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Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services

Commercial Litigation and complex dispute resolution have grown into huge risks for corporations worldwide. It has the potential to disrupt business operations, damage reputations, and result in significant costs. Enterslice offers immense support to influence those outcomes by providing experienced professional support, efficient litigation services and dispute resolution experts to provide valuable insights for businesses and access to clarity to manage those unforeseen outcomes. We are determined to create value and enhance your performance to compete with the fast-paced commercial dispute landscape. At Enterslice, we work closely to identify and understand each commercial case's unique issue and facts to help our clients determine an appropriate response.

Understanding Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

Any legal action taken which involves a corporate party is termed to be commercial Litigation. It may include any issue related to employment and contracts, especially between two different corporations. Commercial Litigation is a branch of civil Litigation rather than criminal Litigation. We have a team of experts in commercial Litigation who will work closely to get a better result on your part. Examples that can be considered to be under commercial Liability include employment cases, debt recovery, breach of contract, shareholder issues, and many more. Our experts are more likely to advise you on Alternative Dispute Resolution to settle your dispute by providing a beneficial remedy without unnecessary stress. We help and guide you to resolve your matter using adjudication, mediation and arbitration processes. Litigation is the last option; our expert team will always advise and consider your concerns and customized advice as per your particular needs.

We help clients manage Commercial Disputes.

Civil& Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

Our civil and commercial Litigation and arbitration experts help and advise clients in civil and commercial disputes of all manners. We have in-depth knowledge and a good track record of serving clients in civil and commercial Litigation in every sector, such as banking and finance, energy, transport and logistics, etc. We defend clients in the trial stage and prepare drafts and Documents to present before the Court of law to favour our clients' interests.

Public Litigation

Our experts in public litigation offer assistance and legal advice to defend our clients in Court. We have extensive and in-depth experience in representing our clients at lower Court and Appellate Courts. Our experts at Enterslice advise on both administrative and judicial disputes related to different sectors. Utilizing our public litigation supports, clients can get appropriate guidance in proceedings of or against public entities, get administrative procedures at all jurisdictional levels, etc.

Employment Litigation

Our employment litigation experts support clients and represent or defend them in matters connected to labour law. We are experts and experienced in providing guidance and advice to both the companies and employees, offering legal advice in labour proceedings, and drafting necessary Documents in advance before any pleading, evidence, hearing, etc.

Tax Litigation

We help our clients with proper guidance with a cohesive perspective that enhances their capability to make an informed, independent business decisions at any stage of their business operations. We work closely with our client management and advise them on appropriate strategies, and if it seems required, we represent clients in their tax-related matters before the concerned Court.

Our Commercial Litigation Solutions for Corporations

Today, businesses face more challenges, including rigid regulations and tightened rules from regulated authorities. Our experts are experienced advisors with practical knowledge and skills that help clients meet such challenges and provide commercial solutions. We provide a broad base of commercial litigation solutions for clients in multiple jurisdictions.

Legal and contractual framework

Our experts at Enterslice offer extensive support for major sectors. We work closely with our clients and focus on avoiding disputes and Litigation by drafting and negotiating appropriate, unambiguous and enforceable contracts. We work towards business objectives and ensure the interest of our client business cannot be compromised.

Restructuring Business Functions

Today's economy has opened new opportunities for businesses that are looking to find a way to save costs. Enterslice offers guidance to businesses with an array of arrangements and provides technology support to enhance their business operations. Our approach focuses on fulfilling commercial objectives and helping businesses establish flexible working relationships, and it offers effective contracts to compete in today's ever-evolving environment. Our experts offer support to businesses at any stage of their business arrangements, such as negotiation of new contracts, dispute resolution, developing litigation strategies, etc. We look over strategic business objectives and offer practical assistance to businesses from multiple perspectives.

We help Real Estate in acquisition, disposal and portfolio management.

The real estate market is rapidly changing, and businesses require expert guidance that helps in business strategy and provides practical advice to achieve commercial objectives. We at Enterslice offer expert advice to real estate companies on the legal implications of their business activity. Our advice includes acquisitions, due diligence, negotiation of contracts and other commercial matters. We help businesses develop and manage their portfolio.

Unfair competition and Antitrust

 We represent businesses and their senior management under investigation by national authorities and other authorities that focus on trade restrictions, unfair competition and antitrust. We have experienced professionals who offer businesses proper guidance and advice on pragmatic risk management strategies, company policies, and crisis management and help them in Litigation.

We let our clients solve their Commercial litigation and dispute Challenges.

Risk Assessment and Damages Exposure

Our experts at Enterslice assist our clients in identifying and assessing the potential strengths and weaknesses of opposite-party damages positions settlement offers. We work closely with our client, analyse the entire case, and help our client manage their case strategies.

Expert Testimony

Our experts at Enterslice are industry-experienced and skilled communicators in trials and other dispute-resolution forums. We hold years of experience in complicated business areas and help coordinate and assist in screening and preparing Documents.

