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Prologue about Information System Audit Services

Our information system audit services examine the management control of information technology infrastructures. Enterslice experts analyze the collected evidence for the information systems audit to protect resources, reserve data integrity, and perform proficiently to meet the aims and objectives of the businesses. Our professionals perform evaluations that are to be carried out with an internal audit, a financial statement audit, or another type of confirmation engagement. Our information system audit services' main objective is to assess the system's internal control and efficiency of the business's operations, which also covers development procedures, governance of information technology, efficiency and security policies, etc. Businesses need to ensure whether the controls are set up correctly or not or if there has been a security breach. Our team of experts analyze the issues to provide customized solutions. Our professionals conduct an information systems audit to review the information systems, including their inputs, outputs, and processing within the businesses. Our information system audit services' main focus is to safeguard the data of the businesses and assets.

Objective of Information System Audit Services

The main scope of information system audit services is to determine the need to conduct an information system audit. Our main focus is to safeguard the data’s integrity and security or the transfer of financial data across software. Our information system audit services' main aim is to utilize technology-assisted auditing tools and procedures, apply risk-oriented audit approaches, use national or international values, recognize business roles and expectations while evaluating systems in development, adhere to compliance requirements and address information technology security. An information systems audit service ensures that a business's usage of the technologies efforts adheres to all legal requirements and regulations. The scope of an information systems audit service includes all information systems assets and processes that are used by businesses. The information assets include databases, backup guidelines, continuity plans, etc., and the software assets include operating systems, application software, development tools and environment, monitoring utilities, etc. An information systems audit service looks for signs that any process or asset within the system is not compromised in terms of confidentiality, integrity, or availability.

Enterslice’s Services of Information System Audit Services

Enterslice provides enterprises with a variety of information system auditing services. The following are some of the main services they could offer

Information System Audit

Enterslice performs thorough information system audits of business information to evaluate security, efficiency, and adherence to applicable laws and regulations.

Risk Assessment

Our experts assist businesses in identifying potential risks related to information systems, and our experts assist in creating plans to successfully reduce those risks. Our specialists identify and establish a process for preventing, detecting, and analyzing risk to mitigate it through a strategic management plan and responding to information security incidents promptly. Enterslice also assists in developing a cyber crisis management plan to focus on and detect cyber threats.

Legal Compliance

Enterslice offers information system audit services to ensure that business information systems abide by the laws, rules and regulations. Our specialists ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by implementing measures as stated by the Reserve Bank of India, such as audit track and reporting, public key infrastructure, etc., and conduct a training program in the businesses to enhance awareness.

Security Assessment

Our professionals identify the issues in the business information system to provide the solution to improve security by carrying out the proper security tests. Enterslice provides information system audit services for businesses to perform a security assessment to obtain an understanding of cyber threats and the effectiveness of existing security control assessments to identify and assess the risk of cyber security to protect the businesses.

Protection and Data Privacy

Our information system audit services assist businesses in applying measures to protect sensitive information and ensure regulatory compliance with data protection laws or cyber laws. Enterslice helps businesses to develop response plans to mitigate the impact of cybersecurity incidents.


Our information system audit services offer audit reports and documents of audit findings of information systems and plan to help businesses improve their information system, security and compliance. Our specialists assist in promptly reporting security incidents to businesses to report further and take preventive measures, and we also ensure reporting mechanisms to cover internal and external authorities while conducting auditing.

Types of Information System Audit

The information system audit is differentiated into various types, and some common types of information systems audits are given below

Compliance Audits

Our cybersecurity compliance audit services' main focus is on ensuring the information systems maintain compliance with the laws, regulations, rules and policies. Our specialists ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by implementing measures as stated by the regulatory authorities, such as audit tracking and reporting, data protection, public key infrastructure, etc., and conducting a training program in the businesses to enhance cyber awareness.

Security Audit

Our cybersecurity compliance audit is performed to evaluate the efficiency of security controls and implement actions to protect the business's information system from unlawful access, breach of data and cyber threats. This also includes an assessment of network security, access controls, protections from malware, etc.

Assessment of Risk & Management Audit

Our Cybersecurity Compliance Audit services are performed to assess the management of risk related to information systems by performing analysis, identifying the risk, mitigating the risk, and monitoring. Our specialists focus on identifying and focusing on the risk for the improvements.

Operational Audit

Our Cybersecurity Compliance Audit services help in examining the operational process related to the use and management of information systems, which includes IT services, management, backup, etc.

Financial Audit

Our Cybersecurity Compliance Audit services help in the evaluation of the financial controls and transactions processed through the business's financial system. Our main focus is to maintain the accuracy and integrity of financial data with compliance and regulatory requirements.

Performance Audit

Our cyber security and compliance audit services assess the performance and efficiency of information systems to support business objectives and operations. Our service includes the audit of system performance, reliability, planning and utilization of resources.

