BAR License in India

BAR License in India

Bar license in India is highly regulated, though our team can help you in starting bar and restaurant in India.

Package Inclusions
  • Business Registration
  • Trade license
  • Application drafting
  • NOC From Local Police
  • Co-ordination with Excise and Custom Department
  • Bar License in 90-120 days
BAR License in India

How to get a BAR License in India?

If you are a kind of person who loves to party hard, chilling with hundreds of unknown people, comfortable in enjoying time without your family, loved ones and do not feel bad while staying away from your family then you are the perfect kind of person for this business and you can start your bar business without wasting your time.

How to start a Bar Business?

Starting a bar business is a tough call as you have to give the endless sleepless night to your business because the package comes with a number of challenges which demands a lot of thought and planning in order to sail safely. So before, cap off your champagne bottle follow the rules that are set up to open a bar business.

Benefits of Bar License in India

The following benefits can be enjoyed by the applicant if a bar license is taken:

Benefits of Bar License in India

Compliance with the relevant state excise authorities-

Any restaurant or bar taking such form of license would be compliant with the state and local excise laws. Through such systems excise duty would be paid on the liquor that is brought within the relevant state.


Any restaurant or bar which takes the bar license in India would be reputed in the eyes of the public. Plus more amount of compliance would be maintained under such requirements of the state body.

Increase in Turnover-

Any restaurant having this form of license would have more turnover as more retailers and manufacturers in distilleries would provide more sales to restaurants and pubs which have such license.

Hence due to the above benefits it is crucial to obtain a Bar License in India.

What are the types of Bar License in India?

The following types of bar license in India are available:

What are the types of Bar License in India

Perfect location for Bar business

Opening a bar in a perfect location requires the blend of keen research and dedicated time. The location of your bar plays a stringent role in alluring a large number of customer form young to old age. An area with a dodgy location could limit the customer to your bar.

Furthermore, many states in India have the regulation that a bar which is attached to a hotel should have to comply with a certain specified number of rooms and the bars should be situated at a defined distance from any educational institution, temples, and hospital. Therefore, it is very significant to consult the state laws prior to choosing a location for your dream bar.

Procedure for securing Bar License in India

  • The applicant first has to understand which form of bar or liquor license is required for the business to operate. Based on the requirement the applicant has to apply for a liquor license.
  • The geographical location of the state or the city must be considered for securing a liquor license in India. The relevant state excise authorities must be contacted for securing such license. Usually such procedure would be an online procedure. The applicant would have to go to the respective state excise website to register for the bar license in India.
  • It is crucial that the applicants secures the bar license for a particular state before running the operations of the bar or restaurant. Compliance with the respective state excise laws is crucial for running the business.
  • The cost of the liquor license or the bar license in a particular state would differ based on the requirements of the state. Hence the applicant must secure all the information before applying for the bar license in a particular state.
  • Along with the application for the bar license, crucial information on the application must be provided such information will include all the documentation required to be added with the bar license.
  • After this the applicant has to provide information such as the following:

    • What type of alcohol has to be served in the premises?

    • Does the premises only serve one type of alcohol or different forms of alcohol served in the restaurant or premises?

    • Any other documents which have to be submitted along with the application would include the No objection certificate, excise documents, income tax return and specific municipal corporation.

  • After this the applicant would have to provide relevant background information of the business. Background information would include the state of affairs of the business. Once the above steps are carried out the authority will verify the requirements of the bar license application of the applicant. If there are no objections related to the license, then the same will be granted for the applicant. A notification will be sent by the authority to the registered place of business of the applicant.
  • The notice has to be displayed within the premises of the office.

Is there any form of validity for bar license (liquor license in India)?

Yes the validity of a bar license in India is usually for a period of one year. Once this period gets over, the applicant has to renew the license. Such requirements have to be carried out by the applicant and annual fees for the renewal must be carried out for the bar license in India.

How to get a Liquor License in India?

If you are planning to serve liquor in your bar then for that you have to get a liquor license first. The following are the steps you need to take for obtaining a liquor license-

Understand the type of Liquor license you required

Each state has its own rules and regulations for license. So you should first contact the local authority to find out about alcohol laws and the sale of license in your states.  Furthermore, some states have license quotas limiting the number of places that can sell alcohol within the state.

Read out the need of On- License or Off – License

There are two major types of liquor license required by premises that sell alcohol

You will need an on- license if you intend to consume the liquor on the premises.

You will need an off- license if you intend to consume or sell the liquor on the premises

Specific class of Liquor License  to be obtain

In some states, you will need to apply for the very specific class of license depending upon the nature of the business and the nature of the liquor you intend to sell.

Tavern License

This license is required in some states by the businesses that offer food but make up to half of their profits through the sale of alcohol.

Beer and Wine

The bars and the restaurants may be granted a license to sell “soft” liquors like beer and wine.  After this license the owner is not entitle to sell hard liquor like spirits.


Restaurants license merely permits any type of alcohol to be sold on the premises. The percentage of the region of the alcohol is limited to the 40%.

Hence, you can follow the above steps to get your liquor license or what you can do is just link-  contact us - and we will get you the Liquor License in no time.

Documents required to obtain a Bar License in India

  • Address Information of the Applicant
  • Identity proof of the applicant
  • Business Premises Address
  • If the business is a company then the incorporation documents must be provided. Such documents will include the certificate of incorporation, memorandum of association and articles of association
  • No Objection Certificate is required from the fire department
  • Application with the Local Excise Department
  • Income Tax Return of the Company
  • Photographs
  • An Affidavit Stating the Applicant has no form of criminal convictions
  • List of Directors of the Company
  • If the Applicant belongs to a partnership concern then the list of partners must be provided.

How can Enterslice play an important role in obtaining a Bar license?

Applying for a Liquor or Bar License is a tough task and requires a bundle of documents for approval from the government. There has been an ample number of cases where hotels or restaurants have faced heavy penalty and have been even shut down due to not producing the correct license or submitting the fringe documents.

Furthermore, the countries like India, the government may anytime change and decides anytime to issue a new license in which only you going to suffer because the value of license you have may become worthless. License norms tend to differ with the location like state or district in which you will need to consult the professional for guidance as per your requirements.

Enterslice gives you the right guidance with the perfect blend of knowledge on how you should go for licensing and what you need to keep in your mind while applying for the license to serve liquor in your hotel, bar or restaurants or bars. We completely understand the license requirements and have a rich expertise in helping our clients to have a liquor license.

How to reach Enterslice for Bar License in India

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, a restaurant or a pub cannot run without a bar license. Such requirements have to be complied by the applicant. If the applicant does not have a license and runs a bar then it is an offense.

Usually this license is used for serving all forms of liquor in a bar or restaurant. A restaurant requires this license in order to comply with the requirements of the act.

There are different forms of license issued by the relevant state excise authorities. Depending on the type of license required for a particular bar or restaurant, the following licenses are issued:

• Beer License

• Vine License

• Hard Drinks License

• Brewery License.

Different state have different forms of excise requirements. The following departments are present within the excise:

• Department for issue of liquor licenses- IMFL department

• Country Liquor Branches

• Branch for the export and import of liquor

• Laboratory for excise control requirements

• Administration and Vigilance Department

• Accounts Department.

Import permits are given to respective state for the import of liquor. The main distiller issues basically an export permit to secure the form of import permit. Through this process, no forms of excise would be payable by the distiller.

A transport permit is basically used by an industry or a manufacturing hub to transport liquor to other places, bars, clubs and retail outlets. Hence this form of license would be required by the applicant if specific amount of liquor is transported from one state to another state.

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