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Understanding Our Dealership Evaluation

Companies engaged in the dealership businesses want to bring end-to-end, seamless, excellent services to their customers. But how can a dealership company ensure high-quality services to their potential customers? A dealership audit is the best solution for assisting the company to engage in the business of the dealership network. This dealership audit shall help the company evaluate the dealership networks, human resources, service, warranty, and various other corporate identities and management. Moreover, dealership audits also include the expenses incurred by the dealership while travelling for onsite inspections, interviews on the management of an organization, staff, workers, etc, according to the checklist and requirements of a dealership company.

Enterslice is a consultancy company that has dozens of experiences assisting companies in dealership audits engage in the businesses of a dealership. Our team of expert professionals in dealership auditing will help companies conduct a training program on the company dealership network, including technicians, managers, advisors, and the support staff of an organization. Based on this, our team of dealership audit will assist the company in checking if the employees of the dealership company have taken part in the training programs on the dealership businesses, ensuring that every employee has taken an initiative part in the training programs. Enterslice team of dealership audit will also verify the company’s minimum number of certified sales consultants and technicians engaged in the dealership business operations.

With the help of the dealership audit a company can keep its corporate identity strong to ensure that customers have confidence and consistency with the quality and brands across their dealership networks and business operations across the globe. Moreover, a dealership audit assists the company in aligning with the manufacturer brand guidelines to avoid any discrepancies in the dealership services.

What can a dealership audit do For Your Company?

An audit performed by the company with the help of a third party like Enterslice will help the company see if their dealership business operations are aligned with the required standards and thus provide a new perspective on operating the business operations to ensure business growth. A team of dealership audits helps the company to identify the benchmark operational departments against other groups of dealerships in the market, ensuring that the dealership company experiences the best industry practices that lead to the business growth of the company.

Enterslice team of dealership audit will help the company to evaluate the financial statements of the company's fair practice in all material aspects, its financial positions, and various other results of the business operations and its cash flows according to the reports presented by the company. Moreover, to maintain the relevancy of the dealership company, a team of dealership audit experts and professionals shall also focus on compliance and regulatory framework and fulfil the manufacturer's requirements. Typically, dealership audits also include conducting interviews with the company's managers and directors to understand the procedures of reviewing and approving functions connected to the dealership business operations, such as voided repair orders, parts tickets, credit memos, credit limit overrides, etc.

Enterslice Procedures on Dealership Audit

Dealership audits play a key role in seamless dealership business operations, just like they do in other businesses. Given below are the procedures commonly used by the Enterslice team for dealership audits:

  1. We shall help the company determine the risk connected with the dealership's business procedures, such as sales, inventory management, finance, and compliance. A dealership company, through a dealership audit, can mitigate the potential risks by taking measures to reduce the company's financial losses and various other regulatory violations.
  2. Depending on the kind of dealership company, dealership audits are subject to specific laws and compliance requirements, such as vehicle sales, financing systems, and various other consumer protection laws. A team of Enterslice dealership audits ensure that such a company is aligned with the compliance requirements according to the applicable laws and regulations, thus safeguarding the company from potential risk and various other legal liabilities and heavy penalties for non-compliance.
  3. A dealership audit will also help the company maintain financial data accuracy and integrity within the financial system of the dealership's business operations. Such dealership audits include examining the correctness of the financial transactions records, assets are protected, the accuracy of the financial systems, etc. However, it is indeed important for a company to maintain its business financial system integrity to meet tax compliance, and reporting regulations and for the overall company’s business sustainability development.
  4. To prevent fraud and to identify fraudulent activities, this dealership audit plays an important role in safeguarding the company from embezzlement, theft, and irregularities with the company's business accounts. Thus, a team of Enterslice professional experts in dealership audit determines and addresses these kinds of issues connected with the business beforehand, safeguarding the reputational damage and financial loss.
  5. We shall also check the company's business operation efficiency by detecting inefficiencies and obstructions, helping the company optimize its procedures, be cost-effective, and improve its overall business operation performance.
  6. We shall also help the company in asset management, ensuring that companies are managing the assets efficiently and are not subject to any irregularities such as waste, misuse, or theft.
  7. Our team of dealership auditors assists the company by examining the company’s service processes improving the overall experience of the customers. Customers who are satisfied with the services are most likely to return for future purchases and to make a recommendation for dealership services.
  8. We shall also evaluate, review, and strengthen the dealership company's internal control system, such as policies, procedures, and segregation of the company's employees' duties to prevent fraud and errors.
  9. Through dealership audit a company gets access to valuable insights for strategic planning. Such dealership audit reports help the company to make an informed decision on various business strategies such as expansions, diversifications and various other business initiatives.
  10. With the help of an enterslice dealership audit, a dealership company could build trust and reputation among the customers, investors, and regulatory and compliance requirements. 

