What is a Fractional CFO service?

A Fractional CFO is a financial officer, as the name suggests, it is someone who lends financial expertise to businesses on a contractual basis. Fractional- or part-time CFOs have years of extensive experience as CFOs and are more likely to help startups temporarily. Enterslice Fractional CFO offers the services of a traditional CFO without hiring a full-time CFO. Our experts, who are devoted to offering businesses a cost-efficient and effective remedial solution to scale their finances, handle various tasks, including budgeting, forecasting, and analysis. Unlike a full-time CFO, our fractional CFO experts will oversee and maintain all your financial strategies and tune with businesses on their particular challenges to meet their specified goals. Utilizing our Fractional CFO services, businesses can access valuable insights and get expert support to optimize their business cash flow to boost their all-around growth and developments in the speedy evolving landscape.

Shared Fractional CFO Services for Corporates

CFO Services

Clarity in Financial Visibility

Our Fractional CFO offers clear, precise, accurate, and timely valuable financial insights and expert analysis to help boost your capability to make informed business decisions with confidence.

CFO Services

Grow Your Business

Our Industry experts possess the appropriate skills and calibre to manage your complex business operations, such as your business growth, budgeting, strategic planning, tax audit, and many more. We are focused on improving your slow business growth and are likely to boost or increase its growing ratio.

CFO Services

Cost-Efficient to Achieve Goals

Our Fractional CFO services are cost-effective and efficient and tied to achieving your specific business goals. We offer a wide range of customized solutions for startups looking to manage their business finance with our expert guidance.

We (Fractional CFO Services) add value to your Business

Financial modeling Services

Industry Knowledge

Our skilled Fractional CFOs, with varied industry know-how, will craft strategies to tackle your challenges, focusing on cutting costs and raising profits.

Financial modeling Services

Technology Driven

Our Fractional CFOs are tech-savvy, ready to streamline your business with automation, advising on tech upgrades to enhance operations

Financial modeling Services

Procedural Efficiency

Our experts analyze your business to spotlight improvement areas, offering insights to boost profits and streamline processes, saving time and money.

Financial modeling Services

Vast Networks

Leverage our CFO's vast network across industries for cost-effective solutions and timely access to bankers, suppliers, and experts.

Our Fractional CFO services offer a diverse portfolio of operations

Our fractional CFO services help various businesses overcome their financial challenges, achieve growth, optimize strategies, implement advanced systems, help navigate complex business operations, etc. Let us be your torchbearer to explore the right path for your Business to secure sustainable growth in a fast-paced landscape.

1.Overcome from Challenges

We know that it is crucially important for all kinds of businesses to sustain in the market. Our fractional CFO services will help you overcome specific financial challenges that your Business's existing team is unable to resolve. Our experts have the appropriate skills and in-depth knowledge which help you lead through your complex business problem or support to lead a separate project by raising the necessary funds. We will help you overcome specific financial challenges, including cash flow issues, high expenses, outgrown existing systems, etc, with many more to enhance your growth.

2. Develop Forward- Facing Financial Visibility

Our fractional CFO experts help you optimize or implement a more forward-facing financial visibility for your organization. We will analyze your Business and offer valuable insights to help you understand your whole business performance and ensure you develop forward-facing strategies that focus on your future business growth. We will determine advanced strategies to lift you from where you are to where you wish to reach. We will use your business capital and utilize it in a way that will help you grow your Business. We are more likely to contribute a visible financial forecast that will act as a blueprint to boost your growth most efficiently and effectively toward sustainable business growth.

3. Scale Up your Business

Our Fractional CFO experts are helpful in scaling up your Business and ensuring profitable growth from complex businesses. Our experts will work closely with you to reinvent the tools and processes and build good relationships with vendors, which helps to deliver value to an ever-evolving diverse set of consumers. Our expertise will help you develop existing employees and hire talented and skilful new ones. We will analyze your Business and implement appropriate systems to boost your growth. Utilizing our Fractional CFO services, businesses are more likely to navigate the cause of their revenue leakage and cost overruns and develop potential remedial solutions to grow their Business in a sustainable way.

4. Achieve Financial Objectives

Our fractional CFO services help businesses secure particular financial goals such as capital raise, prepare for sale, merger, and acquisition process. We will work closely with your Business, help raise capital for debts and equity funding for you, and deliver proper guidance on mergers and acquisitions. Utilizing our Fractional CFO services, the Business can easily get their books in order, financial forecasts, oversee due diligence, etc.

Our Fractional CFO Plans for Startups

Determine the startup's Financial Health.

Our fractional CFO can help startups with any financial tasks. Mainly startups are owned by people with no finance background, which results in struggle understanding the true financial situation. We have in-depth working experience, and our fractional CFO offers a realistic accounting process to help startups make sense of their financial reports and offer appropriate guidance with valuable insights that are required by businesses to make informed business decisions. We meticulously assess every financial aspect of your Business and prepare valuable charts for success.

