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Businesses are the soul and heart of the economy as they contribute to the country's economic growth. Keeping business vitality in mind and the financial stress the owners face while handling day-to-day operations, Enterslice provides Business Audit Services. Enterslice is a one-stop solution for effective and re..

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Business Audit Services

In offering Business Audit Services, the utmost priority should be to keep the clients more focused on the core business needs rate instead of worrying about the accounting and financials. Business Audit Service Providers have experience in serving business clients, and they have a dedicated team of professional accountants and auditors to empower entrepreneurial endeavours by simplifying the accounting and auditing tasks. Business Audit Services provides accuracy and quality and understands the complexities of managing funds and accounts. Business Audit Services come with the most appropriate cost-cutting solutions, and legal tax reduction strategies customised to suit a business model adequately. Business Audit Services come with reliable and technically advanced accounting and auditing services for business. It is a tailor-made service to suit every business.

Key features that a Business Audit Service Provider must possess

  • Responsiveness

  • Business Audit Service Provider must be committed to taking full responsibility for keeping the accounts accurate and updated. Experienced professionals must offer quick assistance in handling complex business challenges.
  • Timely Delivery

  • Business Audit Service Providers wholeheartedly commit to meeting deadlines and ensuring on-time service delivery. They not only focus on delivering on time but also deliver quality, rich services.
  • Attentiveness

  • Business Audit Service Providers are expert accountants with good communication skills and are very attentive while seeking client details.
  • Assured Security and Privacy

  • Business Audit Service Providers are aware of the privacy concerns and are committed to keeping the data secure yet transparent enough to prepare audit reports.

Need for Business Audit Services

Business Audit Services help organisations to look further and deeper into businesses. It enhances trust in the companies. Business Audit Service Providers assist organisations in meeting the audit demands outlined in the regulations and standards. An audit is the process of determining the present state of an enterprise, providing insight that can form future aspirations. Business Audit Services brings world-class audit technology, flexible methodology and expert minds to deliver a high-quality digital audit while reducing the burden on a business’s employees and uncovering deeper insights.

Audit Quality is the highest priority of Business Audit Services Provider. Maintaining the quality is an integral part of audit practice. Quality is at the centre of continuous improvement and innovation.

Business Audit Services for different Market Segments

  1. Audit Services for Startups

  2. If a contract is properly drafted and the same is reviewed according to the needs and objectives of the engaged parties. There would be less chance of getting legal challenges in the future, and the rights and duties of both parties doing the contract vested and remain equally rightful, not against the public policy, resulting in a lesser chance of breach of contract.
  3. Audit and Assurance Services for Industries

  4. Companies across industries are bombarded by business disruptors, from evolving regulations to a complex economic environment to new technologies that often make it harder to do business. Audit Service Provider provides a variety of audit and assurance services along with a comprehensive industry-focused approach that can help navigate these challenges.
  5. Audit and Assurance Service for Private Companies

  6. Audit Service Providers recognise that every private company has unique opportunities, challenges and plans for the future. Audit Service Provider provide tailored private company audit methodology and breadth of resources focused on transforming your audit into an opportunity for insight and understanding.
  7. Private Equity Services

  8. One business solution doesn’t fit all. Each private equity (PE) firm, combined with its portfolio companies, has needs and issues unique to its business sector and stage of maturity. An audit service provider focuses on delivering a custom-made approach, invaluable technical abilities and a deep understanding of specific industry sectors.

Services to Master Business Audit

Audit and Assurance

Enterslice provides you with the business audit service to ensure that the financial, operational or management reports are presented fairly, ethically, and accurately and comply with the accounting standards or principles. We help you in our business convey the authenticity of each piece of information or financial record to all stakeholders or shareholders to maintain the growth of the business in the market.


Our team comes with deep expertise to understand and interpret the statutory requirements and helps you avoid non-maintenance of critical Documents, delays, inaccuracies, and data inconsistencies, thereby helping your business face any legal actions or penalties. Our team conducts compliance work for planning, reviewing Documents, testing controls, analyzing problems and their solutions and recommending corrective actions.

