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Businesses are the soul and heart of the economy as they contribute to the country's economic growth. Keeping business vitality in mind and the financial stress the owners face while handling day-to-day operations, Enterslice provides Business Audit Services. Enterslice is a one-stop solution for effective and reli..

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Business Audit Services

In offering Business Audit Services, the utmost priority should be to keep the clients more focused on the core business needs rate instead of worrying about the accounting and financials. Business Audit Service Providers have experience in serving business clients, and they have a dedicated team of professional accountants and auditors to empower entrepreneurial endeavours by simplifying the accounting and auditing tasks. Business Audit Services provides accuracy and quality and understands the complexities of managing funds and accounts. Business Audit Services come with the most appropriate cost-cutting solutions, and legal tax reduction strategies customised to suit a business model adequately. Business Audit Services come with reliable and technically advanced accounting and auditing services for business. It is a tailor-made service to suit every business.

Key features that a Business Audit Service Provider must possess

  • Responsiveness
  • Business Audit Service Provider must be committed to taking full responsibility for keeping the accounts accurate and updated. Experienced professionals must offer quick assistance in handling complex business challenges.
  • Timely Delivery
  • Business Audit Service Providers wholeheartedly commit to meeting deadlines and ensuring on-time service delivery. They not only focus on delivering on time but also deliver quality, rich services.
  • Attentiveness
  • Business Audit Service Providers are expert accountants with good communication skills and are very attentive while seeking client details.
  • Assured Security and Privacy
  • Business Audit Service Providers are aware of the privacy concerns and are committed to keeping the data secure yet transparent enough to prepare audit reports.

Need for Business Audit Services

Business Audit Services help organisations to look further and deeper into businesses. It enhances trust in the companies. Business Audit Service Providers assist organisations in meeting the audit demands outlined in the regulations and standards. An audit is the process of determining the present state of an enterprise, providing insight that can form future aspirations. Business Audit Services brings world-class audit technology, flexible methodology and expert minds to deliver a high-quality digital audit while reducing the burden on a business’s employees and uncovering deeper insights.

Audit Quality is the highest priority of Business Audit Services Provider. Maintaining the quality is an integral part of audit practice. Quality is at the centre of continuous improvement and innovation.

Business Audit Services for different Market Segments

  1. Audit Services for Startups
  2. If a contract is properly drafted and the same is reviewed according to the needs and objectives of the engaged parties. There would be less chance of getting legal challenges in the future, and the rights and duties of both parties doing the contract vested and remain equally rightful, not against the public policy, resulting in a lesser chance of breach of contract.
  3. Audit and Assurance Services for Industries
  4. Companies across industries are bombarded by business disruptors, from evolving regulations to a complex economic environment to new technologies that often make it harder to do business. Audit Service Provider provides a variety of audit and assurance services along with a comprehensive industry-focused approach that can help navigate these challenges.
  5. Audit and Assurance Service for Private Companies
  6. Audit Service Providers recognise that every private company has unique opportunities, challenges and plans for the future. Audit Service Provider provide tailored private company audit methodology and breadth of resources focused on transforming your audit into an opportunity for insight and understanding.
  7. Private Equity Services
  8. One business solution doesn’t fit all. Each private equity (PE) firm, combined with its portfolio companies, has needs and issues unique to its business sector and stage of maturity. An audit service provider focuses on delivering a custom-made approach, invaluable technical abilities and a deep understanding of specific industry sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

A business audit is a process to examine a company’s financial records at the end of every year to ensure they are accurate.

A company needs an audit as it provides credibility to a set of financial statements and gives the shareholders confidence that the accounts depict a true and fair picture.

A business must conduct an audit annually to assess financial controls and operations.

Internal audit focuses on measuring current performance and finding areas of improvement, whereas external audit focuses on proving the accuracy and veracity of financial statements.

An audit process usually takes three to six months.

Some areas of business that an audit covers are financial operations, compliance, environment, IT or for a very specific purpose.

Yes, a small business can benefit from audit services as they help detect any fraudulent activities or financial misconduct that may have occurred in a company and unveil any potential improvement or cost savings.

Yes, there are generally three types of business audits: external, internal, and audit conducted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Yes, the audit can help identify potential fraudulent activities.

Audit services are confidential, and the auditor should use the confidential information solely for the audit.

If any discrepancies are found, a discussion can be made with the auditor about any initial operational or financial concerns. Further, there is always a right to challenge the agency's findings to both the IRS and the courts.


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