Cash flow
Cash flow

Manage your Cash Flow Cash Flow

We know that cash flow is a key element for any startup. Meanwhile, various startups are struggling to manage it. Without proper guidance, startups may spend lots of money, which results in bankruptcy. Our fractional CFO experts will analyze your Business to help manage cash flow and ensure your startup has enough capital to meet necessary obligations and pursue growth in an ever-evolving landscape. Using our fractional CFO services, startup owners can be tension-free and focus on their core business operations.

Go-To-Market and Strategy

The creation of a go-to-market strategy is crucial for startups for their launching and growing prospects. Our Fractional CFO experts will work with your startup to develop a go-to-market strategy through revenue forecasts, analyze market trends, and develop pricing strategies and other financial models to ensure your startup launch is financially viable. Our experts will also provide assistance in identifying the potential investor that supports you in your go-to-market strategy.

Cash flow

Our Fractional CFO Role to Robust Your Revenue

Today, it has been a struggle for entrepreneurs to run a business with mere financial knowledge and business skills. We understand the business requirements and skills and are capable of analyzing your present status to enhance your revenue. Our fractional CFO experts possess high business skills and the ability to assist your Business in financial matters and offer day-to-day support to your internal team and management. Our Fractional CFO expert's role evolved as a strategic thinker to provide guidance and assistance to businesses for better outcomes. We will utilize advanced and innovative tools to assess your database and offer visible insights that help you gain more profits from your business operations. We will work closely with you and help you secure potential investors for your Business. We are capable of conducting extensive research on market trends and helping you to launch your startup's product or services for effective outcomes. We have in-depth knowledge and skills that will benefit your Business and keep you at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape. Navigate your fundraising journey and dive into your revenue growth with industry experts.


Let our Fractional CFO experts step in to boost your Business to the next level.

We know that each business situation is different; thus, we offer you customized fractional CFO services that fit your Business's specific needs. We offer a wide range of services including-

Strategic Experts

We offer financial operations experts to assist and guide you with relevant strategic plans to streamline your complex business operations.

Capital Raise Assistance

We offer subsequent proposal reports and provide assistance to approach potential investors. Our experts will help your finances get ready to present and secure investments accordingly.

Get Financial Controller

Our industry experts help maintain and keep records of your finances and offer efficient and best accounting practices.

Prepare Growth

You intend to expand geographies or product offerings or achieve sustainable growth. Our fractional CFO experts will help you streamline the entire process.

M&A Advisory

We will conduct extensive research and integrate appropriate remedial solutions to ease your M&A process.

Due Diligence

We let you help and assist in preparing Documents for due diligence, tap into robust lending and investing opportunities, and negotiate contracts with many more.

Our Revenue Forecast on Your Business

Accurate revenue forecasts are necessary to achieve sustainable growth for any kind of Business. Our fractional CFO experts support building a good and responsible finance and accounting team to balance your company's revenue and expenses. Our experts will be responsible for preparing financial plans, mergers and acquisitions, fund acquisitions, financial analysis and many more. We are determined to offer an accurate financial report and provide consultancy to your Business on specific matters. Our Fractional CFO experts will work and monitor the business liquidity, cost control, returns on subsequent investments, etc; deeply. In addition to traditional functions, our fractional CFO adapts the forefront approach to optimize your business operations and navigate the revenue and profits. They keep focus on extensive market research, pricing market strategies, etc., to boost the revenue growth for an organization.


Our Fractional CFO role is to scale up your Business.

Our professional Fractional CFO experts are more likely to contribute their efforts to enhance your business growth. We are determined to offer regular extensive financial reports and periodical forecasts based upon your weekly business performance to enhance potential investors and customers who get associates with your Business. Our financial plans and expert analysis are capable of identifying the most potential business segments and specific areas to grow accordingly. We help mitigate your Business's potential risk and maximize your profitability outcomes. Utilizing and consequently adapting our digital platforms is more likely to enhance your business efficiency, cost-saving, time, etc. We will use our in-depth skills and networks to help you secure highly talented employees to scale up your business operations.

Our Financial Modelling Services


Financial Assessment

Our Fractional CFO will analyze finances to provide insights for maximizing profits and cutting costs, enhancing your bottom line with strategies to optimize operations.


Financial Road Maps

Our CFOs craft financial models to amplify revenue and investments, providing roadmaps and layouts for your business's sustained growth and success.


Financial Risk Evaluation

Our CFOs deliver detailed financial modeling focused on risk analysis, offering custom solutions for market volatility and credit risks, ensuring a secure financial future.

