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Guidance On AML Consulting Services to Safeguard Your Business

Enterslice is a consultancy company that offers guidance on AML Consulting services and advisory across the globe; we have helped various organizations fight and resolve activities on money laundering, terrorist financing, and other illicit activities that are complex in the field of the financial sector across the globe. Our professionals are here to assist you in understanding the complexities that the company is facing with various services under one roof.

AML consulting and Advisory services are based on the services that are related to companies' anti money laundering prevention programs. This AML consulting service focuses on AML compliances, risk assessment, combat financial terrorism, regulations, etc. It helps enterprises to have comprehensive solutions to comply with all the current regulations and laws respective to the countries. AML consulting services assist enterprises in conducting an independent review of various AML compliance and regulations and help the companies improve compliance regulations and their effectiveness when necessary.

Anti money laundering is a legally recognized law and procedure for preventing illicit activities related to money laundering and terrorist financing. The term anti money laundering is more often used in financial sectors. AML laws and regulations help organizations reduce the crime of hiding profits from regulatory authorities.

For enterprises to be on the safer side of the Anti money laundering program, they should always take the help of top-rated AML consulting services or Advisory Services for Anti Money Laundering since anti money laundering is never safe, and one should always be ahead on such compliances.

Why AML Compliance is Important

Below are the importance of AML compliances

  • It is indeed important for the organization to have a proper compliance and regulatory framework to stay relevant to market trends. The financial organization needs to comply with the laws and regulations of anti money laundering, which include CDD (customer due diligence), EDD (Enhanced due diligence), transaction monitoring, and reporting of suspicious activities. AML consulting services will assist institutions or financial organizations to avoid hefty fines and penalties with proper due diligence of the anti money laundering regulations. This will also help the companies to avoid criminal liabilities and other severe criminal consequences.
  • With the advancement of technology, criminal activities have indeed become sophisticated and complex, making it difficult for companies to detect and identify them. The new types of crimes related to money laundering activities are cybercrimes, e-commerce crimes, and lone-wolf terrorism. The AML consulting services assist the organization in dealing with such threats in the market with the proper guidance regulations and compliance with anti money laundering.
  • For companies to attract customers, they should maintain a good reputation to give their brand a long-standing image. With proper compliance with the terms and regulations, a financial institution can build trust among the customers; otherwise, non-compliance will attract the media, leading to a loss of business and further damaging the company's reputation.
  • If an enterprise has poor compliance, then it would affect the customer experience. The potential high-risk clients of fraud increase with the non-compliance. Whenever there is a fraud attack on the company, it is not only the company but the customer at risk. Thus, the financial company needs to have AML compliance.
  • Financial crime has increased more than ever, and it has become very difficult for companies and governments to prevent such financial crimes. Implementation of AML compliance under the Anti money Laundering Act has now become more crucial than ever. The AML consulting services help enterprises mitigate such illicit financial crimes and risks and maintain the integrity of the financial sector.

Core Services Offered

  • Our expert professional will guide your business in preparing any assessment risk related to AML/CFT (Anti money laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism).
  • Our Advisory Services for Anti Money Laundering help organizations conduct AML/CFT programs in compliance with Industry standards under the AML Consulting Services.
  • Our AML Consulting Services is accompanied by an experienced team and also provides a service for reviewing the company AML/CFT risk assessment and compliance program or any work that has already been completed.
  • We also help companies get their employees more productive by conducting training and awareness for compliance officers and staff.
  • Our consultant’s team has dozens of experiences with different sectors of companies. Thus, these professionals assist the institutions with the annual reporting, making sure that the company meets the necessary obligations.
  • In case the company is willing to form a DBG (Designated Business Group), Enterslice professional experts can help you.
  • However, preparing Documents is the first step of compliance. Our team of consultants shall also help the company understand and gain knowledge on certain obligations under the anti money laundering laws and regulations.
  • We have an expert team on audit & assurance; this professional has gained massive experience in serving various organizations in meeting the obligations of audit compliance.
  • Advisory Services for Anti Money Laundering, helping companies to reduce the risk associated with money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Company Assessment program along with Technology advisory and independent testing.
  • Consultancy service on enterprise risk assessment, Know your Customer (KYC) and training and board education of the company’s employees.
  • Enterslice AML Consulting services also include reviewing and investigating the compliance and regulations of the enterprises.

Regulatory Landscape

AML compliance has been globally circulated among organizations to fight against money laundering activities. AML consulting services help businesses to grow by navigating the following regulations

  • AML consulting services help enterprises review various policies and procedures for regulations and compliance as per the applicable laws.
  • Enterprises, to check if the policies and procedures are in alignment, are required to conduct a review of internal policies with the assistance of the AML consulting Services for better results and to identify the various other violations of the AML laws and regulations.
  • With the help of AML consulting services, the organization will be able to prepare annual reports and review them on various suspicious customer activities and their patterns.
  • In addition to this regulatory framework, the AML consulting service also helps enterprises conduct audit compliance with the relevant laws and information as per the respective countries or states.

