Eating House License

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Eating House License

India is one of the largest countries where food business operators are thriving. India is filled with restaurants and other eating houses. Every state in India is known for their vibrant variety of cuisines. An eating house license is usually given to an applicant to start an eating house. Before going in depth about the process of establishing a Eating house, let us know the meaning of a eating house.

Eating house is a place which is open to the public where food can be consumed or ready consumption. Another definition of eating house is any public place where refreshments are provided. Refreshments here include any form of juices (not including any form of alcohol beverages or spirits).

Hence any form of small shop or restaurant or food truck can also be called as an Eating House. Usually eating houses represents even a small street vendor selling some form of food for ready consumption by the public.

Usually this form of license would be granted by the respective state police. For example, in Delhi the Delhi Police Act has made it mandatory to grant this form of license for all forms of eateries which are established within the jurisdiction of Delhi. Hence to secure this form of license, the applicant would have to apply to the respective state or the city headquarters of the police

Market Overview

Indian food service industry is growing rapidly. Consumers prefer to have hot & fresh food. As per the survey, a major part of the population prefers to eat in rather than take away. This trend is not going to end as India has a large young population.

Benefits of Eating House License

The following benefits can be enjoyed by the applicant through securing a Eating House License:

Benefits of Eating House License

Compliance with Local Laws-

An applicant securing this form of license would not have any forms of burdens related to licensing of the eating house in India. Apart from this, the applicant would be able to sell fast food or any other eatery items in the premises in a proper manner.


Having this form of license would improve the reputation of the applicant. Though the applicant would not have to post the certificate in an area which is visible to others still the amount of reputation secured by the applicant would be more. Applicants having this form of license are more reputed in the eyes of the public. Apart from this, applicants having this form of license would also be compliant with the requirements of other forms of food licenses and other safety compliance protocols.

Lesser Burden-

The applicant having this form of license would not have any additional burden from the state or city police authorities. Once the certificate is obtained from the requisite police authorities then the business of the eating house can commence.

Timely Renewal-

Usually the Eating house license is provided by the local state police or the city police along with the permission from the requisite authority. Once this license is provided to the applicant, there is no additional formality required for the applicant to carry out before starting an Eating House in India. This license is usually handed out to the applicant for a period of 3 years. This would provide time to the applicant to go for the renewal process. Hence the applicant would be aware of the time required to renew the Eating House License in India.

Main Regulatory Authority for Eating House License in India

The primary regulatory authority for Eating House License in India is the respective police authorities of the state. The applicant to start a respective eating house has to make an application to the respective city or the state police authority. Hence the competent authority to apply to would be the respective police of the state or the district.

Key Factors of Growth of Food Industry

India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and there are numerous advantages to the food industry. Following factors contribute towards the growth of the food industry:

  • Large Young Population of the Country
  • Increase in the income level of the population
  • The lifestyle of the People

Following licenses required set up a food business:

  • Food License: In order to set up a food business in India, one has to obtain a food license from FSSAI. Before applying for food license, one has to check its eligibility for FSSAI registration, state license or central license.
  • Health Trade License:It is required to obtain from the Municipal Corporation of the concerned state.
  • Eating House License: For Eating House License an application is made to the police commissioner of the concerned state.
  • Fire Security Certificate: In order to set up a food business one has to obtain NOC from the fire department. After applying for NOC, the inspection will be carried out by the officials of the Fire Department.
  • Liquor License: If liquor is going to be served then a liquor license is required to be obtained from the excise commissioner of the state.
  • Lift Clearance: If there is a multi-story building then to assure that lift is operating as per the safety norms, it is required to obtain clearance from the electrical inspector of the office of the labor commissioner.
  • Music License: If music is going to be played then it is required to be obtained.
  • Environmental Clearance: In order to ensure that business is not going to pollute the environment, NOC is required to be obtained from the pollution board of the concerned state.
  • Insurance: Insurance is required to be taken for public liability, fire policy and for the assets of the company.
  • A license under Shops & Establishment Act: It is required to be obtained from the concerned state.
  • Weights & Measures Department Approval: One has to obtain approval of models of weighing & measuring instruments from the Weights & Measures Department according to the Legal Metrology Act, 2009.

