Business Research Services

Enterslice offers all-round business research services, which include services such as knowledge, research and strategic intelligence services.

Package inclusions:
  • Market share and segmentation
  • Market analysis and industry analysis
  • Total addressable market and growth forecast
  • Regulatory insights
  • Competition and Vendor diligence
  • Pricing strategy
  • Consumer behaviour analysis
  • Distribution structure analysis
  • Data analytics
  • Scenario planning
Business Research Services

Business Research service in India: An Overview

The Indian economy has grown rapidly over the past few years, becoming one of the world’s largest. With the rise of entrepreneurship in India, business research has become increasingly important in understanding the changing environment and helping businesses better adapt to it. Business research in India is an incredibly complex and diverse field, with a wide range of topics and methods being explored every day. This article will explore the current state of business research in India, from the rise of venture capital to the impact of digitalization on traditional businesses. It will also provide an overview of the different sectors that are being studied and the major challenges that researchers face in India. With this understanding, businesses can more effectively navigate the changing Indian business landscape and use research to their advantage.

Business research services are those that provide actionable insights, relevant data and market/ business perspectives to the clients and help their management make informed decisions. Enterslice offers precise data and insights which would be highly crucial for the success of your business in terms of preparing strategic blueprints, growth planning, market acquisition and customer-related data, gaining competitive intelligence and testing the viability of the new product and ideas before they are pitched to the market.

Importance of Business Research services for foreign-based businesses in India

For the following reasons, every foreign-based business wanting to make inroads into the Indian market needs to avail of business research services before making investments in India:

Business-friendly location for foreign businesses

While other economies are moving towards depression, India appears to be a bright spot in the world economy, backed by strong fundamentals. Additionally, India has a huge market where a big chunk of the population consists of a rising middle class with ever-evolving consumer preferences which makes it enticing for foreign companies to exploit the opportunities of a huge market. Simplified FDI policies and an improved overall business environment make India a good proposition for foreign companies to expand their businesses.

Emerging destination for the world’s supply chain

India ranks high among the top most preferred locations for global businesses, trade promotion associations and equity players. With the world looking at India as an alternative to the growth engine of global economic progress, India’s rise is imminent, especially in the post-Covid world.

For a better understanding of the market and developing strategies

According to the above-mentioned points, it can be observed that India is a favourable destination for investment purposes. However, it must be kept in mind that India is not a homogeneous society. It has great diversity with different preferences. Therefore, business research becomes imperative to be performed by foreign businesses before venturing into the Indian market as this exercise will give foreign businesses access to actionable insights, valuable data, strategic know-how etc., with the help of which businesses can navigate through the peculiarities of the Indian market, consumer psyche and business and accordingly take informed decisions.

For a better response to challenges and evolving market conditions

Indian industries are characterized by very rapid change and high levels of competition. Any business that wishes to thrive in this environment must therefore be able to adapt quickly to a wide range of ever-changing conditions. Business research can help organizations to better respond to these challenges and capitalize on the ever-expanding opportunities available to them in India.

Different sectors of Business Research in India

The Indian business research sector is incredibly diverse, with a wide range of sectors being explored. Some of the most popular topics include the following:

Business strategy:

This sector explores how organizations can better respond to their current business environment. It looks at issues such as how businesses can better collaborate with their suppliers and customers and how they can best use emerging technologies.

Business operations:

This sector looks at issues such as how businesses can operate more effectively and efficiently. This includes studying the best ways to manage supply chains and workflows, as well as the most effective ways to recruit, train, and retain staff.

Competitive analysis:

This sector explores the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by businesses from their competitors. This includes understanding how competitors price their products, how they market themselves, and how they use branding to differentiate themselves from others in their industry.

Customer analysis:

This sector explores how businesses can better understand and engage with their customers. This includes studying the best ways to identify customer needs and preferences, the most effective ways to communicate with customers, and how businesses can use customer data to improve their strategies.

Product research:

This sector explores how businesses can launch more effective and appealing products. This includes studying the best ways to identify customer needs and product requirements, the most effective ways to design these products, and the best ways to market them to customers.

