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Exploring Financial Pathways: Debt & Equity Solutions

With the constant change in the global capital markets as well as with the continuous entry of new financing sources through private market players by funding both equity and debt to companies, various challenges are faced by the companies with the coming of multiple funding options and new growth with debt and equity financing solutions. Some of the major possible choices for debt and equity financing solutions are traditional commercial bank financing, direct placements of debt with institutional investors or funds, direct placement of equity with institutional investors, and various other private equity or high-net-worth individuals funds.

Both debt and equity financing solutions are capital raised by the business for running their operations in businesses. It is a financing option taken by the companies to use for running their business and growing their company's resources. Companies usually have a choice of debt and equity financing solutions, considering what source of funding is easily accessible to them. We at Enterslice shall assist organizations in evaluating various factors before seeking debt and equity financing solutions such as cash flow, debt-to-equity ratio, etc. Most companies require some form of debt and financing solution to invest in the resources to improve their business operations. Our team assists not only big organizations but also both small and new businesses in accessing capital to buy new equipment, machinery, supplies, inventory, and various other resources. Enterslice also ensures that companies have sufficient cash flow to pay back the principal and interest incurred from the debt and equity financing solutions.

Factors to Consider while choosing Debt and Equity financing

For any company to operate in reality, financial solution is the key to bringing it into reality. Such financial funding helps businesses to grow and expand, meeting day-to-day business requirements. We at Enterslice are at your doorstep to provide you with end-to-end debt and equity financing solutions, converting your dream business into a reality by assisting you in finding appropriate finance to run your business operations. Some of the major factors to consider by a company while choosing debt and equity financing solutions are as follows

  • The income of the company is the most important factor that a company has to consider before obtaining any kind of financial solutions. In case a company does not have sufficient income, it is indeed difficult to pay back the debt amount to investors.
  • For any company to run smoothly, debt financing is the best solution because, unlike equity financing in debt, the company doesn't have to give away its share to an investor in return. Once the debt amount is paid off, the relationship between investors and the company ceases.
  • In equity financing, the company has to give away its few shares to the investors in return for the funds they issue. Shareholders are only paid dividends if a company has received a profit. Therefore, the risk of a lender is greater in equity financing than in debt. Whereas in debt funds by investors, companies obtained a tax deduction on the interest rate.
  • Another important factor that a company has to consider while choosing debt and equity financing solutions depends on the amount of capital required by a company to meet its expenditures. However, if a company is looking for a huge fund, equity investment is the best option rather than debt funding.
  • Both debt and equity financing solutions involve various kinds of risk such as debt funds including interest amounts and stipulated time for repayment or else the company will lose its assets and may result in bankruptcy. Whereas in equity financing, there is a high chance of losing control over the company’s management if an investor raises too much equity capital.
  • However, debt financial solutions may be attractive due to their cheap cost and fast processing, but their major disadvantage is paying off the interest, especially when a company borrowed a huge amount of debt and is not able to repay it within a stipulated time may result in the company liquidation.

Thus, companies have to consider various factors before obtaining debt and equity financing solutions. We, at Enterslice will help companies and startups to get the best type of financial solutions aligning with their business operations ensuring business growth and development.

Enterslice Types of Debt and Equity Financing Solutions

Enterslice, as a consultancy company, is seasoned in providing debt and equity financing solutions, staying updated with the current trends in global capital market conditions as well as the industry and investment preferences of various industries for growing their business operations. We at Enterslice understand the key to a successful financing solution is through the proper and systematic preparation and management of information that will be sought by various financing sources. Our expert team of debt and equity financial solutions also helps companies in marketing campaigns to attract more investors seeking a particular type of debt and equity financial solution services.

Our team of professionals in Enterslice has extensive experience in assisting a wide range of clients in the preparations, marketing, and completion connected to debt and equity financing solutions. Enterslice debt and equity financial solution services include:

  • We help the company, to formulate and execute the placements of debt and equity financing solutions with various institutional investors.
  • Our team will evaluate the company's capital requirements, financing options and various other strategies to fulfil the objectives of the client's requirements.
  • Examining the company's restructuring and expansion of senior debt facilities.
  • Evaluation and restructuring of the company's existing debt or equity finance instruments for recapitalization of the company’s balance sheet accompanies with an integrated strategy.
  • We shall also conduct due diligence on the potential investor's potential risks or issues before transactions of debt and equity financing solutions.
  • Our team will also conduct a review of Pre-transaction valuation for customers or companies seeking additional equity.
  • We also assist corporations looking to have a direct placement of debt rated under NAIC guidelines.
  • We also help companies with debt and equity financial services to evaluate and examine the company's initial public offering (IPO).
  • We also help companies select public underwriters, negotiate independent underwriting agreements, and participate in various underwriting procedures.

