Human Resource Outsourcing

Our Human Resource outsourced (HRO) services strongly emphasise integrated consulting, technology, and outsourced solutions that are flexible and adaptable to your company's needs and the sector. We use the alliance between our HR outsourcing, technology, and consulting practices to provide solid HR activities for international clients, from talent sourcing and development through engagement and retention.

Package inclusions:
  • Attendance Management
  • Payroll Payment
  • Submission of the PF/ESI
  • Employee database management
  • Compensation and Benefits
Human Resource Outsourcing

What is Human Resource Outsourcing?

Human resource outsourcing is a practice that is slowly being used by businesses today, whether fully or partially. In addition to adhering to the company's core HR policies, more and more organisations are finding it difficult to ensure that other critical HR areas, such as talent acquisition, defining goals for employees and aligning them to those goals, determining the productivity of the employees, providing the best learning and development support, employee engagement, defining a proper reward system, handling attrition, etc., are maintained at a professional and timely manner. Today, the majority of businesses feel the need for an expert to fill the gap in the industry.

Why are HR Outsourcing Services Required?

Regardless of size, all businesses, whether start-ups or well-known brands, occasionally use outside agencies to provide HR support services. Even though larger businesses have their own internal human resources department, they contract with reputable outsourcing firms to manage their human resources effectively. These are just a few of the activities that businesses consider transferring to an outside HR agency, including payroll outsourcing to manage the administration and hiring new hires and training them. Due to their limited time and resources, micro and small businesses typically outsource payroll services because it is one of the greatest ways to lessen their administrative workload.

The HR trends of the current year show that small businesses are willing to go the selective outsourcing route and use social media more for recruiting purposes, despite the challenges associated with doing so. This strategy primarily cuts costs because the market believes hiring hr outsourcing companies can be expensive. However, it is crucial to note that the best HR outsourcing businesses offer their clients' tailored packages that are based on their needs. Although they typically administer the tasks from an offsite location, some businesses are adaptable enough to offer onsite help at the client's workplace if necessary.

Benefits of HR Outsourcing Services

The following are the main benefits that firms get from outsourcing their HR needs:

  • Provides access to HR expertise: HR teams handle the responsibilities that affect an employee's end-to-end lifecycle. Recruitment, salary and benefits, employee relations, payroll and tax administration, performance management, and employee learning and development are among their main responsibilities. HR professionals must possess a certain set of abilities and expertise for each role. Companies can hire subject matter experts who specialise in specific HR topics through HR outsourcing. Having access to professionals with specialized experience and up-to-date skills aids organizations in improving the performance of their HR departments.
  • Improves compliance: Compliance violations can result in severe penalties and harm a company's reputation. It is difficult to keep up with constantly changing legislation and update the business. Companies can enjoy peace of mind by outsourcing their human resource needs because they know the outsourced partner is compliant and takes care of all legal issues.
  • Reduces risks in the workplace: Risks in the workplace can harm a company's reputation in addition to non-compliance. For instance, a company's reputation may suffer if a manager mistreats a team member. HR outsourcing experts have great expertise in resolving challenging workplace issues. They can assist companies in reducing workplace risks while enhancing their public image.
  • Reduces expenses: Running a full-fledged HR team can be expensive, especially for small and mid-sized enterprises with tight resources. By providing a productive recruitment approach that lowers the cost of hiring personnel, outsourcing partners assist organisations in minimising their operational costs. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of compliance fines. It avoids the costs of obtaining, implementing, and deploying pricey HR technologies, allowing small firms to concentrate their financial resources on their core services.
  • Increases productivity at work: The time spent on typical administrative tasks is decreased due to outsourcing, which also helps to optimise other HR procedures, including payroll processing, employee training, and compliance monitoring. By giving their clients access to the most up-to-date HR tools and technology that do away with unproductive processes, outsourcing providers assist in increasing their clients' workplace efficiency. Teams can thus concentrate more on essential business procedures, increasing the productivity of the firm as a whole.
  • Aids in retaining and attracting talent: Recruiting is a huge hurdle for small firms and start-ups that lack the branding of larger corporations. Companies may create a seamless workplace culture that helps them attract the right personnel by outsourcing the HR functions to professionals. A well-organised HR strategy helps organisations retain employees by increasing employee satisfaction in addition to attracting top talent.
  • Makes the newest HR tools and technologies available: Since HR tools and technology are developing quickly, it can be challenging for firms to incorporate the newest software at a reasonable cost. By outsourcing HR-related tasks, businesses can access the newest tools and technologies that keep employees engaged and productive at work. Other HR tasks like performance management, employee time monitoring, and payroll are also made more effective with the use of these solutions.
  • Provides greater flexibility: Businesses can easily scale up or down the size of their HR workforce based on requirements by outsourcing HR functions. The majority of HR outsourcing service providers provide businesses with adaptable packages that give them on-demand access to essential HR tools, resources, and services. As a result, firms may maintain their agility without having to pay for an expensive internal HR team.
  • Concentrating on Core Business Practices: Although HR is a vital function, it does not generate income. Businesses can save time and money by contracting out expert HR duties. They are able to increase sales by concentrating more on their main company operations.

