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What is a Special Purpose Audit Service?

Businesses encounter new and invisible challenges that require a specialized assessment in contrast to a general audit of financial statements. Our specialists provide special-purpose audit services, which can be relied upon when the business is required to report on particular financial information for particular reasons to specific users. Our special-purpose audit services have specific reviews and non-statutory audits. By the relevant auditing standards, our specialists perform special purpose audit engagements of the businesses. These audits include the various areas of the business, such as an audit of an entire set of financial statements generated by an alternative comprehensive basis of accounting, an audit of a part of an entire set of general purpose or special purpose financial statements, such as a single financial statement, specified accounts, elements of accounts, or items in the financial statement, compliance with contractual agreements etc. Our Enterslice team engages with special-purpose audit assignments in any sector, including NGOs, businesses, and funding entities of public and private sectors.

Enterslice’s Special Purpose Audit Services

Enterslice is an expert in providing various special-purpose audit Services that are customized to satisfy the particular requirements of businesses in various sectors. We guarantee compliance, accuracy, and transparency in certain areas or for specific goals. Our special purpose audit services include the thorough inspection and analysis of financial records and business operations.

Strategic Approach

Our special purpose audit services offer a personalized approach as per the business's different needs. Our specialist creates individualized special-purpose audit programs that provide unique goals and strategic approaches to businesses to resolve specific circumstances.

Regulatory Compliance

Businesses can benefit from our Special Purpose Audit Services by using them to help them comply with industry standards and applicable regulations. Our specialists ensure that financial statements, procedures, and controls comply with relevant laws and regulations, and we review them thoroughly.


Our special purpose audit services offer important insights into the financial performance and health of the business by carrying out detailed special purpose audits. Our thorough special purpose audit reports provide clarity and openness, enabling stakeholders to make defendable choices. Our specialist offers excellent audit services that are customized to the business's unique requirements by a group of knowledgeable auditors with wide knowledge and experience.

Risk Modification

Our special purpose audit services assist businesses in reducing risks and protecting their assets by identifying and evaluating possible risks related to financial operations and reporting.


Our specialist offers special purpose audit services to place a high value on accuracy and efficiency in our special purpose audit procedures, guaranteeing rapid delivery of thorough reports that include suggestions for improvement or solutions in the business.

Importance of Special Purpose Audit Services

Enterslice offers special-purpose audit services to businesses which need special-purpose audits for several reasons. Below are the importance of special purpose audit services

Maintaining Compliance

Special purpose audits ensure that businesses comply with industry norms, legal requirements, and contractual requirements. Our specialist verifies compliance with particular criteria to help businesses legally stay out of trouble and protect their reputation.

Risk Management

Our specialists identify and reduce risks connected to internal controls, operational procedures, and financial reporting. The Special purpose audits help in risk mitigation so Businesses can improve their resilience and protect assets by addressing risks and defects.

Financial Transparency

Our specialists provide accurate and transparent information about business performance and financial health to stakeholders through special purpose audits. Our specialists increase trust among creditors, investors, and other stakeholders as a result of transparency, which improves decision-making and builds long-term bonds.

Fraud Detection

Our specialists examine financial transactions, spot issues, and put in place efficient controls by special purpose audit services to assist in the detection and prevention of fraud because prior detection of fraudulent activity helps businesses reduce losses and preserve their good name.

Operational Efficiency

Our special purpose audit services assess the efficiency of operational procedures. Special purpose audits identify opportunities for improvement and optimization. Through the optimization of resource allocation and workflow processes, businesses can increase output and profitability.

Investor Confidence

Special-purpose audit services provide trustworthy financial data to increase investor confidence and attract new investors. Investors are more likely to believe in the business's management by getting accurate and honest reporting.

Decision Making

Our special purpose audit services provide insights to the businesses to make strategic informed decisions for the businesses in specific circumstances. Whether the business is expanding its operations, entering the market, attracting investments, etc., the business relies on accurate financial information or data, so our specialist guides the businesses in making informed decisions and mitigating the risk for their businesses.

Areas required to cover under Special Purpose Audit Services

The areas that need to be covered under the special purpose audit services are wide range in nature, depending upon the specific objectives and needs of the businesses. Below are some common areas explained for special purpose audits


Our special purpose audit services ensure compliance with laws, regulations, etc., in the business. Our specialist's primary focus is to ensure compliance with financial reporting requirements, tax regulations or agreements, etc.

Financial Transactions

Our special purpose audit services involve the examination of specific financial statements or accounts. Our specialist assesses the accuracy and fairness of the financial information.

Internal Controls

Our special purpose audit services help evaluate the impact of internal controls by assessing the controls on financial reporting, asset protection, and compliance.

