WPC Approval

WPC is an abbreviation for Wireless Planning & Co-ordination Wing which is the department used to secure licenses for different types of radio frequencies. Spectrum licenses can also be obtained through this department. Permission from the WPC is required if the applicant wants to import any form of radio fre..

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WPC Approval- An Overview

WPC stands for Wireless Planning and Co-ordination. Such approval is required for the process of any form of radio frequency enabled devices. Permission from the WPC department would be required for any form of import of radio based frequency equipment into India. This department would ensure that all the requirements related to licensing are met by the service provider.

Wireless Planning and Co-ordination wing comes under the Department of Telecommunication (DoT). Such wing would be responsible for carry out radio frequency testing, licensing requirements related to wireless testing and frequency testing.

Regulatory Body/ Authority for WPC approval India

The primary regulatory body or authority for WPC approval in India is the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). Such department would come under the purview of the Ministry of Communications in India.

Apart from the responsibility of carrying out licensing, the department would also be responsible for frequency spectrums and monitoring frequency spectrums. WPC has their main head office in New Delhi and regional centres are present in Kolkatta, Mumbai, Chennai and Guwhati.

The main law that governs the licensing requirements for different forms of equipment would be the Indian Wireless and Indian Telegraphy Act.

Constitution of the WPC

The following is the constitution of the WPC:

  • Licensing and Regulation
  • New Technology Group
  • Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation
  • Licensing and Regulation

    This department would be considered for all the licensing and regulations related to WPC approval. Licensing and regulation under this system would have to be taken to the above authority.

  • New Technology Group

    If there are new technologies or some form of new technology is utilised, then this department would administer the use of technology and processes.

  • Standing Advisory Committee on Radio Frequency Allocation (SACFA)

    The SACFA carries out making different form of recommendations relating the radio frequency and other recommendations related to International Telecom Union (ITU).

What are the benefits of Securing WPC Approval? (WPC Approval India)

There are different forms of benefits for securing WPC Approval in India:

What are the benefits of Securing WPC Approval
  • Compliance with Standards

    By securing WPC approval in India, all authorities be it Central Government, State Government and Private Companies would ensure that they comply with the standards as per the Indian Government.

  • New Modernisation Requirements

    All companies that secure this approval would be compliant with the requirements of the law. Apart from this, wireless companies would get frequent updates from this authority.

What is WPC Approval required for?

WPC Approval would be utilised by agencies for securing the license to operate within a given frequency. All wireless based products would be working on some form of wireless networks. Such wireless devices would require working on some form of de-licensed frequency bands. Such de-licensed frequency brands would require a specific type of approval. Such an approval is known as the ETA (Equipment Type Approval).

Hence in Order to obtain ETA, would be on the basis of a particular model which requires WPC approval.

Which Products require WPC Approval?

The following products require this form of approval:

  • Walkie-talkie,
  • RC cars/boats,
  • drones/UAV,
  • ZigBee, Bluetooth devices
  • Phones, computers, and routers
  • Cameras

Eligibility Criteria for WPC Approval

The following eligibility criterion has to be met for WPC approval:

Eligibility Criteria for WPC Approval
  • Manufacturer/Importer

    The applicant has to be a manufacturer or importer of wireless enabled devices or other forms of equipment. The applicant can either be a domestic manufacturer of these types of devices. If the applicant wants to import wireless devices into the country, then there is a specific license to carry out the above procedure.

  • Authorised Representative

    If the applicant is a foreign company, then an authorised representative must be appointed for WPC approval in India. The authorised representative can be a company that represents the foreign company in carrying out filing process related to WPC approval.

  • Require De-Licensed Frequency Bands

    The device has to work on specific de-licensed frequency bands. All devices that have wireless capability would be capable of working on de-licensed frequency bands.

  • Report from ISO Labs

    If the product is manufactured within the country, then there is no requirement for any form of specific in-country testing. The only requirement is a particular RF report is required from an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. RF means the Radio Frequency Test report which has to be produced by an accredited laboratory.

  • Frequency Results

    The frequency results of the particular wireless accessory must be present in the results. The individual results must indicate the video bandwidth, resolution bandwidth, sweep and the frequency.

  • Authorization-cum-Agreement Letter for foreign manufacturers

    This letter is an authorisation for the agreement to enter into with the DoT. This type of agreement would only be applicable for foreign manufacturers. Such letter or Document can be available on request from the authority.

  • Technical Data Sheet

    The applicant would also have to provide the technical data sheet which is available on request from the particular authority.