Enterslice not only provides a public underwriting of debt and equity financing solutions but also has dozens of experiences dealing with various small and big companies in the capital markets and is often engaged in helping clients select the underwriter as an advocate for the best financial service for uplifting the client’s business operations.

Funding Advisory Services for a Company

Funding advisory services for a company is a financial advisory solution helping businesses to raise capital funds from various investors by selling stakes of company ownerships, and shares to increase the resources for business operations. We, here in Enterslice help companies secure financing by securing loans, bonds, and other debt instruments from the investors.

Debt and equity financing solutions for a company are better if the company engages a professional like Enterslice for a financing advisory for securing seamless essential capital in the most favorable financing options terms for growing the business operations.

Some of the major financial advisory services by enterslice are as follows:

Bank Loan

Bank loans are the traditional method of debt and equity financing solutions, in debt companies commonly borrow money from the bank to operate their businesses or to meet their shortfalls. Here at Enterslice, we have experts in financial advisory to help companies secure and manage bank loans smoothly.


We also help our clients in issuing and managing debentures complying with the legal and regulatory necessities while maximizing the company's financial returns.

Structured financing

Our professional debt and equity financing solutions teams also help the company navigate the debt instruments to align with the company’s specific needs and objectives for growing the business.

Acquisition funding

Acquisition funding is financial funding used for acquiring other companies. Enterslice team of debt and equity financing solutions assists organizations in securing such funds for acquiring a company and assisting companies with their due diligence, negotiations, and various other arrangements for financial solutions.

External commercial borrowings

Enterslice also helps clients or organizations to secure ECBs or External Commercial borrowings meeting all the RBI guidelines and thus facilitating seamless borrowing procedures.

Project Finance

Our service under debt and equity financing solutions also covers project finance, supporting companies in structuring their financial arrangements for various minor and major projects and managing the debts associated with them.

Working capital finance

Working capital finances are those financial solutions that meet the company's short-term needs or requirements for meeting the day-to-day business operational expenses. Enterslice team of financial advisory or debt and equity financing solutions helps organizations obtain such working capital for maintaining liquidity and supporting day-to-day business operations effectively.

Equipment loan

We also assist our clients in obtaining financial solutions for buying essential equipment for business operations, managing in pursuing loans, and negotiating on behalf of the company for purchasing essential tools and assets for company business operations.

Promoter Funding

Promoter funding is those funds that are issued to a company’s promoters and founders to support their respective businesses. Enterslice supports both promoters and founders in obtaining debt and equity financing solutions for various businesses ensuring an alignment with strategic goals and objectives.

Mezzanine Funding

We also help organizations to end the funding gaps for business growth initiatives. Our team of debt and equity financing solutions assists companies in obtaining mezzanine funding, combining both debt and equity financing.

Overseas funding

Under the debt and equity financing solutions, enterslice helps companies to obtain overseas funding for expanding their business across the globe and obtaining international capital markets meeting compliance and regulation risks.

Why Choose Enterslice?

Enterslice, as a consultancy company, is one of the most experienced and creative capital market teams that provide advisory services to various companies across the globe. We bring an organized method to engage and meet the vision and expectations of our client's needs and requirements for uplifting the business's growth operations. The enterslice team is committed to providing full pledged debt and equity financing solutions, compliance regulations, auditing, advisory, and various other risk assurance services. In addition to addressing the optimal debt and equity financing solutions for our client's investment, development, and various other financial needs, our professional experts also assist companies in analyzing market-specific support and guidance to emphasize the company's decision-making process, resulting in massive company growth.

With the ever-changing debt and equity financing solutions market, it is indeed important for an intermediary like enterslice to provide real-time, accurate information to the clients or companies. Enterslice, having decades of experience in every type of debt and equity financing solutions, provides relevant, comprehensive information on various rates and executions. We pride our company enterslice on underwriting both the structural needs and debt and equity financing solutions of our clients, achieving their vision and expectations of investment through a market debt structure competitively bid. Therefore, we welcome an opportunity to help or assist clients in obtaining their investment objectives and goals. Additionally, our clients also benefit from access to enterslice various audit and internal audit services for smoothening their business operations.

