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Certification Services

AYUSH License Registration

  • Ayush Manufacturing License.
  • Ayush Loan License.
  • Contract Manufacturing / Third party manufacturing / White label Manufacturing / Product to Product manufacturing.
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All such manufacturer who is dealing with the Ayurvedic or Herbal products in India is required to obtain the license from AYUSH regulated by the Mini..

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BAR License in India

  • Business Registration
  • Trade license
  • Application drafting
  • NOC From Local Police
  • Co-ordination with Excise and Custom Department
  • Bar License in 90-120 days
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Hitting your chance to open a liquor shop or beer bar? Want to know about the legal steps that you need to take when you go for selling whiskey, rum..

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BEE Certification

  • Frost Free (No-Frost) Refrigerator
  • Tubular Fluorescent Lamps
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Air Conditioners
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Bureau  of Energy Efficiency (BEE) was formed under the Ministry  of Power in Government of India. In 2010, the  government has made it..

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BIS Certification

  • BIS Certification is mandatory for certain business
  • Get BIS in 90 days
  • End to end follow-ups
  • Get free product advisory
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BIS is a national body which maintains quality, safety and reliability of products in India.

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CE Certification

  • Know the EU requirement for your product
  • Check the specific requirements of your product
  • Check whether your product requires testing by a national body
  • Test your product
  • Compile with the technical requirement
  • Affix the CE marking and draft a declaration of conformity
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CE  means European Conformity. It is a certification mark affixed on the product  which indicates health, safety and environmental protectio..

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Cosmetic Registration in India

  • Product Plan by an Expert
  • Assistance in Product test report
  • Application Preparation for Import / Export
  • License from Authority
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Searching for how to get a Cosmetic Registration in India? Great! Then you have parked your car in a safe place. Today, we will explain you about t..

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Drug License

  • Application Drafting
  • Review about the Business
  • Application filing
  • End to end follow-up with Department
  • License
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The potential of the pharmacy business in India cannot be underestimated. The economic cycles have the least impact on the business of drugs and medic..

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Eating House License

  • Preparation of necessary Documents required for filing an application
  • Drafting and Filing of application
  • Government Fees
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The food industry is the fastest growing industry in the country. Preference and lifestyle of people are changing. Setting up an eating house is a gre..

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ECO Mark

  • Evaluation of product for ECO mark
  • Eligible product shall be ISI Certified Product
  • Inspection and Testing sample of product
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Bureau of Indian Standard issues the certification mark “ECO MARK” to products which meets the standards that cause less impact on the e..

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Fire Department NOC in India

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    A fire broke out in a Kolkata hospital in December 2011 leaving about 90 lives injured the newspaper is flooded with articles that had witnessed the l..

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    Gumasta License

    • All kinds of Registrations & Incorporation's
    • Dedicated CA & CS allotted for Process
    • Completely Online Process with Email/Phone
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    Mumbai the city of glamour and lights has undoubtedly lit the stoves of many houses. And, with the population of around 12.4 million in the city, an..

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    IATF 16949 Certification

    • Quality Management Certification in automobile Industry
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    As per reports, it was estimated that in 2010, there were about 1.015 billion automobiles being used the world over – the count consisted of ca..

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    ISI Certification for Foreign Manufacturer

    • Household Electrical Products.
    • Food Related Products.
    • Oil Pressure Stoves.
    • Cement.
    • Automobile Accessories.
    • Medical Equipment.
    • Cylinders.
    • Steel Products.
    • Electrical Transformers.
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    ISI certification provides a quality mark which describes the grade of the product. ISI mark depicts the trust and safety of the product. Only ISI m..

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    ISO 22000 Food Safety Management

    • ISO 20000 Family – Food Safety Management
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    Did you know that every year about 1 in 10 persons in the world fall ill because of consumption of contaminated or unsafe food? In 2015, about 42000..

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    ISO 27000 Information Security Management

    • Information security management Certification under ISO
    • ISO/IEC 27000 Family
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    The ISO 27000 family consists of a series of standards that pertain to information security. Evolution of ISO/IEC 27000 family

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    ISO 50001 Energy Management

    • ISO 50001 - Energy management
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    One of the topics of continuing debate the world over is the rising emission of greenhouse gases that are released majorly as a result of burning f..

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    ISP License

    • One time entry fee is required to be submitted along with the bank guarantees.
    • Signed License Agreement is required to be submitted with the DOT.
    • All other documents mentioned under letter of intent is required to be submitted with in the stipulated time.
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    The Government of India has taken initiative for telecom related services in India and came up with one license which is known as Unified License.Unif..

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    Laboratory Recognition Scheme (LRS)

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      The  Bureau of Indian Standards is a National  body which was established for formulating Indian Standard to protect the  health, safet..

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      Music License

      • Gramophone Records
      • Music cassettes
      • CDs
      • Radio
      • TV
      • Audio-visual etc.
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      We often plan for dinner and outings with friends and family for a fun evening. Apart from a break from the monotonous routine, it gives us a chance t..

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      NOC Pollution Control Board

      • Consent to Establish
      • Consent to Operate
      • Renewal of Consent to operate
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      Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) that comes under The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate in India works for checking the air, water,..

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      OSP License

      • Telebanking,
      • Telemedicine,
      • Tele-education,
      • Tele-trading,
      • E-commerce,
      • Call center,
      • Network operation center and other IT Enabled Services,
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      Other service providers refer to such companies which are engaged in the providing Application Services. The Telecom services are to be provided by..

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      Political Party Registration

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        Before popping your champagne in your new political party, get your political party register first. In India, you have to get registered with the El..

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        Private Security Agency License

        • Allotment of PAN
        • Registration with GST
        • Registration of establishment under Shops & Establishment
        • Registration under the Contractual labor Act
        • Provident fund (PF) registration
        • Employees State Insurance (ESI) registration
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        Security of the organization is the most important part of the business set up, which ultimately secures the people working for such organization; the..

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        RNI Registration

        • Change of publisher,
        • Printer,
        • Owners,
        • Periodicity and
        • Printing press.
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        In India, from past few years, major advertising revenues are arising from newspapers and mainly from vernacular newspapers.The Times of India and Hin..

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        UL Certification

        • UL Certified Mark
        • UL Listed Mark
        • UL Classified Mark
        • UL Recognized Component Mark
        • UL Functional Safety Listed Mark
        • UL Performance Verified Mark
        • UL Promotional Badge
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        Underwriters  Laboratories (UL) is a worldwide safety consulting and certification company.  The company is certified to perform testing of..

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        WMI Registration

        • VIN contains 17 Digits
        • 1-3 Digits – World manufacturer Identifier Number
        • 4-9 digits – Vehicle Description Section
        • 10-17 digits – Vehicle Indicator Section
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        World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) code to given to Indian Automotive Manufacturers for their worldwide identification by the BIS authority in India..

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        WPC Approval

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          Enterslice team can assist in testing such  products as per the relevant standard. A complete end to end consultancy and  process for approv..

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