Benefits of AML Consulting Services

The key benefits of AML consulting services that enterprises are required to cover are for efficient working on AML compliance and regulations.

  • Risk assessment and analysis on Anti money laundering.
  • Risk Planning on Anti money Laundering.
  • Strategic Planning on Anti money laundering.
  • Training and Education on Anti money laundering
  • AML audit and assurance.

Case Studies: Anti Money Laundering

  • Falcon Private Bank-

    Falcon Private Bank is a Swiss-based private bank that was fined millions due to a lack of measures to fight against money laundering activities. They were ordered to pay a compensation claim of around & million francs.
  • Bank J Safra Sarasin-

    This particular bank has also imposed a fine of $ 1 million for its failure to comply with Anti money laundering and countering the Financing of Terrorism requirements by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
  • Apical Asset Management Pte Ltd-

    The license of Apical Asset Management Pte Ltd was cancelled due to non-compliance with anti money laundering policies and procedures.
  • JPMorgan Chase-

    This International Bank was fined a million in 2020 due to its misconduct and deceptive trading behaviour influencing the market.
  • Standard Chartered-

    This bank was also fined a million in 2012 for violating United States sanctions.
  • HSBC-

    HSBC is a bank that was fined due to deficiencies in AML compliance and regulations related to Mexican Drug Cartels to launder money through the bank.
  • TMF Trustees Singapore Limited-

    In 2020, this bank has to give a penalty of $400,000 due to failure to comply with the anti money laundering and countering the Financing of Terrorism.
  • Deutsche Bank-

    The United States Federal Reserve has imposed a fine of $186 million on Deutsche Bank for non-compliance with anti money laundering.

Importance of AML Policies

The financial institution has experienced a revolutionary growth in the recent years. This growth in the past decades is due to the global rise in transactions, online banking, innovations in the financial sectors, digital currencies, etc. This goes with the saying that technological advancement comes with side effects as well. Online transactions have eased businesses by reducing time with instant solutions. Such transactions can be maliciously misused by financial criminals for money laundering and related financial crimes.

AML Consulting and Advisory Services include determining AML risk appetite, tolerances, unacceptable customers, types, forbidden actions, employee responsibilities, employee rights, qualification level, etc. In today's financial market, Anti money laundering procedures are not only about money laundering and terrorist financing but also about protecting from fraud. These fraudsters used this technique of money laundering to hide their illegal activities, making it difficult to detect and prevent fraud activities. This AML Consulting and Advisory Services, with the help of professionals, can frame a structure on due diligence on the customer, monitoring the transactions by the customers and thus reporting the suspicious activity reports play a significant role in detecting and preventing frauds.

Enterslice has a compassionate team of risk & assurance who assist in drafting a compliance checklist with a strong agenda for fighting against anti money laundering, fraud, and suspicious transactions following the AML regulations. Today, with the advancement in technology, there are money options available on software that allow the company to comply with the regulations and thus have a solid anti money laundering policy.

AML Technology and Tools

One of the important components of the fight against Anti money laundering activities is the enforcement of Technologies. Enterprises can improve their program on AML compliance and regulations with the installation of up-to-date technology tools.

Some of the Important Tools for AML compliance and regulations are

Customer Due Diligence

This is a web-based system to detect and identify customer details for both new and existing customers. This is the procedure to collect data on the customer's names, addresses, phone numbers, designations, beneficial owners, etc.

Enhanced Due Diligence

Whenever the company conducts due diligence, the company, after a certain evaluation, categorizes the high-risk clients; such High-risk clients have to go through enhanced due diligence for effective measures to fight against money laundering activities. This technology is based on an analytics algorithm that helps enterprises detect suspicious activity, assess potential clients, filter out negative information, reductions on false positives in customer due diligence.

Monitoring High Risk Customers

Advanced methods and data-driven technology help the company monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of customer transactions. AML consulting services by Enterslice shall apply an empirical approach, focusing on the statistical analysis of customers' historical transactions with the data alert output. Such technology helps enterprises to automate high-risk customer behaviour before it gets too late, thus mitigating against money laundering activities.

Know your customer compliance and Anti money laundering laws.