Detection of Fraud and Investigation

Our special purpose audit services help detect fraud by investigating financial irregularities within businesses. Our specialists analyze transactions, review the documents, and identify potential risks or fraud.

Due Diligence

The special purpose audit is conducted as a due diligence process for mergers, acquisitions, investments or business transactions. The special purpose audit services assess the financial health, risk and liabilities of the business.

Analysis of Risk

The audit service, for specific purposes, assists in assessing the risk related to the objective of audits by identifying and evaluating the risk related to financial reporting, operations, compliance, cyber security, etc.


Our special purpose audit services help assess the management functions of businesses. Our special purpose audit services evaluate the accuracy, valuation, rights and financial information for the operations of the businesses.

Process of Audit services for a specific purpose

The process of conducting special purpose audit services conducts audits in various stages

Identify the Purpose

The Audit services are for a specific purpose, such as compliance with regulatory requirements, investigations, due diligence in a business transaction, or assessment of internal controls. Our specialist determines the scope of Audit services for a specific purpose in the required financial statements, accounts, transactions, and processes and focuses on the risk.

Pre-Audit Planning

Our specialists develop a special purpose audit plan that outlines the objective and resources required to conduct the audit services for a specific purpose. 

Assessment of Risk

Our specialist provides audit services for a specific purpose: to conduct an assessment of risk to identify and evaluate potential risks in the businesses, and we focus on areas of risk level to achieve the objective of the audit.

Outline the Audit Procedure

Our specialists design audit procedures for specific purposes and determine the techniques of auditing, methods, and testing procedures to collect the relevant evidence.


Our specialists provide Audit services for a specific purpose: to conduct fieldwork to gather audit evidence and perform document observation, findings and results.


Our specialist analyses audit findings and evidence collected during the fieldwork to assess compliance with relevant standards, regulations, etc. Our specialists evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls, management of risk, and governance in achieving the audit process. Our audit services help identify irregularities or areas for improvement and assess the impact on operations and financial statements.


Our Audit services, for a specific purpose, prepare a detailed audit report and communicate the result to the stakeholders and members of the businesses to take immediate actions to address the identified issues.


Our audit services, for specific purposes, help monitor the proposed implementation of audit reports and corrective action taken by the businesses by reviewing and assessing the effectiveness of measures and ensuring ongoing compliance with audit findings.


Our audit services, for specific purposes, conduct a post-audit review to evaluate the effectiveness of the audit procedure, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide engagement to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.

Checklist for Conducting Special Purpose Audit Services

The checklist for conducting special purpose audit services is stated below

  • Outline the scope of the special purpose audit in specific issues.
  • Develop a plan to perform the special audit process.
  • Collect necessary information and documents.
  • Conduct an assessment of risk to identify potential areas.
  • Review the previous audit reports.
  • Identify the interests of the stakeholders, investors, etc.
  • Develop a testing process to assess the accuracy of the financial information.
  • Communicate with management and stakeholders to obtain additional information.
  • Review the documents and assess the implication of the opinion in the audit report.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of internal controls to identify deficiencies or areas for improvement.
  • Prepare a report summarizing the findings of the audit and improvement suggestions.
  • Monitor the implementations of audit suggestions formed during the audit process.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements related to the retention of audit documents.
  • Conduct an audit review to evaluate the effect of the audit procedure on the improvement of the businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

A special purpose audit is conducted on those circumstances in which the business is required to report on specific purposes.

The special purpose audits examples are environmental audits, information technology audits, fraud and forensic audits, etc., which fall under the audit services for specific purposes.

The special purpose financial statement is the financial statement that requires a special purpose framework to meet the compliance requirement with regulatory, risk mitigation or financial information needs in specific areas.

The difference between the regular audit and special purpose audit is that the regular audit is generally conducted to provide an opinion on the fairness of the financial statement with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), and the special audit focuses on specific needs which are beyond the scope of regular audit.

Businesses require special audits in various areas, such as compliance and evaluation of internal controls. Investigation or misconduct, due diligence for the time of the merger or analyzing the financial performance for specific purposes.

The objective of special purpose audit services is to verify compliance in businesses, assess internal controls, detect and investigate fraud, etc., to grow businesses and reduce risk.

The special purpose audit will be demanded by the stakeholders, regulatory authorities, investors or management, etc., who have an interest in the business or the results of the audit.

The time duration to complete the special purpose audit depends upon the challenges of the objective of the audit, scope of work, information, etc., to complete the special purpose audit, so it may take up to a week or more as per the requirements.

The main benefits of providing special purpose audit services in the specific areas of the business's operation are financial performance, compliance, mitigation of risk, etc.

The findings from audit services for a specific purpose are used as evidence in legal proceedings.

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