Leadership Management

Leadership Management

Management of employees in an organization is one of the critical factors which help the organization grow. Managing employees is not enough, but driving them to reach the goals of the company is required. This can only be achieved through effective leadership management. Leadership will automatically empower the workforce to perform better. Apart from this, when a department has leadership management, then organizational development will follow. Organizational development is achieved as a result of efficient leadership. Hence a company requires effective leadership and management.

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  • Advice on the Development of Leadership Management.
  • Development of Organizational Culture.
  • Current Workforce development.
  • Identifying Skill Shortage.
  • Upskilling Management.
Leadership Management

What is Leadership Management and Organizational Development?

Leadership is understood as the ability of an individual to implement strategies to fulfill the organization's goals and objectives. In contrast, management deals with the ability to assign and manage tasks of a group. Leadership Management is a crucial skill required by all organizations to achieve desired outcomes. This is especially crucial during a crisis scenario. Employees in a particular department would want the guidance of a leader. Organizational development is the process in which the organization adopts different strategies to become more competitive. Leadership Management and organizational development are driving factors that make an organization achieve its objectives. Organizational development would focus more on the fact of implementing new strategies throughout the framework of the organization. For example, an organization implementing a digital framework in its interface is an example of organizational development. However, leadership management is using effective ways to train employees on the organization's digital frameworks.

Overview of Leadership Management and Organizational Development

According to a survey conducted on different organizations, leadership is the main element for effective skill development. Without leadership, skills cannot be developed in employees. The survey suggested that upskilling is one of the main objectives which allows the organization to develop effectively. Upskilling is the process where employees learn new skills to manage the organization and involve adaptability. If an organization is adaptable, then it has a prospect to reach new outcomes.

Hence leadership management is not just to deal with being an effective leader but also deals with adaptability. Organizations around the world should recruit talent based on the circumstances where a leader can adapt.

Strategic leadership Management

Strategic leadership management is the ability to adapt quickly to change. This skill is useful for managers and leaders to effectually deal with risky scenarios. Strategic leaders are the ones who can face all challenges and come out of the situation. Organizations are willing to recruit and develop the skills of employees who have core abilities of strategic leadership.

For example, Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the working environment throughout the world. Central Banks across the globe have introduced liquidity policies to address the pandemic situation. Similarly, organizations have allowed the workforce to work from home remotely. Organizations want the workforce to improve their skills to handle such situations. In the above scenario, cargo companies and airline companies have taken a blow in their revenues. Strategic leadership is the ability of a leader to adapt according to the changing circumstances.

Another case study of strategic leadership is open banking, AI, and other software applications to provide seamless service to its customers. There has to be robust leadership in delivering such services to customers. Employees have to be trained on the application use age. Without this, there can be no form of organizational development. Leadership is also about managing different forms of diversity levels in an organization.

Types of Leadership Management Styles

Every organization would have managers to lead the organization to achieve development. Through leadership, organizational development can be achieved. An organization can use different forms of leadership styles.

Types of Leadership Management Styles
  • Transactional Based Leadership

Transactional based leadership is a situation where the process is dependent on rewards and benefits. If an individual does not perform a particular task, there would also be penalties. This leadership based approach is direct, and there will not be any form of confusion in the performance of tasks by an employee.

  • Transformation Based Leadership

Transformation based leadership style is the ability of a leader to change according to the changing circumstances. In this form of leadership, the leader or manager develops skills and implements the same across the team. This type of leadership style concentrates more on the motivational aspect of employees performing their separate tasks ,learning and developing core skills, which will help in organizational development.

  • Authoritative Leadership

The meaning of authoritative leadership is based on the principle of the boss and employee relationship. Leaders under this form of leadership only appreciate individuals who grow according to their superiors. The status of the boss and employee is portrayed in this form of leadership style. Similar mindsets between superiors and subordinates would benefit from this form of leadership style. More trust and confidence is developed in this form of leadership between the boss and the subordinates.

  • Democratic Leadership

Democratic leadership is purely based on the principle of running the whole organization or a specific project like a country. In this form of leadership, the active participation of all employees and teams can be witnessed. When group work is considered, discussions of all employees and contributions are taken into consideration. Teamwork and collaboration is a benefit of this form of leadership style. Through effective teamwork, organizational development can be achieved.

  • Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership is something like a transformative type of leadership. In strategic leadership, a strategy is followed by the leader in achieving all forms of goals and objectives of the business. However, the leader is open to the development of innovation. Through this form of leadership, adaptability is invoked within the organization. Using this form of leadership process allows the whole team to adapt according to the changing circumstances. The main benefit of this form of leadership is that, there is a particular form of the strategy behind the project's development. If changing conditions affect a specific strategy, the leader will implement and adapt according to the changes.