Factors Influencing the Choice of HR Outsourcing Services

The company's years of experience are the most crucial factor in selecting the best HR business for outsourcing services. It is crucial to pick a partner with the necessary experience and a track record of success in the industry.

  • The prices the company is charging for its HR outsourcing services must also be considered. Given how competitive the outsourced HR market is, it is best to make a shortlist of the best HR outsourcing firms before deciding on a final candidate based on price.
  • Most companies that offer HR outsourcing services use flexible contracting options, allowing the client to change the services whenever needed.

New Trends in HR Outsourcing Services

A few of the current cost-effective trends include: 

  • Cloud-based payroll outsourcing solutions with mobile phone accessibility.
  • Employees have login access to their personal accounts to verify their records.
  • There is a facility for analysing tax computations as outsourced companies adapt their systems to changes in the country's taxes legislation and regulations.

These trends are anticipated to catch up, especially with smaller businesses quickly.


To Whom Can You Outsource HR?

Human Resources Organisations, Professional Employer Organisations, and Administrative Services Organisations are the three categories of HR outsourcing businesses.

Human Resources Organization (HRO)

Most human resources organisations (HROs) let big companies (those with 1000+ workers) pick and choose which HR services they want to outsource. A co-management relationship or shared HR relationship is created between the HRO and the business when only a portion of the functions are handled by the HRO. When all HR-related tasks are contracted out, the HRO is in charge entirely. The strategic HR role is still internally held in large organisations, while the majority of administrative and tactical roles are outsourced.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

PEOs, which manage all HR duties, are typically more advantageous for small and mid-sized companies (those with less than 200 employees). A corporation that outsources its human resources department to a professional employer organisation (PEO) establishes a co-employment arrangement in which the PEO serves as the onsite employer and the company is the employer of record. 

The PEO will be liable for taxes and workers' compensation as the official employer. The shared burden reduces the small business's financial liability. By merging the personnel of all of their clients, the PEO can also get discounted rates on retirement benefits and health insurance. They frequently provide outsourcing for employment administrative tasks like payroll, performance management, hiring, background checks, and others.

Administrative Services Organization (ASO)

Choosing to work with an ASO, or Administrative Services Organisation, is the third HR outsourcing scenario. An ASO works for your business to provide administrative services, as the name rightly suggests. These include paying employees, making direct deposits, and submitting payroll taxes. The filing is done under your federal employer ID number (FEIN), just like outsourced payroll. The ASO will offer support with queries regarding compliance and legal issues, access to insurance, worker's compensation, and medical/dental benefits, in contrast to outsourced payroll. These services and prices are based on the number of employees you have and the employment risks involved in keeping them. For companies with 50 or more employees, the ASO offers small company employers "employment related" relief.

Unsurprisingly, among the many services offered by ASOs are the following:

  • Safety Administration
  • Compliance
  • Services for Payroll
  • Pension Management
  • Employee Compensation

What functions does HR outsourcing provide?

