Financial Crime Lawyer Services

Protect your business with Enterslice expert financial crime lawyer services today and ensure legal compliance and peace of mind.

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Financial Crime Lawyer Services

The financial system is only a small piece of the puzzle. With Enterslice, you get the right guidance and access to experts who increase your confidence in financial crime services and support you in every step of the way.

With you on your Financial Crime lawyer services

As our clientsclients move ahead on their financial crime lawyer service journey, we partner with them to realize their objectives delivered by world-class financial crime lawyer services experts.


Operating in 100+ Countries, serving 22000 Zip codes worldwide, managing over 30,000 laws and more than 2,200 authority notifications, orders, and advisories, all accessible conveniently through a single login. We have Global customer and employee experience practitioners and financial crime experts to ensure success.


To provide the best comprehensive financial crime lawyer services that are Packaged or tailored programs based on your business requirements

Outcome driven

25+ years of best practices for the quickest time to value


Engagement models are designed to deliver maximum value on your financial crime-related assistance.

Proven success Rate

Enterslice has become a market leader in providing financial crime lawyers and related services, a worldwide network of independent legal practices, chartered accounting firms, certified public accountants or management advisory organizations with an exclusive alliance across 100 countries, which have served more than 1ooooo satisfied.

Get more uptime, better performance, faster case resolution, proactive resolution of problems and prevention through the knowledge of EnterSlice's financial crime lawyer.

The smartest way to resolve financial crime problems

Enterslice Smart Financial Crime Lawyers offers a broad range of services to help you in each stage of your journey, from litigation to consulting. From out-of-the-box offerings to customized packages, Our services are designed to realize the value of your financial crime lawyer service investment quickly, painlessly, at a lower cost and with peak performance. 

Our Financial crime lawyer services

From inception to execution, to sustainment…We can help.

If you are suspected of being part of a cartel or engaged in unlawful price fixing, our legal team has the expertise to assist you. To be able to defend yourself properly, you must be prepared for a fair interrogation. Our Financial Crime Counsels and Experts will accompany you to your interrogation at the police station so that you may present a sound defence.

Red Herring Top 100 Asia recommend us in their crime fraud and licencing sector. We have handled countless cases of this nature and have the expertise and experience to represent you effectively.

What are the penalties for cartels and illegal price fixing?

Anticompetitive practices are regulated, enforced, and investigated by different authorities, including the Competition Commission of India, the Competition and Markets Authority, the Serious Fraud Office, and the Office of Fair Trading. The penalties for cartels and illegal price fixing depend on whether the accused is an individual or a business entity:-

For individuals, the penalties are:

  • Unlimited fine
  • Director disqualification for up to 15 years
  • Up to 5 years imprisonment

The penalties can vary from state to state, depending upon the jurisdiction. Hence, it is always advised to seek legal professionals for accurate information.

For the company and its directors, the penalties are:-

  • A fine of up to 10% of the company’s total turnover
  • Seizure of assets
  • Being required to pay all the legal costs.

The penalties can vary from state to state, depending upon the jurisdiction. Hence, it is always advised to seek legal professionals for accurate information.

How does Enterslice's financial crime lawyer services help?

Our lawyers from financial crime can help you at all stages of the investigation; we provide a complete explanation of the procedure used during the investigation. Our lawyers are experts and have specialized experience in representing our clients in police stations. We provide under-cautionary advice during interviews.

Representation during criminal court proceedings can be very daunting and highly challenging, and it is always better to seek guidance from legal professionals. We provide holistic representation during criminal proceedings. Our lawyers do not stop here. We also provide advisory services on the legitimacy of any claims that are pending against your company.

Once we take over your problem, all the advisory and representation-related services during the events of interim penalties, such as restraining orders or injunctions, are taken care of so that you can peacefully enjoy the benefits of Enterslice Financial Crime Lawyer Services.

Who do we help?

Our experts from financial crime lawyer services help individuals and companies suspected of offences in correlation with financial crimes. We will offer legal services in the field of financial crime and the related areas of law. If you also suspect taking part in anticompetitive practices, we also offer services from beginning to end and will advise you on the best course of action available.