Steps involved in conducting effective Business Research in India

Business research can be carried out at any point during a company’s lifecycle. However, the most effective time to do so is before any significant investments have been made. This allows organizations to shape their future by understanding the challenges and opportunities they will face and the best approaches to dealing with them. Business research involves five key steps.

Defining the Problem

The first step is defining the problem that the company wants to explore. This involves selecting the issue that is most relevant to the organization and framing it in a way that can be explored through research.

Developing the Research Approach

The second step is developing the research approach that will be used to explore the issue. This involves selecting the best methods to explore the problem and framing them in a way that will provide the greatest value to the organization.

Defining the Research Questions

The third step is defining the research questions that will be explored throughout the research process. This allows researchers to better structure their approach and will help to inform the most effective solutions.

Finding the Right Data Sources

The fourth step is finding the right data sources to explore the research questions. This involves selecting the best ways to explore the research questions and selecting the most appropriate sources to do so.

Analyzing the Data and Drawing Conclusions

The fifth and final step is analyzing the data obtained through the research process and drawing conclusions based on it. This allows businesses to better understand the current situation they face and to explore the best ways to respond to it.

Existing practices of doing Business Research in India

Over the past few years, Indian business research has grown significantly. The Indian economy has seen a rise in entrepreneurship, combined with increasing demand for innovation, technology, and modern business practices. As a result, business research has become an industry in its own right in India, with researchers exploring a wide range of topics. Many of the major challenges facing businesses in the Indian context are also being explored by researchers. This includes the impact of digitalization on traditional industries, how businesses can better engage with young customers, and how organizations can better collaborate across borders. Business research in India is a highly diverse field, with a wide range of topics being explored and a wide range of methods being used to do so.

Ways to Conduct Effective Business Research in India

Business research can be carried out in a wide range of ways, with each approach having its own benefits and limitations. When conducting business research, organizations should choose the approach that best suits their objectives and the current situation.

Primary Research

Primary research is original research that is carried out specifically to solve a problem. It can be used to explore a wide range of issues and challenges and provides a deeper and richer level of insight than secondary research can. However, it can be challenging to properly design and implement, and it often requires a significant amount of time and resources.

Secondary Research

Secondary research involves accessing and analyzing existing research on a particular topic. It can be useful for exploring a wide range of issues and challenges and allows organizations to quickly explore the best approaches to dealing with these issues. However, it provides a less in-depth level of insight than primary research and only explores the conclusions that have already been drawn by other researchers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business research is a crucial part of any business strategy, providing organizations with insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by their industry. By conducting thorough research, businesses can gain a greater understanding of their customers, competitors, and the wider environment in which they operate. The Indian business landscape is particularly complex and diverse, making business research an important part of any organization’s strategy.

In order to effectively navigate the Indian business landscape, businesses must be able to understand the issues and opportunities they face, as well as the best ways to respond to them. This can be achieved through conducting thorough business research. Business research can be carried out in a wide range of ways, with each approach having its own benefits and limitations. When conducting business research, organizations should choose the approach that best suits their objectives and the current situation.

The first approach is the primary approach, where the problem is understood from a deeper and richer level compared to the secondary approach. However, the adoption of this approach becomes difficult to design and implement because it is generally a time-consuming affair and depends on the resources. On the other hand, in the case of a secondary approach, the problem is analyzed from the already collected data and allows the business to explore multiple facets of the problem. However, this approach gives a lesser in depth-level of insight into solving the problem.

There are a number of perspectives through which business research is conducted in India. These include business strategy, business operations, competitive analysis, product research and competitive analysis.

Business research can be initiated at any point of time during the lifecycle of a product. The first step begins with defining the problem which the company wants to address. Thereafter, the research approach is finalised to deal with the issue at hand. Once decided, the research questions are framed to structure the approach better. In the next step, the best data sources are decided to draw the best probable conclusions. In the final step, the data sources are arranged and analysed to get the results of the problem addressed.

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