Cyber Security Audit

Our information system audit services focus on assessing the business's security in cyber, having the ability to prevent, detect and recover from cyber threats. Enterslice provides Cybersecurity compliance Audits for businesses to perform a risk assessment to obtain an understanding of cyber threats and the effectiveness of existing security controls assessment to identify and assess the risk of cyber security to protect businesses.

Benefits of Information System Audit Services

The information system audit services offer various benefits to safeguard information, ensure regulation and enhance overall operational flexibility. Below are some of the key benefits for the business by providing Information system audit services to businesses in different ways such as

Security Improvement

Our specialists offer services to find challenges and weaknesses in the information system and assist businesses in improving security measures and reducing the risk of data breaches, cyber threats, and unlawful access to business information.

Ensure Compliance

Our information system audit services help businesses comply with laws, regulations and rules related to information security or data protection to help the business by preventing legal actions and penalties.

Performance Enhancement

Our information system audit services evaluate the efficiency of information systems and identify areas for improvement, which will lead to increased productivity, streamlined processes and overall performance.

Safety of Data

The Information System Audit services help businesses protect sensitive data by implementing security controls and measures on data protection to safeguard the information from illegal access, theft, or breach.

Cost Effective

Our information system audit services help identify and address security challenges, weaknesses, and gaps through audits to help businesses avoid costly legal disputes, reputation damage, and data breaches.

Process of Cybersecurity Compliance Audits

The process of conducting an information system audit for a business involves various key steps in Cybersecurity Compliance Audits.


Our Cybersecurity Compliance Audit services hold the objective of the audit, such as the size of the business, regulatory requirements, etc. Our experts establish a plan to prevent the information system from facing a breach of the data.

Risk Evaluation

Our specialists identify potential risks and threats to the business information system, including risks in cyber security, compliance, operational and strategic. Our specialists analyze the potential risk which will impact the business's objectives and assess the effectiveness of existing controls in risk mitigation.

Review of Documents

Our specialist reviews the documents, policies, procedures, and control frameworks related to information security, data protection, and legal compliance. Our Cybersecurity Compliance Audit evaluates the documents to address the risks and requirements of the business.


Our Cybersecurity Compliance Audit is performed to test information systems, including technology control, physical security measures, and operations. Our specialists use various technologies to identify the weaknesses related to information systems and help assess the effectiveness of security controls, measures of data protection, etc.


Our specialists collect data and evidence to support the Cybersecurity Compliance Audit findings, including system logs, settings, reports, etc., to analyze the collected data and perform data analysis tools and techniques to identify potential data breaches, unauthorized activities and non-compliance disputes.


Our Cybersecurity Compliance Audit services are performed to prepare a detailed audit report on the findings by audits and observations and communicate the findings or plans to stakeholders, senior management, board, etc., and provide clear suggestions for addressing the identified issues and improving the information system security and compliance.

Checklist for Conducting Information System Audit Services

The checklist for conducting the information system audit services is given below

  • Planning and Preparation of Information System Audit
  • Obtaining necessary approvals from stakeholders and members of the businesses.
  • Review of Previous Audit Report
  • Assess documents related to security controls
  • Verification of compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Evaluation of Information Technology Governance Practices
  • Identification of Risk of Information Security
  • Assessment of the process of risk management
  • Access controls for the system and data of the businesses
  • Evaluation of the Network Security Controls
  • Verification of legal compliance
  • Testing of the Challenges and weaknesses related to information system
  • Reviewing of Data Backups and process of recovery
  • Assessment of the third-party security controls and practices
  • Assessment of Security awareness of policies
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of Phishing awareness
  • Preparation of audit report
  • Communication with the stakeholders and other key members of the businesses
  • Monitoring and tracking of the implementation of the audit planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

An accounting information system is a structure that a business uses to collect, manage, and report its financial data, which is to be used by the accountant, chief financial officers, auditor, etc., to improve the financial performance of the business.

The information system audit's main goal is to identify the inefficiencies, compliance risk assessment, and outline corrective actions to prevent the business from cyber threats.

The principles of auditing are independence, objectivity, professionalism, improvement, competence, confidentiality, and professionalism, which are to be followed while performing audits in the businesses.

The following steps involved in conducting a Cybersecurity Compliance Audit are to determine the scope. Identify threats and plan response.

It is conducted by the internal information technology teams or external third-party organizations.

The information system audit is performed regularly or on an annual basis to protect businesses from cyber-attacks or threats.

The Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency is controlled by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The cybersecurity audit process checks for weaknesses, security controls or risks related to information systems in the business.

A compliance audit is a review of business procedures and operations to focus on internal rules, regulations, policies, and decision compliance with the regulatory requirement.

The thorough examination of a business information technology infrastructure is a system audit or information system audit.

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