Buy-sell disputes

Our experts utilize their extensive experience in purchase and sale agreement disputes to help businesses analyze records, conduct complex research, and consult the businesses to represent their interests in litigation matters.

How Commercial Litigation impact on the emerging market

Changes in political administrations, laws, regulations, the economy, court appointments, and the law itself all contribute to a continually changing legal landscape. The landscape of business litigation is dynamic and requires ongoing adaptation. The discipline of commercial Litigation needs to evolve along with the market and technological advancements. It is certain that even as commerce changes, the necessity for commercial lawsuits will never go away. The law has changed in response to new and developing technologies, and plaintiffs now have new legal grounds to pursue lawsuits, including patent infringement and breach of online contracts. The business litigation practice area is expanding due in part to the notable rise of high-tech corporations. Due to the nature of the subject matter, these are the companies most likely to be involved in high-risk, high-dollar Litigation; when a firm files these lawsuits, its trade secrets, intellectual property, or large contracts are frequently at risk. It is certain that the practice area of commercial Litigation will expand rather than contract in the years to come, even though client priorities may alter and civil and commercial litigation firms may be required to change in response to new technologies.

Common forms of commercial Litigation

Antitrust Litigation:

pertains to the legal action taken in response to accusations that a company's commercial practices violate competition laws. Criminal or civil Litigation pertaining to antitrust may be brought, or both.

Breach of Contract:

A civil action will follow when a person or business breaches a legally binding contract by not keeping its end of the bargain. A breach of contract lawsuit can be filed against another by any party who feels wronged in a contract action.

 Consumer Class Action Lawsuits:

In a class action lawsuit, a number of people in similar situations file a collective claim against the party that caused them harm. Examples include circumstances in which faulty goods or invasions of privacy caused damage for multiple parties simultaneously.

Corporate and Commercial Litigation:

There are numerous circumstances in which a person may file a lawsuit against a company or vice versa. A business litigation attorney will be most equipped to handle a case like this.

Intellectual Property Litigation:

This type of Litigation might include copyright, trademark, and patent infringement. In such Litigation, an intellectual property lawyer may represent the defending party or the party that has been aggrieved.

Regulation Concerns litigation:

A business that violates industry regulations may face legal and criminal penalties. A lot of attorneys in regulatory practice areas concentrate on a single business, like the energy or environmental sectors.

Securities Litigation:

This type of Litigation entails disagreements between those who invest in securities and those who issue them.

Our Antitrust Litigation Support for Clients

We help our client and their counsel in antitrust Litigation. We help to identify, collect, and support the analysis of the relevant database. We use advanced forensic technology to review our clients' data, analyze the damages, and present expert advice. Our experts work closely with clients to help them understand anticompetitive activity and use advanced innovative technology to streamline their data into a structured layout. We help our clients to develop an efficient and appropriate alternative model.

We help in Complex Claim Management.

 Our experts help companies that are facing claim issues with the potential to disrupt their normal business activities. We are more likely to offer them support and expert guidance in crisis management, accounting, project management, law and claim process. Our experts have years of working experience in claim management projects, can easily help clients and analyze the magnitude validity of claims, demonstrate to stakeholders, develop a structured remediation plan and its proper implementation, address clients in compliance, risks and commercial prospects, etc.

Our Specialized Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services

Construction Litigation

Our experts in Enterslice specialize in construction litigation and help clients analyze and address damage claims, fraud, inefficiencies, contract terminations, and project management problems. Our experts offer project management oversight for companies and provide construction industry experts with the ability to streamline projects.

Intellectual Property (IP) Litigation

We offer a wide range of IP-related services and litigation support to our clients, ranging from IP litigation to licensing, development strategy, negotiation, financial evaluation, contract assessments, compliance, etc. Our Industry experts review IP cases and closely monitor the requirements and damages evaluation. We assist clients in the preparation of trials, settlement strategies, and expert witness testimony.

Health Care Disputes Litigation

We experts are experienced in-depth in life and health care, which helps us to offer valuable insights to our clients. We offer a multidisciplinary team along with healthcare advisory professionals to support businesses in analysing their credibility and potential exposure. We offer assistance and advice as the matter gets litigated.

The distinction between commercial Litigation and other forms of Litigation.

The main distinction between corporate and commercial Litigation and other forms of Litigation is the parties involved. In addition to the issues being more complicated or specialized than in ordinary civil Litigation, Litigation often involves businesses. Depending on the quantity or variety of parties involved, many commercial litigation cases are brought in federal Court as opposed to state court, and some of these are class action lawsuits or multi-district lawsuits.

Due to commercial Litigation, higher costs are frequently associated with these cases. This is because forensic expert testimony and discovery are two phases of the litigation process that are often more involved in business disputes than in non-commercial ones.

