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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Wealth management is the process to assimilate pieces of advice and various products from a series of professionals. In wealth management, a single manager coordinates with the clients and provides all the services needed to manage their money and plan for their own or their family's current and future needs. Wealth management is beyond investment advice, as it can enclose all segments of a person's financial life.

Package inclusions:
  • Expert Guidance for Asset management and wealth management
  • Provides Investment advisory services
  • Guides the client by providing appropriate information on financial products and services.
  • Comprehensive Financial planning

Wealth Management

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management refers to a wealth creation process where a team of experts examine the financial needs of the client and suggest the appropriate financial products. The Wealth management process includes the protection of wealth, Management of risk, Assembling of wealth, Proper positioning of your wealth, and later wealth distribution. The scope of Wealth management is wider and has long term wealth creation as its primary motive. Wealth management helps in the creation of income from the asset base.

The Layout of Wealth Management

In Wealth Management, the client gets the required services from a single assigned wealth manager. The wealth manager functions depending on the business under different titles, including the financial consultant or financial adviser. While providing wealth management services the advisory uses a Flexible Investment Approach with Risk Management policy.

The objective of the Wealth management advisory is to help their client understand exactly what is going on in their account and also by specifying the reason behind it.

How do Wealth Management deals in different areas of management?

Wealth management provides direct and dynamic Customer Services. Wealth management deals in Asset Allocation Management, Tactical Management, and Diversified Management. 

  • Asset Allocation management

The Asset allocation management is an investment advisory fully dedicated to managing investment portfolios with the only focus on initiating the income generation. It aims to balance the risk by moving among investment categories.

  • Tactical Management

Tactical management helps in selecting the appropriate ways to achieve financial strategies by choosing the best alternatives and tactics.

  • Diversified Management

Diversifier management team help its clients in providing a flexible model which helps in meeting the need of the client. 

Why wealth management is important?

Wealth Management is playing a major role in handling financial matters. Mostly, people put in a large amount of money for their savings to accumulate the capital with the motive that a person can offer financial security to their loved ones. Putting aside the savings will not serve the motive. It is equally important to make proper strategies to get a brief that where a person’s saving can be utilized.

Wealth management services offer such services where a person can get a layout of how to invest his/her money. The advisory of wealth management helps the person in creating a financial plan through which you can utilize their assets in such a way that almost all the financial objectives are met. The advisory ensures that the money invested keeps compounding either through sound investment policy or effective tax planning.

Without wealth management and proper financial strategies, it is extremely difficult to meet actual goals. It is important to identify and understand your financial strengths and challenges before making financial strategies. Proper Financial strategies help in building the strengths and in identifying the obstacles. The expert involved in wealth management help in implementing the plan into action and also monitor its progress periodically. The advisory also helps in making the strategies that ensure the financial security of the loved ones.

Wealth management process

The Wealth Management process involves the following steps-

  • Assessing the current financial situation of the client
  • Identifying financial goals.
  • Designing a customized solution to achieve the goals.
  • Implementing the financial strategies into the plan.
  • Monitoring the results and reviewing the plans. 

Advantages of wealth management

  • Helps in providing systematic financial plan

Through Wealth management services, the wealth advisor helps investors in creating the financial plan. By providing proper advisory it helps the client systematically create their capital. The Wealth managers full of expertise help their client in understanding the requirement and goals to be achieved. Wealth management helps in formulating financial strategies. The wealth advisory puts in a lot of time and effort to understand the needs of the client and helps in meeting the financial goals as asked for.

  • Helps eliminate your financial stress 

Wealth advisors with their knowledge and expertise helps their clients in understanding the financial uncertainties. The wealth expertise helps in making critical financial decisions whenever the need arises. Wealth advisors help its client in managing the finances during the uneven market conditions, which can often lead to stress. Wealth management helps in reducing financial stress and prioritize financial decisions based on a timeframe. The wealth management advisor takes all the financial aspects into account while creating the goals which ultimately helps in organizing the funds from time to time.

