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Corporate Valuation Services in IBC

The valuing of corporate assets within the framework of the Valuation under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, is important for the insolvency resolution process for corporate persons. It plays a significant role in determining a fair assessment of a company's assets to ensure transparent and equal distribution among creditors in insolvency proceedings. The IBC requires a systematic and thorough approach to evaluate corporate assets, encompassing tangible and intangible assets, securities or financial assets, liabilities and potential future earnings. Enterslice corporate valuation services in IBC are an excellent provider of specialist services for IBC's business asset value, giving a thorough analysis of the financial environment. Our knowledgeable staff uses globally accepted valuation techniques to guarantee accuracy and consistency in the evaluation procedure. We expertly negotiate the complexity of corporate Valuation, from tangible assets like land and buildings, plant and machinery to intangible assets like intellectual property and brand value. Our approach, which complies with IBC laws, considers the market valuation in India, possible future cash flows, and the industry context of the vast range of assets held by corporations. In addition to receiving a thorough evaluation of their company's financial situation, clients who select Enterslice for corporate assets valuation under IBC also gain strategic insights that help them make well-informed decisions during the resolution process. Our goal is to provide companies facing bankruptcy with solid and convincing appraisals so that they can be effectively and fairly resolved in compliance with the requirements of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Code.

IBC Valuation services by Enterslice

Enterslice is at the forefront of providing specialized valuation services tailored to the stringent requirements of the IBC, 2016. Our expertise lies in navigating the intricate landscape of corporate valuation services in IBC to provide the solution to the requirements of the IBC, 2016, and ensure transparency and compliance under IBC regulation.

Advisory on Valuation

Our IBC valuation services provide extensive experience in valuation and the professional judgement of the valuer who ascertains the right valuation. Our experts provide quality services and, with the application of our minimum performance framework, conduct thorough analyses to assess the value of the business. We offer valuation services to evaluate the optimum value of businesses in various areas, such as business valuation, merger and acquisition Valuation, regulatory Valuation, financial reporting Valuation, etc., to provide ethical and high-quality assessment value.

Inclusive Valuation services

Our experts provide IBC Valuation services as per IBC to provide a full range of valuation services that address different topics, including the assessment of company assets and determining the current market value. Our skilled staff uses internationally accepted valuation techniques to deliver precise evaluations that withstand close examination during the settlement procedure.

Strategic Approach

We use a strategic approach to Valuation because we recognize the changing nature of insolvency procedures. Whether evaluating real assets, intangible assets, or the whole enterprise value, our processes are made to comply with IBC regulations, guaranteeing a strong and convincing framework for the assessment.

Legal Compliance with IBC Regulations

Our IBC Valuation services are provided to focus on compliance. We make sure that our valuation procedures comply with regulatory requirements as we traverse the IBC's legal terrain. This dedication not only helps to ensure that our assessments are trustworthy but also makes it easier for our valuation reports to fit in with the resolution framework.

Sector Specific Knowledge

Our experts provide IBC Valuation services in every different industry, our IBC valuation services are customized for certain industries. We take into account sector specific factors, market conditions, and industry dynamics to deliver a precise and nuanced value that captures the distinctive qualities of every company.

Client Centric Approach

Our IBC Valuation Services by experts' client-centric approach entails close cooperation, open communication, and a dedication to providing value that goes above and beyond expectations. Our goal is to provide companies facing bankruptcy with information that helps them make wise decisions.

How do IBC valuation services play a crucial role in the Valuation as per the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code?

IBC Valuation services as per the IBC, 2013 plays an important role in the entire resolution process. The valuation process is instrumental in determining the fair and equal distribution of assets among creditors during insolvency proceedings. Below are detailed descriptions of IBC valuation services' important areas

Equal Distribution by Valuation of the Assets

IBC mandates that assets be distributed in a fair and equal manner among creditors. IBC valuation services help in accurately assessing the value of various assets and ensure the distribution is proportionate to the claims of creditors.

