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Overview of Tax Compliance Services and Return Filing

While expanding your business into new territory, you must keep up with the Tax Compliance services and local tax legislation. Therefore, it is a sine qua non for you to be up to date with the latest rules and regulations in Tax Compliance services and return filing services. There is a possibility of legal disputes arising due to these evolving tax regulations. As a result, Enterslice can be your companion and guide you with legal consultation for Tax Compliance services and return filing. We provide Tax Compliance services for every company, small, medium, large, and even multinational companies. We have a robust panel of tax accountants and tax specialists that can help you comply with the latest tax rules and regulations. Our team will provide you with a tax monitoring system and monthly reports to add significant value to your business growth.

Need for Tax Compliance Services and Return Filing

Increased savings

Minimise tax liability by making use of tax saving options and claiming deductions under Section 80C to 80U of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Regulatory and Legal compliance

Tax Compliance Services facilitate regulatory compliance, which leads to the company's sustainable growth.

Making productive long-term investments

Tax Compliance services lead to effective financial tax planning and debt management. This would further increase the chances of the company to deal with any economic crisis or recession.

Legal Consultation for Tax Compliance Services and Return Filing

With our robust panel of certified tax consultants and our user-friendly platform, the process of return filing becomes less time-consuming and hassle-free. We shall keep you informed about the due date and deadlines. Additionally, our team shall help you in choosing an appropriate ITR form and navigate you through a hassle-free filing process. With our support, you can handle your tax returns efficiently, thereby minimizing your liabilities and focusing on your business growth. There are some simple steps that you have to follow to avail of our services.

Fill the Form

Please fill out the form on our website regarding your Tax Compliance services and return filing services queries. Also, specify if you are an individual or a corporate entity.

Schedule an Appointment

You can schedule an online appointment with our certified tax specialists, who shall provide you with a tailor-made solution to your queries. Choose the time slot at your convenience.

Select a Plan

Choose the most appropriate plan for Tax Compliance Services.

Make Payment

You can make the payment through any of the following modes- Gpay, credit card, or debit card.

Submit the Documents

Submit the relevant Documents that are required as per your selected plan and upload them. We assure you that your personal information is in safe hands.

Our Tax Specialists will call you.

After the successful completion of your payment, our tax specialists will reach out to you as per the prescribed period to provide you with the consultation.

Tax Compliance Services for our Clients

With increasing digitization and the introduction of new taxation laws, there has been a change in Tax Compliance procedures and return filing. Our proficient team of experts is always ready to navigate you through this complex procedure by providing you with the following tax return compliance services and return filing services

  • Analyzing the impact of income tax disclosure standards on your business and filing your income tax returns.
  • Filing tax returns for both Indian companies and foreign companies.
  • Preparing submissions
  • Tax Registration Services
  • Assistance in rectification procedures
  • Assistance in penalty procedures
  • Assistance in getting pending tax refunds
  • Follow-ups with tax authorities

Tax Return Compliance Services

It is mandatory to file an ITR every financial year if your annual income is liable for income tax under the Income Tax Act. If, in case, you have filed an ITR over the amount that you have to pay, then that amount shall be refunded by the Income Tax Department.

Every company registered in India is liable to pay Income tax by the income tax slabs. Every Indian citizen who is up to 59 years of age with an annual income of more than 2.5 lakhs INR must file an ITR. Even Indians and Financial entities that live outside India or have their presence outside India but have their assets in India must also file ITR. Foreign entities earning in India are also liable for paying income tax.

Income liable for ITR can be in the form of business profit, capital gains, salary, interest, and others. In case of delay in filing an ITR, the individual shall accrue and pay a penalty. It can also create problems in getting a visa for traveling.

Direct Tax Compliance Services

Enterslice has a robust team that provides prompt and effective Tax Compliance services and return filing services to its clients to reduce penalties and prosecutions. We assist our clients by giving them the following services

  • Computing your quarterly advance tax before the due date
  • Computing your monthly TDS
  • Computing quantum of tax payable under various heads of the income
  • Analyzing and identifying deductions to minimize your tax liability
  • Checking the admissibility of deductions

Other Tax Compliance Services

Indirect tax Compliance

Our team provides preparation and processing of GST, tax exemption certificate management, handling tax notices, refunds, property tax compliances, etc.