Fraud Detection

Our team helps you to identify the issues that will negatively affect an organization's ability to conduct Business. These assessments help your business identify inherent business risks or frauds and provide prompt measures, processes, and controls to reduce the impact of these risks on business operations. Our team will help you to identify the financial or operational frauds planned by the employees or anyone from the company to secure you from any future loss.

Enterslice Provides You a Guide to Manage Your Business Audit

Business Improvements

Enterslice provides business audit services to help you identify loopholes within your accounting system or operational disjunctions and make necessary adjustments to improve efficiency and maintain transparency between the management, stakeholders or investors, which ultimately helps your business achieve profits in the market.

Internal Controls

Enterslice helps you with the internal controls of your Business because internal controls are mostly affected by an entity's board of directors, management and other key personnel, so our team is designed to provide reasonable assurance in risk assessments, weakness, control activities, information and communication.

Financial Accuracy

Our team helps your business by assessing its books of account or financial data by double-checking the financial transactions, financial statements, or records that reflect the true financial position of a company. Our team ensures that all financial transactions are recorded correctly and that the information presented is reliable and free from errors or misstatements.

Identify Fraud

Enterslice will help you in your Business to identify potential frauds, implement artificial intelligence, and monitor the operational or management employees because the specific conditions will alert the auditors to the possibility of fraud, such as not maintaining the financial records or illegally altering financial statements to hide profits.

Types of Business Audits

Financial Audit

Enterslice will help you verify the company's financial status, and the auditor will verify all the financials of the company along with the taxes, expenses, incomes, revenues, assets and investments to record all the information.

Operational Audit

Enterslice provides you with the services in your Business by conducting audits, improving business operations by analyzing the areas of inefficiency and analyzing the goals, procedures, outcomes of function, policies and culture of the company. We help examine the conduct of the business and analyze the processes, procedures, and systems used within the company. This type of audit looks beyond the organization's financial circumstances and examines its management practices.

Compliance Audit

A compliance audit is essential to ensure an organization complies with applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies, and our team focuses on verifying compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and internal policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Internal Audit

The internal audit evaluates the company's internal controls, including corporate governance and accounting processes, evaluating compliance with laws and regulations and assisting in maintaining accurate and timely financial reporting and data collection. Our team will help you focus on risk areas by participating in corporate governance and risk management processes, recommending process improvement strategies for your Business, and researching the changes required in your Business by monitoring and analyzing the management strategies.

Challenges in Business Audit Services

Company’s System of Internal Control

The understanding of a company's system of internal control as a part of the auditor's risk assessment procedures and the internal controls are likely to continue to challenge firms and are a focal point in the new risk assessment standards. Internal Control weaknesses are failures in the implementation or performance of internal controls. Even the strongest security measures can be escaped if a malicious action identifies an internal control weakness because preventing employees from stealing assets or committing fraud is the toughest work, and if there is no audit, then it will become challenging to maintain efficiency and accuracy in the Business.

Non-cooperation of the management team of the Business

Auditing is an accurate and complex job that requires the close attention of every employee of the company, but sometimes the management teams do not cooperate and do not provide genuine or accurate information, so it becomes difficult for you to successfully and adequately complete the audit process. The lack of cooperation will often lead to a disengaged and unaccountable workforce, which will result in a waste of time and poor functioning of the business. The lack of focus causes certain member to question their role in the team and not get a proper result for the Business.

Inventory Inaccuracy

Most inventory inaccuracies are caused by human error and flaws in inventory control procedures, misidentification and lack of proper financial data or information. It is a mismatch between the quantities that are recorded in a company's inventory management system, which causes a huge discrepancy in your Business and is quite challenging to maintain or identify proper accuracy. At the same time, performing an inventory audit is one of the most common challenges faced in getting proper valuation and miscount. The audit quality is a significant challenge in the industry, and it will also cause misclassification of inventory valuation and inadequate internal controls.

