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ISI Certification for Foreign Manufacturer

ISI Certification for Foreign Manufacturer
  • Household Electrical Products.
  • Food Related Products.
  • Oil Pressure Stoves.
  • Cement.
  • Automobile Accessories.
  • Medical Equipment.
  • Cylinders.
  • Steel Products.
  • Electrical Transformers.
ISI Certification for Foreign Manufacturer

What is ISI Certification for Foreign Manufacturer?

ISI certification provides a quality mark which describes the grade of the product. ISI mark depicts the trust and safety of the product. Only ISI marked products are preferred by the customers. ISI stands for “Indian Standards Institute”which have created standards to maintain quality and safety of the products. For certain products, ISI certification is mandatory before to be sold in the Indian market.

ISI certification is mandatory for Products which fall under the below mentioned categories:

  • Household Electrical Products
  • Food Related Products
  • Oil Pressure Stoves
  • Cement
  • Automobile Accessories
  • Medical Equipment
  • Cylinders
  • Steel Products
  • Electrical Transformers

For Foreign Manufacturers

For foreign manufacturers, a product certification scheme has been operated by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Under this scheme, certification mark of BIS which is also known as standard mark is granted by BIS.

How to Apply for ISI Mark Certification License?

To obtain license one need to file an application in Form1 with a requisite fees. For each product, separate application is required to be filed.

Documents Required to be Attached with ISI Registration Application?

Following documents are required to be attached with the prescribed application:

  • Test Report copy by internal laboratory within a month.
  • Address details of manufacturing unit
  • Copy of Trademark Registration
  • Manufacturing Certificate from the concerned regulatory authority (If applicable)
  • Product Drawing
  • Details of the Raw Material such as Component name, Supplier name, Component quality certification
  • Machine details such as capacity, quantity
  • Present installed capacity (manufacturing)
  • Factory layout plan
  • Flow chart of the manufacturing process
  • Packaging details such as size, quantity, storage facility
  • Test equipment details
  • Quality control staff details such as name, qualification, designation, experience
  • Disposal method of substandard product
  • Factory organizational chart including details of management and designation
  • Location map factory including details regarding distance from airport and city center
  • Details of the Indian representative


After submission of an application, BIS will scrutiny the application and inspection will done at the manufacturing address of the applicant and if application satisfies the per-conditions BIS license is granted.

Scrutiny is done on the basis of the following parameters:

  • Manufacturing availability and testing facilities as per Indian Standards.
  • Testing personnel competence
  • Product conformity with Indian standards

In case application is found incomplete then applicant will be informed accordingly.

BIS license is granted according to the regulation 4 of the BIS (Certification) Regulations, 1988 if the preliminary inspection is satisfactory and samples are according to Indian standards.

After receiving BIS license, an applicant has to pay annual license fee to BIS.

What will be the Validity of BIS License?

The said BIS license shall be valid for the period of one year. However it can be renewed for further period.

BIS Agreement

For complying with the terms & conditions, an applicant has to enter into an agreement with BIS as per the regulations prescribed under BIS Certification Regulations, 1988.

Following provisions shall be covered under the agreement:

  • Fees
  • Nomination
  • Rights and responsibilities of licensee
  • Termination
  • Indemnity
  • Performance Bank Guarantee
  • License cancellation
  • Non-Renewal

Surveillance Inspection

For assessing the performance of the foreign BIS licensee, surveillance inspection is carried out by the BIS.

Complaint Redressal

In case complaint is received against the licensee’s product then investigation shall be carried out as per IS/ISO 10002 and appropriate actions shall be taken to redress the complaints such as free replacement or repair. In case of any damage entire liability shall be borne by the licensee and BIS shall not be responsible in such case.

How to Apply for License Renewal?

A license is valid for the period of one year, however it can be renewed for the further period by filing a renewal application form along with the prescribed fees which shall be certified by the chartered accountant.

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