Financial Information

IBC valuation services provide a transparent evaluation of the financial health of a company, and this information is important for all stakeholders, including creditors, to make informed decisions in the resolution process.

Maximize Recovery of Assets

Our IBC valuation services determine the fair market value of assets or the current market value of property. Our experts assist in the maximisation of the value or the recovery for creditors. It is important in cases of insolvency where the goal is to optimize returns in the case of financial distress.

Legal Compliance

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, of 2016 places specific obligations on every valuation process to ensure fairness. Our IBC valuation services assist in meeting legal requirements and preventing disputes and challenges related to legal issues in the resolution process.

Protecting of Shareholders Interest

Our experts provide a clear picture of the financial situation, and our IBC valuation services contribute to protecting the interest of all the shareholders, creditors, employees, etc., involved in the insolvency proceedings.

Importance of Corporate Valuation Services in IBC

Corporate valuation services in IBC are important by covering the diverse areas of insolvency proceedings in valuation. Below are several key objectives highlighting the importance of corporate valuation services in IBC

Informed Decision Making

The corporate valuation services in IBC provide decision-making with a clear understanding of the financial health of the company as per the requirements. Whether it's management considering strategic initiatives or investors evaluating opportunities, it is crucial for making informed decisions, so our experts assist in analyzing the information and making informed decisions.

Merger and Acquisition

In Mergers and Acquisitions, accurate Valuation is important to determine the fair value of the target company. Our experts perform negotiations, ensure a fair deal for all the parties involved, and help identify potential risks.

Insolvency Proceedings

At times of financial distress, accurate corporate valuation determines the fair value of the assets and facilitates the resolution process in compliance with insolvency and bankruptcy laws.

Tax Planning

The corporate valuation services in IBC are important for tax planning purposes, including estate planning, gift tax consideration and determining the tax implications of various transactions because an accurate valuation helps in minimizing the tax liabilities, and our experts ensure compliance with tax regulation.

Financial Risk Management

Our experts have expertise in assessing the value of assets and liabilities, which helps companies to manage financial risks more effectively and allows for the identification of potential areas of concern and the development of risk mitigation strategies.

Valuation under IBC, SEBI & Company Law by Registered Valuers

Our experts provide the IBC valuation services as per the regulations made. The Valuation by registered valuers under the IBC holds importance under various regulatory frameworks, including the IBC, SEBI and Company laws. The overview of the key aspects is related to the Valuation by registered valuers can do Valuation under these regulations and get the Valuation done

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code

The IBC mandates the use of registered valuers to conduct any valuation and the calculation of assets, securities and liabilities during the insolvency resolution process because the valuers play a crucial role in determining the fair value of assets, which is important for the equal distribution among creditors. The valuers need to be registered with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) or valuers registered with the IBBI.

Securities and Exchange Board of India

SEBI regulation required Valuation for various purposes such as merger and acquisition, preferential issues and delisting of securities. The registered valuers contribute to fair and transparent market practices and protect the interests of investors.

Company Law

Company law in India emphasizes the need for Valuation in various aspects, such as determining the fair value of shares, assets or business during mergers and acquisitions. The valuations are important for maintaining transparency and fairness in corporate transactions.

Provisions about the IBC Valuation Services for Valuation Report

As per the Companies Act 2013, valuation reports are required from registered valuers. As per the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, there are a few provisions related to Valuation explained below

  • Section 59(3)(b)(ii) of the IBC Code, 2016 states that in the case of voluntary liquidation of corporate persons or when there is a proposal to wind up the company has passed, then the declaration of insolvency must be conveyed with a valuation report issued by a registered valuer.
  • Section 56(2) of the IBC, 2016 states that the Adjudicating Authority need an expert to prepare a valuation report. So, our experts assist in preparing the valuation report to present to the Adjudicating Authority.
  • Regulation 27 r/w regulation 35 of the IBBI states that the insolvency professional, within seven days of the appointment, must appoint two registered valuers to determine the fair value for the liquidation process.
  • Regulation 26 of the IBBI states that the resolution professionals must appoint and register a valuer within seven days of their appointment to determine the fair value of the corporate debtor.
  • Regulation 34 of the IBBI states that a registered valuer must submit a valuation report to the resolution professionals.