How Business Audit Services Helps in Data-Security and Privacy

All companies should conduct regular security audits to protect sensitive information, including your customer data and internal data, because your Business should be protected to ensure compliance with regulations and avoid costly fines. Cyber security audits use a variety of technologies, processes and controls to evaluate your Business's programs and ensure data are protected against risks and threats. This audit can be done to secure your Business from different approaches depending on the type and size of an organization, and its objective is to help reduce cyber risk and improve the organization. Data breaches have severe consequences for companies and their customers because they can cause severe harm to the business finances, operations, and reputation of your business, so the business audit services have to be prepared to maintain security and help your business to lead towards fraud, liability, and legal consequences. After all, the costs of investigating and fixing the breach while implementing new security measures and handling potential legal issues are higher than prevention, and our Enterslice helps mitigate the risk by maintaining strategies like security audits that can protect your business from cyber threats that pose risks to your Business.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements in Business Audit Services

There are many laws which are regulated to help the Business in business audit services, such as:-

Companies Act, 2013

An audit is required under the Companies Act 2013 every company shall prepare a financial statement every year to give an accurate and fair view of the company's financial affairs and comply with the accounting norms notified by the government under Section 133 of the Companies Act.

Income Tax Act, 1961

The audit under section 44AB aims to ascertain the compliance of various provisions of the income tax laws. The audit conducted by the taxpayer's accountant in pursuance of the requirement of Section 44AB is a tax audit to ensure proper maintenance and correctness of books of accounts.

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

SEBI, through its efforts, is trying to get India rid of corporate scams and frauds linked to financial issues, so SEBI is turning the heat on auditors by making them more accountable. The main objective of SEBI is to safeguard the interests of investors and to promote healthy trade in the financial market.

Environment Law

The environmental audits are in place to ensure companies do what they can to preserve the environment. Additionally, these audits aim to control a company's environmental practices and ensure compliance with the different regulations that may apply to them.  

Employment Law or Labor Law

Businesses have to create an environment that promotes fairness, equality, and employee well-being. This includes practices such as fair compensation, proper working hours, leave entitlements, and anti-discrimination policies. Compliance with labour laws helps to create a favourable work environment that promotes employee retention and tracts new talent.

Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-money laundering responsibilities require institutions to take appropriate measures to protect themselves and the economy against financial crimes. Financial institutions all over the world take security measures every day to protect themselves and their customers from financial activity.

Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA)

FEMA compliance is essential for businesses engaged in international trade, investments, and financial transactions, and it encompasses a wide range of activities, including foreign direct investments, external borrowings, foreign exchange earnings and remittances.

Data Security and Cyber Security

The main purpose of a cybersecurity audit is to identify possible threats and vulnerabilities, test current protection systems, examine compliance, and identify opportunities for security improvements. 

Business Audit Services help Industries for Growth

Business audit services help industries of any field stick to the requirements of regulatory compliance and assure stakeholders of financial health. Companies across industries are bombarded by business disruptors from evolving regulations to a complex economic environment to new technologies that often make it harder to do business, so the business audit service provider serves you the service of audit along with a comprehensive industry-focused approach that can help navigate these challenges. Enterslice helps industries improve efficiency and effectiveness by providing an unbiased opinion on the internal controls to safeguard your industries from huge losses because the higher the industry, the more profit or loss will be.

Business Audits and Assurance in Private Companies

A business audit service is required in your private companies to build trust with your stakeholders or management because it's important to meet quality objectives as you strive for growth and success. Enterslice has auditors with a range of capabilities and is well-positioned to deliver value through insights and perspectives based on an in-depth understanding of your Business and the environment in which you operate. Our team of experts helps you to continuously enhance audit quality and transparency for private clients and stakeholders. The business audit service helps you assure the stakeholders, helps you identify areas for improvements, and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements by improving your business and financial practices, enhancing your business reputation, and ultimately driving long-term success.

Tailoring Small Business, Startups and NGOs by providing Business Audit Services

Guiding the Small Businesses

A business audit service helps small businesses secure loans, attract investors, or meet regulatory requirements by working on such inefficiencies and improving the overall running of the business because this will help the business reduce costs and increase profitability. Enterslice helps you focus on the core financial statements of the business by examining the business's financial records to verify the accuracy of that data through a systematic review of your transactions.