Transfer Pricing Compliances

We also provide company analysis and transfer pricing Paper works support.

Personal Tax Services

We prepare and analyse your tax returns and provide related Paper works services for high-net-worth individuals.

Administrative Support Services

We provide tax processing support services for tax engagements.

TDS Compliance

We help small, medium, and large businesses concerning TDS e-filing.

GST Filing Services

Our team shall assist you in filing GST returns and getting your company GST-compliant.

Business Tax Return Filing

We assist in business tax return filing as it is mandatory for all businesses operating in India, like LLPs, private limited companies, etc.

Tax Due Diligence Services

Tax due diligence aims to review all the company's taxes by their proper calculation, along with all the company's pending tax disputes. It is important to note that the motive of tax due diligence is not to under-report the taxes of the company. Documentation in Tax Compliance services includes copies of all tax returns like income tax returns and sales tax of the last three to five years, information about any pending tax audit of the company, information related to any net operating loss (NOL), and any correspondence with tax authorities.

Why Tax Compliance?  

Voluntary Disclosures

Some voluntary disclosure regimes give some financial relief to taxpayers from the penalties and interest that they would have to pay otherwise. These voluntary disclosure regimes help taxpayers disclose their tax liabilities and pay what they owe.

Dispute Resolution

Sometimes, a taxpayer company can get into some disputes with the taxation authorities due to ambiguity in the tax statutes. We have observed that such kinds of tax disputes are more efficiently resolved when businesses have a history of good tax compliance. However, if the enforcement authorities do not trust the taxpayer, the dispute resolution will not be productive and in favour of the taxpayer.


Non-compliance with tax regulations can lead to the charging of hefty fines and penalties on the offender. These penalties could be double the amount of the tax payable. Some non-compliant taxpayers may also suffer from enforcement measures like confiscation of assets, garnishee orders, and business closures. Non-compliance can also damage the goodwill and reputation of the business.

How do we work?

Tax Risk Management by our Tax Compliance Services

Our experts at Enterslice identify the tax risks of your entity related to international taxation and transfer pricing and help you minimize them. Effective tax management would lead to increased savings and making productive long-term investments. Many companies in India hire unorganized labour, which leads to difficulty in maintaining records. As a result, deductions for claiming labour and production costs are difficult to analyze. We will ensure that your tax returns are filed on time and that there are no last-minute hassles and errors.

Support with Tax Compliance Services

We provide you with Tax Compliance services strategy and consultancy. This would help minimize the fines that may be imposed upon you and the multiplicity of disputes arising in a legal forum since tax disputes are time-consuming and costly affairs. We monitor amendments in tax laws and circulars and update our services then and there so that our workforce is equipped with the latest knowledge.

Tax Strategy & Optimization

To form a smart tax strategy, you require several considerations like income, expense, and investments of the company. At Enterslice, we understand your business needs, and based on that, we provide you with a tailor-made return filing service package to reduce your tax liabilities and maximize your savings. Our services include the computation of capital gains for mergers and acquisitions, review of tax strategy, business model restructuring, advice on withholding tax, and corporate regulatory and tax compliances.

Our Tax Compliance Services

Indirect Tax Compliances

There have been lots of changes happening in indirect taxation globally in terms of evolving structure and compliances. Our global network of indirect tax specialists combines their technical knowledge with that of industry standards. Our team identifies risk areas through the tax life cycle to help you meet your compliance requirements.

Tax Compliance Advisory

Tax Compliance Advisory refers to the consultancy services or the advice provided by legal experts to its clients to ensure maximum benefits, claim maximum exemptions, and ensure full regulatory compliance with the current income tax regime.

Tax Compliances via Tax Consultation

Tax Compliance Services have become an indispensable asset for businesses, irrespective of their sizes. Tax Compliance services processes have a strict adherence to the various legal and regulatory aspects. Non-compliance with such regulations can lead to legal disputes, damage to the goodwill and reputation of the company, and, in some cases, legal penalties and damages. At Enterslice, we shall ensure legal and Tax Compliance with our tax compliance services by staying up to date with the current rules and regulations and with the evolving tax structures and also adhering to the tax return filing regulations.

Tax Compliance Services for Tax Planning

Good Tax Compliance

Smart Business Strategy

Tax Compliance Services provides a smart business practice. Non-compliance concerning tax regulations is unacceptable when all the organizations are cutting costs and streamlining their operations.

