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One of the crucial steps after starting a business is to open a bank account. Our team of experts at Enterslice assists and guides you in opening a bank account in Oman.

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Overview of Open a Bank Account in Oman

Oman is an essential worldwide logistics hub and has fantastic natural beauty. The Omani government is actively developing measures to support the nation's economy. Because of this, doing business in Oman is now more convenient. However, starting a company is the first step in a complex and protracted path that calls for ongoing attention and adaptation to the rapidly shifting business environment. Opening a business bank account is a concrete sign that your firm is operating and prepared for business. To preserve monetary and financial stability, promote growth, and enhance the Sultanate's reputation, the Central Bank of Oman (CBO), governed by the Law, adheres to a strict licensing policy and enacts sensible regulations and supervision.

Banking System in Oman

The banking system in Oman is divided into three parts

  • Specialized Sector
  • LocalCommercial Banks
  • Foreign Banks

Types of Bank Accounts in Oman

The primary purpose of a current account, often called a checking account, is to accommodate frequent and everyday transactions. It provides easy access to money for daily financial tasks, including bill payment, purchasing goods, and receiving payments. Chequebooks, debit cards, and Internet banking services are frequently included with current accounts, making monitoring and transferring money simple. These accounts often pay no interest or very little interest on the sum held because their primary functions are to provide liquidity and transactional capabilities.

On the other hand, a savings account is designed expressly for people or businesses to save and increase their money over time. A savings account's main objective is to build up money and earn interest on the money deposited. Savings accounts typically offer more interest rates than current accounts; however, the precise rate may change depending on the bank and the state of the market. To promote saving behaviour, withdrawal and transfer limits are frequently placed on savings accounts. There can be restrictions on the number of withdrawals allowed each month or minimum balance requirements, for instance.

Other types of accounts in Oman

  • Salary account.
  • Zeinah ladies account.
  • Shababi youth account.
  • Children's account.
  • Fixed deposit.

List of Essential Necessary Papers Required

  • Application Form
  • Identity Card of Shareholders
  • Passport
  • Residence Visa
  • Resident Card (only if applicable)
  • Shareholder’s passport photographs
  • Original Trade License
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Reference Letter from the bank in the home country
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Address Proof
  • Other additional necessary papers

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The procedure for Opening a Bank Account in Oman

a bank that suits your company's needs: The first step is to search for and select one that meets your needs. Consider the bank's reputation, fees, account features, available services (such as online banking and mobile apps), accessibility to your business location, and any specialized services or expertise they provide for your industry.

Gather the relevant necessary papers and information: Once you've decided on a bank, you must gather the necessary necessary papers and information to finish the account opening process. Additional business-specific necessary papers are also commonly required depending on the bank's requirements.

Submit the application and relevant necessary papers: After gathering the necessary Paper works, you'll need to complete an account opening application that the bank will give. Typically, this application will ask you for information about your company's ownership, organizational structure, and other pertinent information. This application must be submitted to the bank through the methods specified by them (in person, online, or by mail), together with the necessary Paper works.

Wait for authorization from the authorities: The bank will check your application and supporting papers once you've submitted them to ensure they comply with its rules and legal requirements. You'll need patience; this review procedure can take time before approval. The bank may also run background checks or seek more information during this phase.

Account activation: If your application is approved, the bank will activate your account. This generally involves signing the applicable agreements, creating account access credentials (usernames and passwords), and financing the account with the requisite first deposit. It is best to inquire directly from the bank about the particular requirements and timetable for account activation, as each bank may have unique protocols.

Banks in Oman

Bank Muscat


Bank Dhofar

Bank Nizwa

National Bank of Oman

Bank Sohar

Alizz Islamic Bank

Ahli Bank

Oman Arab

Beirut Oman Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-residents cannot open a bank account in Oman.

Residents can open a bank account in Oman with a residence visa.

Some essential necessary papers to open a bank account in Oman are a passport, residence visa, MoA, AoA, shareholder's identity cards, trade license, NOC, etc.

A minimum of OMR 1000 can be required to open a bank account in Bank Muscat.

A residency visa or work permit is an important criterion for opening a bank account.

Yes, a bank account can be opened online.

An average of OMR 100 is the minimum balance in the National Bank of Oman.

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