Benefits From Dealership Audit

Enterslice promotes best practices based on the knowledge of the industry and by leveraging various dealership audit experiences and standard procedures. Dealership audits help the company reevaluate certain long-term habits and business operations to implement effective business operations procedures to streamline operations and increase productivity. A company, through dealership audit, can segregate the kinds of duties among the company's employees to ensure logical access and compliance requirements. Additionally, a root cause is detected at the time of dealership audit, ensuring a seamless business growth of a company. Various tax compliances are also determined to ensure that tax-exempt transactions are properly supported by maintaining proper documentation before the concerned authorities.

However, beyond determining the dealership business operation misstatements and income adjustments, auditors will also identify the potential issues connected to business operations by evaluating, examining, and clearing balances that are invalid and found during the schedule review.

Some of the key benefits of dealership audit are:

  1. Company’s invoice verifications.
  2. Validation of claims and payout.
  3. Target Monitoring
  4. Incentive Payouts.
  5. Margins payout and validity.
  6. Stock verification and management.
  7. Customer experience verification.

Ensure Your Dealership is Compliant with Enterslice

Like any other company, a dealership audit has to be performed by the businesses engaged in the dealership. As we know, it is indeed difficult for a company to keep up with several laws and regulations that are introduced by central and state governments to rule out the functioning of dealership businesses. Choose Enterslice as your partner in dealership audit for a seamless business operation that keeps you updated with regulations and compliances. Our team of dealership audits will help the organizations in implementing and aligning with the legally accepted compliance requirements to run the business. A company may have to face various legal consequences for not complying with the compliance regulations. Thus, the dealership audit on compliance comes in handy for safeguarding organizations from such defaults.

When you choose to engage the Enterslice team for a dealership audit, the common points that are usually taken care of by our expert professionals are given below.

  1. Our team of Enterslice in dealership audit shall cover every department during the assessment of a dealership company to check if they are aligned according to the requirements of the laws. In addition, our expert professionals will compile all the violations that popped up at the time of assessment and thus help a company prepare a plan and strategy to bring changes and ensure that the dealership business complies accordingly.
  2. Like any other audit procedure, a dealership audit is not a one-day procedure, there is a requirement of a minimum time for avoiding any discrepancies. An alternate visit may be required by an auditor depending on the findings of an assessment. On the other hand, the Enterslice team of the dealership audit suggests the company's regular audit to ensure that the company is on track with the updated laws and regulations.
  3. With the constant changing of laws and regulations, our team of dealership audits makes it a point to keep organizations updated with all the new and upcoming laws and regulations as soon as they are made official. The enterslice experts' team will help the company by keeping their employees updated by briefing them about such changes in laws and regulations and even conducting a test to check if everyone is on the same page.
  4. A company, through an Enterslice dealership audit, will also have access to conduct both physical and virtual training sessions for their employees in operating a dealership business. Such training ensures that employees of such dealership companies are equipped with the right and updated information within the dealership laws and regulations.
  5. Enterslice team of dealership audit thus ensures that companies stay ahead of the changes in laws and compliance requirements. Here, in Enterslice, we also interact with other players in the dealership market through various expos and seminars.

Further, the consequences of not meeting the dealership compliance and regulations requirements will result in the company facing devastating outcomes. Some of the major consequences of non-complying are heavy penalties and reputational damage in the peer market. Therefore, to be on the safe side of legal compliance or law, take the service of an expert like Enterslice in dealership audit. We, at Enterslice provide this kind of service to a dealership company through comprehensive and customized programs ensuring that a company are completely align with the dealership compliance requirements.

Enhance Your Dealership Payout review with Enterslice.

Most dealership companies or automakers are strict in keeping their corporate identity strong to ensure that a customer experience is delighted and impressive, leaving no door for bad reviews. A dealership company is a business run on networks across the globe; thus, dealership audit plays an important role in filling such gaps and aligning with the manufacturer's brand guidelines and various other compliance regulations frameworks.