Often, dealing with KYC and other AML compliance and regulations makes it very complex for enterprises due to its stringent laws and regulations. Data-based technology solutions are adopted to make it easier for financial companies since manual verification is impossible for clarity of the customer's details and monitoring transactions history. AML Consulting Services with Enterslice assists financial institutions in implementing intelligent solutions to combat anti money laundering activities and thus helps the company save valuable time by performing efficient and effective KYC and AML compliance.

Industry specific considerations

Customer due diligence

Customer due diligence is an integral part of the anti money laundering program for financial institutions. To gain the trust of the potential client, financial institutions need to evaluate and determine the details of the customers.

Our professionals would assist in identifying the risk factors involved with the customers, thus protecting the financial institution from exposure to money laundering activities and terrorist financing.

AML Risk Assessment

AML risk assessment is crucial for financial companies to maintain the integrity of the financial system. The AML risk assessment programs help the company to evaluate and shape the strategies for identifying and preventing money laundering activities in the company.

AML risk assessment helps the company analyze vulnerabilities and tailor its AML risk assessment program.

Transactions Monitoring

It has become difficult for the financial firm to keep track of ongoing transactions and to identify suspicious activity around the transaction. AML Consulting Services helps the organization cut down on such struggles and assists the company in tracking the transactions effectively despite the huge volume and complexity of transactions by implementing certain tools. The AML monitoring tools include the algorithms method to identify illegal activities and hence help the financial firms to prevent, detect, and flag suspicious activities.

Training and Awareness

AML consulting services with the Enterslice experts have conducted various AML training programs for the Organisation. Our professionals will help the company automate AML compliance and regulation, thus empowering the company employees to have legitimate skills and the right tools for their jobs to be effectively performed.

Need AML Consulting?

Enterslice is the right platform for companies to get their AML consulting services and regulations program to be conducted. Our service offers a full range of consulting and advisory services on anti money laundering. We help financial institutions combat money laundering activities by reporting them to the concerned authority.

At Enterslice, we have a group of professionals who specialize in AML compliance and regulations and its ever-changing aspect of the financial sector; we shall keep the enterprises updated with all the current trends in AML regulations and compliance and its specific use as per the industry standards.

We don't only provide a service but also craft a solution for our clients. However, we help the company in the preparations of several Paper works on AML consulting services and regulations to establish initial compliance, monitor the anti money laundering programs, risk assurance, and timely audits, and report suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.

Enterslice is a consultancy company with one of the fastest growing sectors with AML compliance and regulations and many other services like risk & assurance, audit, legal advisory, etc. We help enterprises navigate their complex regulatory and compliance requirements. However, the company can mitigate the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing activities with tailored solutions from AML consulting services.

Anti money laundering is a global battle to prevent financial criminals. Industries dealing with financial activities are more vulnerable to such criminals than other industries. To ensure that your industry is safe and secure with the AML compliance and regulations, don't wait until it’s too late, and thus contact Enterslice.

Frequently Asked Questions

AML consulting services include detecting and identifying enterprises' compliances and regulatory issues with anti money laundering laws and regulations. The AML consultant has a strong knowledge of AML compliance to analyze the gap in the due diligence of the company's AML program.

AML, in consulting by the Enterslice, helps financial institutions to fight against anti money laundering activities through its effective operational management service.

AML advisory is the one who is expert in delivering a professional approach to anti money laundering compliance and regulations.

Enterslice AML consulting services are designed to assist organizations in reducing the risk linked with money laundering.

The 3 stages of anti money laundering are placement, layering and integration.

The four pillars of KYC are Customer Acceptance Policy, Customer Identification Procedures, monitoring of transactions, and risk management.

The three components of KYC are a Customer Identification Program, Customer Due diligence and ongoing monitoring.

Both KYC and AML are often used interchangeably since KYC is a key element under the AML program. KYC is the process of identifying customer details, whereas AML is a program implemented by financial institutions to prevent and take measures against financial crimes.

Sanctions in AML mean putting restrictions on entities or individuals by the organizations to prevent illegal activities.

The two types of KYC are Offline Adhaar-based KYC and In-person verification (IPV).

The KYC Documents are the customer's passport, voter's identity Card, Driving License, Aadhaar card, etc.

KYC is also known as Know Your Customer. This KYC procedure is to identify the customer details and perform various due diligence procedures.

Enhanced CDD measures are applied in an organization where customers of potentially high risk are involved, thus preventing the company from exposure to money laundering or terrorist financing.

The best way to deal with high risk customers is by conducting ongoing monitoring, thus reporting suspicious transactions.

Enhanced due diligence is a part of the KYC and AML process, a safeguard to the company, thus protecting the company from high-risk customers and its exposure to money laundering activities.

Customer due diligence or CDD is a process applied to all customers to identify the risk involved in the customer relationship, whereas enhanced due diligence is a process applied in a very rigorous manner against high risk customers.

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