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UL Certification or UL Mark is an international certification which is provided by Underwriters Laboratories. This company was established in 1894. This company was established as a global safety leader when it comes to establishing particular standards related to safety compliance in an organisation. It is cruci..

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What is UL Certification?

UL Certification otherwise commonly known as the UL mark is an abbreviation for Underwriters Laboratories. This is considered as a worldwide safety and certification company which is established in the USA. There are key sectors and areas where this organisation provides this certification. This organisation is established in order to solve major amount of critical challenges which come across an organisation.

There are different areas where this organisation concentrates in order to develop sustainable solutions for the problems. The main goal of this form of certification is to ensure quality standards and performances are developed throughout the organisational landscape.

What areas does the UL Certification comprise of?

The following areas comprise the UL Certification or UL Marking:

What areas does the UL Certification comprise of
  • Product Safety,
  • Environment, Life & Health,
  • University and
  • Verification Services

Why is UL Certification Required?

UL Certification is required for establishing and maintaining particular standards related to safety protocols and compliance by a particular industry.

The company is certified to perform testing of a product through it various as National Recognized Testing Laboratories. It is working worldwide, it helps customers, purchasers and policymakers navigate market risk and complexity. UL certifies, verifies, tests and audits the product for the safety of the customers.

Benefits of UL Certification/ UL Marking

The following are the benefits of UL Certification:

Benefits of UL Certification/UL Marking
  • Reputation
  • Compliance
  • Product Development
  • Quality Standards
  • Reputation

    By securing the UL Certification, products and services offered by the company could ensure that is particular amount of compliance that is followed by the company. Companies utilising this form of certification would be reputed in the eyes of the public.

  • Compliance

    By complying with the requirements of this form of certification, the products and services offered by the company would be reputed in the eyes of customers.

  • Product Development

    Through this certification, there can be proper forms of risk assessment and standards maintained for products. An organisation taking this form of certification would ensure that compliance is maintained.

  • Quality Standards

    The Company can maintain specific form of quality standards with respect to the products and services offered.

What are the types of services offered under the UL Certification?

Underwriters Laboratories offers specific form of compliance related to standards which are maintained by the company. The following services are provided by UL certification:

What are the types of services offered under the UL Certification
  • Certification Services
  • Testing Services
  • Additional and Added Services
  • Application Based Service
  • Solution Based Services
  • Certification Services

    This form of certification service would include the services which are provided for all forms of facilities. For example some of the certification services under this form of certification would cover specific form of products. Other form of services would include systems which operate on a daily basis. Some services would only be applicable for particular forms of facilities.

  • Testing Services

    Such services would be used for testing specific parameters related to the service. For example, energy efficiency can be tested through this form of approach. This would not only cover energy efficiency based services. Other forms of services which are included under this certification would include the following:

    • EMC testing services

    • Environmental based services

    • Wireless Enabled based services

    • Performance and Quality Based Services

    • Air Quality Based Services

  • Additional and Added Services

    These services would include the consultancy type of services based on the certifications provided by the company.

  • Application Based Service

    This would be compliance based services which are carried out related to Life Sciences, Occupational Health and other form of certifications. For example under the Application based services, there is a specific data base known as the UL Certification Database which provides all types of access to the products. The company or organisation would get complete information on the products and services offered through this database.

  • Solution Based Service

    This form of service would be determined based on the type of solutions offered by the company. The service under this category would only be based on solutions. For example, cyber security protocols, fire safety hazards and other form of solutions would be offered by this organisation under UL certification.

Eligibility criteria to apply for the UL Certification

There is no particular eligibility criterion to apply for the UL certification. The following organisations and companies can make an application for this form of certification:

  • Manufacturers
  • Product Developers
  • Authorised Agents
  • Representatives
  • Licensees

Hence there is no form of requirement which has to be followed for securing this form of certification. If the applicant requires the compliance then the above process can be utilised for securing this form of certification.

Procedure for Securing UL Certification

The following procedure can be utilised for securing the UL Certification:

  • An application for UL certification must be submitted at the time when the product is at development stage. https://www.ul.com/resources/request-for-quote. The following link has to be considered for submitting a product. Here information related to the products must be inputted along with the industry which the company is belonging to. After this the applicant would have to provide product description related to the product. Any form of attachments can be added.
  • Usually the UL officers will conduct a preliminary evaluation to identify the areas which will meet the UL requirements. This would be carried out in order to understand if there is a particular system of risk assessment which is required for the products.
  • Preliminary inspection is done at the manufacturing unit of the applicant and once it is done the quotation request will be send by the applicant. Investigation into the life cycle of the product would be considered during this time.
  • Once the quotation received by the UL authority is accepted by the applicant the UL engineers will begin the investigation and testing of your product.
  • Once the product testing is complete the UL engineer will inform you if your product meets UL requirements
  • Once the products meets the UL requirement a report will be prepared based on the test results and UL mark must be allotted for the same.

Apart from this above process, there is a particular data base known as the UL certification database. This database would act as an online certification directory for all the UL certifications. This would allow the applicant to search the data base for all the products.

This would be resourceful as it will help the applicant suite the requirements. This database is known as the ProductiQ which allows the applicant to search the name of the product along with the design name. The applicant would have to provide requisite information related to the product.

Hence utilising such system would be suitable for the organisation, as they would be able to secure compliance with respect to the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

UL is an abbreviation for underwriters’ laboratories. It is an international certification which is provided by an organisation. This form of certification does not only cover different forms of services but also covers products.

Apart from giving out certifications, the UL would ensure that products are compliant with the relevant norms and rules. They also carry out compliance assessments.

UL standards would be developed based on the collective response of the public. All the responses of the public, government agencies and organisations are considered while developing standards related to UL.

Yes it is possible to purchase the standards as prescribed by the UL.

In order to understand that a particular standard applies to a particular product it would be useful to consider the UL product category.

The standards category would be present under the relevant product category. The applicant would have to review the product category before considering a particular standard.

Yes it is possible to understand international standards through UL. The applicant would have to go to global market access services to consider this.

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