Party identity distinguishes civil Litigation from the definition of a commercial disagreement. But as was previously mentioned, depending on the parties involved, some legal areas—like those mentioned above—are inherently related to the practice field of commercial Litigation.

Common Types of Litigation

Litigation can take many various forms, but some are more prevalent than others.

Civil Litigation:

To put it briefly, Civil Litigation is a wide field of practice that describes legal disputes involving two or more parties that aim to be resolved by monetary settlement as opposed to criminal penalties.

Commercial Litigation:

Civil Litigation in which one or more business entities are parties is referred to as commercial or business Litigation. Because of the parties involved, the subject of law being litigated is usually specialized.

Patent Litigation:

This type of Litigation focuses on legal conflicts between two parties when one party claims that the other has infringed upon its trademark or patent. It is another type of commercial or corporate Litigation. Patent cases are usually handled by highly skilled lawyers with degrees in engineering or a similar discipline in addition to law.

Personal Injury Litigation:

This kind of civil Litigation entails parties pursuing legal recourse in the wake of an injury or accident. The person who feels wronged may file a lawsuit against a company or another person, depending on who is held accountable for the harm.

Public Interest Litigation:

In this kind of legal action, a court is called upon to bring a lawsuit to preserve or safeguard the welfare of a community. Public interest litigation may focus on public health issues, environmental law, and other related subjects.

Our Professional Support in Commercial Litigation

At Enterslice, professionals are experienced in representing corporations, venture capital and private equity firms, boards of directors, committees, and directors before the various judicial forums. Our professional counsel clients to mitigate the ligation risk significantly in corporate and commercial transactions. We provide support through drafting, negotiating, and helping finalize relevant Documents and appear before the Court of law, tribunals, and other adjudicating authorities. We offer comprehensive and detailed services to handle disputes of commercial nature and operational and other business-related matters. We serve our clients with-

  • Bankruptcy Adversary proceedings
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Director Disputes
  • Privacy and Cyber Security Disputes
  • Regulatory Investigations
  • Insurance Disputes.

We assist you in settling your disputes.

Our team's assistance will help resolve a conflict before it gets more complicated or expensive, especially if it is still in its early stages. A lot of civil and business litigation resolves out of Court before going to trial, and we help you with appropriate commercial litigation lawyers who can help you reach a settlement that saves money and time.

How We Process Your Commercial Problems.

Gather Crucial Information

Our experts plan to have an extensive discussion with our clients along with various stakeholders for a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the subject matter in the issue and to gather vital information from clients.


We evaluate the exact position and the situation based on the information gathered from clients and various stakeholders and consider relevant companies, securities, and financial and insolvency laws to measure it.

Remedial Solutions

We prepare an appropriate discussion and legal strategy to achieve a desired order in favour of our client and develop arguments, and asses the strength and weakness to finalize a strong legal strategy to handle your commercial problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resolving a legal issue about a business is usually the goal of commercial dispute resolution. Legal conversations, court actions, or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can all be used to reach an agreement.

Commercial Litigation: Civil Litigation in which one or more business entities are parties is referred to as commercial or business Litigation. Because of the parties involved, the subject of the law being litigated is usually specialized.

Commercial disputes include any disagreement over immovable premises used solely for trade or commerce that involves the recovery of rent, security deposits, particular performance, agreement breaches, damages due to such breaches, injunctions, mesne profits, etc.

Three widely utilized techniques are arbitration, mediation, and negotiation for resolving conflicts out of Court.

When two or more parties are involved in a legal dispute that does not contain any criminal accusations and involves the pursuit of compensation or other remedies through action, it is referred to as civil Litigation. When a company entity is involved in a dispute with one or more other parties, commercial litigation results.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures, such as arbitration, enlist the aid of arbitrators, conciliators, or mediators who help parties arrive at mutually agreeable conclusions. On the other hand, Litigation frequently produces a winner and a loser, with one party having to face the costs.

The process of resolving disputes between parties is called dispute resolution. The three primary methods of resolving disputes are arbitration, Litigation, and mediation. Through mediation, an impartial third party assists the opposing parties in coming to their independent conclusion.

The Court gave a negative response to the query, ruling that the 120-day window for filing written declarations is mandatory rather than a directory, as it is in most civil lawsuits. The party's right is gone if they don't file said statement within 120 days.

It aims to avert animosity and preserve harmony and collaboration between the parties to the transaction. Reducing the workload on the courts, enabling early access, and prompting trials for more serious matters are the objectives of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Dispute resolution methods

· To attempt and come to an agreement, parties to a disagreement will negotiate directly, either verbally or in writing.

· Mediation is the process by which a neutral third party, a mediator, assists parties in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution through negotiation.

All actions and applications about a business dispute of a specified value originating from the entire State over which the business Court has been granted territorial jurisdiction shall be tried by the Commercial Court.

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