  • Provides customized services 

Wealth managers provides personalized services to individuals depending upon their financials. i.e. when it comes to wealth management there is no universal formula that can be implemented on all. The devoted wealth management advisory provides customized services to every individual client. The wealth manager designs financial strategies keeping in mind the personal needs of the clients. The wealth manager acts as a financial counselor cum advisor. The client can contact its wealth manager at any time and can talk about any matter related to its financial matters and the wealth management advisory helps its client to fulfill all their needs by creating various strategies.

  • Provides a flexible Investment approach

The wealth manager constantly thinks for the client’s betterment and financial well-being, which is why, whenever the need arises, they provide a flexible investment approach. The wealth management, advisory takes into consideration both the market categories and market conditions. Through wealth management, the advisors invest their time to help the client to plot a route through troubled financial ups and down which helps in making better investment decisions. Wealth managers use this flexible investment approach through which the advisor can modify the financial strategies by taking into consideration the new ideas, perceptions, and market conditions.

What are wealth management services?

Wealth management covers all-inclusive services by providing complete research-based advisory along with suitable and customized investment execution. Wealth Management offers an incomparable product base that covers Debt, equity, mutual funds, insurance, derivatives, commodities, and funds. Wealth management services aim at transforming clients’ dreams into reality.

Before offering the wealth management services, the wealth advisor keeps in mind what the client requires i.e. what kind of financial planning and management. Wealth management services include planning and protection of fiscal matters, Business plan, and retirement needs, which will help in building up the client’s existing as well as future finances and lifestyle. Wealth management combines a dogged business approach with an easy mark of customized attention and dedicated customer care.

Role of a wealth manager in wealth management?

A wealth manager plays a crucial role in building strong relationships with the clients and helping them in taking better decisions. A wealth manager is an expert offering integrated services that include financial, investment advice, tax planning services, and also real estate planning.

The wealth manager acts as a broker on behalf of clients to buy and sell stocks. The wealth manager has an in-depth knowledge of investment business and finances which helps them in managing the clients’ finances effectively.

Further, there are certain criteria’s that the wealth manager is required to meet out before offering the services to the clients.

Level of the qualification

The level of qualification required for a wealth manager varies from organization to organization. Before joining as a wealth manager, it is a part of the job to take an employer-based training. The person must possess a degree and knowledge in various fields like finance, economics, management, or a maths-based subject.

Good experience in the financial services this can be another route to become a wealth manager. A wealth manager is required to complete a sanctioned qualification from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Appropriate Qualification list.

Once qualified it is required to keep up your training and keep yourself updated on any changes in regulations or procedures and take further courses to enhance your knowledge.

Skills required

  • The skills that are required as a wealth manager includes.
  • Well organized skills
  • Capable of handling the complex situation
  • Strong interaction
  • Knowledge and expertise in different fields.
  • IT capabilities
  • A good administrator
  • Better Judgement skills
  • Analyze the risks involved in certain investments.
  • Better interpersonal skills and trustworthiness.

How Enterslice help its client in providing wealth management services?

Enterslice has a team of experts having knowledge in the field of legal, finance, fintech, and revenue management which helps our clients to get the desired information about the changes and updates related to financial sectors. It helps in portfolio management and constant updates on their portfolios. Further, Enterslice provides value-added advice and services on portfolio management and sector switches, etc. We also provide investment recommendations given by our research team based on market research and detailed analysis of financial markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The use of wealth management is based on the theory where the experts specialize in particular areas that provide services in any aspect of the financial field. While providing wealth management advisory it is important to get the inputs from the clients to craft out the optimal strategy.

• Fair value-based calculations

• Standardize fund pools

• Fixing the investment caps.

• Manage open and close funds in separate ways.

• Leverage control

• Proper working with licensed financial institutions.

• Proper Information disclosure.

• Understanding the client’s situation

• Allocating strategic asset

• Allocating the tactical asset

• Portfolio construction

• Implementation of portfolio

• Portfolio review and monitoring

• Taxation

• Risk management

• Business planning

• Estate Planning

• Accumulation

• Retirement Planning

The Wealth Management process involves the following steps-

• Assessing the current financial situation of the client

• Identifying financial goals.

• Designing a customized solution to achieve the goals.

• Implementing the financial strategies into a plan.

• Monitoring the results and reviewing the plans.

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