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SEBI stands for the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). It is a regulatory board responsible for overseeing, controlling, and examining the Indian capital market's securities market. SEBI was established in 1988 as an independent statutory body to protect the interests of investors and promote the regulation and development of the securities market in India.

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Authority and Power of SEBI

The SEBI has three central powers

  • SEBI can issue rulings about fraud and other unethical practices in the securities market, making it a quasi-judicial body. It promotes accountability, fairness, and openness in the securities market.

  • SEBI can enforce rules and judgements and pursue legal action against those who violate them. If it discovers any rule violations, it can also review books of accounts and other Documents.

  • To safeguard the interests of investors, SEBI can enact rules and regulations. Its rules cover disclosure requirements, listing obligations, and restrictions on insider trading. These have been developed to prevent misconduct. Despite its authority, the Supreme Court of India and the Securities Appellate Tribunal must review SEBI's actions.

How Does it Function?

The SEBI performs additional significant and minor duties. Some of these sectors are listed below

  • The SEBI regulates business and assures free or easy cash flow.

  • The SEBI is exclusively responsible for protecting and defending the interests of investors in the entire market.

  • SEBI is in charge of developing securities. Therefore, it is also accountable for the developments made in respect.

  • It offers a common platform for all parties involved in this market. SEBI oversees various activities of depositors, participants, investors, or any organisation.

  • SEBI, managers, investment specialists, agents, trustees, registrars, and others can quickly register and comply.

  • In addition to addressing unfair practices and scam standards in the securities market, SEBI emphasises investor education.

  • SEBI also examines significant acquisitions

  • SEBI also performs research and development, which is essential in the securities industry.

Service Provided by Enterslice

SEBI governs the securities market in India. Regarding SEBI, Enterslice offers the following services

  • Enterslice helps businesses ensure they follow SEBI rules and regulations. They aid companies in comprehending and putting SEBI laws, such as disclosure standards, corporate governance guidelines, and listing duties, into practice.

  • Our team assists companies with obtaining the additional registrations necessary by SEBI. It covers registrations for intermediaries, market infrastructure organisations, credit rating agencies, mutual funds, and alternative investment funds, such as SEBI registration.

  • Our team helps businesses create and submit various paperwork to SEBI. It includes Paper works, yearly reports, disclosures, and other regulatory filings that SEBI mandates.

  • Our team supports firms in SEBI investigations and enforcement activities. SEBI investigations and enforcement. They assist customers with preparing appropriate paperwork, responding to SEBI inquiries, and representing them in enforcement procedures and investigations.

  • Enterslice provides consulting services about SEBI rules and compliance. By SEBI regulations, they offer advice on topics such as securities offerings, insider trading, takeover laws, and business restructuring.

  • Enterslice does our due diligence to determine whether SEBI regulations are being complied with on behalf of clients. They examine the securities industry's Paper works, procedures, and systems to spot non-compliance issues and offer correctional suggestions.

  • Our team helps regulate SEBI laws, current events, and best practices; Enterslice offers training sessions to individuals and businesses.

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