Providing help to Startups

The business audit services help you analyze or review the contracts or agreements of your startup business. There would be fewer legal challenges for your business because the auditor helps you meet regulatory requirements to grow the business. Accurate financial data or focusing on compliance properly will help your startup achieve growth and attract investors. Enterslice also helps your startup in reviewing its state of affairs, and it ensures that the financial information is accurately represented. It also verifies that the business is preparing its financial statement according to the updated standard accounting standards.

Government Agencies or NGOs

The purpose of the audit is to determine whether the relevant organization operate as per the purpose stated in their articles of association or main statute or monitor compliance with the legislation because the NGO must get its account audited as per the incorporation law depending on their mode or form of registration. Enterslice provides business audit services to assess the performance of audit records to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of public programs and services and also helps ensure compliance with government accounting standards.

Benefits of Conducting a Business Audit Services

Increase Profitability

Business audit services help you detect productivity blockers such as employee theft, potential fraud risks, and inefficiencies, so if you address these issues, it will help you increase profitability and mitigate risk.

Ensure Compliance with Policies and Regulations

The service helps your companies to ensure their practices, performance, and financial statements meet accounting standards to avoid any legal implications. The business audit services help you to follow the laws and regulations as per the statute to avoid legal actions.

Improve Effectiveness

The business audit services help you to spot and correct financial issues as early as possible to avoid any discrepancies and discover opportunities to make your business more effective and healthy for your employees and stakeholders.

Increase Credibility for Investors

Audited financial statements make your Business more attractive and genuine for investors and attract potential buyers to invest in your Business. Business audited services help your Business maintain accurate financial reports and keep a record of correct financial data.

Business Audit role in Corporate Governance

Identify Risks

A business audit helps you to identify and assess risks by evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls and identifying weaknesses so that the expert can help the organization strengthen the company’s governance framework.

Ensuring Compliance

The Business is responsible for ensuring that the organization complies with relevant laws, regulations, and best practices to ensure that they are accurate. By doing so, the auditor can help the organization avoid legal risks and build trust with stakeholders.

Enhancing Stakeholder Confidence

Effective governance is critical for building and maintaining stakeholder’s confidence by conducting independent audits and providing assurance to stakeholders that the organization is operating transparently and ethically.  

Governing Body

The Business is in charge of the general direction and control, so the auditor serves two purposes: the first is the auditor provides an objective and unbiased assessment of the company's governance and second, the auditor serves as an agent for advising for changes to improve the organization’s governance structure and procedures.

Business Audit Services targets Potential Investors

To enhance the degree of confidence in the financial statements, a qualified team of professionals from Enterslice will examine the financial statements, including related disclosures produced by the management, to give their professional opinion on whether they fairly reflect all material aspects. Our team analyses the loopholes by investigating your business's financial statements and provides a solution to the issues to attract investors. If the investors hear news about the success of the company in future and the rise of stock prices, then the investors attract more to invest in your company, and this will only be reflected through the financial statements of the Business.

Business Audit Services a Solution to Decrease Frauds

Fraud from material misstatement and auditing of the financial statement in your Business is a crucial part because the ultimate root cause of fraud is deficiencies in the accounting system or financial transaction, which causes business risks and it is mostly committed by human beings, so it will become very difficult to investigate the fraud. So, Enterslice provides a vast area of tools and experts to analyze fraud and provide a solution to the problem.

Checklist of Business Audit Services

Internal Control Verification

As an auditor, there is an internal controller to check the financial positions where it is necessary to check the processing of the pattern of the company, keep track of accounting entries, control cash flow, etc.


Compliance ensures an organization complies with applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies, and our team focuses on verifying compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and internal policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Testing of Internal Controls

The testing of the internal controls helps to identify if there are any frauds or errors which are used by the client entity. The auditors can very well choose to rely on the internal controls of the client's system as part of their auditing activities. So, if there is a revelation to the effect that the controls are weak, the auditors will upgrade the use of substantive testing.

Technology in Business Audit Services

Technology is increasing rapidly, and sometimes this same technology makes things difficult because there has been an explosive use of advanced technology in different types of industries, audit firms to keep up with new software tools and processes that are being used by clients, as well as adapt their audit processes to remain efficient and effective. Business audit services have evolved with the incorporation of various technologies to enhance audit efficiency, accuracy, and data analysis, such as audit-specific software for planning, executing, and Documenting audit procedures. Enterslice uses modern tools, which often have features for data analytics and reporting. Artificial tools and machine learning algorithms can be employed to detect unusual transactions or patterns in financial data, enhancing fraud detection and risk assessment.

