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Investor Pitch Deck

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What is Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a smart way to tell your audience about what are you making. It is used to provide your investor with a quick overview of your business plan. Entrepreneurs always use pitch deck during face-to-face or online meetings with a potential angel investor or Venture capital firms or with the customers or co-founders.

You may need to present your business in front of the larger audience, and pitch deck is the one of the best material to show your business in just a few minutes. Investor Pitch deck is required when you need to outline your business plan, and you are planning to fund for your startup. Here in this process it is necessary to convince your customers, employees, and investors so that they can better understand your business model and get agree to invest and work with you.

How to Ideally Create an Investor Pitch Deck?

Since you have enlisted your organization, you would surely need your plan of action to develop and achieve great heights. The Growth of your organization requires budgetary ventures and it won't be simple for you to organize the speculation from inner sources such as companions, relatives, and so on. Raising assets from outer sources require a great deal of homework. Despite the fact that there are a considerable measure of financial investors looking for dedicated & promising organizations, you must showcase your organization as the best alternative for them to invest. Funding is the stepping stone towards progress and everything begins with making an investor pitch deck. Hence, before moving forward to the segment of startup financing, let us initially talk about all that you should think about the investor pitch deck.

What is the Purpose Of Investor Pitch Deck?

The investor pitch deck is basically utilized amid the online meetings or face to face meetings with the potential investors, clients, and accomplices. Unlike the canvas of a perfect business model, an investor pitch deck is a tool for the outside group of onlookers which is utilized to represent your plan of action i.e. business model and structure for the better understanding. The investor pitch deck is utilized for showcasing your ideas to the external audience by making a great impression.

  • Speak to your plan to the outside group of onlookers
  • Establish an incredible first connection by exhibiting your thought, structure, and measurements.

What Must We Include In Our Investor Pitch Deck?

A investor pitch deck should recount a complete scenario about your business and its plans. The investor pitch deck should not exclusively answer all the business-related inquiries of the speculators, but should keep them engaged as well. An incredible investor pitch deck begins by stating the issue, incorporating the business model, and ends with the best future projections. This is what all you ought to incorporate into your investor pitch deck, have a look on the step by step slide representation:-

  • Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a brisk outline of your thought, foundation, and experience. Begin your investor pitch deck with an introductory content which gives a review of your whole business technique.

  • Problem Statement

The second slide should express the issue that your audience faces. This makes it very clear to your financial specialists that you've discovered an unmistakable opportunity and you are prepared to capitalize on it.

  • Opportunity

A problem always opens another door which can be termed as an opportunity and we can capitalize on it.Validate your statements using diagrams, charts and numbers.

  • Solution

There can be many possible solutions to the problem that we are facing, so state the possible solutions and verify why we should opt for that solution. Make sure that the audience must clearly understand your solution so that they can look forward to buy it.

  • Product

Showcasing your product in a perfect way is very important.Highlight its features and make sure you are explaining properly to them.

  • Business Model

A Business Model is a reasonable & conceptual structure that help in supporting the suitability of your product or organization and incorporates the reason and objectives of the organization and how it intends to accomplish them. This is a pivotal area of the investor pitch deck as this is the place you clarify the economics of your business structure to the speculators. You must also include your working structure, how you profit, your channels, &your gross edges, etc.

  • Competition

Here you have to convince your investors that you have made a research on the competitors and you are very well aware of their weakness, strength, position and opportunities they are into. Position your company into a competitive landscape, to elaborate them more precisely.

  • Marketing & Sales

List all the marketing & sales team strategies so that you can acquire & achieve the potential customer for your product.

  • Management Team

Investors must be truly interested in your management team, you need to show how much experienced, qualified and dedicated your team is and how you have planned to work with them.

  • Key Highlights

Many of the good companies get rejected by the investors just because poor investor pitch deck. Here you must highlight your specialty and explain your value proposition to give them a reason to choose and buy your proposal.

What Makes a Great Investor Pitch Deck?

  • Length: Max to max 10-15 slides.
  • Content: only bullet points and be ready to answer top 20 questions.
  • Focus: Limit each slide to expressing one idea.
  • Aesthetics: color or theme should match your branding, minimum words, and maximum graph or symbol, fonts size should be 35cm to 55 cm.
  • Delivery: practice well to engage the audience.
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