An Overview of the Company Incorporation in Oman

Oman is undergoing rapid economic progress and diversification. An investor going for company incorporation in Oman can do so without being physically present. The company incorporation is carried out within a limited period of time. AN agent is appointed to incorporate a company in Oman. Foreign Direct Investment is permitted in several sectors. Foreign investment has been liberalized by the government in Oman. In almost all sectors, 100% foreign investment is permitted, which is beneficial for different forms of investors. No nominee shareholder or resident of Oman is required to incorporate a company in Oman. Oman has entered into a free trade agreement with other countries. There is no minimum share capital required for company incorporation in Oman.

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Eligibility Criteria for Company Incorporation in Oman

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Minimum Shareholders

The minimum shareholder criteria must be met by the company; for a joint stock company, the minimum number of shareholders is three.

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Minimum Directors

The minimum director's criteria must be met by the company. For e.g., an LLC has to have at least one director to carry out operations.

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Securing Trade Licenses

Most foreign investors going for company incorporation in Oman go for Limited Liability Company. A trade license is required to be obtained by an LLC from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MOCI).

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Name Reservation

Name reservation must be done by the MOCI. The nature of the activities carried out by the company must be reflected in the name. The company must not breach any rules related to the trademark, copyright or any other intellectual property in force.

Procedure to incorporate a company in Oman

1.Choose activities to be carried out

The first step is for the applicant to choose the activities to be carried out by the company. Carrying out banking and insurance activities mandatorily requires the applicant to obtain consent from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.

2. Register the Company

To register the company, the applicant should make an application to the Ministry of Commerce and Investment for a trade license. Other permits are also required to be secured by the applicant.

3. Document Submission

After applying to the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, the applicant must ensure that all the Paper works for company registration in Oman is in order. Some of the important Documents include the company's MOA and AOA.

4. Name Reservation

The applicant must choose an appropriate name for the LLC. The nature of the business activities carried out by the LLC must be reflected in the name. The name must be provided in Arabic and must have a legal meaning in Arabic.

h3>5. Certificate of Incorporation

After the above steps are carried out successfully, the applicant will get a certificate of incorporation.

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Tax Structures of Companies Incorporated in Oman

Before entering a company, it is important to research the tax laws of the country or seek professional advice to understand the latest tax regulations. Oman has been undergoing some economic and tax reforms. Different types of taxes in Oman are Corporate Tax, Value-Added Tax, Petroleum Income Tax, Excise Duty, Customs Duty, Municipal Tax and Tourism Tax. For most businesses, Oman does not have a corporate income tax. However, there are certain exceptions, such as oil and gas companies, to which special tax regime applies. There is no withholding tax on dividends, interest, or royalties paid by Omani companies. The standard rate of VAT is 5% and applies to the supply of goods and services. However, specific details regarding VAT exemptions and registration thresholds are verified with local authorities. Oman imposes customs duties on certain imported goods whose rates may vary depending on the type of goods and their origin. Oman does not have a personal income tax. Employers and employees need to contribute to the Public Authority for Social Insurance (PASI).


Different Types of Business Structures in Oman

1. General Partnership

It is a form of entity where two or more partners share unlimited liability. No minimum capital requirement is there to form a general partnership.

2. Limited Partnership

There are two categories of limited partnership:

  • General Partners are jointly and severally liable, which means that all the partners share equal liability.
  • One partner out of the total partners has limited liability to the extent of capital contribution.

3. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

LLC has between two and fifty individuals. The liability of an LLC is limited to a specific amount. If this company requires consent from the regulatory body, it must be secured. The following minimum capital is required for forming this type of entity:

  • OMR 20,000 - for Omanis or Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals; and
  • OMR 150,000 - for a combined shareholding with foreign shareholders.

4. Joint Venture

A Joint Venture is an agreement between two or more people to form a company for a particular project or purpose. No minimum capital is required is required to form a joint venture company in Oman. If an applicant wants to incorporate a company for a specific period or a particular project, then this is the most suitable option.

5. Joint Stock Companies

Such companies are formed with a minimum amount of capital. Joint Stock Companies are permitted to offer shares to the public. At least three shareholders are required to incorporate this type of entity. The minimum capital required for a Joint Stock company is as follows:

  • Public Joint Venture Company requires a minimum capital of OMR 2 million;
  • A closed Joint Venture Company requires a minimum capital of OMR 500,000 and
  • Converted from another form requires a minimum capital of OMR 1 million.

6. Holding Company

The holding company has significant control over the subsidiaries and its sister concerns. It requires more than 51% ownership over the subsidiary companies. A holding company can be incorporated either in the form of a joint stock company or a Limited liability company (LLC). OMR 2 million is the least capital required for the holding company.

7. Crowdfunding:

A branch office is only an extension of the foreign parent company. Such offices can carry out profit-making activities.

8. Representative Office

Similar to a branch office, a representative office is only an extension of the foreign parent company. The representative office cannot carry out any profit-making activities. Its activities are limited to promoting the foreign parent company and marketing, which can be carried out by the representative office.