What is the Procedure for applying for WPC Approval India?

The following procedure has to be utilised for applying for WPC approval:

What is the Procedure for applying for WPC Approval India
  • Go-Online to the Department of Telecommunication Website

    First and foremost the applicant has to go to the DoT Website. The following website has to be utilised for the approval process https://saralsanchar.gov.in/wpc_eta_report.php . Then the applicant has to go to the tab and click on apply for new ETA.

  • Search Import Undertaking by ID

    If the applicant is an importer of wireless equipment utilising different forms of radio frequency, then the same can be checked by searching the import undertaking through the ID. The applicant has to enter the import ID along with the captcha code.

  • Apply for New ETA

    Application for the ETA is completely an online process. However, the applicant would have to make a self declaration utilising the following link https://saralsanchar.gov.in/wpc_eta_report.php.  The applicant has to click on ‘No’ when asked the question ‘Whether the equipment is working in License exempted/De-licensed bands?’ After this the applicant would be redirected to another page where the information related to the product has to be provided. The following details have to be provided:

    a. Name and other information related to the applicant.

    b. What is the nature of the device? For example if the device is a mobile handset, then information on the mobile hand set must be mentioned in WPC Approval.

    c. Provide Information related to the model number.

    d. Provide information on who manufactured the product.

    e. The Frequency Range must be mentioned after this- for example frequency range would be such as 5150 MHz – 5350 MHz.

    f. Output Power has to be mentioned in the application.

    g. Modulation range has to be provided in the application along with remarks of the same.

    Note- The applicant would have to fulfil certain conditions as per the notification (Gazette Notification No G.S.R 45(E) dated 28. 01. 2005. If the use of the particular equipment changes as per the requirements of the company, then the same has to be notified to the Department. An application regarding this would be only for application for wireless products that are manufactured in India.

  • Review and Grant of Application

    If the application meets the requirements related to the specifications, then the authority would go ahead and grant the application for ETA for the particular device under WPC Approval.

Will Import of Wireless Products be covered by WPC Approval?

Yes WPC Approval would also cover any form of imports that is made by an Indian Importer. However, for Import of wireless products into India, there is a specific procedure which is required to be carried out. The applicant for submitting the import license application must visit the specific wing of the WPC office where the applicant is located.

Post Compliance Requirements for WPC Approval

There are particular post compliance requirements which have to be carried out by the applicant for WPC:

  • The applicant must ensure that the equipment confirms with the requirements of the frequency band widths.
  • Specific Records have to be maintained by the applicant and require to be submitted to the ministry as per the requirements.
  • The Applicant has to ensure that if there is a change or modification of the particular wireless equipment, then the same has to be provided to the ministry.

Cost Involved for WPC Approval

The Cost of securing the first ETA would depend on the requirements of the ministry. To add to this there is 18% GST charges on the services which are carried out. Usually the time for securing this approval would be around 15 working days.

The cost of import license has to be clarified in the regional office of the WPC. Apart from import charges, there would be a separate fee related to GST. GST would be levied at the rate of 18% on the service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WPC approval stands for wireless planning and co-ordination. It is a department which is established under the Department of Telecommunications. This authority is responsible for licensing requirement for internet devices, radio frequencies and other forms of wireless devices.

There are different departments established by the WPC:

• There are separate departments to carry out services related to providing licenses.

• There are departments to liaise and co-ordinate internationally with other departments.

WPC approval would be required if the device utilises any form of wireless enabled technology. Such technology would only operate and work on form of de-licensed frequency bands.

Technical Clarifications would be applicable to any device which requires approval from the WPC. Either the applicant would go for the process of applying for a new ETA.

ETA under WPC would mean equipment type approval. Such equipment would require specific approval in order to comply with the requirements of the authority.

Frequency band would be applicable to a particular domain which has two forms of indicators. The indicators would be the lower domain and the higher domain. Frequency bands are commonly used terms when it comes to radio frequency and other form of devices. Frequency chart is a specific form of chart showing frequency bands for different type of wireless product. For example if the product is a specific frequency band then it would be categorised as low power devices. 50-200 khz are classified and categorised as low frequency bands. However, 5825 Mhz – 5875 Mhz would be categorised as high frequency bands.

The applicant has to ensure that the technical specifications meet specific requirements. Apart from this the frequency band and model number has to be specified. The device has to be wireless which is present in a de-listed frequency.

Yes a foreign manufacturer would require this form of approval. However, the foreign manufacturer would utilise an authorised agent.

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