Enterslice services related to Cash Seizure and Forfeiture 

If you are faced with cash seizure or forfeiture, it can be heartache and upsetting for you and your family or business. Hence, it is important to have proper legal advice and representation.

How can Enterslice's financial crime lawyer service help?

When you contact us, we will take immediate action to find out why your assets have been seized and will do everything possible to persuade the investigators to return your cash or other property in hand. If necessary, we'll file a request with the court to recover your cash or other relevant assets from our professional financial crime lawyers.

Financial Crime lawyer services related to Confiscation and Asset seizure

Our financial crime lawyers are experts in the law on confiscation and seizure of assets. Suppose you are convicted of a criminal offence. In that case, the court may order confiscation and seizure of assets, family members may be affected by such an order, business partners and associates may be affected, and our financial crime lawyers are experts in the law on confiscation and seizure of assets. In the course of any confiscation proceeding or appeal, we will be able to defend and advise you as well as your family and colleagues. You need to choose a firm of solicitors with plenty of experience and expertise in this area; we offer the best financial crime lawyer service that is known for its work on all kinds of legal issues.

How can Enterslice's financial crime lawyer service help you with confiscation and asset seizure proceedings?

We offer dedicated, experienced lawyers known for their work in financial crime in this complex and often misunderstood area of law. With our financial crime lawyer service, we regularly advise and represent clients who need to apply to the crown court or the High Court for a modification of a confiscation order or for a certificate of inadequacy. Our team works with forensic technology experts and forensic accountants to ensure that your defence is of the highest quality.

Our team is rated as one of the leaders in this area of law by different rating agencies.

Funding your case

We're going to give you our estimate of your case's likely cost and tell you if it turns out more or less than expected. In order to reduce your costs while offering you estimates of all phases of the proposed work, which will allow you to keep an eye on what we spend, our legal aid services in Financial Crime are a good source of budget funding.

Financial Crime Lawyer Services related to Corruption and Bribery

Financial Crime Lawyer Services related to Corruption and Bribery You should receive expert advice immediately if you or your company are being investigated or accused of corruption or bribery. In the area of corruption and bribery, our financial crime law services experts have a great deal of experience defending their clients. We are able to tell and guide you what exactly the case against you is likely to be, and we can advise you on all the available defences within the scope of law. We would also be able to advise you about whether or not you should self-report, either before or during an investigation, which could lead to a better outcome for you.

Our financial crime lawyers have the expertise and skills to help you through this difficult situation and will do everything we can to reduce the impact that any investigations or prosecutions will have on you or your business.

We have a good track record of halting investigations and prosecutions for our clients, and our reputation as a thorough, tough and resolute criminal defence litigator is well known in the market.

Financial Crime Lawyer Services related to Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Investigations

If you are a company facing a BEIS investigation, our experts with years of experience can provide valuable legal advice with our Financial Crime Lawyer Services. Enterslice offers legal advice and representation in Financial Crime Lawyer Services related to Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Investigations for:-

  • Bankruptcy offences
  • Company officer malpractice offences
  • Offences under the Insolvency Act
  • Offences under the Fraud Act
  • Fraudulent trading
  • Record-keeping offences
  • Breach of directors disqualification orders, bankruptcy orders and bankruptcy restrictions orders

We'll do everything in our power to minimize the inconvenience and stress to you, your business and to your family that these investigations may cause. We're working to protect you from media and spotlighting, providing clear advice that can be understood easily in plain English.

Financial crime lawyer service for Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Criminal Investigations

List of crimes included under FCA criminal investigation

  • Insider trading
  • Misleading statements and practices
  • Breach of money laundering regulations
  • Conducting a regulated activity without authorization from the FCA
  • Illegal share schemes or ‘scams’ or ‘boiler room’
  • Unlawful financial promotions

How Enterslice financial lawyer service can help you deal with FCA investigation

Here at Enterslice, we have a dedicated team of specialist financial crime lawyers who understand all there is to know with respect to FCA investigations and who have helped countless clients through this complex area of law.

We provide immediate, comprehensive advice and all the support our client will need throughout the case. We are a leading financial crime lawyer service provider for defending clients against FCA criminal investigations, and we work closely with financial crime lawyers and other financial experts to give our clients the best representation possible.

