Global Expansion Advisory

Global Expansion Advisory

Companies in India want to expand their services across the globe. To carry this out, the company has to establish an office abroad. Global expansion advisory is when a company wants to set up an office outside India and requires advice on setting up the office. There are regulatory and cultural challenges in setting up a global office. Setting up a global office in a particular country would require specialized knowledge and experience, as every country in the world has different regulatory regimes. Hence, a company planning to expand its services outside India's borders must opt for Global Expansion Advisory Services.

Package Inclusions
  • Advice on Global Expansion Advisory Services.
  • Advice on Regulatory Norms for Global Expansion Advisory.
  • Procedure on Global Expansion Advisory Services.
  • Procedure for registering a company or partnership outside India.
Global Expansion Advisory

What is Global Expansion Advisory Services?

Global expansion for a company is a complicated task. Global expansion is the process in which a company expands its services outside India. A company can either diversify its activities worldwide or expand its services currently offered around the world.  For expanding a business, a company needs regulatory advice. Hence the company must use expert advice from global expansion consultants. Global Expansion Advisory is the process in which a company takes legal and financial advice to start its business in another country. There are many challenges present when a company wants to go global.

What are the main challenges faced in Global Expansion?

Different challenges are prevalent in the global market. Depending on the country of expansion, the challenges faced by the company are vast. The following challenges are faced by any company that wants to expand globally:

Global Expansion Advisory

Cultural and Language Barriers

The culture adopted in the USA or the UK will be very different from that adopted in India. Similarly, the culture shown by individuals in the Middle East and Japan would be different from the culture of the USA or the UK.  Understanding cultural barriers is the key for developing a business in a foreign country. A foreign country's specific culture can only be understood by either residing in a foreign country for a particular period. However, this is not possible for all businesses to send executives abroad just to understand the culture. This can be mitigated by researching cultural differences in a foreign country. Apart from this, once the business is established in a foreign country, it can experience the culture and learn as they develop their business. Another method is recruiting a local expert to run the business for a particular period, and expand the business when required.

Another problem faced by businesses that want to use Global Expansion Advisory services is language constraints. Language barriers would not be apparent in Western economies such as the USA, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand as English is the primary language spoken in these countries. However, if a business wants to expand its presence in the European Union, language barriers would be present. Different languages are spoken in France, Germany and other European Union members. Liaising with local and government authorities would become a potential challenge. This can be mitigated if an individual who represents each department of the company is multilingual. The barriers, such as language, can be considerably reduced if a team member knows the local language. It would be beneficial for the company.

Competition in the Foreign Market

Competition is present wherever the business wants to expand its operations. Hence, the company must develop an effective competition strategy to face local competition. In this competition strategy, the company has to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the market. This can be achieved by carrying out the SWOT analysis.

Example- in a SWOT analysis, the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of a particular market are analyzed. Consider the country – United Kingdom (UK):

  • Strengths- London is the second-largest financial hub in the world. Potential investors would consider this an opportunity to invest in London. Moreover, the rate of return on investment would be high on the investments made in London.
  • Weaknesses- The weakness can be anything related to the prospect of growth in the business. Currently, Brexit is affecting the economy in the UK. This is not good for businesses that want to set up centers in the UK.
  • Opportunities- Opportunities can be the financial inclusion services offered in London as it is one of the world's largest financial centers. Apart from this, there are also opportunities to develop a global reputation by having an office in the UK.
  • Threats- Threats would majorly be regulatory norms and prevailing competition in the market. Currently, Brexit would be a threat to companies that want to start businesses within the UK. An apparent threat for Global Expansion Advisory would be securing skilled labor force in the UK. Another threat would be the acceptance of foreign products in the UK market. A product manufactured in one country may sell well. However, the same product may not sell properly in another foreign country.

In Global Expansion Advisory Services, a business has to develop a competitive strategy based on the SWOT analysis. After determining this, the company can implement a strategy to mitigate the competition. Consumer preference and marketing strategies can also make a big difference in reducing competition offered by foreign companies.

Regulatory Barriers and registration

One of the crucial factors in starting a business in a foreign country would be seamless and valid registration. Mostly, companies that plan to register their business outside India have to make an application to the authority. If the applicant satisfies the eligibility criteria, then registering the business abroad will be accepted. If this is not possible, the applicant must make an application for a business visa (or entrepreneur visa) to start a business in the country. The applicant has to satisfy the eligibility criteria for this purpose.

Once the visa is secured, the applicant has to make arrangements to go to a foreign country to set up the business.  Apart from registration, there are other barriers to Global Expansion Advisory. Another issue in Global Expansion advisory would be the regulatory norms of the foreign country.