Let’s Connect with our best Fractional CFO Experts

If you have any questions or problems in recovery, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with immediate help.


Automated Accounting and Dashboard Solutions for Efficient Management

Accounting Automation

Automating your accounting process will significantly improve accuracy, save time, and reduce costs. Automation will more likely streamline the repetitive tasks, including data entry and reconciliation, etc., reducing the chance for error. By implementing accounting automation in your business operations, you will be free enough to focus your team time on more strategic activities and be updated with the financial data more accurately and confidently. This will enhance your business operations and reduce your business costs.

Dashboard Development

Our experts at Enterslice can build a customized management dashboard to provide easy access to the financial information you need to make informed business decisions. We offer our advanced management dashboards, which are highly interactive and facilitate you with the opportunity to view your financial database in real time. Utilizing our dashboard services, all informative information will be at your fingertip.

Streamline Process

Our experts help to streamline your business process to save your precious time and capital by improving accuracy and efficiency. We work closely to identify opportunities to mitigate unnecessary Business current steps to enhance efficiency with no errors.

Empower Your Decisions with Financial Reporting

Monthly reports

We offer monthly and quarterly financial reports to inform you of your Business's financial health. Such reports attribute the income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements with many more, including financial metrics such as gross profit margins, net income, and return on investments. Utilizing our financial reports, you can stay at the forefront and wisely make independent business decisions to secure your operational goals.

Financial Forecasts

Our Fractional CFO experts offer accurate and precise financial projections and subsequent forecasts that possibly enhance your capability to make informed business decisions and develop the best business plan for the future. We offer detailed and easy-to-understand financial forecasts that rely upon varied factors, including market trends, past business operational databases, and industry analysis. Utilizing our accurate and efficient financial reports, businesses are more likely to make independent, wise, informed business decisions to boost growth.

Annual Financial Reports

Our experts at Enterslice can prepare and draft your annual reports and ensure the requisite compliance applicable to the standard norms and regulations. Our in-depth annual financial reports resemble your business performance and highlight specific parts of your Business, such as strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, we will offer valuable business insights and inputs to enhance those specific areas where improvements are required. You will turn out to be more accurate, confident and credible regarding your financial statements.

Make Your Financial Dreams a Reality

Don't hesitate—reach out now to supercharge your financial strategy and elevate your business to new heights! Let's make your financial dreams a reality.

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Our Fractional CFO Services Benefits

Monitor Your Budget

Our Fractional CFO services provide detailed audits and guidance to help you budget wisely and make informed, independent business decisions.

Customized solutions

We deliver tailored solutions for complex issues and streamlined operations to foster your business's growth and meet specific needs.

Technology-driven Tools

Utilize our advanced tools and expert guidance to automate and refine your business processes, enabling quick, informed, and error-minimized decisions.

Valuable Insights

Our experts give clear insights to scale your business and stay ahead in the competitive market with valuable, easily understandable advice.

Our Fractional CFO expertise in Payroll & Benefits Analysis

Our Fractional CFOs are experts in helping businesses optimizeoptimise their labour and employee benefits expenses. We will work closely with you to oversee your current workforce and plan for the future. We are likely to point out the specific areas where improvements could be made and recommends you to expand the work of certain employees by increasing the responsibilities rather than hiring a new one. At Enterslice, our Fractional CFOs are updated with the new developments and easily recommend various ways to reduce your operational costs while ensuring your employees' benefits.


We help you navigate your complex business audits.

We know that as you grow in the market, your Business's internal audits are mandated to measure your financial status. Usually, a business audit requires a microscopic inspection of various factors, such as cash flow, procurement and purchases, and taxation, along with each and every single business transaction. Our fractional CFOs are experienced and deeply rooted with extensive knowledge and are more likely to wrap your complex business audits very effectively and efficiently. Navigate the complexity of your business audit under the expert's domain.


Our Proactive Commitments to Excel Your Business


Quality service

We offer customized solutions based on your company's specific needs and requirements. Our qualitative service will enhance your financial needs in a more efficient and effective manner. We will make your Business stay at the forefront in the ever-evolving landscape.


Customer Happiness

Our expert at Enterslice will offer you valuable guidance and professional advice to meet your requirements. We have in-depth experience in delivering fractional CFO services and address the needs and concerns of various industries accordingly.


Pace of Mind

We offer cost-effective and efficient Fractional CFO Support. Being your finance partner, businesses are more likely to rest assured that their complex business hurdles will be taken care of by us, and they can be free from mind to keep their focus on core operations.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions for Business

The digital channel has reached up to all industries and is continuing to affect the ways Business perform their business operations. In this ever-evolving landscape, the winner will be one who successfully adapts to digital technology. Our industry professionals are experts in digital transformation advisory. We understand the valuable importance of implementing technology integration in various businesses. Our experts can help you adapt advanced technological tools or software to your business operations. We will analyze your business-specific requirements and objectives and will recommend accordingly the best remedial solutions fit and proper for your business operations and more to integrate advanced innovative tools that offer end digital solutions for your Business. Navigate your journey to avoid struggle and leverage the digital world with us to enhance your customer experience.


