Accounts Receivable Services

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Accounts Receivable Services

Accounts receivable services help organizations effectively and effortlessly deal with essential finance functions that will generate and impact the cash flow in the organization. Healthy cash flow in the organization is crucial for marinating a strong and high-spirited business. Accounts receivable services make it possible to have quicker payments in the organization. To meet the need for cash flow, an organization must have an effective accounts receivables process, which ensures that the company will receive payments in a specific time. Further, it enhances their collection rates and ensures faster invoice processing, which will increase the cash flow.

Accounts receivables immensely affect the organization's cash flow activities and can debilitate the company's finances if it is not done properly. On the other hand, strong account receivables can help organizations produce better incomes. Outsourcing accounts receivable services to a team of experts can bring unexpected successful results.

Advantages of Accounts Receivable Services

Availing the accounts receivable services serves you advantageously and saves money, time and resources. However, working on accounting receivables in-house without an expert team can lower your profits and involve more work. Accounts Receivables Services can prove fruitful to your organization in the following ways:

  1. Upgrade your Accounts Receivable Process

    A contract is an agreement of binding rights and duties between the parties engaging in a contract. A contract can be drafted by an individual or sometimes, if recommended by a lawyer, as the terms and conditions are first reviewed before binding.

    All mobile and electronic transfers are taken care of properly, so your presence is not required when processing the payment. Additionally, few payment choices allow your clients to pick a suitable method of payment and pay before the due date. Thereby improving the income of the organization.

  2. Reduce Time and Cost

    Working such a service in-house is time-consuming and tedious. One may need to invest time and money in forming an accounts receivable department, hiring staff and on infrastructure. However, when you outsource AR services, you must pay for the services you have employed them. So, with outsourcing, you can spare your time and cost.

  3. Let you Concentrate on your Core Business Operations.

    By delegating your accounts services to an external team, you can concentrate on crucial business tasks so they can grow and expand. The outsourced service provider tracks all those people who often make delayed payments. AR service providers work with you and give you ample time to grow and build your organization to its utmost potential.

  4. Effective Customer’s Screening

    The service provider has mastery of accounts and is better positioned to create clear credit policies and inspect the credit value of numerous customers. They have skills to figure out from the few customers who have a good credit history record and, hence, can pay back before the deadline. Such ability helps you save cash for quite a while.

  5. Faster Collections

    The more deferments you make in gathering the overdue amount, the lesser the amount your organization will recover. The more delays you make in your accounts, the more money you lose, which will directly affect your cash flow.

Steps involved in the process of Account Receivable Services

The steps involved with account receivable services may differ based on the size of the firms. On one side, bigger firms have bigger incomes. As a result, they don't have to think before investing in profoundly skilled IT and credit management systems.

In contrast, small firms have constrained assets, and therefore, they are unable to put such a great amount into recruiting, so they outsource to spare time and cost.

  1. Establish Credit Practices

    The organization needs to make a credit application process. Observing the applicant's creditworthiness will determine whether to offer goods on credit or not. It is up to the organization to decide the offering to credit to single customers or other businesses. Further, the organization builds fewer terms and conditions for credit deals conforming to Federal laws using a loan. Further, the Document must mention the prerequisites and commitments of the customers.

  2. Invoicing and Billing for Customers

    On acquisition of specific products or services, the client receives a Document known as a receipt. The receipt comprises data such as the expense of items or services rendered, transaction details and the payment date.

    Every invoice has its own unique invoice number so that it can be tracked easily. Invoices can be issued as per the customer's choice, either physically or electronically. However, companies mostly prefer electronic invoices as it is cost-effective and convenient.

  3. Monitor accounts receivable

    After you have finished invoicing, the next step is to track accounts receivable with the assistance of the Accounts Receivables Officer. The officer scrutinizes the payment deposited in the supplier's bank account, puts it into AR systems and allocates it to an invoice.

    The officer is accountable for reconciling the AR ledger to ensure that payments are posted properly. Further, monthly statements are issued to clients, which provides customer's information about the amounts owed.

  4. Accounting for Account Receivables

    The Collection Officer decides the due date for payments of bad and unpaid debts. When the official inspects the unpaid debts, the accounts department makes journal entries to record the deals. Moreover, the accounts department is at the risk of confirming discounts made on early discounts.

What is Invoicing and Billing?

The cash flow accuracy depends upon the time and executives and precise billing given to the client. An Invoice is a list of items and services you provide to the client or customer, and it contains the costs they owe to your business.

End-to-End Accounts Receivable Service from Enterslice

  1. Sales Order Processing
  2. Invoicing and billing
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Payment Follow-ups
  5. Invoice receipt verification
  6. Invoice reconciliation with payments
  7. Monthly Open Balance Statements to Customers
  8. Debtor Aging Report Preparation and Processing
  9. Customer reconciliation
  10. Credit Memo Processing
  11. Credit control tools with continuous monitoring
  12. Customer help desk
  13. CST C-forms/GST Form collection
  14. Dispute/Chargeback management
  15. Bad debts/Delinquency Management
  16. Recovery Suits handling

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts receivable services are services that assist a company to seamlessly deal with their financial matters, such as accounting, which helps in easy generation and cash flow in the company.

The 4 functions of accounts receivables are:

  • Effective Communication
  • Innovative Technology
  • Customized Process
  • Customized reports and dashboard

The 4 functions of accounts receivables are:

  • Effective Communication
  • Innovative Technology
  • Customized Process
  • Customized reports and dashboard

Accounts payable service is the short-term debt payment that needs to be paid to avoid default.

Account receivables are divided into three types: trade or account receivables, notes and other receivables.

The two major types of receivables are Account Receivables and notes receivables.

Yes, accounts receivable is a customer service.

The benefits of opting for Enterslice for accounting receivable services are as follows:

  • Professional Support
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Highly Integrated IT Team
  • Competent Team of Lawyers, CAs, Cost Accountants, CSs, and CPAs
  • All-inclusive solution for our clients

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