Factors that affect Leadership Management and Organizational Development

Leadership Management and Organizational Development are affected by the following factors:

  • Emerging Technologies

Nowadays, many organizations worldwide use different forms of emerging technologies such as AI, Machine Learning Analytics, and Big Data. The use of technology has its benefits. However, the leadership skills adopted by the organization would be one of the main factors in deciding the evolution of an organization. If an organization has leaders who upskill work, learn to adapt and innovate, then emerging technologies can be integrated within the organizational framework. However, if the organization's leadership styles are based on traditional factors, then it would be difficult for an organization to adapt according to the changing circumstances.

  • Changing Environment

The changes that occur in the environment play a significant factor in the type of leadership management. For example, leadership qualities and skills are required by an organization at all times. This is especially when the organization faces global pandemic situations such as Covid-19. Organizations need workforces that can transform and adapt to take the risks which are present in the environment. Without adaptability, an organization cannot sustain the rapid changes. For example, digital banking services have become the new normal for customers due to social distancing measures.  Banks have to evolve their leadership strategies based on changing environments.

  • Diversity Maintenance

An organization bringing in different leaders should ensure that diversity is maintained across all levels. A global organization would have a code of conduct for maintaining diversity across the levels of the organization. Diversity includes race, gender, ethnic status, disability, and other factors. Organizational development is also based on diversity factors. Promoting diversity in a global organization is the starting point of improving leadership management and organizational development in the long run.

  • Self Awareness and Constant Development

Commercial Awareness is an essential skill in leadership management. Through commercial awareness, the leader will understand the developments in the market. Through developments, innovation can be achieved by a leader. Knowledge will lead to organizational development. Commercial awareness will allow the leader to develop and analyze factors that determine the organization's growth in the long run.

  • Building some form of Self Induced Environment

Through this form of factor, the leader will have the time and understanding that there are several issues in the form of a strategy adopted by the organization. An action plan can be devised on the form of the strategy used by the leader in such circumstances. The issues in organizational development can be mitigated by using an effective strategy.

Offerings of Enterslice on Leadership Management

To have effectual leadership management and organizational development, the company has to devise a particular strategy. This strategy would consist of the following:

  • Securing Right Talent

Any form of entity would want to recruit suitable talent. Talent must be matched according to the needs of the organization's goals and objectives. However, an organization must ask themselves important questions on the forms of talent available in the market. Whether it suits the requirements of the organization? Based on this, the organization must act. At Enterslice, we ensure to offer you the correct strategy, which can be adopted based on your goals and objectives.

  • Choosing Leadership Strategies

Transforming the business requires a certain amount of leadership. Investing in the right form of leadership strategies can affect the transformation of the business. Leadership abilities are not just dependant on management factors. Other factors are also taken into consideration for leadership management. Organizational Development is based on leadership strategies. Apart from this, the size of the business, adaptability, and scalability options of the leaders also influence the strategy which affects the organization. At Enterslice, we ensure to tailor specific leadership strategies to the goals and objectives followed by your organization.

  • Understanding Capabilities

Sustainable business development can only be achieved when an organization matches, different capabilities of individuals. The skill sets in practice will only prove the capabilities of the individuals. Hence, organizational development can only be achieved if an organization develops a strategy to understand the capabilities of the workforce. Our professionals will ensure that the right talent is hired as per your business needs.

  • Benefits and Motivation

Employees tend to perform better if proper benefits and compensation are provided. Apart from this motivation across the organization helps in organizational development. Motivational strategies that are developed in the organization will help to produce individuals with effective leadership skills. Hence proper benefits encourage employees to put in more effort.  Our consultants will provide advice on leadership strategies which help in developing motivation throughout the organization.

Enterslice Advantage

  • We ensure to provide seamless services on leadership and organizational development.
  • Experts at Enterslice have the prime motive of adding value to your organization.
  • We ensure a smooth transition of leadership strategies within your business framework.
  • We have multifaceted teams of professionals comprising of Chartered Accountants, Business Executives, Legal Executives, and IT professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Developing a different form of strategy for leadership is known as leadership management. This form of management would be dependent on the type of functions carried out by the department.

Yes, effective leadership is one of the key drivers of organizational development. Without leadership, an organization cannot achieve any form of objective. The organization's development depends on the type of leadership style used by an organization. Leadership styles would either attract talented employees to the organization. Hence, the development of the organization is based on leadership.

The main risks in leadership and development are:

• Technology Factors.

• Scalability.

• Environmental Factors.

• Lack of Skilled Work Force.

A leader requires to grasp all abilities and implement them throughout the framework of the organization. A leader requires the following skills:

• Adaptability.

• Commercially Driven.

• Team Spirited.

• People-Oriented.

• Astute.

Increase in digital products drives the development of the organization. The use of AI, Big Data, and Machine Learning Software would drive the organization to achieve new heights. However, the use of this form of technology should blend with the leadership styles that are followed by the organization. With the integration, effective leadership can be implemented throughout the framework of the organization.

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