Frequently Ask Questions

A Fractional CFO is a part-time- temporary chief financial officer who works for a company and handles its financial matters by providing strategic financial assistance without the need for a full-time CFO.

All companies' financial positions are different, and to survive in the competitive landscape, they need a fractional CFO who will manage the business finances and offer high-level financial advice without the cost of a full-time CFO. The company needs a Fractional CFO during their early growth phase or in any specific projects.

Fractional CFO services offer companies with overall financial strategy, including financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, managing their cash flow, etc.

A fractional CFO is quite different from the traditional CFO as it works part-time or contractual, offers more flexibility, and is more cost-effective than the traditional full-time CFO. Fractional CFOs are mostly hired for specific projects or to address immediate business advice on financial crises.

The right time depends upon the company owner's ability to hire a fractional CFO. Basically, fractional CFOs are hired during the growth phase to tackle financial challenges and secure funds from external investors in the case of any specialized financial projects, etc.

Fractional CFO services offer small businesses with overall financial strategy, including financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and managing their cash flow, etc., without the expense of a full-time CFO and enable them to make independent, informed business decisions.

Fractional CFOs are versatile in providing services and have in-depth knowledge and vast experience in different sectors. Fractional CFO benefits a wide range of industries such as technology, healthcare, manufacturing and other services.

No, Fractional CFOs are not only for struggling companies. However, they can easily help any company that is looking to optimize its financial status, tackle challenges, and streamline its business operations.

Companies must use online platforms to search for the right fractional CFO services and evaluate their working experience and past records, which suit their specific business needs.

A fractional CFO can easily help with succession planning by offering valuable business insights into the financial aspects of leadership transitions.

Fractional CFO services are cost-effective and efficient for startups as they include high-level financial assistance and guidance to tackle industry challenges without hiring a full-time CFO for a huge amount.

Fractional CFOs generally enhance the company's capability and help them overcome financial instability, cash flow problems, and strategic gaps with overall financial inefficiencies.

Fractional CFO works closely with any business, asses it thoroughly and contributes by developing financial plans, optimizing budgets, and offering valuable business insights to ensure that the companies undergo on the right path to achieve business success.

Absolutely, a Fractional CFO can help in fundraising by offering financial projections, guiding in finance by developing strong strategies and offering valuable insights to potential investors.

The duration of engaging a fractional CFO varies from company to company, depending upon their specific needs and requirements. Generally, such engagements range from months to a year.

The success of any company where a Fractional CFO is engaged to manage their overall financial matter can be measured by financial improvement or performance, effective implementation of strategies and securing financial goals.

Absolutely, a fractional CFO can help and assist properly in mergers and acquisitions as they hold the expertise to deal with such things and offer due diligence, financial modelling, and many more, which will be helpful for companies in managing mergers and acquisitions.

Fractional CFOs oversee financial operations, focus on developing financial strategic planning and help companies make informed decisions rather than be responsible for day-to-day transactions.

Companies integrate a fractional CFO into their team through clear, precise communication and aligning the CFO's goals with company objectives.

Absolutely, Fractional CFOs can help companies reduce their cost, streamline the financial process and provide expert assistance to optimize the financial budget to decrease unnecessary expenses.

People must look for a fractional CFO with a strong financial background, vast experience in different sectors, and a good record of successful financial leadership.

Confidentiality is a priority for fractional CFOs, who are strict towards professional norms and standards to safeguard sensitive data or information.

Fractional CFOs work remotely, leverage technology to connect with the companies and offer them necessary and crucial financial advice to enhance their growth.

Fractional CFO services are scalable for growing businesses as they help themapt to specific financial changes.

Factional CFOs assist companies in selecting, implementing, and optimizing financial software to enhance their efficiency and accuracy.

Our financial restructuring is to turn businesses financially stable.

We know that operational and other challenges can easily lead to pressure on cash, financial covenants and availability of finance. Such problems make the entry for external stakeholders, including the lenders and shareholders in Business and potential stakeholders, such as investors, make investments in capital structure. It possibly seems difficult for Businesses to manage the demands of potential stakeholders. Therefore, our fractional CFO experts will help businesses develop a stable financial platform to achieve a successful and secured financial and operational turnaround. Our experts will work closely with you and offer extensive support, advice and suitable remedial solutions, utilizing our years of experience to boost and maximize your options and retain control to secure a successful financial restructuring of your Business with strong recovery.


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