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HR Outsourcing Service

Human Resource Outsourcing is a process where companies outsource their human resource functions to a third party to make their expertise and cost-effective services available. Enterslice offers affordable and reliable` HRO services which are tailored to meet the needs of start-ups. Our team at Enterslice provides services related to recruitment and staffing, payroll processing, employee records management, etc. Additionally, Enterslice also provides advisory to optimize the company's performance. Our Human resources outsourcing (HRO) services allow you to access top-tier human resource expertise at the cost of a full-time HR. Enterslice conducts comprehensive assessments to identify potential risks and opportunities, ensuring that a business remains on a path to sustainable growth. Connect with Enterslice for cost-effective and expert human resource solutions that empower a business or organization to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

What are Human Resource Outsourcing Services?

Human Resource Outsourcing is when an organization hires a third-party organization to handle its human resources activities and administrative tasks. All businesses, irrespective of their size, require cost-effective human resources to carry out various administrative tasks and ensure the well-being of employees. Human Resource Outsourcing to third parties can help businesses save time, resources and money spent on daily HR functions. Understanding the Human Resource Outsourcing process can help professionals help employers make the right decisions while outsourcing HR functions. In Human Resource Outsourcing, there is a contract between a business and a service provider. The business transfers all or part of its HR responsibilities to the service provider through this contract. Our team of experts helps your business provide the service of Human Resource Outsourcing cost-effectively.

Why do Human resource services need to be outsourced?

1. Hiring and Recruitment

As numerous people are entering the job market at various stages of their careers, businesses are finding it highly costly and tiresome to reach out to the correct market to hire skilled employees. Enterslice provides Human Resource outsourcing services, including keeping track of diverse employee profiles and tasks like mass recruitment and temporary staffing.

2. Payroll and Compensation Management

Enterslice offers human resource outsourcing solutions to help businesses with the intricacies of payroll benefits like automating direct deposits, rolling out compensation and incentives, managing paid time off and maintaining records. Human resource outsourcing involves the development of an organization's pay policy for the employees.

3. Focus on Compliance

Enterslice provides a service to examine the business's HR policies, practices and procedures. The goal of Enterslice is to look for trouble spots, and the compliance audit is an independent evaluation to ensure that an organization is following external laws, rules, regulations, or internal guidelines such as corporate bylaws, controls, policies, and procedures.

Essential of Human Resource Outsourcing

1. Cost-effective

Human resource outsourcing eliminates the need to hire skilled workers and also rules out the need to organize training programmes for new employees. It improves efficiency and quality along with cost savings. Enterslice provides the service of outsourcing human resources to provide cost-cutting and various other required facilities.

2. Risk Minimization

The human resource processes such as payroll processing, administration of incentives, and other services by Enterslice help identify errors that may occur due to a lack of experience in these areas of human resource activities. Human Resource Outsourcing services generally entail the work to be delegated to those who are already experienced.  

3. Support & Compliance

Entering into a new market or region demands conforming with local tax and labour rules, which differ from region to region. Enterslice provides a Human Resource audit service to review a business's HR policies, procedures, and practices to evaluate their effectiveness, ensure legal and regulatory compliance, and identify the areas of improvement for the smooth functioning of the business.

4. Ensuring Data Security

Data security is critical when working with sensitive information. Respectable HR outsourcing companies use advanced security systems and software encryption to keep the data secure. Enterslice ensures that your human resource data will be secure and private. While providing services, a contract will mention the security needs and protection from breaching privacy.

Why HR Outsourcing services is required?

Human Resource Outsourcing services are required for multiple reasons. Organizations choose to outsource various Human Resource functions to meet the specific needs. Some of the common reasons why businesses go for Human Resource outsourcing services are:

1. Cost Efficiency

Enterslice makes sure to provide cost-cutting, including reducing employees, closing facilities, streamlining the supply chain, downsizing to a smaller office, moving to a less expensive building or area, reducing or eliminating outside professional services, such as advertising agencies and contractors, etc. Human Resource Outsourcing functions can often be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house human resource department. It reduces the overhead costs related to hiring, training and retaining HR staff and the expenses associated with technology and infrastructure.

2. Focus on Core Activities

The team of enterslice focuses on the core activities of Huma Resource Outsourcing functions. A business can redirect its resources and efforts towards its core business activities. It allows for improved focus on core areas of activating and revenue-generating tasks. Human resources helps you work on your business by providing a better onboarding and cultural experience for your employees, so if you have an expert team of Human resources, then they work to ensure you stay compliant and avoid fines.

3. Access to Expertise

Enterslice has a team of experienced professionals in their respective areas of Human Resources, like payroll benefits or recruitment. Organizations can leverage these providers' expertise and best practices to enhance the quality and efficiency of Human Resource processes.

