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Significance of FSSAI Annual Returns

As per regulations of Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) obtaining a food license is one of the most crucial steps for starting a food business. Once you have acquired the food/FSSAI license, you can start your business freely and without any legal complication.

But that’s not all. As per FSS (Licensing and Registration) Regulations, 2011, it is equally important to comply with FSSAI compliances and filing of annual returns.

All the food business operators (FBOs) who possess food license and have an annual turnover of Rs. 12 lakh should file the annual return mandatorily and within the due time.

If anybody fails to file the returns within the stipulated time period, he may have to face grim penalties.

What are the benefits of FSSAI annual Compliance?

What are the benefits of FSSAI annual Compliance


Annual Compliance by an entity which is registered as per the requirements of the FSSAI would increase the overall reputation of the company or entity. The public will trust an entity that complies with the requirements related to annual compliance.

Increase in Brand Value-

A company that has FSSAI license would be more reputed in the eyes of consumers. Apart from this, the value derived by the entity would be more.

More Government Support-

Another benefit from this form of annual compliance is more government support for the entities that comply with the requirements.

Who should file the FSSAI Annual Returns?

The following entities are required to file the annual returns:

Who should file the FSSAI Annual Returns
  • Every food manufacturer, importer, exporter, seller, etc., except the manufacturers of milk and milk products (they have to file a half-yearly return);
  • Every FBO with the business turnover equal to or exceeding Rs. 12 lakh.

Mandatory FSSAI Annual Returns

Unlike other businesses, Food Businesses consist of filing only two kinds of returns every year. They are as follows:

  • FSSAI Form D1, and
  • FSSAI Form D2.

FSSAI Returns

Due Dates

To be filed by

Form D1

31st May

Every food manufacturer, importer etc.

Form D2 (half-yearly return)

30th September/30th March

Manufacturer of milk/milk products


All the food manufacturers, importers, labellers, re-labellers, packers, and re-packers, etc. need to file FSSAI Form D1 mandatorily, either online or in physical form as prescribed by the Food Safety Commissioner.

Furthermore, this is mandatory irrespective of whatever is the production of the FBO in the previous year.

The FSSAI annual return, Form D1 should be filed on or before 31st May of every financial year to the Licensing Authority depending on the types of food products sold by the FBO in the preceding financial year.


The Form D2 is a half-yearly return and isn’t for every food business operator. Instead, this needs to be filed by every FSSAI license holder who is involved in the business of manufacturing or importing of milk and/or milk products.

FSSAI annual return, Form D2 must be filed on a half yearly basis. The time period for filing this return is from 1st April to 30th September and from 1st October to 31st March of every financial year.

Note: Every FBO needs to file separate returns for every license issued under the regulations, irrespective of the condition that the Food Business Operator possesses one or more than one license.

Essential details to furnish while filing Annual Returns

While filing FSSAI annual returns, it is obligatory for every FBO to provide the following information in the form:

  • Name of the manufactured or handled or sold or imported or exported food product.
  • Size of the bottle or can or any other package (such as PP) or bulk package.
  • Quantity in Metric Tons.
  • The selling price (SP) of per Kilogram (Kg) or per unit of packaging.
  • The value.
  • Imported or exported quantity in Kg.
  • The list of information of countries or port where the products are exported.
  • Rate per unit or per Kg of packaging C.I.F/F.O.B.

Entities exempted from filing FSSAI Annual Returns

Following entities are exempted from filing FSSAI annual return:

  • Restaurants
  • Fast food joints
  • Canteens
  • Grocery stores

Penalty for delay filing of annual returns

As per Section 2.1.13 (3) of FSS (Licensing and Registration) Regulations, 2011, if the food business operators don’t file the returns within the stipulated time, then a fine of Rs 100 will be imposed on them every day and will keep on increasing if the default continues.

How can Enterslice help you with FSSAI annual return filing for your food business?

Filing FSSAI return for small eateries, grocery shops, food distributors, and restaurants on their own, could be quite daunting. However, at Enterslice, we ensure you don’t face any problem and file your returns on time.

Hence, it’s that simple. So, hurry up and contact Enterslice now.

How Enterslice will help you

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Depending on the type of FBO, you need to download the concerned form D1 or D2 from the FSSAI’s official portal.

2. Afterward, submit this form either online or physically to the concerned Food Safety Commissioner within the prescribed time for each return.

Every food business operator who is engaged in the business of manufacturing, importing, selling, etc., of the food products need to file FSSAI annual return .i.e. form D1.

Yes, form D2 is a half-yearly return which needs to be filed by the manufacturer of milk and milk products from 1st April to 30th September and from 1st October to 31st March of every financial year.

The due date for filing FSSAI annual return is 31st May.

If you fail to file the return on the prescribed date, then a penalty of Rs. 100 will be levied for every day for which the default continues.

Food entities such as restaurants, grocery stores, fast food joints, canteens, etc. are exempted from filing FSSAI annual return.

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