WMI Registration

Any car manufacturer in the world would have some form of global registration number to classify the brand and identity of the cars produced. Similarly, every car would have some form of registration. This registration is nothing but the vehicle identification number (VIN). In the VIN, there are specific digits whi..

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WMI Registration- An Overview

WMI registration is an abbreviation for World Manufacturer Identification Registration. This form of registration follows the international standards of registration when it comes to identifying the quality aspects related to vehicle manufacturers around the world.

In India, this form of registration is mandatory for all forms of car manufacturers. The main regulatory body for this form of certification is the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).  Around the world, all car manufacturers have some form of identification for vehicles.

Such identification of vehicles is carried out through the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). This number is a unique identification number which consists of 17 digits. This serial number for the manufacturer provides some form of uniqueness to the vehicle produced.

Out of the 17 characters of number in the VIN, the first three numbers identifies the manufacturer. Such a number is known as the WMI number. The WMI registration provides some form of uniqueness to the manufacturer and distinguishes the products of the manufacturer from others.

Is VIN the same as WMI? (WMI Registration)?

It is important to classify and differentiate the two forms of identification numbers related to vehicles.  VIN is predominantly known as the vehicle identification number. This number is issued globally to all automobile manufacturers around the world. The VIN is nothing but a unique and distinguishable serial number provided to automotive manufacturers around the world.

Before 1980, this number was not classified as international standards on vehicle identification. Hence vehicle manufacturers around the world utilize other numbers to consider their process related to the identification.

In the present, VIN serial identification number does consist of 17 numbers. The alphabets such as Q, O and I is not used in this number. Vehicle Identification Number is currently equipped with two ISO standards. These ISO are predominantly ISO 3779 and ISO 3780.

WMI under WMI registration stands for World Manufacturer Identification. It does not form the whole part of the VIN, but only forms the first three letters of the VIN. Hence, this is a form of classification for the manufacturer of the vehicle.  This unique number is known as the WMI code.

Any manufacturer who manufacturers less than 1000 cars annually uses nine as the three-digit number and the 12, 13 and 14 part of the VIN identification for identification. WMI registration would vary based on the country of origin of cars and manufacturers.

For example, the WMI registration number for General Motors USA is IG, and for Chevrolet, Motors USA is 1G1. Hence like the above, there are different forms of identification for WMI registration. In the WMI number, the first character represents the country of origin, and this would also indicate where the manufacturer is located.

The region code would be present under the WMI number. For example, the country or region code which is predominantly used in India is MA-ME and MZ. Therefore the VIN is the whole number, and the WMI is just the part which identifies the manufacturer and where the manufacturer is from.

Regulatory Authority or Body for WMI Registration

The primary regulatory authority for WMI registration in India is the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This institution is the main authority under the International Standards of Organisation (ISO).

Hence the regulatory body which carries out the work for WMI registration in India is the Bureau of Indian Standards.  Once the WMI code is provided by the Society of Automotive Engineers Inc, USA (SAE USA) the same is provided to the BIS for registration.

The SAE is the main regulatory body for standards related to vehicle production in different countries. 

Benefits of WMI Registration

WMI registration is mandatory for all form of automotive manufacturers in India. The registration is compulsory as it is mandatory to understand the country of manufacture for a particular automobile. There are different forms of benefits of WMI registration in India.

The following are enumerated below:

benefits of WMI registration

  • Quality Standards

By securing this registration, the automobile manufacturer can rely on standards related to quality produce. Another added benefit of this form of registration is adherence to the standards defined by the SAE. The BIS in India is a part of the International Standards of Organisation (ISO). Hence adhering to quality would be achieved by taking this form of registration.

  • Compliance with International Norms

WMI registration is an international registration and compliance under the SAE. The main regulatory body in India is the BIS. This body liaises with the SAE when it comes to issuing the WMI code for vehicles produced in India. By adhering to the norms of the BIS, a company or automobile manufacturer will be complying with international standards.

  • Recognition

WMI registration would indicate where the manufacturer is from. Apart from this WMI number or code forms the first part of the VIN. The first three numbers distinguish the car manufacturer from other manufacturers in the world. Apart from this, the first number indicates the region where manufacturing occurs. This will distinguish the car manufacturer from other manufacturers.

Apart from being mandatory, WMI registration would provide the above benefits to car manufacturers around the world.

What are the components of VIN under WMI Registration?

The VIN number is a unique 17 digit serial number. The VIN is a distinguishable number for a particular car manufacturer. The following are the components of the VIN under WMI registration:

components of WMI registration

  • WMI Number

The WMI number consists of the first part of the VIN. It is a distinct number that identifies the manufacturer and the region where the automobile is produced. 1-3 out of the 17 digits serial number would indicate the WMI number.