4. Compliance and Risk Management

Enterslice provides a Human Resource Outsourcing service to review a business's Human resource policies, procedures, and practices to evaluate their effectiveness, ensure legal and regulatory compliance, and identify the areas of improvement for the smooth functioning of the business. The main focus of Enterslice is to ensure that a business adheres to the employees and labour laws of the state by setting up relevant policies and procedures because non-compliance with laws and regulations can lead to business shutdown and increased costs due to heightened employee turnover.

Benefits of HR Outsourcing Services

1. Scalability and Flexibility

Outsourcing allows businesses to scale HR services up or down as needed. This is particularly valuable for organizations undergoing rapid growth, seasonal fluctuations or changes in HR demands. Flexibility is crucial for employee engagement as it ensures that human resource services can adapt to the evolving expectations of the employees. Enterslice provides a human resource outsourcing service to enable talent management to do the right things to initiate a continuous flow of innovations. Our experts help to boost employee productivity and lead to the growth and development of the company.

2. Improved Technology and Tools

Enterslice provides human resource outsourcing to your business to gain access to the modern tools and technologies that will help employees stay productive and engaged at work.HR outsourcing providers often have access to advanced HR software and tools that can streamline processes, improve data accuracy and enhance employee self-service. This can lead to better service for employees and managers. Enterslice has automated software that pulls together the records of the employee in core human resource and talent management systems with the advent of human resource software and other technological tools.

3. Reduction of Administrative Burden

The main focus of HR is on administrative burden reduction for the implementation of existing benefits and services for employees. Routine HR tasks like payroll, benefits administration and record keeping can be time-consuming and administratively burdensome. Enterslice service of human resource outsourcing these tasks frees internal resources for more strategic and value-added activities. It is generally stated as an individual’s experience in the implementation of the policy. There is an excessive administrative burden due to learning and compliance costs, so Enterslice provides skilled professionals to reduce administration costs.

Administrations of Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Administration involves delegating the management of various employee perks and welfare programs to an external service provider. It includes tasks such as plan design, enrollment processes, communication strategies, and compliance management for a specialized HR outsourcing firm. It allows organizations to streamline operations, reduce administrative burden and often gain access to expertise that ensures effective and compliant employee benefits administration. It involves managing and overseeing the various perks and advantages offered to employees within an organization. It includes health and wellness programs, retirement plans, insurance coverage, and other benefits aimed at enhancing employee well-being and job satisfaction. The administration ensures proper implementation, communication and compliance with benefit policies, fostering a positive work environment and contributing to employee retention. Companies can save money by evaluating the current benefits programs for their industry, utilizing the programs, and updating an organization's employee benefits programs because a successful benefits administration requires a careful strategy that will help the employees and support a company's goals.

Types of Human Resource Outsourcing Models

Some of the popular HR Outsourcing models that businesses use when outsourcing HR requirements to external vendors are:

1. Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) Outsourcing

In this type of Outsourcing, the business enters into a contract with a third-party firm to enter a co-employment relationship. The service provider becomes the employer of record and is responsible for paying wages and handling workplace taxes, while the business handles recruitment, terminations and other employee operational tasks.

2. Administrative Services Organisation (ASO) Outsourcing

In this type of Outsourcing, the outsourcing partner manages all the HR functions of the business like the third-party vendor. However, in this model, the company retains its employer of record status under this model, and the outsourcing partner is only a vendor, not a co-employer.

3. Human Resources Organisation (HRO) Outsourcing

HROs provide flexible packages to their clients. They provide customized services based on their requirements. For example, a company might hire an HRO to provide periodic skills training for employees while handling other HR functions, like payroll and tracking employee performance internally.

4. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) HR outsourcing

In this type of model, a software program is provided to a business to automate and manage essential HR functions. A third-party vendor or service provider offers the HR software. This option is excellent for businesses seeking greater flexibility and cost savings while keeping HR services in-house.

5. Business Process (BPO) HR Outsourcing

In this model, a business outsources a single HR function to a third-party vendor. Unlike SaaS HR outsourcing, in BPO HR outsourcing, the external service provider offers personalized support and expert knowledge in specific areas.

6. Single-source HR outsourcing

In this model, a business outsources all of its HR needs to a single external service provider. The service provider supports the entire employee lifecycle, such as talent acquisition, payroll and benefits administration, attendance tracking, performance management, employee termination, training and upskilling and all other HR functions.

Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing is a part of human resource outsourcing. It involves contracting with an external company to manage all or part of an organization's payroll processing. It includes tasks such as calculating employee wages, withholding taxes and issuing paychecks. Payroll Outsourcing can save your organization money in several ways. You will no longer need to hire and train in-house payroll staff and will not have to invest in payroll software or hardware. Further, outsourced payroll providers can often negotiate better rates with vendors and service providers, which can further reduce costs. Enterslice provides full services and helps with your company's tax reporting, regulatory compliance, data security, and unemployment claims so that you can focus more on the core activities of the business.  

Human Resource Consulting Services

HR Consulting services encompass a range of strategic and operational support provided by external experts to help organizations optimize their human resource practices. HR Consulting Services includes assisting in the development and execution of HR strategies aligned with organizational goals. It enhances structures, processes, and culture to improve improve overall efficiency and effectiveness. It includes advising on recruitment, retention and development strategies to build a skilled and motivated workforce. It also includes designing and improving systems for evaluating and enhancing employee performance, ensuring that HR practices comply with legal regulations, and mitigating potential risks. Enterslice's team of experts provides strategies for your company to sustain growth in the future.

Common Functions of Human Resource Outsourcing

1. Payroll Processing

Usually, service providers handle salary payments, tax calculations and compliance with labour laws. It includes collecting employee names, addresses, pay rates, deductions and tax information. It involves calculating the total amount of money each employee is entitled to receive for their work, including base pay, overtime pay and bonuses. It further includes calculating the income tax, social security tax and medicare tax that each employee must pay. Payroll processing also involves determining the correct amounts of money for your company’s benefits.

2. Recruitment and Hiring

Recruitment Hiring involves the process of identifying, attracting and selecting qualified candidates to fill job vacancies within an organization. Generally, outsourcing HR teams conduct talent sourcing, screening, interviews and onboarding processes. Defining the position's role, responsibilities, and requirements is a part of this. We actively search for potential candidates through various channels, including job boards, social media and networking. We also review resumes and applications to shortlist candidates who meet the initial criteria.

3. Employee Training and Development

Enterslice provides a system of educating employees for your company to learn skills for a specific role or field, and employee training and development involves systematic efforts to enhance individuals' skills, knowledge and capabilities within an organization. We identify the skills and knowledge gaps that exist within the workforce. We develop tailored training programs to address specific needs through workshops, online courses or on-the-job training. Often, service providers design and deliver training programs to enhance employee skills and knowledge.

Tips for Successful HR Outsourcing

1. Involve the Right People

Assess the expertise and capabilities of HR providers to ensure they meet specific needs. The service provider invites the owner and other internal stakeholders to the appropriate meetings to assess possible outsourcing vendors.

2. Identify the Level of Support Needed

Choosing your outsourcing partner for HR needs subject to the level of support a company needs. The more you outsource, the more time you’ll free up for other tasks, such as focusing on running a business.

3. Select the Right Outsource Service Provider

The selection of the right Human Resource Oussoricung depends upon your business needs or requirements, and Enterslice best suits every type of business because our skilled professionals have the experience and ideas to provide the best services and plan a strategy accordingly.

4. Transfer Knowledge

The process of transitioning your HR needs is an integral part of the company. They must be willing to spend the appropriate amount of time and attention to detail on your account and be sure to provide details about your business's process, organization and systems.

Drawbacks of Human Resource Outsourcing

1. Lack of Control

Outsourcing HR means granting control over HR functions to an external provider, which may lead to a loss of control over HR operations and decision-making.  

2. Confidentiality and Security Risks

Sharing sensitive employee information with external providers carries potential risks to data confidentiality and security. When you outsource HR tasks, you are essentially sharing sensitive employee data with the outsourcing provider.

3. Potential Communication Challenge

Coordination and communication with an external HR provider may require additional effort and effective channels to ensure smooth collaboration. A new communication channel is created when you outsource HR tasks.

4. Lack of In-house expertise

You essentially lose some of your in-house expertise when you outsource HR tasks. If you do not have in-house expertise in HR outsourcing, it can be difficult to manage the relationship with the outsourcing provider effectively.

Training and Development in Human Resource Outsourcing

The external specialists provide training and development services to support client organizations. Specific skills and knowledge gaps in the client's workforce are evaluated. Also, tailored training programs are created to address the unique needs of the organization. The training sessions are conducted through various platforms to adapt to the client's preferences and needs. Enterslice provides training using human resource technology solutions, and various programs are offered to develop leadership skills among HR professionals and organizational leaders. This ensures that the employees receive training on relevant legal and regulatory requirements because it is a system of educating employees within a company by using various tools, instructions and activities designed to improve employees' performance.

Performance Management

Performance Management services in HR Outsourcing involve external specialists overseeing and optimizing the processes related to evaluating and enhancing employee performance within the client organization. It includes collaborating with the client to establish clear and measurable employee performance objectives. It further includes conducting regular assessments of employee performance against set goals and providing constructive feedback.