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Enterslice has a strong connection with Oman authorities, which is a valuable asset for businesses operating in Oman. The connection facilitates smoother interactions, enhances regulatory compliance and contributes to positive relationships with relevant government agencies.

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Benefits of Company Registration in Oman

Political Stability

Political stability is one of the most important factors for businesses when deciding where to incorporate. Oman's government is continuously on the lookout to improve its diversification initiatives, which include placing a greater emphasis on tourism. As per Transparency International’s 2020 Corruption Perception Index, Oman ranks 54th among 180 countries in the degree of public sector corruption.

Economic Stability

A stable economy often signifies consistent market conditions, providing businesses with opportunities for growth and development. Oman is an economically stable country with excellent bilateral relations with the US. It also has free trade agreements with countries that eliminate tariff barriers. By establishing multiple ports and free-trade zones, the domestic economy is substantiated by diversification and foreign investment.

Legal Framework

Oman has a legal framework that supports business activities. It has a stable legal system, providing a predictable and secure environment for business. Oman follows Islamic law, but the country constantly amends its laws and regulations to provide a flexible and pro-business framework. The free zones otherwise located in the nation are each treated as separate and distinct legal jurisdictions, each having its own regulatory laws.

Challenges of Incorporating a Company in Oman

Foreign Ownership Restrictions

While Oman has made efforts to attract foreign investment, there are still limitations in some industries and obtaining necessary approvals can be a time-consuming process. Certain sectors may have restrictions on foreign ownership.

Commercial Property Costs

The cost of commercial real estate in prime locations can be relatively high. Finding suitable office space at an affordable cost may be a challenge for some businesses.

Limited Financing Options

While Oman has a stable banking sector, some businesses may find accessing financing challenging. Startups and small businesses may face difficulties in obtaining loans from local financial institutions.

Tax Considerations

Oman does not have a corporate income tax for most businesses; however, the introduction of VAT may impact operational costs. Understanding and implementing VAT compliance can be a challenge for some companies.

Company Incorporation Services provided by Enterslice

Company Formation and Registration

Enterslice assists in selecting the appropriate legal structure, preparing necessary Documents, and submitting the required Documents to the relevant government authorities for company registration.

Foreign Direct Investment Advisory

Enterslice guides foreign ownership regulations and restrictions and assists in obtaining necessary approvals from regulatory bodies for foreign investors.

Tax Advisory Services

Enterslice provides advice on tax implications and strategies for tax optimization and assists in obtaining Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) and other tax-related registrations.

Compliance and Reporting

Enterslice monitors and ensures compliance with annual filing requirements. We also assist in the preparation and filing of financial statements.

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Friendly-Relations with other countries

Oman is known for maintaining a policy of neutrality and having generally friendly relations with a wide range of countries. Oman follows a policy of non-alignment and neutrality in regional and international conflicts. This approach has contributed to Oman’s role as a mediator in various regional disputes. Oman actively engages in diplomatic efforts to foster positive relations with neighbouring countries and international partners. The country is known for hosting diplomatic talks and mediating regional conflicts. It maintains strategic alliances with various countries and international organizations. These alliances often focus on economic cooperation, security and cultural exchange. The country has been working on economic diversification, and international collaboration plays a role in this effort.


Frequently Ask Questions

The cost to set up a business in Oman is about 3570 Omani rials.

For setting up an LLC in Oman, the minimum capital required is ONR 20,000, or approximately USD 52,000.

For foreigners to start a business in Oman, commercial registration from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is required.

There is a huge demand for the oil and gas industry in Oman, so it is one of the most profitable businesses in Oman.

Yes, you can start your own business in Oman. However, if you are a foreigner, then you will require commercial registration from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Yes, foreigners in Oman can buy and own any property there.

Yes, Oman is a good country to start a business as it has a business-friendly environment, and there are no restrictions on capital and profit repatriation.

The corporate tax of 15% on profits applies to businesses in Oman.

Yes, there is no personal income or wealth tax in Oman.

All businesses supplying goods and services bought, sold, or imported into Oman are subject to VAT and a standard rate of 5% VAT.

VAT exemptions in Oman are given for certain financial services, re-sale of residential buildings, supply of bare land, local passengers, etc.

Every person who conducts economic activity and has a place of residence in Oman is eligible for VAT in Oman.

World-Class Infrastructure in Oman

Oman has been investing in developing world-class infrastructure to support economic growth and enhance the quality of life for its residents. Oman has modernized and expanded its airports. Oman's strategic location has led to significant developments in its ports, including the Port of Sultan Qaboos in Muscat and the Port of Salalah. These ports play an important role in facilitating international trade. Oman has invested in an extensive road network connecting major cities and regions. The road infrastructure is designed to support efficient transportation and trade. The development of a national railway network is underway in Oman. This includes plans for both passenger and freight services, connecting key locations within the country.

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Availability of Workforce

Oman has a diverse workforce that includes both Omani nationals and expatriate workers. The Omani government has been implementing policies to increase the participation of Omani nationals in the workforce. This includes initiatives to enhance education and skills training, with the goal of reducing reliance on foreign labour in certain sectors. The government has introduced regulations to manage the influx of expatriate workers.


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