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Flipkart Seller Registration

Currently e-commerce is booming. And with the convenience it provides customers prefer shopping within the comfort of their home.

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About Flipkart

The duo of Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal had established the e-commerce website Flipkart in the year 2007. Initially it was in involved in the marketing of books but down the years it build up on the portfolio of products it offered. Now, it offers products ranging from lifestyle, fashion, electronics etc.

Over the years it has acquired many new organizations ranging from digital distribution to online content library and other online retailers. The most significant of such acquisitions was with Myntra. The company offers a lot of support services to its registered sellers/ vendors through training, workshops, etc. to empower and support the sellers.

What is Flipkart seller Registration?

When a vendor registers as a seller with an intention to market its product through the e-commerce portal Flipkart then it is termed as Flipkart seller Registration. This is smart way to market your products through e-commerce portal as it helps you reach bigger market without actually setting up physical stores in such areas. Everything is taken care of by the e-commerce portal starting from shipping of your products to payment collection from the customers and remitting it to vendors.

Why opt for Flipkart Seller Registration?

E-marketing of your products is a smart ides this helps you grow fast all you are required to ensure is the product quality everything else is up to such e-commerce portals. Flipkart is currently delivering to more than 39000 pin codes and close to 5 million shipments are delivered monthly.

With facilities like cash/card on delivery and one day delivery online shopping has gained tremendous popularity. In this e-marketing era Flipkart seller registration is a very smart option to take your products on the e-commerce portals. This is very lucrative business opportunity for the vendors. Along with this major benefit Flipkart also provides Seller Protection Program against fraud and other issues and in the process they have also set up seller protection fund for compensation purposes.

Is GST registration mandatory for Flipkart Seller Registration?

Answer to this question is YES. In order to market your products online it is required that you are registered under Goods and Service Tax Act. This requirement is specified in the GST registrations. Thus, at the time of Flipkart seller Registration the applicant is required to submit its Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN).

What is the fee for Flipkart seller registration?

If you are planning to sell on Flipkart and worried that you have to pay a fixed amount then worry not. There are no fixed costs specified by them you are only required to pay when you receive any order through the website. Following are the fee charged by them:

  • Referral fee is charged for displaying the product. It ranges according to the product and generally starts from 3%.
  • Closing fees on the confirmation of order. This varies on the basis of the price band of the product sold. It is a fixed amount cost not based on percentages.
  • Shipping Fee is charged by Flipkart. As you are not bothered by the collection and delivery of the product the e-commerce company charges you for taking care of it on your behalf. Minimum Shipping fee charged is Rs. 30 for every product. This fee will vary based on two factors; volume of package and distance to be covered for delivering such pacckage.

Who can apply for Flipkart Seller registration?

In order to apply for Flipkart Seller registration the most important part is to have a minimum of one product to offer. Following person meeting all the minimum requirements can become an applicant for Flipkart Seller registration:

  • Individual
  • Partnership Firm
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Company
  • Any other organization registered under any other Act or legislation.

Minimum Requirements for Flipkart Seller Registration

In order to apply for Flipkart seller registration the vendor must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • The applicant must have valid GST registration as the Goods and Service Tax Identification Number is to provided to Flipkart.
  • PAN Card of the applicant. In case of Sole proprietorship personal Pan card of the individual is asked for. And in case a registered business entity is an applicant than Personal PAN Card of the applicant’s representative as well as PAN Card of the organization are to be submitted.
  • If the business is not handled on a sole proprietorship basis then business registration is also a mandatory requirement.
  • The applicant must have a current bank account in its name. This is essential as in online marketing all the transaction take place directly through online transfer of funds.
  • The vendor must have a minimum of one product to offer on the website.
  • Along with the above mentioned minimum requirements the seller must also provide active Mobile number and email ID for communication purpose.

How Flipkart Seller registration Works

You are be up and selling on Flipkart by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Business Registration

If you want to explore the e-commerce phenomenon and market your unique products through the same then the initial step will be to get your business legally registered.

Step 2: Open a Bank Account

Once business registration is done with the next important part is to open a current bank account in the name of the business.

Step 3: GST Registration

In order to sell through e-commerce portal registration under Goods and Service Tax is a mandatory requirement. The GSTIN of your business is to be submitted with Flipkart.

Step 4: Registration on Flipkart website

When you have met with all the minimum requirements you can apply for Snapdeal seller registration on For this purpose you are required to provide all the above mentioned information and contact details which are verified through One Time Passwords.

Step 5: List your Products

Once all the registration formalities are met with you can create your dashboard and lit out all the products you are willing to offer under their product categories.

Step 6: Start Selling

Now you can start selling. As and when you receive any order confirmation pack the respective product for shipping and mark it ‘Ready for Dispatch’. After that executives of Flipkart will collect it from you deliver it to the customer.

Step 7: Payment Done

Once the order is successfully delivered the e-commerce site will settle your order within 10 to 15 days.

If you have any queries relating to the process or are looking for any other related service like Company Registration or GST Registration you can leave us a query at

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