Security risks associated with HR Outsourcing

1. Cyberattacks

Outsourcing service providers can get targeted by cyberattacks, which can lead to the theft of sensitive employee data. Strong encryption protocols need to be implemented to safeguard confidential employee information.

2. Human Error

Employees of the outsourcing provider may accidentally or intentionally disclose sensitive employee data. The likelihood of errors can be minimized by providing in-house and outsourced HR staff comprehensive training.

3. System vulnerabilities

The outsourcing provider’s IT systems may have vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain access to sensitive employee data. Addressing system vulnerabilities is essential for safeguarding sensitive data. 

Global Human Resources Services

Global HR services means outsourcing HR functions to a service provider that can support an organization's HR needs on a global scale. It is vital for multinational companies with employees in multiple countries as it allows for more efficient and standardized HR processes worldwide. Enterslice offers HR support to multinational organizations, addressing international HR compliance and global workforce management. We have expertise in managing HR functions in different countries and comply with local, national and international labour laws, employment regulations and tax requirements. We have a centralized HR technology platform for global HR processes like payroll, benefits administration, time tracking and workforce management. Our system supports multiple languages and currencies and can adapt to local compliance requirements.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are valuable services that can be integrated into human resource outsourcing to support employees' well-being and enhance their productivity. EAPs provide confidential and professional assistance to employees dealing with personal or workplace issues. EAPs also serve as immediate support and resources to help employees cope and manage their emotional well-being. Enterslice provides counselling and support services for employees facing personal or professional challenges. We conduct assessments to understand the specific well-being challenges within the client organization. We design an EAP tailored to the organization's needs. We work with clients to design and implement an EAP. We ensure that the employees have easy access to EAP services. It involves providing contact information and explaining the EAP's confidential nature. 

Digital Transformation Advisory

Enterslice provides legal automation, which describes the use of software to automate the manual or routine tasks typically performed by Human Resource professionals. Since lots of HR tasks can be automated, various technologies can be used for work automation of HRs, from AI tools to e-discovery and hiring of employee and their management tools, to grow the service rapidly. Also, integrated technology can enable Human Resource transformation, making human resource services more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective. Enterslice conducts comprehensive assessments to identify potential risks and opportunities, ensuring that a business remains on a path to sustainable growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing is a business practice of hiring a third party outside a company to perform services or create goods traditionally performed in-house by the company's employees and staff. It is a practice usually undertaken by companies as a measure to cut costs.

HRO services are important as companies lower prices while still focusing on their core business and customer-facing duties. Companies tend to save approximately 20 % of regular expenses compared to keeping all human resource functions in-house.

HRO service providers handle open enrolment, invoice reconciliation, reporting and COBRA administration, as well as field employee and manager questions. HRO service handles recruitment, strategic hiring, and employee training and development. HRO service providers also help employers attract, engage and retain talent.

The main purpose of Outsourcing is that it lowers costs, improves efficiencies and gains speed.

There are three types of HR outsourcing companies, they are:

i. Human Resource Organisations;

ii. Professional Employer Organizations and

iii. Administrative Service Organizations.

HR outsourcing services involve contracting with a third party, typically a skilled individual or specialized business, to perform some or all of your company's human resource functions.

It is essential to choose a company with HRO expertise and experience so that you get the required results. We at Enterslice are one of the very first companies to deliver automation and provide an app and marketplace online. We have enough capacity to fulfil our requirements and a quality customer service offering to ensure you don't get lost in the crowd.

The full form of BPO is Business Process Outsourcing.

Yes, outsourcing costs for external resources are much more affordable than hiring employees on a long-term basis for your in-house team.

Ways to reduce outsourcing risk are as follows:

i. Controlled costs

ii. Access to the global talent pool

iii. Reduced delivery time

iv. Increased Efficiency

v. Focus on core business activities

vi. Increased staffing flexibility

vii. Access to innovation

viii. Better risk management

Outsourcing can be risky if there is a loss of control, loss of innovation, loss of organizational trust, and higher-than-expected transaction costs.

Outsourcing can fail in cases where there is a lack of adequate planning and research.

The failure rate of Outsourcing is 20-25% in outsourcing relationships of 2 years and 50% in outsourcing relationships of 5 years.

7 easy ways in which you can avoid outsourcing failures are:

i. Determine your outsourcing goals

ii. Choose the right outsourcing vendor

iii. Prioritize value

iv. Draft a written agreement

v. Pay attention to long-term costs

vi. Account for cultural and productivity differences

vii. Maintain some control over management

Yes. Outsourcing is a good business strategy for companies seeking a competitive edge in finding low-cost labour. It allows these companies to boost/increase profits and pass lower costs on to the consumers.

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