our LPO service helps the client draft a contract, negotiate between the parties, and obtain approvals from both parties for the mutual execution of the contract. The contracts get examined to check for errors in a contract to maintain the legality of the contract.


Estimation of Costs

A firm can estimate the total expenses it would incur if it were to outsource its legal work by noting its operation's total percentage of costs, and the service providers should analyze this. Legal outsourcing work is mostly considered as exhausting work for the firm or the companies.

Calculations of Savings

It is pertinent for law firms or companies to estimate their expenses, followed by their savings, before signing any deal with LPOs. Such a calculation of savings can be done by contrasting the difference between the costs of getting the work done in-house or the same being carried out by outsourcing.

Estimation of Returns on Investments

Such an estimation can also be made by looking at a return on investment as the comparison of the profits. In terms of legal Outsourcing, a firm or organization needs to make sure that the market conditions are suitable for gaining profits and savings when the firms decides to outsource their legal work.

The transition from labour-intensive to labour-innovative in LPO 

The quality of legal work outsourced to India has vastly improved over the years, and now, a majority of work includes high-end services. A massive volume of electronically stored information is collected, processed and then finally reviewed by a team of LPO teams to code relevant Documents to a particular case or regulatory enquiry. With the rise in the number of cases and related Paper works, the legal world has been looking for a more cost-effective alternative. Even contract management involves managing the life cycle of the contract, which includes extensive technology and service for clients. It also involves capturing and monitoring the obligations within the contract and reporting any deviation to the client.

Digital Transformation Advisory

Enterslice provides legal automation, which is the use of software to automate the manual or routine tasks typically performed by legal professionals. Since lots of legal tasks can be automated, various technologies can be used for legal automation, from AI tools to e-discovery and Document management tools, to grow the service rapidly. Also, integrated technology can enable legal transformation, making legal services more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective, so implementing integrated legal tech solutions, Document management tools, and e-discovery platforms streamlines workflow and data access to navigate the complexities of digital transformation that lead to long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The LPO services one can provide are vast and are most commonly offered as agency work, Document review, legal research and writing, drafting, pleading and briefs, patent services, and court appearances.

This work is mainly related to the Paper works, vetting of Documents, reviewing of Documents, research, litigation works, drafting, etc.

The reason for Outsourcing may vary from changing workforce habits, new technologies, attracting new talents, or helping law firms or companies to make their workload easy in the upcoming future, as the technologies are increasing the use of AI tools, making the work easy and the most important is cost-effectiveness.

The companies or law firm needs to choose the best LPO service providers and tell them what the companies or law firms are expecting, and LPO provides the best LPO team to work with.

The quantum of legal research or hiring of an expert legal professional will cost high, so the companies or law firms prefer legal Outsourcing to minimize the risk, and the use of technology mitigates the risk.

The benefits are lower costs, increased efficiency, variable capacity, increased focus, success with skills or resources, increased flexibility to meet changing businesses, and the use of technology to mitigate the risk of maintaining a rapid increase in the work or sustaining growth.

Outsourcing is a long-term arrangement with five to five-year terms.

Yes, the impact of outsourcing in India on production has been low but higher than that of any other outsourcing destination in an ever-changing global market.

Companies or law firms gain company profits because they generally decide to save their money to minimize expenses, and Outsourcing helps them avoid extra expenses or cut some costs.

The four stages of Outsourcing are strategic thinking, evaluation and selection, contract development and outsourcing management or governance.

Legal Outsourcing refers to the practice of a law firm or corporation obtaining legal support services from an outside law firm or legal support service company.

Assessment is the first step because the company or law firms require the outsourcing service to do a thorough assessment of their sourcing needs.

The first legal firms to have conducted legal Outsourcing in India were Bickel and Brewer.

The last stage of Outsourcing is repatriation, which involves the transfer of resources or responsibilities back to the original companies.

Yes, the LPO is cost-effective and time-consuming.

Yes, LPOs use the latest technologies to provide work, such as AI tools or automation tools for drafting Documents, vetting, etc.

The steps are planning, data collection, data analysis and report finalization.

Yes, LPO provides global reach and operates across different time zones; this global reach is an advantage for the task and requires continuous monitoring.

Yes, LPO provides data security and client confidentiality for the smooth functioning of companies or law firms.

Yes, LPO helps cut expenses to maintain profits and sustain growth.

The various types are:

·        Corporate Governance

·        E-discovery

·        Contract Review and Due diligence

·        Intellectual Property Law

·        Corporate and Business Law

·        Regulatory compliance

The full form of LPO is Legal Process Outsourcing.

The checklist of LPO contains such as service provider background, cost, employees, registration, technology, etc.

Yes, the LPO supervise the company or law firms or guides them for future shortcomings.

Yes, LPOs provide reliability because they use technologies of skilled expert professionals to maintain reliability in their work. 


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