Different Aspects Covered in Valuation Services

The IBC valuation services cover broad aspects of various industries, and the purpose of Valuation is to determine the economic value of assets, liabilities, businesses or investments. Below are the different key aspects covered in valuation services

Business Valuation

Our experts determine the overall value of a business entity and consider the operations, assets, liabilities, and potential for future earnings.

Asset Valuation

Our experts value physical assets is a key factor such as property, machinery, and equipment and also non-physical assets like intellectual property etc., for the valuation process.

Financial Instruments Valuation

Our experts assess the value of financial instruments such as securities and derivation for the Valuation.

Merger and Acquisition Valuation

Our experts assess the value of the company while considering acquisition and evaluate potential synergies that may arise from a merger and acquisition.

Process of Valuation by Our IBC Valuation Services

The process of Valuation under the IBC, 2016 in India involves several steps such as

Appointment of Valuer

The resolution professionals appoint registered valuers per the regulation of IBBI or IBBI registered. Our experts are registered as valuers as per the required regulation to provide IBC Valuation services.

Data Collection

Our experts gather relevant information about the corporate debtors, their operation financial statements, assets, liabilities etc. We also conduct due diligence to ensure that the collected information is accurate in the valuation process.

Selection of Valuation Approach

Our experts assist in choosing the valuation approach and methods based on the nature of the assets and liabilities, such as the income approach, market approach, and methods, including cash flow etc.

Determination of Fair Value

Our experts determine the fair value and liquidation value of assets and liabilities of the corporate debtor because the fair value represents the estimated prices.

Preparation of Value Report

Our experts prepare a detailed valuation report including a description of the valuation process. The valuation report is submitted to the resolution professional and the committee of creditors. The final valuation report is prepared, and the final valuation is sent to the resolution professional.

Highlights of the technology used in IBC Valuation services

The IBC Valuation services by our experts use advanced technology to enhance the efficiency, accuracy and transparency in the valuation process. Our experts highlight the utilizations of valuation software to conduct comprehensive analysis of diverse assets and liabilities. Our experts use cloud-based solutions and facilitate a seamless collaborative resolution process. Our experts use machine algorithms and artificial intelligence to refine the valuation models for the valuation process. Our experts use these technologies to assist in data interpretation, trend analysis and prediction of future market movements to contribute to the valuation factors. Our expert's commitment to transparency is underscored by the use of advanced reporting tools. The integration of technology in the dynamic landscape of insolvency proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IBC valuation services play an important role in assisting the stakeholders and creditors to make informed decisions related to the valuation process.

The IBC valuation process involves appointing registered valuers, and due diligence. Selecting a valuation approach to determine fair and liquidation values to prepare a valuation report.

The corporate valuation services in IBC cover a wide range of assets including tangible and intangible and various liabilities, financial instruments etc., to ensure thorough evaluation in the valuation services.

The technology provided by our experts in the IBC valuation services uses advanced software, analytical tools, cloud-based solutions and machine learning to expedite the valuation process.

The liquidation value is the most conservative valuation approach, it refers to the worth of a company when the assets are sold as per the Valuation of assets under IBC.

The proper Valuation of a company is an important part of the business, the valuation process includes decision-making, fair value determination of value, a resolution plan, compliance etc., to prevent the undervaluation of assets.

The qualification required for conducting Valuation is that a person needs to have eight years of work experience in the field of Valuation and also be registered as per the regulations mentioned in the laws.

The reason for Valuation for performing the merger and acquisition, strategic planning for Valuation, capital financing, and securities investment.

The framework of IBC is the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.

The following key steps for the Valuation are

  • Identify the purpose
  • Choosing of Valuation Method
  • Application of Methods
  • Communication
  • Review of the process

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