Human Resource Outsourcing

Every Organizations whether SME or MNC are striving to initiate outsourced HR Process, and HRO provides value-added services on a day-to-day basis to enable business goals.
  • Attendance Management
  • Salary Disbursement
  • PF / ESI Submission
  • Employee Data base management
  • John Hancock Liability
  • Compensation and Benefits
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What is Human Resource Outsourcing?

Every organizations today are facing challenges in Managing their HR Function and HR Outsourcing model was introduced by MNC to reduce the burden of HR Dept. and KEY HR should focus on organization efficiency and improve employee’s satisfaction.  Core HR function looks beyond the reducing the cost per employee and focusing in building better employee experience and productivity. Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) has become a sustainable outsourcing model in recent years, useful option to control costs and meet the challenging HR objectives of the company.

The Human Resource Outsourcing Process can be accomplished by following steps -

  • Need gap analysis of the existing Human resource department
  • Overview of the capabilities of the HRO Company and matching them with the needs of the organizations
  • Comparing cost benefit analysis from HR outsourcing activity

What is Payroll Processing? How you can outsource?

Are your employees on commission or are salaried? Are there frequent changes in the payroll due to difference in nature of employment of your workforce? Let us manage and process your payroll by putting our best resources to ensure the correctness and timeliness.

What we do in Payroll Processing?

We do process your Bi-weekly, Semi-Monthly and Monthly payrolls. We do make required changes in the payroll like salary advances, commission, garnishments etc. and submit payroll after review.

Why do we need to think about Employee Database Management?

Correctness of the employee information, their tax liability and other commitments shall be seamless in their payroll. Let us gather all required information regarding any new hire, re-hire and update the same in the payroll system. Changes in the garnishment information, employee termination, type of employment etc. are critical to the correctness of the payroll.

What we do in Employee Database Management?

We do update your system with the New Hire, Re-Hire, Employee Information Changes, Employee Termination etc. as and when required.

What is John Hancock Update?

Are you meeting the John Hancock update timeliness or incurring penalties due to delays or incorrect update? It is as crucial to update John Hancock as paying to your employees.

What we do in John Hancock Update?

We do update John Hancock after each payroll and submit a trail for internal audit.

What us Compensation and Benefits Consulting Services?

Employee compensation and benefits need to be managed and adhered to the policies and procedures existing in the state. Let us help you get your payroll defined accordingly.

What we do in Compensation and Benefits Consulting Services?

We provide you with expert advice and a personalized approach to achieve your compensation goals. We specialize in the analysis, diagnosis, design, and communication required for effective and efficient delivery of compensation programs.

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