Documents Required for Eating House Registration

Following Documents are required:

  • Site Plan of Eating House
  • Postcard size photographs of Eating House
  • Copy of valid Trade License from NDMC/MCD/DCB/Airport Authority of India along with the fee receipt
  • Legal occupancy proof of the Eating House and NOC from the landlord in case of a tenancy
  • Identity and Residential Address Proof of the applicant
  • An affidavit on stamp paper which has to be duly attested by Notary Public
  • In case seating capacity of people in eating house is 50 or more than fire safety certificate.
  • An undertaking for amusement activities and installation of CCTV Cameras with 30 days recording facility.
  • Certificate of Incorporation and details of directors in case of Company.
  • Copy of Board Resolution
  • GST Registration Certificate
  • FSSAI License
  • Details of Employees
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Fire Safety measures installation proof

Basic Procedure for Eating House License Registration

1. Fill Application Form

For Eating House License, an application is required to be filled by providing us the necessary details.

2. Documents Submission

The next step for obtaining Eating House License is to submit necessary Documents along with the application to the Additional Commissioner of Police, Licensing, Delhi through professionals.

3. Appointment with additional commissioner of Police

After submission of an application for eating house license, an appointment date will be decided for the purpose of scrutiny of application along with the necessary Documents by Additional Commissioner. Thereafter Eating House License is issued after proper verification by the commissioner.

Verification of Documentation

The applicant would have to go the commissioner or additional commissioner of police for the respective state for the Eating House License.

After this process is complete the respective department has to be called to understand the requirement for the eating house license.

Usually once the verification process for the eating house license is complete, the license will be granted within a period of one month or two months.

What is the Validity Period for Eating House License?

Usually the validity period for a eating house license would depend on the authority. Usually this period would be pre-determined by the respective police authority in India. An applicant would be provided information on renewing the Eating House license in India. Usually this period would be for three years.

How much is the cost of Eating House License?

Usually the cost of Eating House license would depend on the competent state police authorities. Usually in Delhi this would be around Rs. 300/-. However, the cost factor would be determined based on the relevant police authorities of the state.

How to reach Enterslice for Eating House License Registration

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FAQs for Eating House License

The Eating House Registration Certificate will be valid for such period as decided by the registering authority. However, the validity of the Eating House License also depends upon health trade license which is issued by the concerned local body.

In case Eating House Registration Certificate gets defaced, lost or destroyed, then an application is filed along with the lost report with the Registering Authority. On receiving such application authority will make inquiry and issue a duplicate copy of the Eating House Registration Certificate on the payment of prescribed fees.

For renewal of a license, a renewal application is filed along with the above-mentioned Documents.

Yes, on the basis of following, the authority can cancel the Eating House License.

1. In case of license holder violates any regulation or directions issued by the Registering Authority then the Eating House License can be canceled by the authority by giving a reasonable opportunity of showing cause against such cancellation.

2. In case Eating House is not operating or it has been closed due to any reason, then the holder may submit a written request for surrendering the same to the authority for the cancellation of the license.

Yes, it can be transferred if the RC holder dies or in case of any other unavoidable circumstances. For transfer, it is required to produce an amended Health Trade License issued by the prescribed authority and authority will conduct Character Verification.

An aggrieved party may present an appeal before Police Commissioner within the prescribed time frame of 30 days from the date of order against which an appeal is to be filed.

For obtaining Eating House License, one has to file an application directly with the government, the process can take around one or two months.

Step 1: The first step to getting Eating House License is to obtain user ID and Password and for this purpose, request letter is required to be given in person along with the Eating House details.

Step 2: For Eating House License, all the information must be filled in the application. For this purpose, all the necessary Documents must be uploaded along with the application. On receiving an application, licensing authority may ask for other Documents

Step 3: Once the application is completed the next step is to meet Additional Commissioner of Police, Licensing, Delhi for scrutinizing the application along with the supporting Documents.

Step 4: For an update regarding the application, it will be required to take a follow-up with the government department. However, the fees will be forfeited by the government in case application is rejected due to misrepresentation of the facts.

Step 5: In order to review application, licensing authority will take around 45-60 working days to grant the Eating House License.

For obtaining the Eating House license, you can take our help. We can save you from all the government hassles.

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