  • VDS Section or VDS Number

VDS is an abbreviation for Vehicle Description Section or Vehicle Description Number. Usually, this number would describe the components of a particular automobile. After the WMI number, the next six letters in the 17 digit VIN represents the VDS section. 4-9 would represent the VDS section under the VIN number.

  • VIS Section

The last numbers of the VIN after the VDS is known as the Vehicle Indication Section. As the name goes, the main indicating factors on the vehicle would be identifiable from this number. The last eight numbers would represent the VIS section. 10-17 would represent the VIS Section under the VIN number.

Checklist/ Documents for WMI Registration

  • The applicant has to ensure that the application form is filled as per the requirements of the authority. All the information must conform to the requirements of the Bureau of Standards (BIS). If the application confirms with the above requirements, then the application can be submitted.
  • The applicant has to confirm whether the entity that is applying for WMI registration is a large organisation or an MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise).
  • The applicant must provide the certificate of Incorporation. This must comply with the requirement of the Companies Act, 2013.
  • If the applicant is a company, then the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) must be submitted.
  • If the applicant is a partnership, then a copy of the partnership deed must be submitted.
  • If the applicant is a Limited Liability Partnership, then a copy of the LLP agreement must be submitted.
  • In case a sole trader or a partnership then the udyam certificate and MSME registration must also be provided.
  • In case the applicant is an MSME, then a certified copy of the udyam certificate along with other information must be provided. This will also be considered for the DPIIT for the commercialisation aspect. The product code and the category must also be specifically mentioned.
  • The applicant's address must be provided. In case the applicant is providing the address of the manufacturing or industrial plant, then the address must match with the address which is provided in the application.
  • Product Code or Category for which the WMI registration is sought must be clearly indicated by the applicant.
  • If any particular coding system is used by the manufacturer, then the same must be submitted.
  • Proof that the application fee is remitted or paid.
  • Date of Proposed production or manufacturing.
  • The applicant must also check if the application is complete.

If all the above requirements have been carried out, the application will be processed by the authority. If there are any forms of discrepancies with the application, then the same will be communicated to the applicant.

Procedure for WMI Registration

The following procedure must be considered for WMI registration:

Procedure for WMI Registration

Go Online to Website

To make an application for WMI registration in India, the applicant has to visit the following website https://bis.gov.in/index.php/standards/world-manufacturer-identifier/.

Click on World Manufacturer Identifier

In the second step, the applicant has to click on the world manufacturer identifier tab. After this is complete, the applicant will be redirected to another webpage.

Click on Application for WMI Code

The applicant has to click on the application for WMI code. The applicant would be redirected to another page where the information regarding the manufacturer must be filled in. The applicant would have to submit the Document in person (offline mode). Hence it would be suitable for the applicant to take a printout of the application form.

Provide Details

The applicant has to provide the details of the manufacturing plant. The following details have to be provided:

  • Name of the Manufacturer and the Plant considered for manufacturing vehicles.
  • Information related to GSTIN number.
  • Details of the Registered Office of the Business.
  • Details of the manufacturing plant and capacity of the plant.
  • Details of Key Management Executives of the Business.
  • Details related to the scale of manufacturing and organisational structure of the business.
  • Any other information which is marked as mandatory must be filled by the applicant.
  • The applicant has to put the official seal of the company. This must be accompanied by the signature of the concerned executives of the company.

Fulfil Guidelines related to WMI Registration

After completing the application; the applicant has to review the guidelines before submitting the application. The following guidelines have to be considered by the applicant before submitting the application:

  • Name, Registered Address of the Firm and Location of the Manufacturing plant must be mentioned clearly.
  • One signature of the Director or Partner is mandatory. In case of a sole proprietorship firm, the sole proprietor must mandatorily provide the signature.
  • GST Certificate, which is self-certified, must be provided to the authority.
  • All other self-certified information must be submitted as required by the authority.
  • An amount of Rs. 5000/- plus GST must be payable in favour of Bureau of Indian Standards by way of a demand draft. This must be payable at New Delhi. After this step, the application will be processed by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is a mandatory requirement for all car manufacturers to secure the WMI registration. It provides proof of the authenticity of manufacturing.

There are many advantages of securing this form of registration:

• The manufacturer or automobile producer would be reputed in the eyes of the public.

• International Standards can be followed by the manufacturer. This form of registration follows the international standards of the organisation (ISO).

The procedure for registration is completely offline. However, the applicant has to go online to secure the application form. The application must be submitted to the BIS office in New Delhi.

The VIN basically follows two standards under the ISO system. These standards are the ISO3779 and ISO3780, respectively. These standards pertain to manufacturing automobiles throughout the world.

Yes, there is some form of difference when it comes to comparison of standards. For example, the standards adopted in the EU (European Union) are different from the standards that are adopted in the USA.

VDS is the six-digit number after the WMI number. This will indicate the type of vehicle, the platform used, the body style and model of the vehicle. The different manufacturer uses different ways of describing the vehicle in the serial no.

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