For example- Foreign Exchange Laws in India are governed by the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999. An individual in India, who wants to invest in a company abroad or start a business abroad, has to follow the rules as per the foreign exchange management act. There are several restrictions on the amount of investment that can be sent outside India. Apart from this, the individual starting a business abroad also has to keep in mind foreign regulations. There are various regulations that affect the business in conducting its services abroad.

Risks in Logistics

Logistics are one of the apparent risks which affect a business. Logistics include the supply chain, which helps business conduct services in the country. A business requiring global expansion advisory services should keep in mind the issues related to logistics. A company that manufactures computers depends on raw materials and capital goods to manufacture computers in the country. Another problem is the cost of production in a foreign country. Due to this, manufacturing work is outsourced to other countries where the labor cost is cheap.  If a company is running an e-commerce business, then developing contacts with local logistical companies would be a significant issue.

To mitigate the risk, companies that want to expand and use global expansion advisory services have to develop strategic partnerships and collaborations with local companies to reduce the risk of logistics. When it comes to supply chain strategies, companies have to develop strategies according to the relevant economic situation. Companies that use global expansion advisory services have to invoke the most profitable strategy, which involves less amount of risk. This strategy should also not cause any disruption to their global or local supply chain. By considering the above, companies can reduce the amount of uncertainty in the supply chain.

Recruitment of Key Talent

Talent is essential for the development of an organization. Human resources in an organization is one of the crucial assets for the services offered by the organization. Without proper human resources, an organization cannot survive. Finding suitable talent would be a problem to meet the ends of the organization. A company seeking Global Expansion Advisory Services requires recruiting suitable talent to meet the organization's goals and objectives.

The company using global expansion advisory services can either recruit through the local job market, or the organization's human resources function can be outsourced to a human resource service provider. Some significant issues which arise may be related to the recruitment of key management executives of the company. Key management executives include- CEO, CFO, and directors who are the agents of the company. A suitable employment lawyer must be used to draft employment agreements for executives in an organization.

The fluctuation of Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange is a monetary and regulatory challenge to the company wanting to expand globally. Fluctuations of foreign exchange may cause specific disruption of services. Due to this, the prices of products may increase or decrease. This can affect the buying behavior of consumers.

Strategy for Global Expansion Service

Officials at Enterslice, devise broad-based strategies to guide your business to establish global offices outside India. Our teams of professionals provide a variety of global expansion services, which will bring you maximum value. We focus on the following strategy for global expansion service:

  • Developing a Strategy for Global Expansion- This will include developing a strategic plan for your business to expand abroad. Once this is considered, the strategy must be implemented.
  • Location Research- Based on the region your company wants to expand its business, we will provide you with real values on the cost of setting up a business. Apart from this, the location research will also provide a quantifiable return on investments from starting a particular business in the location. We will match the requirements of the business according to the country of establishment. Based on this, the above plan will be implemented.
  • Analyzing the research- Based on the research conducted, we will analyze the findings thoroughly based on efficiency and reliability. We will communicate the analysis of the research based on the above findings. We will guide you on the probability of business performance.
  • Planning- After this, we will take all the criteria and plan the establishment of your office in a foreign country. Our Global Expansion Advisory Pack also includes post compliance services, which have to be followed by your company. Once your company is successfully set up, we will provide you post compliance monitoring services.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All Companies Private Limited and Public Limited Companies are allowed to start a business abroad. They just have to meet the relevant eligibility criteria as per the local and international requirements.
  • Individuals are also allowed to start businesses outside India if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Enterslice Advantage–Global Expansion Advisory Services

  • Enterslice is a recognized consultant in carrying out Global Expansion Advisory Services.
  • Experts at Enterslice have worked on Global Expansion projects with the primary objective of adding value to your organization.
  • We have multifaceted teams of professionals comprising Chartered Accountants, Business, and regulatory experts.
  • We have extensive experience in transaction and business-related matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A company would want to expand globally for the following reasons:

• Increased Business Presence.

• Revenues of the company will be increased.

• Benefits of Global Expansion Opportunities.

• Diversification of Business Opportunities.

• Secure benefits such as competitive markets.

Some of the challenges faced in the global expansion are:

• Foreign Language Barriers.

• An increased amount of Global Competition.

• Cultural barriers.

• Legal and Regulatory Barriers.

For global expansion, Enterslice covers North America, Europe, the APAC region, and other countries. We have expert professionals who can assist you with registration procedures for your business structure or partnership.

Yes, Individuals are allowed to invest outside India. However, the maximum amount an individual can invest under the liberalized remittance scheme is $250000 per year.

Regulatory and cultural barriers can be avoided by conducting proper research by a company.

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