Easy to trace

There are many reasons why foreign investors are attracted to opening a corporate bank account in Bermuda-With increasing digitalization and tech-savvy taxation systems of the government, non-compliance by individuals and companies is easier to trace.

Documents for Income Tax Return Filing

Due to evolving tax regulations in India, we can often get perplexed as to what Documents we are required to file income tax returns in India. After the successful filing of your ITR, a 15-digit acknowledgement number will be generated through which you can verify your ITR. The Documents required for filing an ITR have been mentioned below, and you must keep them handy before an Income Tax Return Filing.

  • Salary Slips
  • Passbook of bank Account, PPF Account, Post Office Savings Account
  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • TDS Certificate
  • detail of the current address
  • Bank account details
  • Interest Certificate from the Post Office and Bank
  • Any proof of tax-saving investment
  • Home Loan Statement from the Bank
  • Information regarding deduction claimed under section 80.
  • Information regarding TDS return filing
  • Linking Aadhar to Income Tax Returns

    You must link your Aadhar Card number to income tax return filing through the Income Tax Return form. Since your PAN Card is linked with the Aadhar Card, you cannot file for an Income Tax Return until and unless it's linked with your Aadhar Card number. Additional space is provided in the new forms of Income tax returns where you can write down your Aadhar Card number.

    If you have already added your Aadhar Card number to any income tax return form, then it will be automatically filled out in other forms. Senior Citizens up to 80 years can file their income tax return manually. However, senior citizens who are above 80 years must file their income tax returns electronically only.

    Errors during Return Filing

    Incorrect Form Selection

    There are 7 ITR forms and many times, people get confused. You must choose a form based on your current income.

    Wrong Assessment Year Selection

    Correct assessment year must be ensured at the time of income tax return filing; otherwise, it may attract double taxation and unwanted penalties.

    Personal Details

    During the income tax return filing, the personal information of the assessee, such as name, address, email ID, and PAN, must be correctly filled.

    Income Source

    Income generated from all the sources must be specified.


    After filing the income tax return, it must be e-verified through net banking or the EVC process on the mobile number and via email.

    Form 26AS

    Form 26AS is a Document that is shown by the investor, businessman, or any freelancer as proof of tax deduction for any amount of payment. They are claimed by individuals or tax players who have paid excessive taxes and wish to claim a refund. This form was introduced in FY 2020-2021 to make it easier for taxpayers to file income tax returns online.

    Our Vision and Values

    Core Values

    We trust you and would do anything to keep your trust intact. We engage with the community without staking our core values and vision.

    Customer-Friendly Services

    The core of our business is our clients, and our experts are polite and respond promptly to our customers' queries. Our motto is to develop long-term and trustworthy relationships with our clients.


    We provide our clients with an environment that is consistent and convenient for our clients.

    Online Process

    Our team of proficient tax experts shall provide you with sound tax advice tailored to your specific needs. The entire procedure is online or via telephone conversation and is hassle-free.

    Benefits of our Services

    Our Tax Compliance services and Return Filing is the most preferred choice in India for debt recovery services for several reasons

    Financial Planning

    Timely filing of Returns leads to effective financial planning and debt management. This would further increase the chances of the company dealing with any economic crisis or recession.


    Our Tax Compliance services and return filing are made to be economical, ensuring that clients receive the most bang for their buck.

    Proven track record

    We have a reputation for effective income tax return filing on behalf of our clients in a variety of businesses. Our prior records in return filing and Tax Compliance services will show you how efficient our services are.

    Error-free Service

    Our Tax Compliance services and return filing services will assist you in avoiding frequent mistakes and traps during ITR filing.

    Team with years of expertise

    Our certified tax specialists have decades of combined experience in Tax Compliance services and return filing services.

    Video Conferences

    We provide Tax Compliance services for our busy clients through video conferencing while maintaining confidentiality.

    Our Successful Journey

    Our proven track record of success is one of the most important reasons to hire Enterslice for your Tax Compliance services and return filing. We specialize in assessing your tax history, ensuring your tax compliance, and filing your tax returns with our level of expertise. That’s why we have a higher success rate in Tax Compliance services and filing services when compared with our competitors. We have an alliance with popular tax firms in India and globally as well.