Our immense knowledge of this area of law clearly states our skill to fearlessly challenge any decisions, if necessary, through judicial review or the appeal courts.

Financial crime lawyer services for Insider dealing and market abuse Investigations

In order to reduce the disruption of your trade caused by insider trading or market abuse, Enterslice and its finance crime lawyers are focused on reducing these disruptions. Providing advice and support to individuals and companies in connection with insider trading or market abuse investigations, we have developed a respected reputation for doing so.

We have a great deal of experience in the cases we're dealing with, and our team has represented authorized persons working for FCA-regulated firms. We are recognized as an industry leader for defending financial crime investigations. A number of high-profile insider dealing and market abuse investigations have been successfully defended by our Regulatory and Criminal Investigation Group. Also, a number of our expert team members have been seconded for enforcement activities in the framework of the FCA, and we are now fully aware of this area.

Strong legal defence

We provide the legal advice you need to best protect your interests. This includes:-

  • Search and seizure
  • Document and information production
  • Interviews under caution

Public outrage over bank scandals is making the required fines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act more stringent. Contact our experts' lawyers as soon as possible if you are found to be under investigation. Advice at that stage of the investigation may have a decisive effect on the outcome.

Financial crime lawyer services for Internal Investigations and Whistle-blowers

Our Financial Crime Lawyers Service Team are highly respected in this area of law. Our services offer clients detailed short and long-term guidance, taking into account the wider picture, as well as various tactical decisions that need to be made while working with internal investigations.

With years of experience in the field, our specialists understand your regulator thoroughly. This allows us to offer vital legal insight into internal matters at organizations within all industries. We have strong relationships with key regulators and prosecuting bodies and are highly advantageous in the market, ensuring our team remains consistently at the pinnacle of regulatory and criminal investigation.

Working with Enterslice financial crime lawyer service

Partnering with us places you in the hands of one of the most successful and highly regarded financial crime law services.

Fees of financial crime lawyer services are a concern for many clients. We promise to keep you regularly informed of the costs to date and will provide estimates for each stage of work to make certain you are comfortable and confident of our transparent and accountable financial crime lawyer services.

Irrespective of your circumstances, our team of financial crime lawyer services will fight fearlessly and tirelessly to protect your interests.

Alternatively, you can send us an online enquiry, and we will get back to you.

Financial crime lawyer service for International Corporate

Our financial crime lawyers are well qualified to deal with global investigations or litigations that have significant impacts on individuals' and professionals' lives. With this delicate investigation, we have a strong team with an excellent track record that will seek to solve your case discreetly as soon as possible. Financial Crime Legal Services lawyers are engaged in a range of global Criminal Investigations, Mutual Assistance Requests and extradition proceedings.

Enterslice financial criminal lawyer service comes with inclusive packages having:-

  • Criminal Litigation
  • Serious fraud and financial crime
  • Confiscation
  • Restraint and receivership
  • Tax investigations
  • FCA investigation

Role of Enterslice-financial crime lawyer service

Our mutual assistance and extradition lawyers are able to:

  • Provide advice and representation to clients in the field of International,
  • Business or Financial Crime Communicate between national or international police,
  • Investigators and prosecuting authorities Offer advice and assistance in dealing with police authorities,
  • Challenge extradition or evidence-gathering requests
  • Helped with case analysis, preparation, and presentation.
  • With a huge global network of more than 1000 legal experts and related specialists, we provide the services you need, irrespective of your location. We work in your interests at all times and only select professionals dedicated to saving you time and money.

Financial crime lawyer service

In addition, our expert legal team of financial crime lawyers will be able to help you in your investigations and ensure the best possible defence. Our lawyers can help if you are a trader in order to ensure that your compliance procedures meet all of the rules; it's worth getting specialist legal advice regularly. If you want to get the best possible result, let us represent you and set your defence straight from the start.

How can we help you with our financial crime lawyer services?

  • We offer our services to both individuals and businesses under investigation for different financial crimes and related areas of law.
  • We can advise you on whether your business is regulated and what you need to do to comply with the financial crime Regulations.
  • We can also defend your business in any regulatory or criminal investigation.
  • If the police or regulatory body has accused you of financial crime or inadequate compliance with regulations, we can help.
  • If you are an individual being accused of financial crime, we can defend you in any criminal investigation or prosecution.
  • We have been involved in some of the largest financial crime investigations. We can also advise on cases with an international element. Nothing is too complex for Enterslice, so whatever your circumstances, you should contact our financial crime lawyer services.