Digital Transformation Advisory

Digital transformation due to fast-evolving technologies, complexity and change in regulations are key factors affecting today's business functions and performance. Enterslice provides quality through a range of business needs and stakeholder expectations to provide transparency across financial and non-financial reporting, navigate risk, strengthen business functions and support management with the guidance of our skilled business lawyers and auditors. Business Audit Services brings world-class audit technology, flexible technology and expert minds to deliver a high-quality digital audit while reducing the burden on business employees and uncovering deeper insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

A business audit is a process to examine a company's records at the end of every year to ensure they are accurate. A business audit service helps you to examine your company's financial records at the end of each year to make sure they are accurate, no fraud is happening, and your company is complying with the regulations.

An audit can bring many elements of added value, such as:

· Identifying weaknesses in internal audits

· Identifying where profitable changes can be made

· Lend creditability to financial statements

·  Educates business owners

·  Increase stakeholder confidence

The four Cs in business auditing are culture, competitiveness, compliance, and cybersecurity.

The main types of audits that Businesses usually conduct are internal audits, external audits, financial audits, operational audits, etc.

An audit is an examination of a company's financial statements, such as the income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet, so audits provide investors and regulators with confidence in the accuracy of a corporation's financial reporting.

External audits are the best type of business audit because they help provide the auditor's opinion and provide financial statement users with confidence that the financials are both accurate and complete.

The business audit begins with planning the audit and notifying the employees or management, examining and investigating the information received, checking the financial transactions to see if changes are required, and then providing the report of solutions to make changes.

Audited financial statements would generally be needed when complex transactions are involved, such as when a company wants to sell a business or is considering a merger. In addition, venture capitalists or other potential investors would want to see audited financial statements before putting up funds.

An audit is important as it provides credibility to a set of financial statements, gives the shareholders confidence that the accounts are true and fair and also helps the company's internal controls and systems.

Company audit is governed by the Companies Act 2013 and has the objective of reporting the state of the company's accounts and finances to the regulatory authority.

Company audit is mandatory for all the companies registered in India.

The compliance audit objective is to ensure that all the companies are being followed by the company or business application. It ensures that the company will not have to bear the additional cost in the future for any legal consequences.

Compliance audit involves the review of an organization’s policies, procedures, processes, files and Paper works to determine whether they are in alignment with existing regulations in that Industry.

Audit of business operations, processes and transactions, identifying loopholes and providing suggestive cost-effective measures.

The audit is an independent review of the Paper works carried out to determine its reliability in all material aspects, and the procedure is carried out by an individual auditor or top audit firm in India.

The function of an auditor is to examine the arithmetical accuracy of accounts, detect and prevent error and prevent fraud.

The International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board is an independent standard-setting body that serves the public interest by setting high-quality auditing, quality control, review, and related services of assurance.

Standard on Auditing is SA 720, and the auditor's responsibility for other information in Documents containing audited financial statements should be read in the context of standard quality, review, other assurance and related services.

Auditing standards are designed to guide the auditor and ensure that their work is high quality and based on firm evidence.

Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) are a set of principles and requirements that provide the basis for an auditor to prepare, perform and report the results of audits.

The services you will require from business audit services are to create compliant financial statements and communicate to banks, investors or shareholders, and other financial transactions and to check that their finances are accurate or in order.

The business auditor prepares an audit report, makes inquiries, examines or investigates books of accounts or financial transactions, makes sure your business is complying with the regulations, reports frauds, makes strategies and provides the report with strategies.

Business audit services help small businesses or startups secure a loan by providing accurate financial reports and meeting regulatory compliances, and it is a less complex service for startups and small businesses cost-effectively.

An auditor examines your company's financial statements to authenticate them as true and fair and helps your company follow the regulations and be compliant with them.

Internal auditors are directly hired by the company to better their Business, and external auditors are appointed by the shareholders to vote and examine the company's finances. 

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