    Why Choose Enterslice for Tax Compliance Services and Return Filing?

    • Our Expert Team at Enterslice has a good understanding of income tax laws and, therefore can help you by providing apt legal advice to ensure timely return filing and tax compliance.
    • Enterslice Group has a global presence in 100+ jurisdictions, namely India, the United States of America, Singapore, etc. We thereby provide our clients with standardized and high-quality Tax Compliance services and Return Filing.
    • Our team of competent Legal Consultants and proficient tax experts cater to the needs of our 10000+ client base by providing them with cutting-edge Tax filing services.
    • Cost-effective Tax Compliance services and Return Filing by Enterslice to minimize your corporate tax liability and maximize your deductions.
    • Prompt response in Tax Compliance services to minimize our clients' stress.
    • 99.97% client satisfaction in Tax Compliance services and Return Filing.

    DO’s and Don’ts

    • Give accurate and up-to-date tax records to the Income Tax authorities.
    • The focus is to save tax, not to evade tax
    • Don’t procrastinate
    • File tax returns on time
    • Explore options for tax savings
    • Selecting the correct assessment year during ITR filing
    • Filling in the correct personal details in the ITR form
    • Not concealing any sources of income

Frequently Asked Questions

It costs around Rs. 4500-7000 for filing ITR in India. This cost may rise depending on the complexity of the case.

No, you can file an ITR without availing of the services of a CA through Form 16.

Tax Compliance services are the procedure whereby a taxpayer complies with the tax rules and regulations of the governing country.

Filing ITR, GST returns, and declaring your income are some examples of tax compliance.

Lenders are more likely to use mortgage guarantee companies to minimize the business risk associated with lending operations to borrowers either having low down payments or weak credit records.

All assesses registered under the service tax have to file service tax returns on a half-yearly basis.

GST is an indirect tax that has subsumed other indirect taxes like VAT, excise duty, and others.

A late payment fee of Rs 1,000, along with an extra charge of Rs 100 for every additional day of delay after passing 30 days, shall be payable by the assessee if he has not filed his service tax return..

The Due Date for filing an Income Tax Return is on or before 31st July.

Form 26AS is a Document that is shown by the investor, businessman, or any freelancer as proof of tax deduction for any amount of payment

Since your PAN Card is linked with the Aadhar Card, you cannot file for an Income Tax Return until and unless it's linked with your Aadhar Card number.

ITR-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are the various ITR filing forms in India.

If you miss the ITR filing deadline, then you can file a belated return under Section 139(4). The due date for filing a belated return is 31st December of the assessment year.

TDS means tax deducted at source. It is deducted by a deductor at the source and is deposited into the account of the central government.

Up to 2 50,000 INR, the TDS rate is 0%. From 2, 50,000 to 5 00,000 INR, TDS is 5%.

You can get the income tax refund through ITR filing. The income department will refund the amount to the taxpayer through ECS transfer. However, it must be ensured that bank details such as account number and IFSC code are correctly mentioned in the ITR form.

There are 7 ITR forms in total. Our tax consultants can guide you in filing tax returns.

Yes, you can take the assistance of chartered accountants and CA firms for income tax return filing. We have a team of dedicated chartered accountants for this purpose.

Choosing the correct assessment year and filling in inaccurate personal information are some of the precautions that must be taken while filing an ITR.

When there has been a delay on your part in filing an ITR, in that case, the Income Tax Department sends you an income tax return notice.

You can claim income tax refunds and speedy visa processing, which are some of the benefits of filing an ITR.

The maximum amount for penalty is Rs 10,000/-. However, in the case of small taxpayers, the Income Tax Department said that where the total income is not more than 5 lakh rupees, the maximum penalty that can be levied for delay shall only be 1000 rupees.

Every Indian citizen who is up to 59 years of age with an annual income of more than 2.5 lakhs INR must file an ITR. Even Indians and Financial entities that live outside India or have their presence outside India but have their assets in India must also file ITR.

Foreign entities earning in India are also liable for paying income tax.

Companies registered and operating their business in India must file ITR Form 6.

A salaried person must fill out ITR form 16.

Income Tax Return filing is the process of providing a declaration about the Income and Expenditure of the taxpayer to the Income Tax Department.

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