Why choose our financial crime lawyer service?

Our experience in handling high-profile cases of financial crime confirms our recommendation, which is realistic, cost-effective and backed by years of experience. If you work with our legal professionals, you'll have more control. A good legal team will be needed for your case if you get charged, interrogated or threatened with an investigation. It may be difficult to finance a case if you are worried about financial crime or have been the subject of an investigation.

It is clear to us that your case may be difficult to fund if you have been the subject of an investigation into a financial crime or are being investigated. We give a certain degree of flexibility to the fees so that we can help you with your legal needs.

Financial Crime Lawyer Services for Serious Fraud

Our experts from financial crime lawyer services have 20+ years of experience helping clients through SFO investigations. In order to assist its impact and protect your best interests at every stage, we can manage the investigation process. Contact our specialist Financial Crimes lawyer as soon as possible if you have been investigated for serious fraud or are worried about being prosecuted.

Role of Enterslice financial crime lawyer service in protecting your rights

Our experts from financial crime lawyer service can help you with every stage of the investigation or prosecution. In order to give you the strongest defence possible, we can assist you in preparing and attending court interviews, gathering evidence supporting your case, or representing you at trial.

It can take a long time, sometimes even years, for the SFO to conduct an inquiry, and in most cases, it's very complicated. We know that this may have a major effect on your life, so it is best to seek the professional advice of an experienced Financial Crime lawyer service defence attorney as soon as possible.

Our Goal is Simple

We are here to help clients along with financial crime lawyer services, partnering with them to bring their rights and remedies to life. Regardless of the problem, you'll always be able to count on a consistent, thorough and client-centric approach when choosing Enterslice. That is Enter Slice's way of doing things.

With financial crime lawyer services, you can also expect the following:-

  • Personalized guidance in correlation to your needs
  • Full access to Enterslice professionals and experts
  • One-on-one strategy sessions with our lawyers
  • Hassle-free customer support across email, messaging, social and phone
  • Extra customized add-ons are available, including compliance and auditing in financial crime lawyer services

Why you should choose Enterslice Financial Crime Lawyer Services? 

Quality service 

We at Enterslice are committed to providing clients with the highest quality of service, ensuring that their financial needs are met in a precise and accurate manner. Unprecedented results have been achieved by our team of highly trained professionals.

Client satisfaction

It's our priority to make you happy. By listening to your needs, addressing your concerns and offering customized solutions, we are trying to exceed your expectations. Trust us, and we'll do everything in our power to make sure your satisfaction is as complete as possible.

Continuous improvement

We're confident that our services will continue to evolve and improve in order to keep up with the times. We dedicate our team to keeping you informed of the most recent industry trends and best practices so we can offer innovative solutions that will result in your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main role of a financial crime lawyer includes legal representation, compliance and regulatory matters, negotiating plea deals, asset recovery, risk assessment, investigations, sentencing advocacy and other related work.

The different types of financial crimes include financial crime include embezzlement, bribery, drug trafficking, cybercrime, mortgage fraud, etc.

Financial crime is usually considered as a broader term which includes a range of illegal activities encompassing financial transactions; on the other hand fraud is a subcategory of financial crime, a specified one.

Penalties in financial crime depend upon various factors based on the nature of crimes and the applicability of laws and regulations.

A regular risk assessment is the best preventive measure against financial crimes.

Financial crime is a broad and inclusive term that encompasses a wide range of illegal activities related to financial transactions, while collar crime is a more specific subset of financial crime majorly focused on financially motivated offences by individuals, typically in business, government or professional settings.

Yes, victims of financial crimes can file a civil suit against the perpetrator to get compensation.

Three main elements of financial crime are placement, layering and integration.

Enterslice has one of the largest dedicated financial criminal lawyer teams in India; we have dedicated lawyers in all of our offices. Apart from the in-house expertise, the firm has close working relationships with forensic firms that investigate instances of fraud, non-compliance, and contravention.

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