Enterslice, as your partner in dealership audit, shall help you in enhancing the company's payout cycles, opting for the best method for service quality and for enhancing business growth. Some of the common methodologies used by Enterslice professionals during dealership audits are as follows:

  1. We will help the company find the best method to enhance the business operation procedure for achieving a better customer experience and satisfaction.
  2. We shall also review of documents and the validity of dealership agreements with the manufacturing companies.
  3. Tracking of articles like vehicles, list of sold and unsold inventory, invoice verification, and profitability.
  4. We shall also help the company to verify the sale of extended insurance, service, and warranty accessories.
  5. A verification of various discounts connected to dealership articles, such as exchange and loyalty discounts, corporate discounts, and various discounts passed on.
  6. We shall also help the company review the actual advertisement budget by understanding the total advertisement done and actual reimbursement claim for the same to ensure a cost-effective business operation.
  7. We shall also evaluate and review various contract agreements with the advertisement agencies.
  8. And lastly, our team dealership audit will make a report of the same and submit it before the dealership management team with a review, including recommending a suggestion to improve the irregularities.

Choose Enterslice for Your Dealership Audit

The world of dealership auditing is constantly evolving, addressing new threats and opportunities that are changing rapidly. Choosing the right path is difficult for the dealership company, as there is so much noise in the background, yet standing still is not an option either. A dealership company needs insights to capitalize on today's opportunities and potential benefits while avoiding the danger connected with regulatory and compliance requirements. Therefore, it's not enough for a dealership to just survive; they must thrive. Choose Enterslice, a dealership audit services team of dedicated experts and professionals in the dealership industry. Enterslice services are cost-effective, assisting companies not only in determining their goals but also in developing a strategy or a roadmap to achieve them. Our team of professionals in the dealership industry will help the company to have strategic succession planning for buying and selling articles, fraud prevention, cybersecurity, etc.

Our dealership audit service offers a dealership industry dependable solution fastened with trusted guidance and strategies. We are a customer-driven team ensuring that the needs of the clients are achieved within a specific time frame or reporting framework with the most cost-effective solutions. Service under dealership audit includes accounting, audit, risk advisory, legal advisory, risk and assurance, etc. Enterslice team of dealership audit professionals will be operating at their full potential to meet the needs of the company experience in both sales procedures and operations, to map your path to record business profitability and to achieve loyalty from their valued customers.

The enterslice team of dealership audits has hands-on experience in performing various consulting services for the dealership industry, from financial accounting records audits to business operational audits for satisfied customers. With an in-depth knowledge of the dealership industry, our team is geared up to provide real-life solutions customized according to your business requirements, guiding you through the road to success and growth. Thus, the Enterslice team of dealership audit is highly experienced in evaluating the dealership business operations, maintaining compliance and regulation frameworks, as well as aligning with various federal and state tax laws for a seamless business operation. We deliver timely and accurate solutions for organizations to stay competitive and profitable in this constantly changing business environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dealership audit in the automotive industry is a procedure to evaluate the functioning of the automotive production ensuring that procedures engaging in the production process are aligned with the mandatory standards of compliance and regulations making it cost-effective. Moreover, a dealership to conduct on-site inspections along with the concerned auditors for a better understanding of the dealer network.

Dealership companies undergo audits to ensure that they meet all regulatory and compliance requirements and avoid any legal liabilities and penalties. With the help of an audit, a company dealing with dealership businesses will enhance transparency and risk management within the business operations. Therefore, an auditor ensures that their dealership enjoys a consistent look and feel during the customer experience journey and thus delivers the right image.

Dealership audits are conducted by third-party dealership audit service providers who have a team of professional auditors with expertise in dealership businesses. These professional auditors have the knowledge and mandatory skills to examine the company’s financial statements and business operations.

Most of the audit procedures are the same yet different depending on the kinds of business operations the company is engaged with, common types of audit procedures are planning or preliminary review, fieldwork, Audit report and follow-up Review.

Some of the major key areas examined during the dealership audit are financial statements, inventory management, sales and revenue recognition practices, compliance with specific tax laws, adherence to manufacturer agreements, internal controls, and various other fraud detections.

Most of the auditors follow the famous 5 C’s audit method i.e. criteria, condition, cause, consequences, and corrective actions.

The audit process is a method to evaluate the financial strength and business operation of a company to avoid any discrepancies or legal liabilities. A company by conducting an audit can enhance the business performance and customer experience attracting a greater number of customers and businesses and also reduce costs of the business operations.

A dealership audit helps the company improve financial transparency, mitigate risk management, fraud detection, and operational efficiencies, financial reporting, enhance the compliance and regulations framework, and build trust and confidence among shareholders, investors, and manufacturers.

Depending on the size of the dealership business company, the complexity of its business operations, availability of records it may take from a week to several months to complete the audit procedures.

After completing a dealership audit, an auditor shall make a report of the same, mentioning the gaps and thus recommending the same for an improvement in the functioning of the business growth. Hence, it is the responsibility of the dealership company to take necessary actions to fill the gaps and improve the irregularities addressed during auditing.

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