Consider the following list of typical HR outsourcing tasks if you believe your company could gain from it, and see if your requirements match those of outside HR specialists. 

  • Payroll processing: One of the HR functions that is most frequently outsourced is payroll processing. Payroll deductions from your employees' pay checks can be tricky to figure out. Payroll deductions, wage garnishments, payroll taxes, and benefit premiums are all subject to error, which can result in legal issues. Instead of handling payroll themselves, many businesses delegate it to experts.
  • Managing employee benefits: A comprehensive benefits package for employees that includes health insurance, a retirement plan, and other benefits can help retain current staff members and provide your business with a recruiting advantage. Benefits management, however, can be challenging. Many businesses outsource the management of their employee benefits to save themselves the work of researching plans and adhering to regulations.
  • Employment law compliance: Equal employment opportunity (EEO) and workers' compensation rules and regulations must be followed by business owners. With little to no more work on your part, hiring HR compliance professionals can keep you in compliance with all EEO and workers' compensation regulations on a daily basis.
  • Talent Acquisition: Even though you could be excited about sorting through many applications and scheduling interviews, you might not be as excited about the prospect of finding that ideal new employee. Hire outside HR experts to manage your hiring process to relieve yourself of this burden.
  • Performance Management: Running a business involves having discussions about annual reviews, salaries, and other performance-related issues. While you'll probably want your team to lead these discussions, you might not have the time or knowledge to plan or deal with these situations. If so, contact a third-party organisation to handle your performance management duties.
  • Risk Management: Not only do HR teams manage employee relations and anti-discrimination initiatives. When it comes to these and other crucial staff management issues, they reduce the risks of worst-case outcomes. Outsource your risk management efforts to HR professionals to prevent workplace disputes or lawsuits. That will keep your staff happy and reduce the number of non-business-related tasks you must do.
  • Employee counseling: The act of assisting your personnel in getting access to mental health services is known as employee counselling. Short-term counselling can be arranged for employees through employee assistance programmes (EAPs) intended to reduce stress at work. External HR teams can manage EAP programmes. 

Why Choose Enterslice for Human Resource Outsourcing?

We offer HR solutions suited to your company's size and requirements. Get complete assistance with talent management, rule compliance, and other issues. The outsourcing offered by Enterslice offers all the services an internal staff could possibly supply. Enterslice provides solutions that smaller and larger organisations can use.

Unique characteristics

  • Offering first-rate perks is made simple by the employee benefits function.
  • Employers can save money with the support of knowledgeable workers' compensation.
  • A proven track record of the company
  • Assurance of service standards and flexible choices for contracts.
  • Automating processes is made easier by HR software.
  • Professionals assist in creating replies to regulatory agencies.

Pricing - Prices vary based on business requirements. Inquire with Enterslice about pricing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of outsourcing a company's human resources function to a different service provider is known as "human resource outsourcing."

The main role of human resource outsourcing is talent management, compensation and employee benefits, compliance, development and training and workplace safety.

For example, a company might hire an HRO to provide periodic skills training for employees while handling other HR functions, like payroll and internal tracking of employee performance

Are your staff salary or on commission? Due to the many ways in which your labour is employed, are there regular changes in the payroll? Let us handle and process your payroll while using all of our resources to assure accuracy and promptness.

Your biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly payrolls are all processed by us. We make any necessary adjustments—such as salary advances, commissions, and garnishments and submit it after a review.

When necessary, we update your system with information regarding new hires, rehires, changes to employee information, terminations of employees, etc.

Human Resources Organisations, Professional Employer Organisations, and Administrative Services Organisations are the three main types of HR outsourcing businesses.

Any kind of service procedure could be improved by outsourcing. The internal department or management of the company would not need to concentrate on performing the outsourcing functions if the human resource process was outsourced to an external provider.

The following are some benefits of outsourcing HR services:

  • The firm can prioritise its major objectives.
  • This procedure can lead to increased attention and support.
  • The firm's human resource functions do not require any investment at all

In the long run, the company will benefit from outsourcing HR. Because it would reduce the amount of work required from management in recruiting internal human resources for the firm,

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