Debt and Equity Pooling Arrangement with Enterslice

Enterslice is accompanied by experienced professionals with decades of expertise in debt and equity financing solutions and various financial advisories to every sector of organizations. They also have assisted clients in achieving a secure debt and equity investment for their company. To satisfy the income needs or requirements of organizations, we offer innovative solutions for both funding and non-funding. Our service also does not end there. Additionally, we offer service throughout the transaction process, from the initial phase until the implementation stage.

Here, in Enterslice, we evaluate various factors of an organization's economy and business operations. We provide support to an organization by structuring and examining short, medium large, and future financial requirements.

Here is the procedure of enterslice Debt Pooling Arrangement conducted by the debt and equity financing solutions teams:

  • We shall first understand the requirements of our clients and thus accordingly prepare a suitable financial structure meeting their goals and objectives.
  • Conduct thorough, detailed due diligence on the company’s financial frameworks.
  • Our team of debt and equity financing solutions shall prepare a data memorandum on financial investments and thus circulate the same.
  • We shall also assist companies in having proper communication and coordination with lenders and investors to ensure a timely sanction of the said debt and equity financial investments.
  • In addition to that, our team will ensure that all kinds of documentation aligning with the conditions connected to lenders and investors are fulfilled by the companies before issuing debt and equity financing solutions.

How do you choose between debt and equity financing?

Every company has different business operations, and depending on various conditions of business structure, both debt and equity can risk the company's business, if the company's business is running with a low profit, then there will be extensive loan pressure from the investors or lenders of a debt financing solutions. However, equity financing becomes riskier if investors expect the company to turn a healthy profit. Also, they may try to negotiate for cheaper equity and divest altogether.

Ultimately, the decision has to be taken by the company depending on the type of business operations, and the advantages outweigh the risks from debt and equity financing solutions. With Enterslice professionals, you can conduct thorough research on the various norms and conditions of the business structure and understand what your competitors are doing in the market. Our team of debt and equity financing solutions shall evaluate or investigate various financial solution products that suit your company, aligning with your needs and business goals.

If you are considering selling your equity, choose Enterslice to assist you in evaluating and in various documentation that allows you to retain control over your company ensuring no legal liabilities occurred addressing any loss to the company’s business operations. Moreover, many organizations use both debt and financing solutions to meet their business operations expenditures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Debt financing is a method of financial solution where a company borrows money from various lenders like banks to meet the business operation expenditures with a promise to make a repayment within a specific period of both principal and interest.

Equity financing is a method of raising capital from lenders or investors, who shall be shareholders in returns in the form of either dividends or capital appreciation.

Usually, debt financing is considered cheaper as compared to equity financing because debt financing is tax efficient as the interest on debt is tax-deductible. On the other hand, equity financing does not involve interest payments but the sharing of profits with the investors as they also become owners of the company.

Equity financing is considered more suitable for a startup or a small business because in the initial phase a company, usually company has limited assets and track records for securing significant debt. Equity financing attracts more investors since startup companies have the potential to grow to gain their trust for funding and in return to have ownership stakes.

Yes, companies or organizations can use both debt and equity financing from investors so that they can optimize their financial capital structure. Moreover, this approach to financial solutions allows the company to gain benefit from the advantages of both the method ensuring risk management and cost efficiency.

In equity financing, the company transfers some amount of ownership to respective investors in return for the equity to meet the company's business expenditure. In debt financing, an investor provides a fund to a company, and such funds are to be repaid with both interest and principal amounts within a specific period by the company to the respective investors.

Businesses use debt financing solutions to meet the day-to-day business operations expenditures and to accelerate and optimize their business growth.

Different businesses have different capital needs depending on their capital structures and balance sheets. Here at Enterslice, our team of debt and equity financing solutions will work closely with the business owners and upper management to get the best capital investors that align with the business goals and objectives. Our extensive networks with multiple lenders, both private and commercial, allow us to find suitable lenders aligning with our client's requirements.

Depending on the company's business structures, financial needs, and timeline expectations, the costs and timeline associated with debt financing will differ from company to company. Contact our professional experts for seamless financing options available with your company, meeting your business goals and expectations.

One of the major advantages of debt financing is a tax deduction on the interest amount paid to the lender and the opportunity to have ownership of a company without sharing it with a lender.

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